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Windows 10 with Bing could make way for cheaper Windows gadgets



It looks like Microsoft is doubling down on a strategy to get Windows 10 running on a billion devices. Like it did with Windows 8, the software giant will introduce a low-cost version of Windows 10, at least according to an allegedly leaked slide.

Windows 10 with Bing is apparently aimed at devices with smaller screens. Microsoft lets manufacturers license Windows for free on devices with screens that measure less than 9 inches diagonal, but the “with Bing” designation may indicate a…

Microsoft accidentally leaks plans for a new Wi-Fi hotspot service



On-the-go Wi-Fi access may soon be a lot easier for Microsoft customers.

The company plans to offer a Wi-Fi hotspot service to individuals and businesses, Microsoft confirmed Tuesday. Details about the unreleased service, called Microsoft WiFI, first surfaced Tuesday morning when the company — it appears accidentally — published details and promotional images for the service on its website.

Microsoft has since removed the…

Oculus VR sends out dark, mysterious invites for June event



It looks like we may get some of the answers to our lingering questions about the consumer version of the Oculus Rift sooner than expected.

Oculus VR, which was acquired by Facebook last year for $2 billion, sent out invitations to members of the media on Tuesday. The invites tout a “Step into the Rift” event in San Francisco on June 11; they come two weeks after the company announced the consumer-ready version of the virtual reality headset will finally begin shipping in early 2016.


The 7-party UK election debate, described in tweets



LONDON — Leaders from seven political parties took part in a televised debate in Salford Quays on Thursday night, ahead of the UK general election.

The Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, the UK Independence Party, the Scottish National Party, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru were all represented at the two-hour session, which was broadcast live on ITV.

After a brief opening speech from each of the leaders, members…

‘Super Troopers 2′ is a go after raising $2 million in 1 day



LOS ANGELES — Do you know how fast you were raising money?

In just over 24 hours, comedy group Broken Lizard raised the $2 million it needed to hit the gas on Super Troopers 2, a sequel to the 2001 cult classic about a bunch of screwball Vermont state troopers and their “local cops” rivals.

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With its Indiegogo campaign just launched on Tuesday morning, Broken Lizard is assured to make at least a “bare bones” version of the film,…

Dutch pranksters display IKEA art in museum, fooling everyone



Leave it to the Netherlands to prove that art is all about context.

A team of Dutch pranksters took a cheap, mass-produced print from IKEA and displayed it in a fancy art museum, telling patrons that it was by the artist Ike Andrews (get it?)

The trick fooled everyone from young punks to experienced museum-goers, one of which described the piece as “a depiction of chaos inside [the artist's] mind.” Another found the level of detail to be “unbelievable.”

Honestly, we can’t believe it,…

It’s about the team: Why Marshawn Lynch doesn’t talk to media



A day after Marshawn Lynch answered all questions at Tuesday’s Super Bowl media day by repeating the phrase, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined,” the star Seahawks running back was at it again. At a required media-availability session on Wednesday, Lynch answered virtually all questions by telling reporters, “You know why I’m here.”

It’s all got many a casual NFL fan wondering: Why does Lynch hate talking to the media so much? He actually explained his thought process in a lengthy…

Twitter Is In Talks With India’s ZipDial

india street scene

Jimmy Fallon went on the worst date of all time with Nicole Kidman



“Wait, what?! Did I go on a date with NICOLE KIDMAN?”

That was Jimmy Fallon’s reaction after he found out that he maybe made the biggest mistake of his life. Kidman stopped by the Tonight Show desk on Tuesday night to promote her new movie, Paddington. She also blew Jimmy Fallon’s mind

Kidman shared that a friend set the two up several years ago for a “meeting” at Jimmy’s apartment. Fallon didn’t really understand the reason behind the meeting, so he answered the door wearing a baseball hat…

Ferguson grand juror sues for right to tell what happened



A grand juror who served on a St. Louis grand jury that investigated the shooting death of Michael Brown wants to discuss the case that led to no charges for Ferguson officer Darren Wilson.

However, it is illegal to discuss the case without permission from the court, so the grand juror is suing St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch, who was in charge of the investigation. The American Civil Liberties Union will represent “Grand Juror Doe.”