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If you haven’t noticed, Facebook’s News Feed is 50% faster on iOS



You might have noticed that your Facebook News Feed is faster than it used to be on your iPhone or iPad. You’re not crazy.

Facebook has made the News Feed operate 50% faster than the previous version in the iOS app, according to the company.

About two years ago, Facebook switched from HTML5 to native iOS code to make the app perform as smoothly as possible. But the developers noticed something strange: Each time the…

College students trust Snapchat despite hack, study says



Snapchat may have security vulnerabilities but that’s not deterring one of the app’s biggest demographics: college students.

A new study found that most students still trust the service and haven’t changed their use of the app since the hack, that resulted in nearly 100,000 private user photos and videos being published online.

The study was conducted by Sumpto, a marketing firm that helps connect brands with college students. The…

Apple tells developer to kill iOS app widget after the company promoted it



Apple might have a new groove, but that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t still make head-scratching policy decisions regarding what functions and features iOS apps are allowed to have.

Developer James Thomson shared on Twitter that his award winning, best-in-class calculator app for iOS, PCalc, will have to remove its new iOS 8 widget functionality in order to remain in the App Store.

PCalc is a robust scientific calculator app with tons of…

App aims to tell friends about Twitter users at risk of suicide



LONDON — A new app has been launched to help people monitor their friends’ tweets for signs of distress or risk of suicide

When a Twitter user signs up for the the Samaritans Radar app, which the organisation says is still in its infancy, it will monitor the accounts being followed for tweets with worrying language that could indicate that a person is at risk of harming themselves.

Samaritans Press and PR Manager Salimah Lalji…

Bitstrips Closes $8M Series B As It Launches Custom Emoji App, Bitmoji


Google Fit app arrives, poised to take on Apple’s HealthKit



Google’s competitor to Apple’s HealthKit has arrived.

The company rolled out its Google Fit app on Tuesday, its fitness tracking dashboard for Android.

The app, which connects to your existing Google account, functions as a central dashboard for tracking fitness and health goals. Like HealthKit, Google Fit taps into the sensors in your smartphone to keep tabs on daily activities like steps and active minutes. Users can…

Baton Promises to be the Ultimate Android App Switcher



If you’ve ever started playing a game on your smartphone, and wanted to finish on your tablet but couldn’t, a new app could fix that problem for good.

Nextbit, a San Francisco-based startup whose founders were previously part of Google’s Android team, is coming out of stealth with Baton, an Android app that uses the cloud to bring Handoff-like sharing capabilities to multiple devices.

Baton works in the background of your…

Facebook Makes It Easier to Share Photos ‘In the Moment’



Facebook rolled out an update to its app on Monday that adds a new way to quickly organize and post small batches of photos from your smartphone.

Now, when users upload multiple photos from its iPhone or Android app, the app generates a quick preview of how the photos will be displayed. Users can then rearrange the order in which the images appear by holding down on a photo and dragging it to a new position.

You can…

7 Vine Tips and Tricks You May Not Know About



Vine has seen a number of small updates, and with them comes a whole new set of tips and tricks.

As the video-looping app continues to evolve, new features and tools have made it easier for Viners to produce creative and beautiful videos. But by keeping a few tricks in mind, you can harness the power of Vine and take your six-second videos to the next level

From recording hand-free Vines to little-known tools, we’ve compiled…

Google Inbox Users Can Now Invite Others to Join



If you’re still waiting for an invite to Inbox, Google’s new app that rethinks email, we have good news: Just bug your friends who already have it.

The service, which is still in beta, rolled out to limited users on Wednesday. Users who emailed inbox@google.com could request an invitation, but only Google employees had the ability to invite others. But now, that’s changed

If you have Inbox, just hover over the “+” icon (or tap…