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The 7 Most Worthless Things at Your Garage Sale



When it comes to garage sales, one person’s trash is…still another person’s trash

Garage sales are a popular way to clean the house of unwanted items. However, because most items are used, they have to sell for incredibly cheap

Lynda Hammond, the Garage Sale Gal, is a secondhand expert, selling and buying items all across the country

“Almost anything and everything will sell at a garage sale,” she tells Mashable. No…

The Deadly Mountains: Why More Inexperienced Climbers Are Dying



Two climbers and their guide were killed near the Aiguille du Midi peak of Mont Blanc last week, after falling an estimated 2,600 feet to their deaths on Europe’s highest mountain.

It was just the latest tragedy on Mount Blanc. Earlier this month, six others died when they were caught in bad weather.

The number of climbers who have died or gone missing on Mont Blanc since the climbing season began in June has now reached 20, making this the deadliest year for climbers on the mountain in more…

David Fincher’s Gap Ads Are Black and White and Enigmatic All Over



David Fincher, best known for his obsessive and meticulous direction of The Social Network, Zodiac and Fight Club, has helmed the latest round of ads for Gap, which are shot in black and white and strive to be enigmatic.

The four ads, which roll out this week, complement a print campaign the retailer launched in mid-August themed “Dress Normal” that features Anjelica Huston, Elisabeth Moss and The Wire‘s Michael K. Williams, among others

Microsoft Removes 1,500 Fake Apps From Windows Store



Microsoft has announced it has revised its policies regarding “misleading” apps in Windows Store, resulting in the removal of 1,500 fake apps from the store

The company modified the Windows Store app certification requirements with three key changes. First, apps need to be named in such a way to “clearly and accurately reflect the functionality of the app.”

Furthermore, apps need to be categorized “according to the app function and purpose,” and finally, the app icons must not be too similar…

WHO: Ebola Outbreak Could Eventually Infect 20,000 People



GENEVA — The World Health Organization says the Ebola outbreak in West Africa eventually could exceed 20,000 cases, more than 6 times as many as now.

A new study by the U.N. health agency also assumes that in many hard-hit areas, the actual number of cases may be two to four times higher than is currently reported.

The agency on Thursday published new figures saying that 1,552 people have now died from the Ebola virus from among…

Artist’s Clever Life Advice Needs No Filter on Instagram



Take a break from your friends’ selfies and pictures of last night’s dinner

Artist Amber Ibarreche uses her Instagram account to write out puns, witty sayings and sometimes a doodle or two. Her inspirational photos will not only put a smile on anyone’s face, but also lend solid life advice for when you’re feeling down.

Ibarreche draws from her own personal experiences and relationships for her wise and humorous quips. “Life…

The NFL, Where Smoking Pot Is 8 Times Worse Than Beating a Woman



Outraged swelled in July when star Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended just two games by the National Football League for allegedly knocking his fianc

Follow Peaches from Farm to Market in New York



Eating locally and seasonally has been an ever growing idea as food has entered the cultural spotlight. Although it’s easy

LMFAO Singer Redfoo ‘Glassed’ in Australian Nightspot



SYDNEY — LMFAO singer Redfoo has described his shock at being “glassed” in a Sydney nightspot early on Thursday morning.

The 39-year-old American entertainer, who is a judge of Australia’s version of the reality show The X-Factor, was at the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Sydney at 12:30 a.m. when a man allegedly threw a glass at the star’s face.

The 21-year-old alleged attacker was arrested by police at the scene as he attempted to flee, police said. He was later charged with malicious wounding and…

Qantas Airways Announces Worst Loss in History of $2.8 Billion



SYDNEY — Australia’s national airline, Qantas Airways Limited, has posted a devastating loss of 2.8 billion Australian dollars ($2.6 billion), reflecting a profit-draining battle with its smaller rival Virgin Australia and aircraft write downs.

The loss for the financial year ended June 30 is the largest the former state-owned airline has posted in its 94-year history. It made an AU$1 million profit in the previous year.