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Women are still underrepresented in tech. Here’s what Facebook has to say about it.


How did we go from viewing computer programming as “women’s work” to peak tech bro culture? In the world of tech today, men greatly outnumber women, and the reasons for this inequality are to be found in stereotypes and biases deeply ingrained in our culture. 

But some of the world’s biggest tech companies are taking steps to try and change the gender imbalance. We talked to Rachel Burton, HR Director for the EMEA Engineering teams at Facebook, to learn more about the company’s…

Anti-vaxxers can no longer raise money on GoFundMe


GoFundMe is cracking down on anti-vaxxers.

The popular fundraising website says it will no longer allow anti-vaccine groups and activists to raise money to spread anti-vaccination conspiracies on its platform, according to a statement provided to The Daily Beast

“Campaigns raising money to promote misinformation about vaccines violate GoFundMe’s terms of service and will be removed from the platform,” said GoFundMe spokesperson Bobby Whithorne in a similar statement provided to…

These National Puppy Day facts may surprise you


Here’s some fun facts about everyone’s best buds from the origin of the word puppy to their sleeping patterns to how being around puppies can lead to productivity. Read more…

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Apple might finally release AirPower soon. No, seriously, here’s the evidence.


Apple made some unusual plays this week. Ahead of Monday’s “it’s show time” event, where the iPhone maker is expected to announce subscription-based video and news services, it hastily unveiled a new iPad mini and iPad Air, iMacs with faster performance, and updated AirPods.

Not a bad way to start spring! But there’s an elephant in the room: Where the hell is AirPower?

As of this writing,…

7 ways you can improve the world’s access to fresh water


It’s easy to take the fresh, cold water that gurgles out of your tap each morning for granted. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury.

Today is World Water Day, and this year, the theme is “Leaving no one behind.” With the goal of ensuring access to fresh water for everyone, World Water Day hopes to draw attention to an issue that impacts the health and livelihood of billions of people around the world. 

According to the United Nations, 2.1 billion people don’t have access to…

Dad releases another video of his 4-year-old son’s hockey practice, and it’s priceless


Everyone loves a sequel! While most sequels don’t always live up to the hype, this one certainly does.

Recently, YouTuber Coach Jeremy released a video where we were introduced to his adorable son Mason, and we followed his musings during hockey practice. In addition to a microphone, this time Jeremy equipped Mason with a GoPro to capture his running commentary while on the ice. 

Mason treated us to even more iconic phrases than last time such as, “oh, a piece of garbage we can eat,”…

Bad news for Gmail users: First Inbox, now this


Gmail users who like to wring every feature out of the service haven’t had a great week.

Earlier this week, Google harshly reminded Inbox by Gmail users that the productivity-focused app would shut down soon. Then on Thursday, If This Then That, or IFTTT, sent an email alert to users letting them know that a number of actions related to Gmail will no longer work at the end of March.

IFTTT users got this message in their inboxes this week.

IFTTT users got this message in their inboxes this week.

Image: alex perry / mashable

For the uninitiated,…

Dog destroys his local news interview


Some dogs were just born to be on camera.

One pup, Stanley the Collie, recently made a big splash on Network 10 Perth, a local news station located in Western Australia.

Just look at how he commands control of the conversation. And please, turn the volume up if you can to hear the chomp.

Best 4K TV deals: Save on Samsung, LG, Sony, and more this weekend


New seasons of Game of Thrones and Stranger Things are almost here. You know what this means, right?

A lot of pitch-black on your screen. 

Any seasoned fan knows that huge portions of both shows feature super dark scenes, whether that’s because there’s no electricity in the Seven Kingdoms or because a Demogorgon smashed all the lights. And if your TV’s contrast and LED array aren’t up to par, you won’t be seeing anything past blurry movements.

Luckily, this weekend’s list of TVs on sale…

All (okay, some) of your burning questions about Jordan Peele’s ‘Us,’ answered


Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS follow for Jordan Peele’s Us. 

So you’ve just seen Jordan Peele’s Us

And now you’re left with a whole lot of questions and emotions to process.

It’s not just youUs covers a whole lot of ground in two hours, and it’s made with such obvious care that it’s hard to resist the compulsion to pick over every detail, and analyze every story beat. It’s a film that seems made to start conversations over drinks afterward, or to drive you down a rabbit hole of fan…