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Storytelling App Steller Becomes More Of A Social Network


Brazilian Judge Wants to Ban Secret App, Wipe It From Phones



A Brazilian judge wants to ban popular app Secret from Apple‘s App Store and Google Play, arguing it promotes anonymous bullying.

In a preliminary injunction, Judge Paulo Cesar de Carvalho is asking for Secret — which lets you anonymously share posts with the public — to be removed from the two app stores within 10 days, as first reported by 9to5Mac, citing a Brazilian website.

The order also calls for a Secret client called Cryptic to be removed from the Windows Phone store.

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Vine Finally Lets You Import Video From Your Camera Roll


20 Shameless Purchases From That Glorious First Paycheck



That sweet, sweet first paycheck — when you have more money in your life than you’ve ever had before.

Let’s be honest: You probably did something stupid with your first paycheck. Whether it was a bag of Cheetos or something a little more … illegal, you probably didn’t invest it like you should have.

Secret-sharing app Whisper collected the things people bought with their first paycheck, from the weird to the mundane.

$600 worth of clothes that I barely wore

A CD of T.S. Eliot reading his own poetry

My first cell phone

Food... Specifically, 5 boxes of honey buns.


A horse


75 foot slip and slide:D Best idea ever!!!!

porn and lemon flavored candy.


Taco Bell

A pregnancy test

A vibrator


Cleaning supplies and a frozen pizza

400$ fur boots

Nintendo 64, starfox, super Mario bros 64 and Mario kart

Art supplies. Still do every single time... which maybe explains why I'm failing at life... Shit.

A red plastic treasure chest that I kept alcohol in

Xbox live gold membership.

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Brazil Court Issues Injunction Against Secret And Calls For App To Be Remotely Wiped


It’s Uber’s World, We’re All Just Riding In It



Uber will soon be everywhere. Resistance is futile.

The taxi startup has opened its API to all developers, allowing other companies to integrate the ride service into third-party apps. It is a major step for the company to stay ahead of competitors such as Hailo and Lyft.

Starting on Wednesday, Uber officially opened “access to many of the primitives that power Uber’s magical experience” to all developers, according to a company

Snapchat Is Now The #3 Social App Among Millennials


Weave Adds Groups And Events To Its ‘Tinder For Networking’ App


Drop, The Location-Based Messenger, Closes $1.25M From Atlas Ventures, Spark Capital

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Rhapsody Acquires SoundTracking And Exfm To Boost Music Sharing And Discovery