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After Cyberbullying Scandal, Anonymous Social App Yik Yak Raises $1.5 Million


Alison Bick: Making Your Water Safe, One Picture at a Time



The average teenager doesn’t think much about the quality of her tap water. But for Alison Bick of Short Hills, N.J. — an Intel Science Talent Search finalist in 2011 — the concept of “drinkability” has set her on a path that’s flowing towards greatness. Back in 2007, Alison used Intel technology to invent a smartphone app that tests water contamination quickly and simply. The app has earned her international honors, including the 2011 Stockholm Junior Water Prize, not to mention street cred…

Messaging Is A Winner-Take-Some Market


Microsoft’s Windows Phone User Review Policy Puts Spotlight on Apple



Microsoft, ever eager to cozy up to developers, is making a change to the Windows Phone Store that should please them. App developers will now be able to respond to user reviews, leaving Apple the only major platform manager to lack the feature.

The responses are private — they won’t post to the app’s page in the store, Trip Advisor-style. Instead, when a developer responds to a review, the user will receive an email that they can reply to or choose to ignore.

13 Nepalese Climbers Killed in Mount Everest Avalanche



One of the deadliest avalanches ever to occur on Mount Everest killed 13 and seriously wounded 3 Sherpa guides on Friday, The Guardian reports

Several others are missing and rescue teams are combing the debris field to find them, says Tilak Ram Pandey, an official at Nepal’s Tourism Ministry. “There were around 15 climbers from six different expeditions including Alpine Ascent and Summit Nepal, when the avalanche swept them away,” he said.

Mobile Ads on Twitter Will Now Promote App Downloads



You will soon start seeing ads on Twitter‘s mobile app for other apps.

The company announced a mobile app install suite on Thursday, which leverages Twitter’s 2013 MoPub acquisition to let marketers advertise both on Twitter and off Twitter

Twitter officially announced the ad units on Thursday, but the news was reported in The Wall Street Journal weeks ago, and some Twitter users also reported seeing the ads earlier in the month. Twitter has been testing the ads with Spotify, Kabam, Deezer…

LinkedIn’s Mobile March Continues With New SlideShare App



The newest addition to LinkedIn‘s growing collection of mobile apps is here: one for SlideShare, the company it bought for $119 in 2012.

This is the first mobile app for SlideShare; it allows users to scroll through a feed of slideshows and presentations uploaded by those they follow and connect with

The feed on the Android app is personalized, meaning users can subscribe to certain categories like tech, finance, or news…

Apple CarPlay Coming to Pioneer In-Car Systems This Summer



The reach of CarPlay, Apple’s in-car app system, will extend even further than before, thanks to a new arrangement with Pioneer

Soon, when Pioneer users plug their iPhones into their vehicles, CarPlay will automatically launch and offer access to its full suite of apps

“By providing an aftermarket option, Pioneer’s 2014 in-dash multimedia systems give many iPhone owners the ability to add CarPlay to their current vehicles,” Ted Cardenas, vice-president…

Sosh Announces Partnership With OpenTable, Expands Into Washington D.C. And Chicago

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Political Siri, Big Data Startups Rise Amid Indian Elections