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Chicago Actress Killed by Falling Tree



CHICAGO — Molly Glynn, an accomplished Chicago theater actress who also played a recurring role as a doctor on the TV series “Chicago Fire,” has died after a tree toppled by a powerful storm struck her as she rode her bike in a forest park. She was 46.

Glynn was with her husband, Joe Foust, when the storm rolled quickly into the area, just north of Chicago, the executive director of First Folio Theatre and a close family friend, David Rice, said Sunday.

“Molly was one of the most loving and…

Cutting Corners: Silicon Valley’s Murky Relationship with Due Diligence



On July 1, Seth Bannon appeared before several hundred techies and investors at the New York Tech Meetup, the industry gathering where Tumblr and Foursquare made their debut.

Even among this pedigreed audience, Bannon inspired great interest. The company he founded in 2010, now known as Amicus, had raised nearly $4 million from investors and was the rare start-up that made money while doing actual good, helping nonprofits like the AFL-CIO and the Texas Democratic Party mobilize supporters. …

Honey Maid Documentary Shows Divorced Families Are #NotBroken



There is no such thing as a “normal family.”

Honey Maid’s new heartwarming two-minute documentary-style ad from its “This Is Wholesome” campaign visits a common issue in the modern family — divorced parents

The short clip follows a young boy named Isaac, whose parents are divorced and remarried, and the new dynamic of his mixed family. Despite his family breaking the typical image of home life, he says “the difference between the two families is my stepdad has black hair and my dad has…

3 Ways IT Can Improve Company Culture



For the longest time, IT was seen as no more than the guardian of the stack. While that’s still true, the role it has to play in the organization has metamorphosed into something far bigger

Concepts like lean, agile and team dynamics have usually been considered the domain of management and management alone. Indeed, as long as IT spent all its time keeping ornate legacy systems running and living in the data center, it’s easy to understand why it wasn’t considered a part of these…

Alicia Keys Pleads for World Peace in Heartfelt ‘We Are Here’ Video



A pregnant Alicia Keys wants her child to grow up in a better world than the one we occupy now. Those feelings of world peace and equality spawned the lyrics to “We Are Here,” a new song preaching about the need to rid the world of war, violence and discrimination.

The “We Are Here” video premiered Monday on Facebook. It’s simple, with the focus on the track’s message, as Keys pounds the ivories and sings about violent current events.

4 Tools That Simplify Life For E-Commerce Startups

Keep it Simple

Startups are exciting, bewildering and hugely risky things to be a part of. There’s the constant worry of the whole thing imploding under the weight of your multi-pronged business ideas. There’s the fear of being chewed up and spit out by larger competitors with deeper pockets. There’s also the need to attract the fickle online customer and retain their loyalties for as long as you possibly can.

In this race against time and resources, every smart e-commerce startup could do with some…

The Grim and Growing Business of Kidnappings in the Middle East



The execution of American journalist James Foley at the hands of Islamic militants, gruesomely displayed in a video that surfaced this week, was a palpable reminder of the shadowy business of kidnappings in the Middle East.

For years, extremist groups like the Islamic State, which claimed responsibility for Foley’s murder, have plied this grisly trade. In the process, they have earned millions of dollars in ransoms, further fueling the radicals’ rise.

Social Media Marketing: Another Thing to Love About Responsive Website Design

Responsive for Social

As a good chunk of the internet is finally starting to switch to responsive websites, let’s put another nail in the unresponsive website design coffin. For social media, consistency between mobile devices and desktops is imperative.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can send a good measure of traffic to websites, particularly if appropriate campaigns are being run on them. Creating landing pages that are “social-appropriate” can be a challenge when there are two variations of a…

The Two Categories of Social Media Marketing Strategies

All In

When it comes to marketing (and just about everything else), there are right-brained thinkers and left-brained thinkers. The right-brain thinkers are more subjective and often more creative and would not like the concept of social media having two options. It makes it too black and white. Left-brain thinkers are guided by logic and wouldn’t necessarily believe that there are only two categories in social media marketing. In other words, neither type of person will likely agree with the…

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Transparency in Contact Forms Desperately Needed on Websites

Privacy Transparency

Just about anyone who has been on the internet in the past couple of decades has fallen victim to the unfortunate fraud of contact form ambiguity. You fill out a form in order to get some information or to be contacted by someone, only to receive the wrong information or to be contacted by the wrong (or even multiple) people. It has gotten to the point that contact forms in general often leave a negative taste in web surfers’ mouths.

Moreover, they rarely have the right information even in…