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Lindsay Lohan to star in Esurance Super Bowl ad



Lindsay Lohan, known for her history of alcohol issues and driving under the influence, is going to pitch car insurance for Esurance during this year’s Super Bowl.

Lohan dropped a teaser ad on her Facebook page that may allude to that history. “Anybody need a ride to the big game?” she asks. Then the hashtag #sorta flashes against a black screen.

On Thursday, she confirmed that she’d be in an ad for the company:…

Want to buy Katy Perry’s outfit during the Super Bowl halftime show? There’s an app for that



Call it NFL meets QVC.

Some 50 million people watching the Super Bowl this year will be able to buy items highlighted by Katy Perry during the halftime show, thanks to deals put together by Delivery Agent. That figure includes all viewers with Samsung Smart TVs and some LG TVs and Roku devices as well as anyone watching the game with a mobile device connected to Twitter.

Such users will be able to tap a “buy” button either with their remote controls or their mobile devices to purchase items…

Mobile charger maker Mophie evokes God in its first Super Bowl ad



Expect to see boldface names galore appearing in commercials during Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX, like James Bond, The Dude, Kim Kardashian, Pac-Man, Brett Farve, Adriana Lima and other lingerie-clad supermodels.

How does any advertiser, especially a newbie like portable smartphone charger brand Mophie, make a splash against star attractions like that?

One word: God.

It’s all in the reveal, with the 30-second ad building up to a final scene in which Mophie and its ad agency Deutsch L.A. hammer…

Jeff Bridges’ sleeping tapes will be advertised in the Super Bowl



Yes, you read that right. Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges will use the Super Bowl to promote an album of relaxing sounds and guided mediations designed to put the listener to sleep

Is this some kind of goof designed to draw attention to a brand? Squarespace, the website publishing platform, swears it’s not. “It’s not a stunt, it’s a real project,” a rep says. “We approached Jeff to do this for many reasons. We wanted to showcase the power of Squarespace, and illustrate that whatever your…

Brett Favre, Terrell Owens show their goofy sides in Wix’s first Super Bowl ad



What’s Brett Favre been up to lately? It turns out he’s started a charcuterie called Favre and Carve. And Terrell Owens? He’s pushing “T.O.’s Humble Pies.” Franco Harris, known for his “Immaculate Reception” in 1972, is now hosting a wedding site called Immaculate Receptions.

That’s the gist of Israeli website creation platform Wix’s first Super Bowl ad. The company is planning to launch a 30-second version of the 70-second ad above during the big game.

Kim Kardashian’s latest job: Spokeswoman for T-Mobile



Kim Kardashian has a new gig — as a spokeswoman for T-Mobile.

The reality television star and wife of musician Kanye West tweeted out on Monday about her new job, starring in a commercial which will air during Conan O’Brien’s show on Wednesday.

So excited! Going to be in a @TMobile ad! Only sad part was no @JohnLegere sighting. See it on @ConanOBrien tonight! pic.twitter.com/W3tATov24C

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian)

BMW’s Super Bowl ad takes us back to a time when nobody ‘got’ the Internet



A new Super Bowl ad for BMW flashes back to a time before memes and Twitter — back when everyone was just started to wrap their heads around the concept of the world wide web. In the clip from 1994, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel are trying to explain what the Internet is; the “@” symbol proves particularly confusing

The campaign for the BMW i3, an all-electric vehicle primarily composed of carbon fiber, pokes fun at the clumsy way we adapt to new technology.

Bud Light’s giant Pac-Man is just as cool as it looks in the Super Bowl ad



LOS ANGELES — From the outside, the set of Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercial looks like any other construction site in downtown Los Angeles. Most passers-by, in fact, barely look up as they walk past the graffiti-filled plywood walls that surround the action

I was on set the day in early January after the big filming for the commercial, and people were casually walking by the giant coin slot — which, during the commerical, opens up to reaveal a life-sized version of the Pac-Man game


Mindy Kaling is a quirky, invisible mess in Super Bowl ad teaser



Mindy Kaling is heading to the Super Bowl — but you might not see her there

The actress is starring in her first ad for the big game, a spot for Nationwide Insurance, in which she thinks she may be invisible. But don’t feel bad that Kaling is going unnoticed — she’s loving all that alone time

“I love Nationwide’s philosophy to put their members first and treat them as individuals, not numbers,” Kaling said in a press…

Tumblr looks to make money off of its creative class



Tumblr has a new plan to attract advertisers, and its most creative users are at the core of that scheme

Creatrs Network is a new program that recruits artists on the blog network, and aims to leverage their talent with advertisers. Marketers will now have the option to tap a variety of artists curated by Tumblr for advertising content

Artists are paid an agreed-upon rate by Tumblr, with no revenue split on any ad buys. All work used for ads is…