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5 apps to streamline tedious tasks



With a constant influx of new technologies to market, it can be tough to keep up with trends. Instead of spending months speculating what new features will appear, it’s worthwhile to consider how best to make the available products work for you

We tracked down a slew of apps to streamline the tedious tasks in your life, from printing photos to adding a new contact to your phone. These recommended hacks will shave hours off your chore…

Bitstrips Closes $8M Series B As It Launches Custom Emoji App, Bitmoji


Google Fit app arrives, poised to take on Apple’s HealthKit



Google’s competitor to Apple’s HealthKit has arrived.

The company rolled out its Google Fit app on Tuesday, its fitness tracking dashboard for Android.

The app, which connects to your existing Google account, functions as a central dashboard for tracking fitness and health goals. Like HealthKit, Google Fit taps into the sensors in your smartphone to keep tabs on daily activities like steps and active minutes. Users can…

ZTE’s Plan to Be the Next Samsung



ZTE just became the official smartphone of the New York Knicks.

By itself, the announcement — made Monday in grand fashion at Madison Square Garden with team alumni present — is just another corporate sponsorship in the long, checkered history of corporate sponsorships. But for ZTE, the Chinese cellphone manufacturer on a mission to pave inroads into the U.S., it’s a key stepping stone toward success Stateside.

The Knicks sponsorship…

Samsung Galaxy Phones Have a Hidden Test Menu



There’s a cool feature on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone that will render your user’s manual useless.

A hidden menu, which you can access by dialing a specific string of characters, lets you troubleshoot hardware issues and check your phone’s functionality. The tool was first spotted by Android Central months ago, but now, more Samsung Galaxy owners are uncovering it. The menu contains a host of service checks.

To find the hidden…

Lenovo Unveils New ‘Smartband,’ Joins Wearable Tech Race



Lenovo is the latest tech company to jump into the already saturated wearables market. The manufacturer has quietly added a new fitness wristband tracker, called the Lenovo Smartband, to its website.

While it’s unclear whether the device’s appearance on Lenovo’s site is an accidental leak ahead of a larger launch, the product page for the “Lenovo Smartband SW-B100″ said it is intended for “young people who take care of their personal health, and are interested in new tech trend products.”…

The Early Morning Sober Rave



Fifty yogis gathered in the VIP Room, a Manhattan nightclub, at 6:00 a.m. on a weekday morning. By 7:00 a.m., they rolled up their mats and were joined by 400 other Daybreakers, as they call themselves, while DJ Tasha Blank started spinning beats and the room once again transformed into a dance club.

The catch: There were no drugs or alcohol involved; all attendees were completely sober for this early morning rave.

“It was a little bit of an audacious…

Sony Xperia Z3v: The Waterproof Smartphone That Does It All



Quick: When was the last time you saw a Sony-made Android smartphone stocked by U.S. carriers? Having trouble recalling it? You’re not alone.

Sony’s Android smartphones are quite popular in Asia and Europe, but they’ve never received any real love in the U.S. Despite the Xperia Z series phones receiving high praise, most carriers didn’t sell them because Sony smartphones lacked cachet with the American public.

That changes…

StumbleUpon’s 5by Relaunches As An App For Chatting About Online Videos With Friends


Apple Addresses iCloud Attacks While China Denies Hacking Allegations



Without saying much, Apple appears to have sent a clear message to hackers: stop messing around with iCloud users in China.

On Monday, a group that monitors online censorship in China accused the People’s Republic of intercepting traffic between local users and iCloud.com in an attempt to steal their passwords. In a so-called “man-in-the-middle” attack, the Chinese government allegedly hijacked virtually all connections to iCloud.com from inside the country using a fake certificate

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