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Colorful smoothies have never looked this beautiful



For artists, design flows into every aspect of daily life. The morning smoothie is no exception.

That’s the beauty behind Swedish-born art director Hedvig Astrom Kushner’s “Pantone Smoothies” series, for which she pairs her healthy smoothies with their corresponding Pantone color codes.


Image: pantone smoothies

Astrom Kusher tells Mashable that her Swedish background inspired her love for the simple aesthetics and bold pops of…

Dog is so incredibly nervous for the arrival of the new baby



Charlie the dog is just trying his best to hold it together. Because babies are stressful beasts

But when his babysitter shows him a pile of baby blankets, and tells him that his little sister Sadie is coming home from the hospital tomorrow, Charlie just can’t handle it anymore. His confusion and nerves get the better of him

And he pukes

To be fair, many of us would do the same thing if we found out we had to share a house with a baby.

Star babies: Space photo shows beautiful cosmic nursery



A nursery for young stars shines in pink and gold in a newly-released image, taken by a large telescope in the Southern Hemisphere

The Prawn Nebula glows by the light of the hot young stars sheltered within the gas and dust of this star-forming region of the cosmos, about 6,000 light-years from Earth.

The three clusters of young stars in the nebula are only a few million years old — quite young on a cosmic time-scale, the…

How to watch Beyoncé and the rest of Made in America live this weekend



If you can’t join Beyonc

Hulk is the next Marvel superhero to change identities, is totally awesome



LOS ANGELES — It’s not going to be a Banner year for the Hulk.

The Big Guy is just the latest Marvel superhero to change identities, the comic-book publisher announced Friday. He’ll go from Bruce Banner to Amadeus Cho, a 19-year-old boy genius — and that’s significant for a couple of reasons.

SEE ALSO: Marvel assembles first all-female Avengers team, the ‘A-Force’

For one thing, Cho is Korean-American, making Hulk the latest superhero to undergo a race or gender change. He’s following in the…

In Panasonic’s smart home future, I’m wearing digital make-up



BERLIN — I entered Panasonic’s IFA booth as me, a 27-year-old man, and within seconds I was transformed into a virtually unrecognizable female with make-up — and all I did was look into a mirror.

The magic mirror you see in front of me in the photo above is Panasonic’s generically named “Interactive Mirror,” a concept product the company dreamed up to be your very own professional health and beauty advisor.


Image: Michael…

About 35,000 walruses are crammed onto beaches in a tiny Alaska village



There is nothing straightforward and typical about massive walrus haul outs in Alaska, which have become an annual event as sea ice retreats earlier each summer. An ongoing haul out event at Point Lay, Alaska, has featured thousands of walruses one day, followed by none a few days later, and now tens thousands again

In fact, this haul out may be nearing a record for the U.S., if the numbers hold up.

As of Friday, there were about 35,000 walruses in two separate haul out events in the tiny…

Earth has lost half of its trees to humans



A new global census of all the trees on Earth estimates that more than 3 trillion call this “pale blue dot” home. But the total number of trees on the planet has dropped by almost 50% since human civilization began

The study is billed as the most accurate inventory of Earth’s tree population to date, revealing that there are 3.04 trillion trees, which is roughly equivalent to 422 trees for every person on the planet. Researchers used satellite images, forest inventories and supercomputing…

19 travel destinations for 2016 — and what to read while you’re there



It’s never too soon to start planning your next trip.

It’s always good to have something to look forward to, and taking one trip invariably leads us to start thinking of the next one. We’ve rounded up 19 top travel destinations for 2015-2016 based on U.S. News and World Report’s “best places to visit,” and paired them with a few books set in each location. Whether you read the books in anticipation or while you’re actually there, it’ll make your upcoming experience that much richer.


Vatican won’t allow transgender people to become godparents



The Vatican will not permit transgender Catholics to be recognized by the church as godparents, according to a Spanish bishop who recently sought clarity on the matter

Rafael Zornoza Boy, bishop of the diocese of Cadiz and Ceuta, wrote in a blog post this week that he contacted the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for guidance and was told by officials that godparents must lead a life consistent…