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Co-Founder And CEO Marcus Nelson Departs Addvocate


How Do You Pronounce These 5 Tech Terms?



The web’s most divisive debate isn’t iPhone vs. Android or even Apple vsMicrosoft. The feud that will fan the Internet flames forever is “GIF” vs. “JIF.”

Perhaps it’s because the world so rarely interacts face-to-face anymore or discusses issues using our actual voices, but it appears the pronunciation of certain tech terms is still up for debate. Specifically, the five words in the poll below attract a host of vocal interpretations.

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Addvocate, The Startup Led By UserVoice Co-Founder Marcus Nelson, Hires The YourTrove Team

addvocate logo

Addvocate, a startup offering tools for businesses to encourage social media advocacy in their workforce, has hired the team behind social search service YourTrove.

The two companies were working on somewhat related problems. Addvocate provides a system for pushing shareable content to employees while they’re actually using services like Twitter. In other words, it replaces the email where someone has to ask, “Tweet this please!” which usually gets a disappointing response. YourTrove,…

Addvocate: Salesforce’s Former Head Of Social Marcus Nelson Preps A New Social Enterprise Startup

marcus nelson

Marcus Nelson, co-founder of customer service startup UserVoice, left his role as head of social media at Salesforce.com back in April to start a company called Addvocate — and now he’s starting to talk about what he’s up to.

When I met with Nelson yesterday, he gave me a quick demo of the initial product (currently in private alpha testing) and talked about his broader vision. He says the idea came from his work at Salesforce, where convincing his coworkers to share content on Facebook,…