Laid back dad is totally cool with his kid driving a car full of other kids (and a goat)


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: three children, a goat, and a laid back dad pack into a car. Who’s driving?

It seems like everyone is in this video, where a literal child is driving a car filled with other children while his dad sits in the back seat. And a goat sits in the trunk. A fourth kid, if you will.

A citizen sharing the road with this motley crew in Whitianga, New Zealand, recorded their driving until they pulled over, at which point the dad got out and inexplicably was…

Justin Trudeau enchants the internet by putting on a jacket


The internet loves Justin Trudeau’s fashion looks, largely because it also loves his regular looks. So it should come as no surprise that when he donned a firefighter’s jacket on Thursday during a trip to a Saskatchewan fire station, people were only too happy to tweet about it.

To be fair, he looks extremely good, as he has for many years.

And while we’re all here, we would like to suggest that…

Richard Branson’s supersonic jets could find a landing spot in Dubai


Dubai boldly brands itself as “The Future City,” with space age architecture, next-level tech hubs, and paradigm-shifting transportation systems — so it’s only fitting that the resurgence of supersonic travel could find a home amid all the other next-gen innovations here.

The leaders of Boom, the supersonic jet startup backed by Richard Branson, gave a pitch presentation to the Dubai Future Foundation earlier this week, according to the UAE publication The National.

Boom’s founder and CEO…

The luxury Fyre Festival for rich kids turned into total mayhem


The Fyre Festival, which had a ton of promotion from influencers and models on Instagram, has completely and utterly fallen

We’ll always, er, sorta, have the Paris Climate Agreement


The U.S. appears poised to remain in the Paris Climate Agreement in name only, after senior members of the Trump administration met on Thursday to decide on the landmark agreement’s fate.

SpaceX will try to achieve 2 impressive feats on Sunday


SpaceX is getting into the spy satellite game.

Facebook sidesteps Snapchat by launching Messenger Lite in over 100 more countries

Fyre Festival perfectly demonstrates the delicious schadenfreude of our modern world


If you spend a lot of time on social media, then you’ve probably heard about music and culture event Fyre Festival — the exclusive Bahamas getaway all the pretty people were headed to this week. If Coachella was for the plebs, Fyre Festival was supposedly for the truly cool.

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Someone created a dumpling burger hybrid and we, as a species, must be stopped


Have you ever gazed down at some delicious dumplings you were about to eat and thought to yourself, “Wow, these dumplings are great and all, but you know what would make them even better? If they were squished between a hamburger bun and topped with lettuce.”

Neither have we.

How Britain is trying to control the porn you watch


Britain wants to put its nose in the porn you watch.