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Bear enters home and only leaves after getting punched in the face


A rude bear refused to leave a residence, and only retreated after being punched in the face.

LCD Soundsystem’s new VR experience lets you join the dance party


Get ready for an LCD Soundsystem listening experience unlike anything else.

Leaked video shows alleged iPhone 8 with rear-mounted Touch ID sensor


Well, this is interesting. A video showing what may or may not be the soon-to-be released iPhone 8 just leaked, and oh man will it have Apple fans scratching their heads.

Pornhub helped a best man create a very special wedding video


Coming up with the perfect best man speech isn’t easy. Sometimes you need to look for inspiration in shockingly unexpected places.

Everyone is rightfully mad at Nintendo today


The Super NES Classic went up for pre-order today in North America. It was a disaster.

It all started at about 1 a.m. ET when pre-orders for the SNES Classic went live on Amazon and Best Buy. While most of North America was asleep, lucky night owls nabbed SNES Classics before they sold out. It took 30 minutes.

#SNESClassic in Cart” Yes!
“Turn on app location?” No!
“Set up Best Buy TouchID?” NO!
“Sign up for..” CHECKOUT!
“Item no longer available”

— Andre Meadows…

Update your DJI Spark drone by September 1 — or say goodbye


The DJI Spark is one of those fun, selfie-taking drones you’ll want as soon as you see it. But if you already own one, you need to update it by September 1 — or risk never flying it again.

Uber makes it easier for drivers to decline rides


Uber is stepping up its efforts to win over drivers — by making it easier for them to say no to rides they don’t want to take.

Today the company announced several new features meant to make it easier for Uber drivers to plan trips around their schedules.

Chaos erupts on beach as shark attacks seal close to shore


A beach on Cape Cod was evacuated after a shark attacked a seal just off shore.

Thayer Wade was relaxing on Nauset Beach in Orleans, Massachusetts when he heard a disturbance in the water. When he looked out, he saw what appeared to be a fin of a great white shark, thrashing just 25 yards off shore. The shark attacked a seal, turning the water red with blood.

George R. R. Martin was dropping clues about the ‘Game of Thrones’ ending back in Season 1


The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 was arguably the most stressful installment since the Red Wedding — North of the Wall, we saw one of Daenerys’ beloved dragons die, before being resurrected by the Night King, while back in Winterfell, Arya and Sansa escalated their cold war to nuclear levels, all thanks to Littlefinger’s puppeteering.

With only one episode left this season — and only six episodes to come in Season 8

John Oliver’s legal hell is the stuff of Hulk Hogan-fueled nightmares


Here’s the thing about the law—location matters.