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Your WhatsApp messages are not being deleted from you iPhone



Your WhatsApp conversations may not be as private as you believed.

iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski wrote in a blog post Thursday that he has discovered the messenger program is retaining traces of your deleted messages.

The company rolled out end-to-end encryption in April for its users, meaning that your message stays private while traveling between devices. WhatsApp doesn’t claim to have self-destructing messages, but it does claim: “Deleted messages are permanently deleted from your…

Why QQ Music, China’s Spotify, is profitable while other streaming music providers aren’t



While more people move to streaming music over downloading as a consumption method, global providers like Spotify still struggle to turn a profit.

But thanks to its massive scale and diverse revenue opportunities, China’s version of Spotify, QQ Music, is actually making money, the company claims

This matchmaking app aims to connect people with disabilities in India



Anu Multani and her parents had been looking for a suitable boy for several years, looking up several matchmaking websites without success. In January, Multani, a rifle shooter and a model, unexpectedly encountered someone she liked online.

SurveyMonkey study finds social media apps ruled mobile in first half of 2016


SwiftKey officially unwraps its emoji prediction app


Microsoft Pix makes your iPhone pics pop and move



What makes a good picture? Is it color? Composition? If you ask Microsoft, they might say pixels.

It’s certainly the approach evident in their new iPhone photo app, Microsoft Pix, which takes 10 frames and then looks for, among other things, the best pixels from all of them to make the best possible picture.

Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix’s interface is simple and easy to navigate and use.


Available starting today in the Apple App Store, Microsoft Pix aims to bring sophisticated…

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SwiftKey officially unwraps its emoji prediction app


Australians have an easier way to buy bitcoin after new exchange launches



The first licensed bitcoin exchange to launch in the United States, has just set up shop in Australia.

Through Coinbase, Aussies can now buy two digital currencies, bitcoin and ether, using their credit or debit cards through the San Francisco-based company. For the moment, the platform won’t allow Australians to sell digital currency, just buy it.

SwiftKey officially unwraps its emoji prediction app


SwiftKey officially unwraps its emoji prediction app