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It’s hard enough to balance a cocktail, let alone on ice skates



St. Moritz, Switzerland hosts a multitude of winter sports, including skiing, ice skating, tobogganing and more recently snowboarding. It was and is a favorite destination of the super-rich, allegedly ranking as one of the very most expensive skiing resorts on the planet.

The skating waiters of the Grand Hotel ice rink were a popular attraction, serving tea and cocktails to the patrons and providing entertainment that was especially popular with the press

In 1932, the photographer Alfred…

3 career experts share the keywords that stand out on a cover letter



Cover letters are tough to crack

They’re the lengthier cousins of resumes, requiring you to call upon your writing skills and explain why you deserve the job. It can be a frustrating process, one that sometimes feels like a blatant cry of, “Please just hire me already!”

Your letter may be one of hundreds a potential employer reads, so you have no choice but to stand out. How will you do that? By slipping in smart, eye-catching…

9 fantastic gifts that aren’t just clutter



By your 10th pair of socks or day planner No. 4, you may realize what the holidays are actually about: clutter.

This year, practice the art of uncluttered giving and spread the cheer brought on by drawers that aren’t holding two dozen dust-collecting pens.

There are a few strategies to this art. Make sure you don’t give someone gifts she already has, but pay attention to the exception to this rule — if she has four pairs of Apple earbuds she…

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1959: Seville’s extraordinary Holy Week festival, celebrated since 1350 A.D.



Since the 14th century, the festival of Semana Santa (Holy Week) is celebrated across Spain. In Christianity, Holy Week is the one-week period preceding Easter, the day believers celebrate Jesus rising from the dead

The week of observation in Seville is undoubtedly the most elaborate. Brotherhoods from Seville’s many churches promenade through the streets to the cathedral. Some are dressed in the striking robes of medieval penitents, or nazarenos, wearing tunics, cloaks and conical hats,…

This Instagram of Disneyland’s feral cats will make you purr



There are well-known animals at Disneyland—the goats in the petting zoo and the horses on Main Street—and then there are ones that fly under the radar: the feral cats that prey on rodents. Sorry Mickey

Disney doesn’t like to talk about them, but every now and then the mousers pop into the public consciousness, like that time Ryan Gosling brought it up on Conan O’Brian

Then there’s the Instagram account.

Disneylandcats curates photos…

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Going global: 6 opportunities to take advantage of when working abroad



Young Americans are a shockingly mobile workforce. A recent large-scale study revealed that 59% of Americans between 21 and 30 years of age are willing to work overseas — and while Americans’ willingness to relocate still ranks low compared to the global workforce, U.S. millennials are significantly more adventurous than previous generations.

So what’s the appeal? In the U.S., many young people entered the workforce during the financial crisis, when jobs back home were scarce. Plus, most…

‘This young man should not be dead’: Hundreds protest NY police shooting



NEW YORK — Stunned relatives of an unarmed man killed by a rookie police officer in a dark public housing stairwell looked on as the Rev. Al Sharpton and public officials demanded a full investigation Saturday into what law enforcement officials have termed an apparent accident.

“We’re not demonizing the police,” Sharpton said, but “this young man should not be dead.”

Police said the fatal shooting Thursday night of Akai Gurley in Brooklyn’s gritty East New York neighborhood appears…

5 can’t-miss apps: Carousel, Cheezburger, Next Glass and more



With Uber enraging users and sparking a Senate investigation into its privacy polices, you may have overlooked some of this week’s best new apps

Luckily, each weekend, we round up our favorite new and updated apps, so you won’t miss out.

This week’s list includes an expansion of Dropbox’s photo-organization app, a running app to help you train smarter, and an app that helps you find new beer and wine to try.

Check out the gallery, above, to see…

Brutal bull fighting is livelihood for some in rural Haiti



In rural Haiti, gambling extends beyond slot machines and poker tables

The Haitian tradition of fighting bulls is similar to a cock or dog fight, but on a larger scale, as the animals are bigger and the stakes higher. More than a century old, bull fighting is a casual pastime for some men, but for many it is a means to pay for a car, food, or their children’s schooling.

Bull owners and townspeople place bets on the animals and, when the…

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Aerial footage shows massive roof collapse after barrage of heavy snow



Aerial footage released Saturday by the Eerie County Sheriff’s Office of a massive roof collapse underscores how badly the barrage of snow has impacted area towns

The video, released on the sheriff’s Facebook page, was shot on Friday, according to the footage’s timestamp. It shows a large manufacturing area, according to sheriff’s officials who appear to be surveying the damage from above as they remark on its severity.

“They weren’t…