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Bundle a soundbar with Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ 4K TV and save $1,000


TL;DR: The PCMag Shop has the beautiful Samsung Frame TV and HW-NW700 three-channel soundbar on sale: Save $1,199 on the 55-inch model or $1,299 on the 65-inch model.

We’ve talked about the beautiful 4K TV known as “The Frame” before when it’s been on sale. But we’re here again to report another awesome deal: You can score a discounted price on a bundle that includes Samsung’s The Frame TV and the HW-NW700 three-channel soundbar kit in the PCMag Shop.

Available in two sizes, get…

Stephen Colbert calls BS on Trump’s ‘new’ tariff deal with Mexico


Everything old is new again, as The Late Show host Stephen Colbert pointed out on Monday.

Donald Trump tweeted on Friday and Saturday that a “new deal” had been reached with Mexico regarding his tariff threats over border security, but Colbert called BS, saying arrangements were already in place.

“According to Donald Trump, Donald Trump was the hero, saving the world’s economy from the clutches of that maniac Donald Trump,” Colbert explained. “But then on Saturday, the New York Times

7 YouTube channels to watch when you need to kill some time


Sometimes you just want to kill a little time without needing to actually pay attention. 

Whether you’re cooking dinner and don’t have the attention span to focus on what you’re watching, or you just plopped yourself on the couch and have zero intention of ever getting up, YouTube videos are always perfect for mindlessly gazing at content you aren’t truly absorbing. 

Here are seven YouTube channels to binge watch when you need some background noise:

1. Townsends

Have you ever wanted to…

Anton Yelchin documentary gets emotional first trailer


Anton Yelchin was just 27 when he died due to a horrible accident at his L.A. home. Though he was known best as an actor, the trailer for the upcoming Love Antosha makes clear that he was much more, and that he left behind a rich body of work and legacy that still resonates deeply with those who knew him.

Love, Antosha, directed by Garret Price, premiered this winter at Sundance and traces Yelchin’s career, personal life, and all the in-between spaces where he thrived and explored art…

Security camera captures creepy creature and everyone has a theory


Welp, we have a new entry on the list of creepy internet videos.

Vivian Gomez posted a video to Facebook late last week taken by one of the security cameras outside her home. In the video, a small mystery creature that bears a striking resemblance to an alien is seen taking a strange strut past her car and out toward the street. 

Here’s what Gomez had to say in her post:

Yup, that’s pretty damn strange. So what the hell is that?

Of course, this being the internet, the first assumption is…

The best sex toys for couples in the UK


Yes, of course, there’s something special between you and your sweetie. But perhaps it’s time to add in a little something else.

Fortunately, we find ourselves in the golden age of couples sex toys. There now really is something for everyone. If you have an itch, then it’s pretty much guaranteed there’s a sex toy out there that can scratch it. 

For anyone new to the sex toy game, the humble…

‘Big Little Lies’ is back to make wife guys of us all


Big Little Lies didn’t need a second season. But in the world of television high demand can make second seasons appear regardless, and it’s the lack of necessity that makes coming back to Big Little Lies so much fun. 

Forget closure. Forget questions. The premiere of Big Little Lies Season 2 delivers on what’s really important about the show: spending time with our five wonderful wives.

The glamor and allure of the five women at the center of Big Little Lies was a massive part of…

Name your price and get a lifetime subscription to this VPN


TL;DR: You can get a lifetime subscription to the advanced FastestVPN bundle at a price you choose.

It’s common knowledge that you need to protect your internet connection when you surf the web. You don’t need a complicated mess of anti-virus solutions, anti-malware products, and industrial-grade VPNs, though. 

Something like The FastestVPN bundle makes it easy to keep your data safe from hackers, spies, and viruses: it includes a lifetime subscription to FastestVPN and Cylance Smart…

George R.R. Martin makes gaming debut with ‘Elden Ring’ at E3 2019


A Song of Ice and Fire may still need wrapping up, but author George R.R. Martin is already consulting on new stories — the latest, in the world of gaming.

Debuted as part of Xbox’s 2019 E3 briefing on Sunday in Los Angeles, Elden Ring is a new action role-play game from Martin, the story’s consultant, and From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki. The game is set to reimagine Norse mythology, following Viking lore.

Based on the heavy, tense, and totally rad trailer, combining…

The 9 best presidential candidate Instagram accounts


With a new election comes new scrutiny of a pivotal campaign tool: the candidate’s Insta feed.

Sure, Instagram may not make or break your candidacy, but quality social content can definitely help build support. It’s a hard line to walk. You’ve got to be informative, engaging, and genuine, even though everyone knows you’re there to sell yourself to voters. And not everyone pulls it off to great effect.