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Gmail autocomplete bug could confuse you into emailing the wrong person



Gmail has recently been experiencing an issue with autocomplete, which prioritized the wrong accounts, according to multiple reports from users

For example, you could start typing the address of someone with whom you’ve exchanged hundreds of emails, and Gmail autocomplete would offer an address of someone you emailed once or twice

TechCrunch first reported on the bug, finding several users who experienced it. Among…

India is taking no chances with security for Obama’s visit



Security officials are trying to turn New Delhi, India’s capital city, and the surrounding area into an impenetrable garrison, as United States President Barack Obama prepares to arrive on Saturday for a three-day visit

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking no chances, especially since Obama is expected to be out in the open for nearly two hours during India’s Republic Day parade, the main public event of his trip, on Monday.

Everything you need to know about the YouTube stars interviewing Obama



FDR had fireside chats, Obama has the cinnamon challenge?

In an attempt to reach a decidedly younger audience, President Barack Obama will be interviewed by three YouTube personalities Thursday evening to be streamed on YouTube

GloZell Green, Bethany Mota and Hank Green will have the opportunity to ask Obama a range of unprecedented questions which will, at best, draw interesting millennial perspectives on many issues Obama discussed during Tuesday’s State of the Union

At worst, it will…

The environment and SOTU: How Obama’s words have changed



The environment was a big part of President Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address, but that wasn’t the first time he’s mentioned his views on it. Here’s how his words have changed over the years, from 2009′s SOTU to Jan. 20′s address.

Apple buys music analytics startup Semetric to bolster Beats



Apple has acquired London-based music analytics company Semetric, according to a report citing legal documents filed with the Companies House in the UK in January. The purchase appears to be designed to bolster Apple’s Beats streaming music service, which the company reportedly plans to relaunch this year

Semetric appointed a new director, Gene Daniel Levoff, a former director of Apple Operations International, according to the Music Ally report. It also changed its registered address to the…

How many times people applauded during Obama’s SOTU speech



The 2015 State of the Union was not President Barack Obama’s longest. It ran 59 minutes and 57 seconds (even though Medium says it should take 28 minutes to read). The written speech was 6,493 words (not including that campaign snap toward the end).

But another notable SOTU metric: the frequent applause.

This year, we took a tally. Not including Obama’s walk up to the podium, nor the applause concluding his speech, people in the House chamber interrupted the president’s speech with clapping…

Obama to astronaut Scott Kelly: ‘Make sure to Instagram’ when up in space



President Barack Obama gave a few shout-outs during his State of the Union address on Tuesday, but he called only one man “captain.”

Obama, talking about pursuing discoveries that open new job fields, mentioned a new spacecraft just launched as part of a program that will eventually send U.S. astronauts to Mars.

As part of that long-term plan, astronaut Scott Kelly will take off for space in about two months, for a 12-month trip

“Good luck,…

Chris Christie’s not resigning to run for president—yet



New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said during his State of the State address in Trenton on Tuesday that he won’t resign in 2015 to run for president, though he did spend a chunk of time speaking about what he called the United States’ culture of anxiety and division.

“We are a nation beset by anxiety,” Christie said, which stems from a “pattern of indecision and inconsistency” in American leadership, and from leaders in Washington “who would rather stoke division” than move the country forward….

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Fashion mag apologises for using lingerie model to advertise for interns



Sunday Style, an Australian magazine published by News Corporation, has been forced to issue an apology on Instagram after using a woman in black lingerie to advertise an internship.

The ad, which was posted on the Sunday Style account (currently down) on Friday, showed a woman wearing risqu

Hidden ‘Je Suis Charlie’ message emerges in a very unexpected place



Since Wednesday’s horrific terror attack on the satiricial magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the phrase “Je Suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) has become a rallying cry of solidarity across the globe.

And as crowds surge at vigils and rallies in Europe and the United States, that message of support for freedom of speech continues to resonate online.

One such place is with a hidden ASCII message in the WHOIS text for any domain…