European Parliament votes to split Google search from its other businesses



The European Parliament voted on Thursday in favor of a resolution that would see search engines being “unbundled” from their other commercial services.

The resolution, which was approved by 384 votes to 174 (with 56 abstentions), focuses on the online search market and its “particular importance in ensuring competitive conditions within the digital single market.” In other words, unbundling would safeguard against Google and other search engines favoring their own services in search…

NYC Ferguson protesters rally at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade



Protesters demonstrating against the Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson tried to disrupt the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade — but you would never know it watching NBC’s live broadcast of the festivities.

#StoptheParade trended on Twitter Thursday, as protesters rallied at the annual parade in New York City. Just after it began at 9 am. ET, New York police arrested some protesters who tried to enter the parade path, while chanting and carrying…

Wet snow causes power outages, affects hundreds of thousands in Northeast



The worst of Wednesday’s storm has passed, but many people in the Northeastern United States are still feeling its effects.

More than 350,000 people are without power in the region, and some may not have it restored for several days.

Snowfall from Wednesday through Thursday morning totaled between 3 and 18 inches across New England, according to the National Weather Service. The highest totals were in New…

Syrian Electronic Army hacks Daily Telegraph, LA Times and more



LONDON — Numerous publications have have their sites hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, causing some visitors to be presented with a popup telling them “you’ve been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.”

In the UK, websites for The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, OK! magazine and the London Evening Standard were affected.

A part of our website run by a third-party was compromised earlier today. We’ve…

Brisbane slammed by super storm with massive hail: ‘The worst since 1985′



Brisbane, Australia, was slammed on Thursday by a massive storm that brought high winds, golf-ball sized hail and left more than 75,000 residents without power.

“This has been a ferocious storm, arguably the worst since 1985 for this city,” Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said, noting that there were no reports of deaths or any serious injuries.

The Australian army was reportedly called in to help clean up the damage, caused by high winds, which…

Holiday shopping has driven bargain hunters mad for the past century



Crowds of shoppers bagging the best sales during the holidays and other major shopping days, from 1906 to the ’80s. Not much has changed for bargain hunters. Read more…

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Stop-motion toy cars race in high-octane video



There is nothing more exciting than a high-octane car race — even if those cars can fit in the palm of your hand.

YouTube stop-motion artist ForrestFire101 created video of a thrilling, deadly race that hearkens back to Speed Racer or Death Race 2000, complete with stunts, gadgets and plenty of explosions. The artist got attention earlier this year for his Lego Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.

The video features Anki Drive

Twitter Experiments With Engagement Stats Directly In Tweets


Uber suspends operations in Nevada after ruling



Uber suspended operations in Nevada late Wednesday, after a Washoe County District Court judge granted the state’s request for a court order blocking the ride-sharing service. The judge said Uber’s refusal to comply with state laws regulating commercial motor carriers and passenger transportation services could put the public’s safety at risk

Nevada’s attorney general filed a lawsuit last month arguing that the Internet application matching riders with drivers using personal cars for a fee…

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4 food photo tips, since we all know you’ll Instagram your holiday meal



Every good cook knows the mark of a great holiday meal is how it looks cropped and filtered on your Instagram feed

OK, maybe not. But let’s be real, you’re going to take photos of this year’s holiday spread, so it might as well look stellar.

Food is notoriously challenging to photograph. It’s dark, dense and can look greasy and unappetizing when shot in the wrong light. Beautiful food photography is possible,…