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China is reportedly blocking access to Gmail



China is blocking access to Google’s popular Gmail service, according to data from Google and analysis from Dyn Research.

Traffic has dropped to nearly zero, per Google’s transparency reports, which provides real-time information about usage of its services.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 3.42.10 PM

Dyn Research, an Internet analysis firm, said it confirmed that an “IP-level” block of Gmail had occurred

“China has a number of ways they can block content. One…

’7th Heaven’ actor Stephen Collins on sexual abuse: ‘I did something terribly wrong’



More than two months after a troubling audio recording of 7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins apparently confessing to molesting underage girls was leaked to the public, the actor has admitted to the crimes

In a statement to People, Collins, best known for playing pastor Eric Camden on the wholesome TV series, went into detail about the incidents, which took place over a span of 20 years, and apologized for his actions

Someone in Congress really has Wayne Gretzky’s back



This is your tax dollars at work, America?

Someone with a Congressional IP address noticed that NHL great Wayne Gretzky wasn’t getting his props on Wikipedia — and did something about it

A Twitter bot called @CongressEdits tracks anonymous Wikipedia edits made from Congressional IP addresses. On Wednesday morning, it noticed that someone with such an address made a change to Gretzky’s Wikipedia page, the first result…

Canada Prime Minister: Shooting Rampage in Ottawa Was Terrorism



OTTAWA, Ontario — Two deadly attacks in three days against members of the military stunned Canadians and raised fears their country was being targeted for reprisals for joining the U.S.-led air campaign against an extremist Islamic group in Iraq and Syria.

“We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper vowed in a nationally televised address hours after a masked gunman killed a soldier standing guard at Ottawa’s war memorial shortly before 10…

‘Internet Trolls’ Musical Gives Upbeat Tune to World’s Worst People



“Internet Trolls – The Halloween Musical” is the anthem of our online generation.

In their latest video, AVByte takes a break from their bread and butter Disney princess feminism ballads to address the subject of nasty Internet trolls.

The New York-based comedy group tells Mashable it wasn’t a singular event that led to their targeting of trolls, but rather Internet culture in general.

“We were looking at ‘The Fappening,’ and how trolling and sites like 4chan were involved,” says AVByte…

Murray Christmas, Everyone: Bill Murray Plans to Sing Carols on TV



We’re pretty sure Bill Murray could read Santa’s naughty list for happy-claps at this point, but instead he’ll apparently be singing Christmas carols on TV. So warm up those smile muscles, grinches — let’s just go with this.

That’s right, Murray is working with his Lost in Translation director Sofia Coppola on a made-for-television Christmas special, according to Variety, which recently had the actor captive long enough for a cover shoot to promote St. Vincent.

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People Are Willing to Give Away Their Personal Data for a Cinnamon Cookie



This story was co-published with ProPublica.

In a highly unscientific but delicious experiment last weekend, 380 New Yorkers gave up sensitive personal information — from fingerprints to partial Social Security numbers — for a cookie.

“It is crazy what people were willing to give me,” said artist Risa Puno, who conducted the experiment, which she called “Please Enable Cookies,” at a Brooklyn arts festivalThe cookies — actual cookies — came in flavors such as “Chocolate Chili Fleur de Sel”…

Should You Trust a Site to Check If Your Gmail Password Was Leaked?



In the wake of the latest leak involving 5 million Gmail addresses and (some) passwords, the advice was the same one we give in every situation like this: Change your password — especially if you re-use it on multiple services and websites

But if you’re checking to see if your email address and password is on the leaked list, beware of how you do it. You could get roped into another attack.

In the frenzy to figure out whether this leak was very bad…

Watch Live: Obama Addresses the Nation on Islamic State in Iraq and Syria



President Obama will address the nation Wednesday night to outline his strategy for dealing with the Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.

Obama will use the 9 p.m. ET speech to present a vigorous strategy only days after he told reporters he didn’t have one.

According to a preview of the president’s address sent to reporters earlier Wednesday evening, Obama is expected to announce that America “will lead…

Obama Chooses Dying Medium to Address War-Weary Nation



President Obama will interrupt viewers of CBS, ABC, Fox and NBC at 9 p.m. on Wednesday for a rare prime-time address about his strategy for fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

Those viewers — Americans seeking a mindless reprieve from the stresses of their daily lives through shows like NBC’s America’s Got Talent, ABC’s Modern Family, FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen and a CBS football special — will hear from a president who is relying on the gravity of a prime-time address to convey…