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Micro Magnet Robots Can Build Mini Super Structures



Magnets and their properties have long fascinated everyone from children to scientists, but it’s unlikely you’ve ever seen them harnessed quite like this

SRI International, a non-profit research firm serving government and industry, has found a novel way to control tiny, low cost magnets via electromagnetic pulses delivered to them through contact with printed circuit boards.

The patented process, known as Diamagnetic Micro Manipulation (DM3),…

Google Releases Android Camera App With Selective Focus



Google has released a standalone version of its stock camera app for Android— and it’s a significant improvement on its predecessor.

The new app, called simply Google Camera, features a new user interface with revamped shooting modes, as well as the ability to selectively focus the camera.

Rumors of the new app first surfaced earlier this month after it was reported the company was testing a new camera app that would be released…

Swedish Supercar Has Sexiest Curves at the Auto Show



It’s easily the sexiest car at the New York International Auto Show — and also the most mysterious

The Koenigsegg Agera R drew a lot of attention from nearby onlookers — despite the fact that it sat next to a Lotus and a Bugatti. That’s largely thanks to the Agera R’s otherworldly shape and daring design.

Hailing from Sweden, Koenigsegg is already a familiar name among supercar enthusiasts, but for the non-fanatic, it’s a relatively unfamiliar…

11 Reasons There Can Only Be One ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’



Euphegenia Doubtfire might be back soon, with her cake facials, witty wisdom and numerous fire hazards. But for true fans who’ve always loved Mrs. Doubtfire, she never left.

Fans are buzzing after rumors dropped Thursday that a potential sequel could be in the works. True or not, one thing’s for sure: Nothing can stand up to the magic of the original movie. There can only be one true Mrs. Doubtfire.

Take a trip down memory lane and relive the…

Brooklyn Net Andrei Kirilenko Is Bringing Russia Its First Hooters



Amid simmering tensions between the Kremlin and the White House, can Russians and Americans find any cultural common ground?

NBA player Andrei Kirilenko of the Brooklyn Nets thinks there’s one place where Russia and the West can put politics aside. That place is Hooters, which Kirilenko is introducing to his home country by opening Russia’s first franchise of the notorious — and quintessentially American — boobs-and-buffalo wings chain in Moscow later this month.

See also: Landon Donovan…

Yep, That’s Rupert Murdoch Wearing an Oculus Rift



Your eyes are not deceiving you. Even Rupert Murdoch is getting in on the virtual reality headset experience

According to Murdoch’s Tumblr, which is run by 21st Century Fox Chief of Staff Natalie Ravitz, Murdoch and his team visited interactive advertising agency Framestore in New York on Wednesday. (Ravitz describes the Tumblr as “life behind the scenes” for the head of News Corp.) There, the octogenarian chairman of News Corp tried out the Game of Thrones virtual reality experience on the…

Taylor Swift Surprised a Fan at Her Bridal Shower



Taylor Swift and bridal showers were made for each other — the pastels, the baked goods, the love songs (minus the breakups)

Surprisingly, though, the singer had never attended a bridal shower until this past weekend, when she surprised a longtime fan

Swift recorded the entire experience and shared it on her YouTube page on Wednesday. In the video, she explains finding a wedding invitation for a woman named Gena Gabrielle…

Boston Celtics Star’s Touching Tribute to Marathon Bombing Victims



NBA star Rajon Rondo knows firsthand the pain that last year’s Boston Marathon bombing inflicted upon the city where he plays point guard for the Celtics.

So, before Wednesday night’s final game of the Celtics’ season, Rondo honored bombing victims in a special way — with his sneakers.

Rondo sat out the game in Boston with a hamstring injury, but the sneakers he wore on the bench were covered with the…

5 Innovations That Will Transform India in the Next 5 Years



MUMBAI, India — Following the United States and China, India is the world’s third largest Internet population. The country is projected to be home to 243 million Internet users by June 2014 -– but that’s still only a fraction of the country’s 1.2 billion population

As access to the Internet penetrates deeper into the Indian population, it is changing the ways politicians campaign, companies lead and people connect.

Mashable was in…

12 Best Long Takes in Film History in One Short Video



When it comes to immersing audiences in another world, nothing seems quite as impressive as a dazzling long take.

While some filmmakers opt for quick cuts filled with explosions and special effects, there are certain auteurs who love to savor the moments in film. Cinefix compiled the 12 most impressive long takes in cinema history for film geeks to salivate over.

From Welles’ Touch of Evil to Cuar