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KFC announces yet another Colonel Sanders



Is there such a thing as Colonel Sanders fatigue?

KFC evidently doesn’t think so. The fast food chicken chain just announced the fourth actor to play its iconic mascot and founder in the past year.

Unlike previous Colonels, George Hamilton won’t actually replace his predecessor, the comedian Jim Gaffigan. Instead, the Golden Globe-nominated actor will take the mantle of the so-called “Extra Crispy Colonel,” a bronze-skinned,…

Navigating the digital Wild West: More 2016 Mashies judges announced



Like the old Wild West, today’s digital frontier is vast, dangerous and, for many brands, a little scary. Today’s marketers and advertisers are the pioneers when it comes to engaging with consumers and creating cross-platform content. For this year’s Mashies, Mashable’s annual digital marketing awards program, we’ve wrangled one of our best judging lineups yet to help us navigate this year’s submissions. We’re pleased to introduce more of our 2016 Mashies judges:

Beyond Netflix: Here’s the entire alphabet in corporate logos



A brand logo is the face of a corporation — a combination of colors, typefaces and simple shapes designed to make an image or feeling stick in your brain.