Dear Scotland: You Gave Us Britishness. Please Don’t Take It Away



Dear Scotland,

I never thought of myself as particularly English. I was born in Liverpool, the port city where the Irish and the Scottish and representatives of just about everyone else mingled and jostled and flavored everything, adding vital Scouse spice to a stodgy recipe of basic Englishness

It’s no coincidence that one of the main thoroughfares in Liverpool is called Scotland Road. And no surprise that one descendent of the Mackintosh clan named Paul McCartney — whose ancestors started…

Australian Goldfish Called George Undergoes Surgery To Save His Life



SYDNEY — A goldfish named George has had life-saving surgery in Melbourne, Australia.

The 10-year-old fish underwent $A200 emergency surgery for a large head tumour at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital on Thursday after his “quite attached” owner decided she couldn’t let go of her beloved pet.

George had not been eating or swimming when the unidentified owner came to the hospital looking for help.

Head of Lort Smith’s…

Beyond the Reality Distortion Field: A Sober Look at Apple Pay



For most, Apple Pay was the dullest of Apple’s three major announcements last week, trailing behind the Apple Watch, and the two iPhone 6 models in terms of world-shakingness

Yet Apple Pay could potentially kick-start the mobile payment business the way the iPod and iTunes launched mobile music 13 years ago. Once again, Apple is leveraging its powerful brand image to bring disparate companies together all in the name of consumer convenience. That’s the hype, anyway. As usual, Apple’s lack of…

GM Expert: 19 Death Claims Are Eligible for Compensation



DETROIT — The death toll tied to faulty ignition switches in General Motors’ small cars has risen to 19, according to a compensation expert hired by the company. That number is likely to rise.

Kenneth Feinberg determined 19 wrongful death claims are eligible for payments from GM; the company’s estimate of deaths has remained at 13 for months, although the automaker acknowledged the possibility of a higher count.

Feinberg received 125 death claims due to the faulty switches in older-model…

YouTuber Spends Months Planning Adorable Marriage Proposal



After months of planning, YouTube user WheezyWaiter (aka Craig Benzine) finally popped the question to his girlfriend.

But he didn’t do it at Disney World on Christmas Eve or use the Jumbotron at a basketball game, he embraced his vlogging nerd fashion and proposed to his girlfriend via his YouTube channel.

A few months ago, Benzine started labeling his YouTube videos so that the first letter of the title would spell out, “Chyna Will You Marry Me?”

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 2.56.45 PM

Video: YouTube, WheezyWaiter

Bezine then…

Bear Attacks and Kills 31-Year-Old Man in Wyoming Park



RIVERTON, Wyoming — A 31-year-old Utah man has died in a bear attack in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in central Wyoming.

Officials aren’t certain yet what type of bear killed Adam Thomas Stewart of Virgin, Utah.

“I’m assuming grizzly, but we don’t have the bear so I can’t say for certain,” Fremont County Coroner Ed McAuslan said Monday. “At this particular time we’re still putting stuff together.”

Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan…

Artist Quit University to Draw — Now Kanye West Wants Her Work



SYDNEY — Despite dropping out of university, it seems Australian artist Cj Hendry has made it

On Monday night, the 26-year old from Brisbane handed over one of her prized drawings to American rapper Kanye West. The image, titled Kash Kurrency, is a hyper-realistic pen drawing of West’s face on a $100 U.S. note.

Hendry is already on her way to becoming an art-world darling. Her pen on paper drawings, which can take up to 200 hours to create, are based on her love of designer pieces and…

CoverGirl Ad Becomes a Protest Tool Against NFL’s Roger Goodell



CoverGirl’s easy, breezy, beautiful ad campaign has undergone a shocking makeover at the hands of Roger Goodell protestors who are adept at Photoshop.

The “official beauty partner of the NFL” launched a football-themed ad series recently, touting eyeshadows and makeup looks to coordinate with teams’ colors

But over the course of the past several weeks, the NFL’s image has been severely tainted, mainly by the video…

Ancient Mexican Alcohol Also Worked as Nutrition Supplement



Less than an hour’s drive from the heart of Mexico City lies the expansive ruins of Teotihuacan, a massive city of nearly 120,000 people who built pyramids, temples and palaces before disappearing around 650 A.D.

This civilization, which pre-dates the Aztecs, remains a mystery in many ways. But new research has found they brewed a tequila-like drink called pulque as a source of food and nutrition, not just to forget their woes.

Pulque is a milky-white liquor made from the maguey plant — a…

Why Apple Is Making a Big Push for Business Customers



Tim Cook didn’t want to work at Apple at first. He just thought it was worth his time to go in for an interview and meet the company’s visionary founder, Steve Jobs. Then Cook heard the pitch from Jobs.

“All of the sudden, he’s talking about his strategy and his vision,” Cook recalled in a wide-ranging interview with Charlie Rose that aired Friday. “What he was doing was going 100% into consumer when everybody else in the industry had decided you couldn’t make any money in consumer so they…