Cops help 10-year-old girl with homework after she messaged them on Facebook


A fifth-grader stuck on a math problem went to go to an unusual place for

IKEA releases plans for a spherical garden you can build with tons of plywood and lot of patience


If you’ve ever wanted to kill everything around you while building something from IKEA, imagine trying to build this awesome garden:

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The Denmark-based company Space10, which is supported by IKEA, has released instructions on how to build The Growroom, an incredible wooden spherical garden for people living in urban spaces.

The Growroom was…

EPA’s Scott Pruitt enters a hotbed of anti-Trump resistance: his own agency


Usually, new administrators at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are welcomed at headquarters without too much fanfare. That is, until today.

Disney’s new research could make wireless charging as easy as downloading your email


Wireless charging is a farce. We’ve basically traded in charging cables for custom-built surfaces that only work if we place our phones right on top of them.

Milo Yiannopoulos’s bad week continues, resigns from Breitbart


A rough week for Milo Yiannopoulos just got worse.

Africa’s elusive forest elephants are disappearing


The clock is ticking to save Central Africa’s forest elephants.

Populations of the elusive elephants have plunged by around 80 percent inside one of the region’s most important nature preserves.

Within Gabon’s Mink

#PoCLove hashtag floods timelines with celebrations of diverse love


Showing off your significant other isn’t reserved for Feb. 14 only anymore thanks to the hashtag #PoCInLove.

Cosmunity brings the geek convention experience online

Cosmunity graphic

Pop-Tarts are being made into pizza, tacos and nachos. No, really.


Sometimes, it feels like the entire food industry’s only desire is to create the next edible thing that will make us go WTF.

Case in point: Kellogg’s NYC, a cafe where you can have the honor of paying $6 for a single bowl of cereal, will be overhauling its menu this week to celebrate Pop-Tarts.

It’s time to start thinking about what Google will name Android O


Oh, Magic 8 Ball, what will Google call the next version of Android?

If Google follows history, the next version will be called Android “O,” and it’ll be named after a dessert/snack like every other version before it.

The current version of Android is “Nougat,” and even though most phones don’t have the update (a sad reality on Android), Android’s senior vice president Hiroshi Lockheimer teased on Twitter over the…