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Early Twitter investor joins crowd of people complaining about Twitter



Everybody seems to have an opinion on what’s wrong with Twitter

Add investor Chris Sacca to that list. But unlike many others, his opinion just might matter.

Sacca was one of the earliest backers of Twitter long before it became the media world’s equivalent for the table of kids at a high school cafeteria that think they’re way cooler than they actually are. At one time, he and his investment funds combined to be the biggest holder of Twitter stock. He says he still owns a lot.

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A Bill Murray Christmas special is coming to Netflix. Thanks, Santa.



Christmas is going to be so chill this year

Netflix picked up a Christmas special starring Bill Murray called A Very Murray Christmas, which will be co-written by the comedian and Oscar winner Sofia Coppola and Mitch Glazer (who also wrote the 1988 Christmas comedy Scrooged — starring Murray, of course). Coppola will direct the special

The Christmas special will pay homage to classic variety shows, according to Variety,…

The deep, dark Hollywood secret about Julia Roberts’ real voice



In honor of Red Nose Day, Julia Roberts and costars from her movies decided to finally come clean about a deep Hollywood secret: Nobody’s voices are what you think they are.

In a documentary-style short, several people that Roberts has worked with are interviewed about her “real” voice.

“It’s Barry White. It’s the lowest voice I’ve ever heard in my life. I can’t believe I’m talking about this,” says…

‘Tomorrowland’ where the future isn’t hopeless



LOS ANGELES — Could the key to a better tomorrow be a simple matter of attitude? Is today’s media-fueled cycle of “observe, be outraged, repeat,” driving us toward a cliff?

And finally: Can we fix it?

These are the central questions of Tomorrowland, and the answers are unequivocally ‘yes,’ ‘yes’ and ‘yes.’

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In an entertainment landscape where visions of doom and dystopia (The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, Terminator, Divergent,…

Supermodel’s intimate breastfeeding moment becomes an Elle magazine cover



Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio is showing the world that being a mom and a successful international model are anything but mutually exclusive.

During a cover shoot for Elle Australia, the 29-year-old new mum began feeding her son Zion. Photographer Georges Antoni noticed the intimate moment and moved Trunfio in front of the lens.

“This wasn’t a contrived situation: Zion needed a feed, Nicole gave it to him, and when we…

10 bright ways to hack your morning routine



Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re sound asleep, possibly telling your boss how you really feel about her new haircut, or trying to dodge

Competitive eater kills 11,000 calorie ice cream sundae



Most people feel pretty accomplished after killing a pint of Ben & Jerry‘s ice cream. Not Matt “Megatoad” Stonie.

The competitive eater is ranked second in the world in the Major League Eating standings, but while he’s not competing, Stonie makes sure he stays in shape by eating more sugary treats in one sitting than any human should consume in a year

In his most recent video, Stonie ate a massive ice cream sundae that included 30 scoops of three different types of ice cream, complete with…

Nazi-looted painting found in long-hidden art trove to go on sale



A painting that was seized by the Nazis and only recently returned to the Jewish owner’s heirs is going on auction.

Max Liebermann’s “Two Riders on a Beach” was discovered in 2012 in the long-hidden art trove hoarded by German collector Cornelius Gurlitt. Gurlitt died last year and the painting was one of the first from his trove to be released back to the heirs of their rightful owners.

Two Riders

A painting by German artist Max Liebermann ‘Zwei Reiter am Strande’ (“Two Horsemen at the Beach”).


Irish abroad travel thousands of miles #hometovote on marriage equality



Irish expats are coming home to have their say on marriage equality, in some cases traveling thousands of miles to cast their ballot.

Voters have documented their journeys to the polling stations under the #hometovote hashtag in what has become a very emotional campaign.

Ireland has become the first country in the world to hold a referendum on whether to legalise same-sex marriage. Voters are being asked whether they agree with…

The dark past and hopeful future of Canada’s indigenous populations



In the 1840s, the Canadian government established the Indian Residential School system, a network of church-run boarding schools created to forcibly assimilate indigenous children into the dominant culture of Canada.

The children who attended these facilities — coming from First Nations, M