A New Star Wars Universe Begins … Now



This will be a day long remembered: a new dawn for Star Wars, in all its forms of media

Pay attention, people of Earth: that distant rumble you hear is the gears of the world’s most popular film franchise slowly cranking up into full dream-generating and money-minting mode. If you think the speculation about the contents of Star Wars Episode VII published in the past 18 months has been frenzied, or if you think Disney reached the heights of international success with Frozen, then to borrow a…

OPPO Launches Four Mobile Devices in Australia, Including Selfie Phone



SYDNEY — Chinese electronics manufacturer OPPO has pushed into the Western mobile phone market by launching four mobile devices in Australia on Tuesday, including a phone for taking the perfect selfie.

OPPO decided to branch into the Aussie market due to the amount of tech-savvy consumers who are passionate about the latest gadgets. The range initially includes the Find 7, N1 Mini, Find 7a and Neo 5, which will be available locally via their website on Wednesday.

Everyone Wants To Live in The Land Down Under, Here Are Some Tips



SYDNEY — International workers are moving to the lucky country in droves, as Australia becomes one of the most desired countries in the world to work in.

Australia has been ranked the 12th most desired country to work in out of 54 countries and more than one in 10 job seekers globally are looking for work here, according to a survey released by Indeed Hiring Lab

The government granted more than 258,000 working holiday visas in the 2013…

‘Extant’ Episodes 7-10 Recap: ‘Everything Comes at a Cost’



For the past two weeks, Extant has aired two episodes back-to-back, with 7 to 8 and 9 to 10 each functioning like continuous two-hour mini movies. They marked a turning point for the sci-fi series, which until now, had been largely lackluster and derivative of other similarly themed shows.

While Extant is not necessarily a slow-burn thriller, it took some time for the development of the series’ two major plot lines — Molly Wood’s alien offspring and the evolution of Humanich Ethan Woods — to…

Author Compares Women in Traditional Marriages to Prostitutes on TV Panel Show



SYDNEY — On Australian panel show Q&A, author Jane Caro caused a stir when she said women in traditional marriages could be considered prostitutes.

During the all-female panel discussion on Monday night, the thought leaders were asked for their views on prostitution as a conscious choice in the Western world.

The question stemmed from an interview with former journalist Amanda Goff on television show Sunday Night, during…

LinkedIn Is Quietly Retiring Network Visualization Tool InMaps

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Cuba Cracks Down on What Travelers Can Bring Into the Country



Over the last five years, travel restrictions between the United States and Cuba have eased to the point where travelers now bring in as much as $2-billion worth of products annually.

But new restrictions enforced Monday — an attempt by the Cuban government to crack down on abuses, and likely to increase tax revenue and boost local business — could greatly affect what is brought into the country.

Usually, passengers on flights…

Survivor Singer Jimi Jamison Reportedly Dies of Heart Attack at 63



Survivor and Cobra frontman Jimi Jamison died of a heart attack Sunday night in Los Angeles, according to a report published Monday. He was 63.

The energetic Cobra singer who later joined Survivor in 1984 after the band’s frontman Dave Bickler (who was the voice on “Eye of the Tiger”) left because of vocal-health issues

Mashable has reached out to Jamison’s manager, promoter and booking agent for details about his…

Grover Norquist Had an Awesome Burning Man



When some Burning Man veterans heard that Washington, D.C.-based anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist was planning to attend their favorite desert festival for the first time this year, an eyebrow or two was raised

Surely this conservative campaigner, creator of the tax-cutting pledge that still binds the hands of nearly every GOP lawmaker, would turn his nose up at something that outsiders often mistake for an ultra-liberal hippy holiday?

Joan Rivers Reportedly Brought Out of Coma as Family Considers Lawsuit



Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa Rivers said on Sunday that she is keeping her “fingers crossed” for the comedian’s full recovery, as doctors begin to bring her back from a medically induced coma, according to a report

Rivers remains in “serious” condition, and the family is considering legal action, Melissa said, according to New York Daily News.

The 81-year-old comedian went into cardiac arrest during a surgical…