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Large Hadron Collider helps scientists confirm existence of the Force



Physics. You never know what’s next — first we had gravity and electromagnetic force, then scientists told us about the strong and the weak force, but none of that matters now, as CERN scientists confirmed Wednesday they’ve found strong evidence for the existence of the Force

That’s right, all you other forces can move along now, because there’s only one Force that’s typed with a capital F, and that’s the Star Wars variety

Amazon is partying like it’s 1999 on April Fools’ day



Visitors to Amazon Wednesday have been greeted by an odd sight: The site has been redesigned to look exactly as it did 16 years ago, in 1999

Amazon readily admits that the “new” design is just a prank at the top of the page and all the book, music and video recommendations on the site are related to April Fools’ day. Clicking on any link, however, will bring you back to the current design

Don’t take this…

Groupon is offering cat cab services for April Fools’ Day



Here’s something we’re pawsitive about — Groupon’s got a sense of humor and a penchant for felines

In honor of April Fools’ Day, the company launched “Gr

Finally, Microsoft launches MS-DOS for smartphones



Ask any geek over forty what their all-time favorite Microsoft operating system is, and the answer will likely be MS-DOS. Lets face it, all those windows on your screen are just a nuisance compared to the beautiful simplicity of the command line

Microsoft has finally recognized this, launching MS-DOS Mobile today. It lets you ditch that pesky Windows Phone whatever-version-you-have, and enjoy your smartphone the way nerds in the eighties always dreamed of: By directly typing out every…

How to avoid getting pranked on April Fools’ Day



April Fools’ Day, the classic prank holiday of the year. Full of whoopee cushions, signs on the back and outlandish lies you’re expected to believe

Though April Fools’ is a dad’s dream, what if you’re really not interested in opening up a drawer to discover a live frog? It’s all fun and games until your definition of fun and games does not involve any of the afore mentioned

Here are a few ways to avoid the tricksters…

These UK April Fools’ jokes are so bad they’re almost good



What exactly is it that makes an April Fools’ joke so bad? Is it when it’s unbelievable, unimaginative, or just not funny?

Maybe it’s a combination.

In other news, here are some we’ve seen today in the UK.

Tesco’s bouncing supermarket aisles

Bouncy aisles were developed with #TOWIE‘s @lucy_meck. She’ll also be passing on her Tumble skills to our colleagues!

— Tesco (@Tesco) April 1, 2015

Santander’s cycle-thru banking

Coming soon to a London street near you?…

Large medieval burial ground under Cambridge is similar to modern cemeteries



LONDON — Archaeologists have discovered more than 1,000 human remains in a burial site under the University of Cambridge

It’s thought the burial ground was similar to modern cemeteries as archeologies found gravel paths and a water well as well as seeds from flowering plants

The large medieval hospital burial ground was discovered following an archeological dig under the Old Divinity School at St John’s College, according…

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You’ll need a mirror for Google’s new search site



Tired of the boring, old, usual way you search for things on Google? Try Google’s perspective-changing new site,

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: A version of Google where everything is mirrored

Besides being a great way to reflect on things — pun courtesy of Google, see tweet below — it’s also a pretty clever use of Google’s .google top level domain, launched in November 2014

We’re always looking ahead, but…

Joni Mitchell in intensive care after being found unconscious at home



Singer Joni Mitchell was in intensive care in a Los Angeles hospital Tuesday evening, according to a statement on the singer’s website

“Joni was found unconscious in her home this afternoon. She regained consciousness on the ambulance ride to an L.A. area hospital,” the statement posted shortly before 10 p.m. PT

“She is currently in intensive care undergoing tests and is awake and in good spirits.”

Joni has…

Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge is the world’s first smartknife



Yes, it has come to that — after smartphones, smart glasses and smartwatches, we know have a smartknife.

Samsung’s Galaxy BLADE edge, touted by the company as the “ultimate cooking companion,” is basically a Galaxy S6 Edge that can also cut things

Besides the diamond edge blade and the transparent ceramic body, features include a foldable handle, waterproof design and a thermometer stylus

(At this point, I have a confession…