18,850 pairs of denim turn Levi’s Stadium into actual ‘Field of Jeans’



SAN FRANCISCO — If you build it … Levi Strauss & Co. will cover it with jeans to teach you a lesson about recycling.

When the company claimed naming rights to the San Francisco 49ers’ new billion-dollar home in Santa Clara, California, last year, the “Field of Jeans” nickname was born. Levi’s trademarked the term and made the play on words a reality this month with a Bay Area denim drive that brought in over 18,850 pairs.

The donated jeans, whose sale at Goodwill will benefit the…

8 tools to help you manage projects at work and at home



Post-its. Whiteboards. Hand-written to-do lists.

Keeping projects organized, whether at home or in the office, used to require a whole lot of ink. In today’s world of digital, however, staying on top of your work is more “swipe” and less “write.” A constantly regenerating crop of apps and programs has emerged to help keep you organized.

Below is a list of eight project management hacks, both for the home and for the workplace; absolutely…

New York governor wrongly faults National Weather Service forecasts for Buffalo snowstorm



New York Governor Andrew Cuomo responded to the massive lake-effect snow in the Buffalo area by criticizing the National Weather Service’s (NWS) forecasts over the weekend, saying the agency failed to prepare the community for such a historic amount of snow. The problem for Cuomo is that the forecasts were accurate, and it appears that he was the one who was caught off guard, not the NWS.

“On the first phase of…

Yes, this bizarre Waka Flocka throat lozenges ad is for real



This is neither a fever dream nor a Saturday Night Live skit: It’s simply the Pine Brothers trolling the ad world by hiring rapper Waka Flocka Flame as its throat lozenge spokesman

During Sunday’s American Music Awards, Waka made his commercial debut — in what was unquestionably the best part of the AMAs — with a 30-second spot in which he was either encouraging us all to sooth our aching throats or take up smoking weed


The future of food, as told on Vine



Do you like playing with your food? We sure do.

This week we partnered with ConAgra Foods & Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert to create a series of Vines about the hottest food trends. From Generation Z’s creative interpretation of food to the increasing availability of same-day grocery delivery, as well as new technology in nutrition, the future of food has never looked so exciting.

1. Unique touch on dishes

2. Same-day grocery…

Vermont goes energy efficient for this season’s snowmaking



MONTPELIER, Vermont — Northeast ski resorts continue to invest millions in leaner and meaner snowmaking guns, with Vermont making big inroads this year, thanks to an energy-efficiency program that helped resorts swap older model snow guns for nearly 2,300 new energy-efficient ones.

The new low-energy snow guns, which use about 90% less electricity than the older models, are expected to save the equivalent of enough electricity to power 1,500 Vermont homes for a year.

See also: 5 tips for…

Homescreen Is Betaworks’ Latest Experiment-Turned-Product

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Marshawn Lynch answers almost every question with ‘yeah’ to avoid fine



Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is a man of few words. Yeah.

After receiving $100,000 in fines following his third violation of the NFL’s Media Policy on November 19, Lynch seems to have devised a new ingenious strategy for not answering questions without being fined. That strategy revolves mostly around the use of the word “yeah.”

Lynch, clearly having a good time, answered nearly every question reporters asked him with…

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Ferguson timeline: How we got here



What happened in Ferguson? As we wait for a grand jury decision, now expected to come later on Monday, below is a timeline of the Michael Brown shooting case that highlights the major news events through mid-November.

Some information in this report was provided by the Associated Press. Read more…

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‘Homeland’ Episode 9 recap: There’s something else going on



In “There’s Something Else Going On,” the ninth episode of Homeland’s fourth season, relationships with loved ones lead to both triumphs and disasters as the prisoner exchange between the Americans and Haqqani finally goes down.

The exchange is, without a doubt, far more advantageous to Haqqani than to the Americans: several of Haqqani’s men — most of whom were being held for attacks against the U.N. and other organizations — being traded for Saul? It’s enough to give Quinn pause as he asks…