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Starbucks is trending for a poop-related reason and Twitter says NOPE


Thinking of getting a refreshing iced coffee from Starbucks to beat the heat?

Philippines plans to make it illegal if you don’t sing the national anthem with sufficient ‘fervour’


Filipino citizens who don’t sing their national anthem enthusiastically enough could face penalties.

Under a new proposed bill, approved by the House of Representatives on Monday, singing to the national anthem will be “mandatory and must be done with fervour.”

If the bill is passed by the senate eventually, those failing to sing with gusto could face a hefty fine of up to 100,000 pesos, or…

Steve Carell’s response to his new ‘silver fox’ reputation is classic Steve Carell


Everyone knows Steve Carell is funny, but some people are only just noticing something else about him: the guy is a total heartthrob.

Just look at him here, casually rocking his new grey hair and sunglasses:

ayyyyyyeeeeee! 2017 Steve Carell out here killin’ the game on all y’all. js

— Erin Konomos (@Erin_Konomos) June 23, 2017

Judging by the amount of tweets recent photos of Carell have prompted,…

Adidas secretly released Wes Anderson’s Zissou trainers and we can’t cope


Fans of Wes Anderson’s cult movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou have campaigned for years at Adidas to convince them to release a version of the customised Roms that Bill Murray wears in the film.

Gerard Butler shares heartbreaking Facebook tribute to costar Michael Nyqvist


Gerard Butler has taken to Facebook to share a moving video tribute to fellow actor Michael Nyqvist, who the BBC reports died Tuesday at the age of 56.

Nyqvist was probably best known for his role as Mikael Blomkvist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He and Butler had recently starred together in the film Hunter Killer, which is currently in post-production.

“Of all the movies I’ve made he’s right up there as one of my favourites,…

North Korea’s new smartphone looks suspiciously familiar


It’s not just you — this phone looks really familiar to us, too.

North Korean company Mangyongdae Information Technology Corporation just dropped the Jindallae 3, and it looks a whole lot like an iPhone.

Pikachu chases down Team Rocket in a thrilling parkour sequence


So this is what Pikachu looks like chasing after the baddies.

Parkour freerunner Calen Chan leaps and runs his way through a parkour course as everyone’s favourite electric Pok

People stood in line outside ‘world’s best’ ramen restaurant for 10 days


This is the price to pay for “world’s best.”

Famed Japanese ramen joint Ichiran, crowned the world’s best by Forbes in 2016, recently opened a new overseas outlet in Taipei, Taiwan.

People were so excited about it that there was a line outside the door for 10 days straight, according to Hong Kong-based news outlet EJ Insight.

Most patrons had to wait up to an hour and 40 minutes, with up to 200 ramen…

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ finale gives us a fittingly bonkers ending to one of TV’s craziest shows


Spoiler warning: This recap contains plot details for the Pretty Little Liars series finale, titled “Til Death Do Us Part.”

Pretty Little Liars came to a dramatic end Tuesday with an action-packed two-hour series finale. But a PLL series finale that runs double the length of a normal episode? That’s a recipe for mind-blowing reveals left and right. Here are the six biggest revelations of “Til Death Do Us Part.”

1. A.D. is revealed

In a theory fans guessed at a while back, it turns out…

New images give us our first good look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8


We may have just gotten our first good look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, thanks to this detailed render.

Although these aren’t photos, the new images are design renders based on what we know from prior leaks.

The images come from OnLeaks, which developed the designs with 91mobiles. The renders provide an up-close look at the front and back side of the handsets.