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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Review: Beauty, Brains and a Beach Body



It’s an oft-repeated maxim of gadget design that the overall experience should be so engaging that the device itself should “disappear.” Sony appears to have taken that advice literally with the Xperia Z2 tablet — probably the lightest and thinnest full-size tablet you can buy.

When I picked up the Xperia Z2 (which goes on sale May 4 for $499.99 for 16GB and $599.99 for 32GB), I had almost the same reaction as when I first held the Google Nexus 5 smartphone: The battery must be removed. I…

5 Can’t-Miss Apps: Solar Walk for Android and More



Between Google revealing more details about its modular smartphones and all the cool tech coming out of the New York International Auto Show, you may have overlooked some of the best new apps from this week

Luckily, Mashable creates a roundup each weekend of our favorite new and updated apps, so you won’t miss out.

This week’s list includes the newest Farmville game, the Ashton Kutcher-backed app for contextual selfies and Solar Walk, an…

Microsoft’s Windows Phone User Review Policy Puts Spotlight on Apple



Microsoft, ever eager to cozy up to developers, is making a change to the Windows Phone Store that should please them. App developers will now be able to respond to user reviews, leaving Apple the only major platform manager to lack the feature.

The responses are private — they won’t post to the app’s page in the store, Trip Advisor-style. Instead, when a developer responds to a review, the user will receive an email that they can reply to or choose to ignore.

6 Things You Gotta See at the New York Auto Show



The New York International Auto Show will open to the public on Friday, giving car fans direct access to the best of the current crop of automobiles — as well as a look into their future

But there are so many brands and technologies on display in the massive Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, it’s easy to miss some of the best products and experiences on offer. So to help you cut through the clutter, we’ve rounded up some of the must-see cars and experiences in one place

See also: 5 Free…

New Facebook for iPhone Lets You Reply to Comments on Pages



Facebook has rolled out version 9.0 of its iPhone app, adding the ability to reply to comments on stories on certain Pages

For this to work, the Page in question must have this feature turned on

Also, group admins can now easily review and approve pending posts by group members, and posts about trending topics are highlighted in the iPad version of News Feed.

The new version comes just one day after Facebook announced an…

Cook like a chef

Google Remote Desktop for Android: Control Your PC via Smartphone



Good news for Android users: You can now access your PC desktop computer directly via your smartphone or tablet

Google announced the launch of Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android this week, which lets you access files sitting on your home PC or Mac even when you’re nowhere near it.

The move builds off its Chrome Remote Desktop app launched in 2011, which let users remotely access a desktop from another laptop or computer. The service is…

7 Mobile Trivia Games to Challenge Your Brain



Mobile games can be much more than just flinging avians or killing zombies. Rather than take the route of mindless entertainment, some mobile games can actually get your brain working hard. Enter trivia.

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, you’ve got many options for trivia game apps. Here are seven favorites that have attracted a lot of fans, though this is just a small sampling of what’s available to today’s trivia fanatics. If we missed your favorite app, tell us what you like to play in…

How to Make a Caesar Salad and 8 Other Super Specific Apps



Let’s cut to the chase. While some apps have a lot of bells and whistles, there’s something refreshing about those with a single, specific function

How about a weather app that tells you when you need to wear pants? Or a fitness app that helps you knock out a great workout in seven minutes?

In a world filled with technology that can bog us down, there are plenty of apps that developers created with the bare minimum in mind. Here…

LinkedIn’s Mobile March Continues With New SlideShare App



The newest addition to LinkedIn‘s growing collection of mobile apps is here: one for SlideShare, the company it bought for $119 in 2012.

This is the first mobile app for SlideShare; it allows users to scroll through a feed of slideshows and presentations uploaded by those they follow and connect with

The feed on the Android app is personalized, meaning users can subscribe to certain categories like tech, finance, or news…

Witness Friends’ Reactions to Your Photos With This App



Sharing moments with friends and family just got a little more personal with Reactr, an app that captures a user’s reaction after sharing a photo or video with him or her

A Reactr user sends a picture, video or text message to a friend. Before sending it, they choose the type of reaction they want to receive from the friend -– either a recorded video or photo. The friend then opens up the app, chooses whether they want to share their reaction, and if they do, the reaction is sent back to…