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Nokia to Bring Offline Navigation to Samsung Galaxy Devices



Nokia may be abandoning Android on the hardware side, but the company isn’t giving up on Android entirely.

Nokia is partnering with Samsung to bring its Here Maps app to Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the two companies announced in a blog post on Friday.

The free app includes maps for 200 countries, with support for driving and walking route guidance for 100 of those. When used with a data connection, it also includes real time traffic and transit schedules…

National Weather Service Beset by String of High-Profile Website Failures



Over the past two years, the National Weather Service — the agency tasked with issuing life-saving severe weather watches and warnings across the country — has had a bevy of technical glitches that have severely impeded its operations

These incidents, which have ranged from the apparent issuance of a massive (and false) flood watch for all points east of Lake Michigan and north of Florida, to letting a tornado go essentially unwarned due to failures of automated systems, have the attention…

Now There’s a Fitness Tracker for Your Car



Fitness trackers record your sleep patterns and exercise habits with ease, but the makers of a new device aim to bring that same kind of “quantified-self” tracking to another valuable part of your life: your car

The FIXD sensor is a device that connects your car to your smartphone via Bluetooth and delivers updates on everything from when you need an oil change to when you need to replace your air filter

By connecting the FIXD device to…

Take a Glimpse of LG’s Upcoming Smartwatch



Mere months after the launch of its first Android Wear device, the LG G Watch, LG will release a new smartwatch, this time with a circular face

The new wearable has been announced via an official video teaser, which reveals very little, besides the new device’s round shape (as opposed to LG G Watch, which has a square face)

The teaser does, however, reveal that the device will be officially unveiled at IFA 2014,…

Report: Tesla OS Update Could Let You Start the Model S With an iPhone



Tesla did away with the need for gas, and now, according to a new leak, it’s planning to throw away the keys.

The newest Tesla Model S OS update will reportedly allow owners to start and unlock their electric cars with an iPhone.

Based on screenshots obtained by Electrek on Wednesday, the new Tesla mobile app has “new notifications functionality and the ability to start your car.” Electrek, an electric car…

7 Neglected Emoji, and How You Can Use Them



Far away from our beloved smiley faces, hearts and various anthropomorphic cats are those other emoji — hidden away in the obscure pages of useless keyboards. Neither their meaning nor purpose is clear at first glance, and their lack of utility relegates them to a life of Unicode loneliness in your iPhone or Android.

With dozens of emoji, it makes sense that a few will prosper while others wither away in anonymity. These lonely emoji rarely see the light of day, and with the help of

Google Brings Android 360-Degree Photo App to iPhone



Google tries to make sure its most popular Android apps are also available to iPhone users, but not everything makes the cut

Now Google’s Photo Sphere app, designed to help you capture three-dimensional views of your world, has finally come to iOS.

Like Google’s other Android-to-iOS app ports, Photo Sphere blends in well with the operating system’s minimalist interface while delivering snappy…

EyeEm Partners With Foursquare And The Huffington Post For Latest Photography Challenges


Instagram Launches One-Touch Photo And Video Messaging App Bolt Outside The US

Instagram Bolt Features

NPR One Provides Personalized Public Radio Recommendations



Public-radio junkies now have a new way to listen to their favorite NPR shows, and discover new content.

The media outlet rolled out NPR One, a streaming app that offers personalized recommendations on what to listen to based on a user’s interests, location and listening history.

The app, which is available for iOS and Android, offers a combination of news and other stories. Unlike the flagship NPR News app, NPR One…