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Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about art in one of the first Reddit video AMAs



Reddit’s AMA — short for “ask me anything” — is one of the most loved facets of the popular social media site, enabling the community to crowd-interview anyone with an interesting story to tell

On Tuesday, Reddit launched the first batch of video AMAs, a new take on the format which has folks answering redditors’ questions on video, and one of the first stars to participate was none other than astrophysicist and TV host Neil deGrasse Tyson

Underwater rugby is all the rage in Hungary at the moment



The Rugby World Cup is in full swing in the UK, but over in Budapest, Hungary, they’ve developed a different way of doing things — a way that involves snorkels, flippers, and a whole lot of water.

In the video above, two underwater rugby teams flail around in a swimming pool while duking it out over a rugby ball. With the extra dimension that’s added by players being able to go up and down as well as left, right, forward and backward — not to mention the fact that people have to keep…

Death of Hong Kong woman at McDonald’s sparks conversation on Asia’s ‘McRefugees’



A homeless woman who passed away unnoticed at a Hong Kong McDonald’s outlet over the weekend has sparked new conversation about the country’s “McRefugees,” as they’re known in the media in the region.

The woman, who police say was between 50 and 60 years of age, was found dead Saturday morning at McDonald’s in Hong Kong’s working class Ping Shek Estate in Kowloon, more than 24 hours after she entered the restaurant, said (link in Chinese) Hong Kong’s Apple Daily.

This sing-a-long shows not everyone on the London Underground is miserable



Londoners have a pretty unshakable reputation for being grumpy, unfriendly or just generally miserable when it comes to public transport, and that goes double for the London Underground (which, to be fair, is a nightmarish sweat-pit on the best of days) — but occasionally that reputation is undeserved.

On Tuesday night on the Northern Line, Scott Ross filmed some fellow passengers engaged in a chirpy mass sing-a-long to Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me” — people were dancing, a couple kissed,…

The U.S. FDA finds that your brain on hip-hop is…pretty baller, actually



The Food and Drug Administration is betting that the strong, disciplined, in-control attitude at the core of hip hop culture goes well with… not smoking cigarettes.

The agency said Tuesday that it is spending $128 million on a new anti-smoking campaign aimed specifically at minority teens between the ages of 12 and 17 — a demographic that it says has been underserved in the past

The campaign, which includes TV ads, events and social media, will attempt to capture the style and swagger…

France’s new anti-jihadi ads feature mourning families



France’s government is hoping an ad campaign featuring mourning families will make young people think twice about leaving to join extremists in Syria.

More than 500 people have left France to join Islamic State and other jihadi groups in the war zones of Syria and Iraq — more than any other country in Western Europe.

France has tightened some restrictions, including allowing families to flag their children to law enforcement and put a hold…

Sharp’s crazy new smartphone is a robot



If you ever thought the good ol’ phablet was a bit cumbersome or difficult to shove into your pocket, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Earlier today, Japanese electronics maker Sharp revealed a humanoid robot-shaped smartphone that I promise won’t fit in your skinny jeans. It’s hard to say if it’s more phone or robot, but Robohon (yes, an amalgamation of robot and phone) attracted a whole lot of attention at this afternoon’s press-only preview event at the annual CEATEC convention just outside…

Inside the creation of the Microsoft Surface Book



No one saw it coming: The Surface Book, history’s first Microsoft laptop (or notebook, if you prefer). And has there ever been a more apt setting for a special delivery than the giant and largely defunct Post Office building in Midtown Manhattan in New York City?

Microsoft’s new head of Windows devices, Panos Panay, was positively gleeful on Tuesday when he introduced the magnesium laptop with an unusual hinge, and he thoroughly enjoyed punking the audience into believing that it was a…

Carolinas overwhelmed by historic floods



Historic flooding inundated parts of South Carolina and North Carolina over the weekend, leaving several dead. The region has gotten more than 25 inches of rain since Friday.

Across South Carolina, nearly 400 roads and 158 bridges were closed on Monday due to the flooding. More than two dozen evacuation shelters are open, and 30,000 residents are without power. Read more…

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Uniqlo is using neuroscience to help you find the perfect shirt



Have you ever walked into a store and been overwhelmed by choice? Well, Uniqlo wants to read your brain and help you quit waffling.

On Wednesday, the Japanese clothing brand launched a new experience in its Pitt Street store in Sydney, Australia that aims to use neuroscience to help match customers’ moods with the perfect T-shirt. Tracy Lang, Uniqlo Australia’s marketing director, told reporters Tuesday the technology, called “UMood” was an Australian-first.