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Oversized Milk Crate, Huge Cloud Arch Sculptures Disturb Sydney



SYDNEY — Most know the Australian city for the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Sydney Opera House. Now it may be known as the place of the giant Cloud Arch or the oversized Milk Crate

opera house

The iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Image: Adam Jeffery, Getty Images

Although Melbourne still generally wins in the ugly stakes — Federation Square has been described as a local disgrace since its constuction — the people of Sydney are not talking kindly about two new artworks coming to their city.

Fed Square


Scientifically Accurate Sonic the Hedgehog Eats Poop



Hedgehogs aren’t the badass, speedy creatures your childhood video games made them out to be.

As this video by Fox’s Animation Domination High-Def points out, they spend less time collecting rings and running in loops than they do chewing up poop and rubbing it on themselves.

Gotta go fast.

Can a Cute Robot Hitchhike Across Canada?



Hitchhiking can be a dangerous way to travel, but one robot is using it to go cross country. Appropriately named HitchBot, the talking droid is attempting to travel across Canada depending only on the kindness of strangers

Hitchbot was created by a group of Canadian researchers as an experiment to test whether robots can learn to trust humans. He began his journey in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the plan is for him to eventually reach Victoria, British Columbia. Like many Canadians, Hitchbot can…

Breakfast recipes Android

Samsung Galaxy S4 Catches Fire and Melts Next to Sleeping Teen



Texas teen Ariel Tolfree received a rude awakening when her Samsung galaxy S4 smartphone caught fire overnight, as she slept next to it, according to a new report. This incident is the latest in a string of Samsung-related battery fires.

”The whole phone melted,” Ariel’s dad, Thomas, told local television station KDFW. “The plastic, the glass. You can’t even really tell that it was a phone.” Ariel, 13, said the phone slipped under her pillow as she slept

Former Nuclear Power Exec Reveals Secret Payments to Japan’s Prime Ministers



The contentious public debate around whether to use nuclear power in Japan, in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima disaster, took another major turn on Monday when it was revealed that a former power company official made secret payments to Japanese prime ministers for nearly two decades

Chimori Naito, the former vice president of Kansai Electric Power Co. (KEPCO), today one of the country’s leading providers of nuclear power, has admitted to secretly paying seven of Japan’s prime ministers…

30 Songs to Fuel Your Summer Vacation



Even if you’ve already done some traveling, chances are you could use asummer vacation

The weeks leading up to a vacation can be stressful — from finishing all your work to picking the ideal location — which makes it that much sweeter when you’ve hit the open road.

To capture this moment of bliss and to save you some planning, we assembled this Music Monday playlist that’s the perfect soundtrack for any summer vacation. So blast these…

LinkedIn Redesigns Mobile Profiles to Put Relationships Into Context



LinkedIn‘s flagship app has gotten a major overhaul.

The company rolled out an update to its app Tuesday morning, unveiling completely redesigned user profiles that focus on adding contextual information. The extra info aims to make it easier to initiate conversations with other users — even if they’re not connected.

Profiles now have a completely overhauled “in common” section that displays contextual information about…


20 Relaxing Vacation Spots for Book Lovers



It’s the summer in many parts of the world — which means time for vacation. And there’s no better way to spend your downtime than curled up with a good book

We’ve been thinking about vacations in Mashable‘s social book club, MashableReads, as we read The Vacationers by Emma Straub. In the book, the Posts, a family from New York City, go on what they hope will be a relaxing summer getaway. However, not even the beautiful island setting of Mallorca, Spain, can prevent the Posts from focusing…

‘Zombie Walk’ Canceled After Hit-and-Run at Comic-Con



An ugly hit-and-run incident that injured at least one woman at the annual “Zombie Walk” at Comic-Con this weekend has caused the group to cancel its October event and consider a fundraiser for the victim.

Several YouTube videos emerged Monday of the incident on Saturday evening in San Diego, where a carload of people who are reportedly deaf — and whose driver was either panicked or frustrated, depending on various accounts — aggressively plowed through the line of walkers as they crossed a…

Australians Go Nuts as Crazy Colours Light up the Sky



SYDNEY — Aussies love their sunrise photos, sunset snaps and beach shots — anything that says: My world is better than your world. But overnight, things stepped up a level

From Monday evening to Tuesday morning, there was a stunning red colour creeping across the heavens. Amateur photographers came out in force to take the sky snap to end all sky snaps. Their photographs spread like a disease across social media.

The intense battle…