Jaw-dropping video shows water sloshing down a skyscraper during earthquake


A stunning video shot during Monday’s earthquake in the Philippines shows water cascading down the side of the building like an urban mega-waterfall.

The water reportedly sloshed out of a rooftop pool of the residential Anchor Skysuites in the Binondo district of Manila as the building swayed during the earthquake.

Accoring to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake registered as a magnitude 6.1, with the epicenter reported to be about 50 miles from Manilla. At least eight people have…

Do something good for Earth Day: Change how you get around


Last month, at an event to show off Tesla’s newest electric car, CEO Elon Musk proclaimed, “This is the year of the solar roof and Powerwall.”

It’s a sentiment that might seem out of a place at a car reveal party, but Tesla’s energy collection and storage systems are inextricably tied to its vehicles. The Powerwall is Tesla’s wall unit, which serves as a giant battery to supply electricity for a home or electric car; the solar roof is made up of small solar panel-tiles that turn sunlight…

Google employees reveal the hidden costs of speaking out


Google has free food and nap pods—but several employees say it also has hostile managers. 

Meredith Whittaker and Claire Stapleton were both organizers of the Walkout for Real Change in November, during which 200,000 employees “walked out” to protest sexual misconduct, “golden parachutes” for the accused, and other forms of discrimination at Google. 

On Monday, the two Google employees sent out an internal letter detailing the ways management has allegedly retaliated against multiple…

6 Broadway shows worth checking out this spring


April showers bring May flowers — as well as lots and lots of Broadway show openings, as productions rush to premiere before the Tonys eligibility cutoff (end of April).

Happily, that means plenty of new shows to choose from right now if you’re looking for a Broadway night out. There’s something for everyone, whether you want a classic revival or a thought-provoking new work. 

That’s where this guide comes in. Here’s the show to watch if you want to…

Everyone is using Blink-182 as their password and the band is not cool with it


The world is awash in ’90s nostalgia — and it’s even showing up in our passwords.

A new study from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has revealed the world’s most easily hacked passwords, CNN reports. The top no-brainer passwords overall are impersonal number combinations, like 12345. But in the category of “bands,” the most breached password is the name of the popular ’90s pop-punk outfit, Blink-182. 

Elon Musk says Tesla robotaxis are coming — and soon


Look out, Uber. Tesla CEO Elon Musk plans to turn the electric car company’s fleet of vehicles into a massive autonomous ride-hailing network. 

Musk laid out his vision for the self-driving Tesla network — which he expects to be in operation as early as next year — at a Monday investor event focused on autonomous driving. It’s not the first time he’s floated the idea; he tweeted about Tesla robotaxis earlier this month.

But his timeline, and much of the other details about the service,…

These gorillas take better selfies than any influencer can


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how well these gorillas know their angles?

Ndakazi and Ndeze, two orphaned gorillas who were raised at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, posed for a selfie that went viral over the weekend. 

Standing upright behind ranger Mathieu Shamavu, the gorillas served nothing but face for the camera. That over the shoulder smize! That slight squat, just subtle enough to show off the gorilla’s figure! These girls take better selfies than…

Jon Snow just did the one thing every Stark does before they die


Of all the great houses in Game of Thrones, House Stark is the one best known for adhering to a sense of honor. They are a strong, stalwart house who prize justice and fairness, and compared to families like the Martells, Tyrells, and Lannisters they’re the least scheme-y nobles in Westeros. 

On the one hand, that’s great! House Stark are the good guys and every story needs those. On the other hand, that honor has been the cause of death of every dead Stark on the show. 

SEE ALSO: All the…

Samsung will delay the U.S. release of its foldable phone


UPDATE: April 22, 2019, 1:07 p.m. ET: This story was updated to include the news that Samsung confirmed it was delaying the launch of the Galaxy Fold.

Welp, it looks like U.S. customers will have to wait a bit longer for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

On Monday morning, the Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung plans to delay the April 26 U.S. release of its foldable phone until “at least next month.” Later, Samsung confirmed that it was delaying the launch, and will announce the new date “in…

This charging hub can power six devices at once — and it’s 25% off


Between your laptop, tablet, phone, earphones, and smartwatch, charging them all at once is one giant headache. Combine your collection of gadgets with that of your roommate/s’ or family’s, and you probably embark on your own mini World War III when one of you starts hogging all the outlets in the house.

The only way to keep the peace at home? The ChargeHub X5+ Elite — a 5-port power station with wireless charging capability that can finally stop you all from fighting over outlets. You can…