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Expensive Lamborghini tows around some cute goats in a trailer


When you own a car easily worth the cost of an apartment in a major metropolitan city, you’d certainly be looking to show it off as much you can.

So why not flaunt your expensive wheels by towing your goats around with it? A Lamborghini Murci

Tim Kaine does the Donald Trump impression you’ve been waiting for


Believe us, you need to see Tim Kaine’s impression of Donald Trump.

At the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, Kaine accepted the nomination for Vice President. During his acceptance speech, Kaine pulled out his best, scathing impersonation of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, coveting one of Trump’s trademark responses, “believe me.”

Even Joe Biden and Bill Clinton were impressed.

Joe Biden unleashes a glorious trademark burn at Democratic convention


Joe Biden gave the internet a sound bite treasure in 2012 when he called Paul Ryan’s stance on the Benghazi attack a “bunch of malarkey.” And at the Democratic convention Wednesday night, he took the m-word for another glorious spin.

After strolling onstage to the theme from Rocky, Biden delivered a stirring, energetic speech that pulled no punches when it came to Donald Trump — including the reality star’s Apprentice past and alleged disconnect with middle-class voters.

President Obama rips into Trump: ‘The Donald is not a facts guy’


Joe Biden and Tim Kaine didn’t hold back on Trump during their speeches at the Democratic convention Wednesday night, but it turned out they were just the opening acts for Obama’s full-blown takedown of The Donald.

During the first half of his speech, which closed proceedings on the third night in Philadelphia, Obama landed several blows squarely on the Republican nominee.

While his words were peppered with…

Journalist makes ‘tranny’ jokes on morning television


Karl Stefanovic is the sometime-people’s prince of Australian morning television. He once even presented a whole show drunk. This morning however, he didn’t win himself any fans or ethical journalism awards when he created a piece of television that was so transphobic it should be cast into the sea.

Own the streets by buying up this giant collection of vintage boomboxes


Loud and full of bass, the boombox a.k.a. the ghetto blaster is an unforgettable relic of the ’80s.

Vice President nominee Tim Kaine is running for America’s #1 Dad


Sen. Tim Kaine has been many things — missionary, lawyer, governor and now Vice President nominee — but the internet just really, really wants him to be their dad.

HIs speech at Wednesday night’s Democratic National Convention centered on his personal biography and the failures of Donald Trump. And while his substantive speech touched on some of the most hot button issues of the day, the internet had one pressing question for him: “Will you be our dad?”

After 45 years, ‘Sesame Street’ cuts 3 beloved human characters


Bid farewell to your childhood — Sesame Street has cut three of its its beloved human cast members.

Actor Bob McGrath announced at the Florida Supercon earlier this month that he, Roscoe Orman and Emilio Delgado — who play Bob, Gordon and Luis, respectively — have been removed from the show as it undergoes “retooling” by HBO.

“As of this season, I have completed my 45th season this year. And the…

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When hyperinflation drove Germans to use money as kindling



Children use bundles of banknotes as building blocks.

Image: Three Lions/Getty Images

In 1914, the exchange rate of the German mark to the American dollar was about 4.2 to one. Nine years later, it was 4.2 trillion to one

The out-of-control inflation began somewhat mildly during World War I, as the German government printed unbacked currency and borrowed money to finance military expenditures. The strategy was to eventually pay off the debts by seizing resource-rich territories and imposing…

Mother of Orlando victim makes impassioned plea for common sense gun laws


The mother of a man killed in the Orlando, Florida, shooting at Pulse nightclub in June spoke at the Democratic convention Wednesday, and her words were a devastating call for common sense gun laws.

Christine Leinonen, whose son Christopher “Drew” Leinonen was killed in the attack, fought back tears as she talked about her loss. Christopher was her only son, she said, and she told him “You can’t do better than perfect.”