Chris Martin is the Super Bowl’s biggest loser, according to the Internet



On Sunday night, Beyonc

Blue Ivy and Apple holding hands at the Super Bowl will give you friendship envy



Presenting, the hottest squad at Super Bowl 50

Apple Martin and Blue Ivy Carter walked adorably hand-in-hand, donning their game-day jackets, prior to the halftime show starring their parents of Coldplay and Beyonc

You’ll never think about domestic abuse the same way again after this Super Bowl ad



An anti-domestic violence organization is once again using a Super Bowl ad to shine a light on how bystanders can stop abuse.

Nonprofit NO MORE

Lady Gaga’s acclaimed anthem attracts a strange amount of controversy



Nearly everyone liked Lady Gaga’s national anthem Sunday night — but not everyone loved her timing.

Soon after Gaga finished her performance, students of the Super Bowl began to check their watches. Many of them, as part of a long tradition, had bet on just how long the anthem would last. The over/under was initially, unofficially set at 2:20, far longer than a traditional Super Bowl performance. But Twitter being Twitter, not everyone agreed

‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ trailer invades the Super Bowl



“They’re like locusts. They’re moving from planet to planet … after they’ve consumed every natural resource they move on, and we’re next.”

No, President Thomas Whitmore wasn’t talking about what Hollywood wants to do to our movie theaters and minds. He was talking about the aliens in Independence Day — and guess what? THEY’RE BACK.

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On Sunday, 20th Century Fox debuted its first trailer for Independence Day:…

Mike Tyson KO’d someone in a Super Bowl ad you probably didn’t see



Mike Tyson — the Mike Tyson — knocks someone out in the Super Bowl 50 ad embedded above

Mike Tyson, knockout, Super Bowl — it sounds like a hit spot, perhaps one of the highest-profile ads this Super Bowl Sunday. But you probably didn’t see Tyson on your TV. Why? His Super Bowl appearance wasn’t for some massive mega-corp. Instead, Tyson appeared in a local spot for a plumbing, electrical and handy-work company in the Washington, D.C. area

Clinton calls Flint water crisis ‘immoral’ in break from New Hampshire



Taking a detour from New Hampshire’s campaign trail, Hillary Clinton said Sunday that a water crisis in a Michigan city was “immoral” and demanded that Congress approve $200 million in emergency aid to address the community’s battle with lead-contaminated water.

The Democratic presidential hopeful made a quick visit to Flint, an unusual stop for a candidate trailing in polls against rival Bernie Sanders in the first…

Here’s the moment Beyoncé almost fell over during her Super Bowl halftime performance




Move over, Cam Newton, here comes Betty White’s dab



Cam Newton might have popularized the ‘dab,’ but the dance belongs to us all.

In a pre-game promo for tonight’s Super Bowl Sunday, Betty White showed millions of viewers her very own moves. While the dab is a highly elaborate art form, the 94-year-old appears to have perfected her practice.


Cameron Newtown of the Panthers brought the dab into the mainstream this year, after he began to perform it…

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Super Bowl teaser: Time to pick a side



LOS ANGELES — If we could fast-forward through Broncos vs. Panthers and get straight to Iron Man vs. Captain America, we would. For now, this very short teaser will have to do.

Marvel/Disney debuted a new, very short trailer for Captain America: Civil War on Sunday, giving us a clean look at the two sides of Marvel’s intramural conflict.

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In the left corner, fighting for Team Tony Stark, it’s Black Panther,…