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Airbnb sells out hosts in NYC lawsuit settlement



After rallying hosts to fight a New York state law that fines them for posting technically illegal listings on Airbnb, the company has abandoned the cause.

Facebook to roomful of journalists: ‘We hear you’



Another day, another attempt by Facebook at saving face in light of that whole “fake news on Facebook is ruining news” thing. And this time, to a room full of journalists!

On Thursday, Patrick Walker of Facebook’s media partnerships for Europe apologized for mistakes Facebook made handling the fake news problem, and outlined the social network’s commitment to combatting it at the NewsXchange Conference in Copenhagen. Except, this time, the room included more than 500 journalists—the very…

India stops exchanging old notes, here’s what to do with them now



If you have Indian currency that has been deemed invalid, there are only limited options to rid yourself of the cash.

Bono honored with ‘ridiculous’ Man of the Year award



At an event known for honoring impressive women, the 26th annual Glamour Women of the Year Awards made sure to recognize a man: Bono.

Meet the female Instagram artists reclaiming the meme



Memes are not celebrated for being pretty. They usually take the form of crudely Photoshopped images placed next to text, remarkable only for being relatable and funny.

But alongside those traditional memes in your Instagram “Search & Explore” tab, you may have noticed a new crop of female artists reclaiming the medium for themselves.

‘Mr. Robot’ creator has a very ‘Mr. Robot’ response to Trump’s presidency



FSociety is going to have a busy 2017!

As the United States spirals further into chaos, Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail has made his opinions known by “leaking” a page from the Season 3 script.

Season 3 script leaked pic.twitter.com/NioxetqkDf

— Sam Esmail (@samesmail) November 11, 2016

Season 3 will premiere sometime in 2017, and while it’s unknown if the show will actually address the impending Trump…

Zuck denies Facebook News Feed bubble impacted the election

Techonomy16 conference in Half Moon Bay, California, Thursday, November 10, 2016.  (Photo by Paul Sakuma Photography) www.paulsakuma.com

Relax! There’s no GPS chip in new Rs 2,000 notes



There’s no denying that the new currency notes in India look visually appealing and come with enhanced security features. But they still don’t carry a GPS chip, despite what everyone is telling you on WhatsApp.

India scraps Rs 500, Rs 1,000 notes overnight to tackle corruption, terrorism funding



India discontinued its biggest denomination currency notes overnight in what is being seen as its biggest attempt to curb black money flow, corruption, counterfeiting and terrorism financing.

In a surprise announcement last evening, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations will carry no value starting Wednesday. The government said it will shortly…

5 best free apps for sexting



Snapchat may be most folks’ ephemeral messaging app of choice, but it’s by no means the only one, or even the best.