Pornhub reveals what people are searching for to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


Ah, St. Patrick’s Day! A chaotic time filled with green beer, and, if you’re surfing Pornhub, looking for leprechauns and shamrocks.

According to data from the popular adult video site, searches for “leprechauns” (which are totally real, by the way) spike over 1,200 percent on the Irish-themed holiday while searches for, well, “St. Patrick’s Day” increase by over 1,000 percent. More interesting are the increases for “shamrock” (811 percent), “clover” (328 percent), and “luck” (251 percent)." alt="Pornhub really does have a flair for the Irish on St. Patrick's Day." data-fragment="m!f1c6" data-image="" data-micro="1"...

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