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Rolex: How a 109-Year-Old Brand Thrives in the Digital Age



Last year, the decision makers at Rolex decided the time was right for a shakeup.

Unlike with most “shakeups,” however, there wouldn’t be widespread corporate reorganization, and scores of merchandise wouldn’t be cut.

Instead, Rolex executives decided that it was time for the company to launch its first branded Facebook page, a herculean leap for a brand that has, for decades, closely monitored its reputation and only made tweaks — in both its watches and marketing strategies — after…

Mobile Ads on Twitter Will Now Promote App Downloads



You will soon start seeing ads on Twitter‘s mobile app for other apps.

The company announced a mobile app install suite on Thursday, which leverages Twitter’s 2013 MoPub acquisition to let marketers advertise both on Twitter and off Twitter

Twitter officially announced the ad units on Thursday, but the news was reported in The Wall Street Journal weeks ago, and some Twitter users also reported seeing the ads earlier in the month. Twitter has been testing the ads with Spotify, Kabam, Deezer…

Dude-Skewering Tequila Ad Has a Delicious Twist



For crying out loud, dude, just shut up and drink. Can’t a girl sip her cocktail in peace, without all that testosterone-fueled backslapping and showboating going on across the bar?

That’s the stereotype-busting twist in a new ad just launched for El Silencio, a top-shelf tequila brand with Hollywood connections and a “share the silence” hashtag.

In the video for this specially crafted mezcal, a group of nattily clad bros…

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Brands You Follow on Instagram Are Watching You Verrrry Closely



The brands you follow on Instagram may be paying close attention to you — very close attention, in fact

Union Metrics, the social analytics company behind the Twitter analytics service TweetReach, added an Instagram analytics tool on Wednesday. A major benefit to Union Metrics’ customers is the ability to get detailed information about the followers who interact with its posts

The new analytics offering includes what Union Metrics…

Anti Texting and Driving PSA Makes Point Without the Crash



A lighthearted texting conversation comes to a grim end in Honda’s PSA for Distracted Driving Month

The ad dispenses with the typical scare tactics associated with such advertising but delivers an equally sobering message via sound effects. Honda is also launching “#thumbsup,” a Twitter hashtag campaign, to get the message out to the target millennial audience

Honda launched the campaign, which also includes two Spanish-language…

Case Study Shows How Twitter Advertising Can Pay Off



Twitter is on a roll when it comes to advertising. In the past year, it’s shown it’s serious about offering marketers the options and analytics they need – even if it means becoming more like Facebook. HowAboutWe says the changes are paying off.

HowAboutWe operates an online dating service for singles, as well as a date-planning service for couples. A customer acquisition campaign in the fourth quarter of 2013 used Twitter’s geo- and interest-targeting to reach couples in five markets….

Giraffe Doesn’t Care About Your Silly GoPro



This giraffe knows what GoPro‘s up to, and he’s not having any of it.

For its latest advertisement, GoPro placed its product in the path of danger. Before long, a looming giraffe appears in frame, and gives the camera a swift kick before continuing on its way.

The ad is a testament to the Internet’s love for pairing POV cameras with wild animals. With the help of the GoPro, we can experience a small part of life in the savanna without…

Watch a Cute Video, Help a Dog in Need



Pat yourself on the back — watching cute puppy videos online has never been so rewarding.

Dog food company Pedigree has launched an adoption drive in New Zealand to help homeless dogs find permanent homes. To kick off the campaign, they’ve created this adorable video that features the very thing dog lovers can’t resist — cute puppies doing cute things.

As the video explains, YouTube shares advertising revenue with approved content…

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When Trying to Help the Poor, One Word Can Make a Huge Difference



A social experiment from the UK shows how a counterintuitive approach to charity marketing can work better than a straightforward pitch.

A British charity, Pilion Trust, sent a man out on the streets of London to raise money. First, he wore a sandwich board that bore an offensive message about the poor. As the video shows, he was accosted by passers-by who defended the downtrodden.

“They’ve hit rock…

SK Telecom Celebrates 30 Years With a Mobile Phone Orchestra



If you’re anything like the average phone buyer, when you get a new device, your old one just sits in your drawer unused and unloved. SK Telecom thought of something much better to do with outdated gadgets.

The company gathered up devices from the past 30 years and connected them to a computer. Using the phone’s start up sounds, they created a cacophony of noise that sounds exactly like music — maybe even an orchestra.