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Twitter ads are coming to your profile



Twitter advertising isn’t new, but advertising on users’ profiles? That is a first.

The social network is testing out promoted tweets on some profile pages, according to a Re/code report. And if those ads are there at all, you’ll find them a few tweets down in a section specially marked, “Suggested by Twitter,” so there’s little chance of mistaking them for anything else.

While these experimental ads will only be displayed…

Here’s how Amazon will convert your place into a smart home



For Amazon, a “smart home” scenario isn’t a question of if — but rather, when.

The tech giant announced hardware and a cloud-based service on Thursday, both of which support web-enabled devices in the home.

The physical device, called the Dash button, will be available on Wednesday across the U.S. on an invite-only basis. The free plastic device is slightly larger than your thumb and connects to Wi-Fi; when you…

OK Go made a gravity-defying ad for a Chinese furniture store



You might think everyone would be jaded by OK Go‘s antics by now, but the band continues to impress.

Using visuals from its “The Writing’s on the Wall” music video from last year, OK Go went to China to create a commercial for the country’s largest furniture chain, Red Star Macalline (think: the IKEA of China). The group walked through various colorful optical illusions in what looked like a series of gravity-defying scenes. The music is a remix of “I Won’t Let You Down.”

See also: OK Go’s…

If you found really cheap WestJet airfare, the tickets may be worthless



The clich

9 easy beer equations that solve all your problems



Life is full of difficult choices, like whether to order a beer or a cocktail after a long week. But why not have it all?

Beer Math is the best kind of weekend homework. Mix your favorite beers with juices, soda and even other beers to create tasty concoctions for every palate

Some, like the Irish Car Bomb and the Black & Tan are well known, but that’s just entry-level coursework in the beautiful science of beer math. Check out these 9…

Parents are pissed at Lego for offering ‘beauty tips’ to 5-year-old girls



Beauty tips are now available for 5-to-12-year-olds, courtesy of Lego.

Some parents are less than thrilled with the company for a magazine spread titled “Emma’s Beauty Tips” in the March-April Yellow Brick edition of Lego Club magazine

Sharon Holbrook first spotted the spread in her 7-year-old daughter’s magazine and wrote about it for Motherlode, a parenting blog on the New York Times

The spread, below, suggests hairstyles to…

7 ways to improve your video ad campaign



Programmatic video is hot, and getting hotter. According to eMarketer, in 2014, advertisers and publishers spent an eye-popping $700 million on programmatic video. By the end of this year, that number will triple, topping a cool $2 billion.

Everyone wants in on the action (including brand marketers). And why not? Video ads deliver great performance, and can pack a lot of storytelling in a matter of seconds (as Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” Super Bowl ad makes clear).

But does that mean you can…

Facebook finally opens its data firehose to select advertisers



Until now, Facebook has been wary of doling out big data to advertisers. It’s a practice long used by Twitter — a company that has profited immensely from it.

But now, the social media giant is finally making its firehose available to a select group through Topic Data, a new analytics tool developed with DataSift, an analytics company

For now, Topic Data will only be available in the U.S. and U.K. to a “limited number of DataSift’s partners.” All of…

TGI Fridays trolls the world with ‘Catcalling’ video satire



The men hanging out on bustling city streets leer openly, showing no semblance of manners or self-control. They holler, “Hey baby, how you doing today?” “Damn!” and, “Looking good!”

Are those comments any less offensive when directed at a life-sized food item rather than a grown woman?

Restaurant chain TGI Fridays hopes people get the joke, hiring the filmmaker behind the provocative viral hit video, “Catcalling,” to create its new commercial for all-you-can-eat appetizers.

But what does a…

Bruised woman on this billboard heals as people pay attention to her



LONDON — A new billboard campaign in London is hoping to open a few blind eyes to domestic violence with a novel use of facial recognition technology

The poster, which was installed at Canary Wharf on Thursday, depicts a woman with a bruised face that actually changes and heals as passersby stop and heed the words “look at me.”

The creative uses facial recognition technology to clock when people are paying attention to…