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World Smashes All-Time Temperature Records Ahead of UN Climate Summit



The June through August period was the warmest such period on Earth since record-keeping began in 1880, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced Thursday. In addition, the month of August was the warmest such month on record since 1880 as well, and featured the warmest ocean temperatures ever recorded for any month

Both of these records, NOAA says, were driven in large part by unusually warm ocean temperatures around the world. In fact, global average ocean…

Zumba’s First TV Ad Celebrates Involuntary, Spastic Motion



Zumba isn’t just an exercise craze; it’s a brand name. Now, the Miami-based company of the same name is driving home that point with Zumba’s first ad campaign, which is themed “let it move you.”

The first ad in the campaign, above, depicts Zumba addicts experiencing involuntary bouts of the dance, a concept that is extremely conducive to GIFs.


Image: Zumba

Zumba 2

Image: Zumba

The campaign, from 180LA, also differs from standard fitness pitches by…

Jay Z Lyric Change Hints That Queen Bey Might Be Pregnant Again



Ring the alarm: Queen Bey may be expecting another child.

Rumors of a second Beyonce pregnancy abound after an alleged hint from Jay Z during the couple’s On The Run tour performance in Paris on Friday night.

ALS Wikipedia Page Views Up 18-Fold Since Ice Bucket Challenge



The Ice Bucket Challenge, which has dominated Facebook News Feeds with videos of people dumping ice water on themselves in support of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research, has raised more than $100 million for the ALS Association since it gained traction at the end of July. But the movement has its detractors, and many wonder how many participants have actually learned about the disease, rather than simply jumping on the viral bandwagon.

New data from the Wikimedia Foundation sheds…

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Forecasters Lower El Nino Odds, Predict Weaker, Later Event



El Ni

The Top 10 Reasons Apple Rejects Apps From the App Store



For many developers, the most stressful part of launching a new app is waiting for Apple‘s approval. This critical final step can delay an otherwise precisely timed release or present other last-minute hurdles for developers who have already spent weeks or months on development.

Though Apple already has a detailed set of guidelines for developers, the company explained common issues with App Store submissions in a new post on its site for developers.

The Top 10 Viral Ads of August



It’s no surprise that August’s most viral advertisement centered on August’s most viral charity stunt: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Fox’s Simpsons-themed contribution to the massively successful charitable campaign garnered more than 17 million views and counting since it was posted on Aug. 26

Elsewhere in the world of viral advertising, according to Unruly‘s top 10 list, Misty Copeland proves her detractors wrong, Kevin Hart makes life very…

‘Diet Racism’ Is the Soda for the Closet Bigot in Your Life



Diet Racism: The soda for that special person in your life who keeps on saying borderline-racist stuff but swears they “don’t see skin color.”

CollegeHumor nails it with this YouTube video that comes in the form of a fictitious beverage ad

The funny spot is timely, too. The since-simmered protests in Ferguson, Missouri, after unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by a white police officer on August 9 forced America to again examine…

President Obama Rocked a Tan Suit, So Twitter Went Nuts



President Obama, likely knowing full well that stricter fashion rules go into place following Labor Day, wore a tan suit to a press conference on Thursday.

The typically navy-blue clad POTUS’ fashion choice shocked Twitter, and naturally, they reacted en masse. The #tansuit hashtag quickly began trending in Washington, D.C.

Has a standing U.S. President worn a tan suit before? Yes. Has President Obama? Probably, sure. Is it still…