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Liverpool’s Mario Balotelli most abused premier league footballer on social media



LONDON — A huge amount of racist, homophobic and sexist abuse has been directed at Premier League footballers and clubs on social media over the last football season, new research has revealed.

Anti-discrimination organisation Kick It Out searched Twitter, Facebook and numerous forums and blogs and found more than 130,000 discriminatory posts between last August and March, according to a report published…

Police shut down excessive force protest on Brooklyn Bridge



Police brutality protesters in New York City and across the United States took to the streets on Tuesday as part of a national day of protesting organized by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network

Several hundred protesters gathered in Union Square Tuesday afternoon, chanting as they marched south toward the Brooklyn Bridge

Protests against excessive police force have spread throughout the country since August, when an unarmed…

A math problem for 14-year-olds is stumping the world



Just when you thought math couldn’t get any harder.

A TV presenter in Singapore recently brought up a math problem that has been driving the Internet crazy.

At the first, the problem seems impossible to solve. But once you use some logic, the solution is actually rather simple. Rattle your brain — or phone a friend —before you look at the solution below the picture.


The solution, courtesy of Singapore’s Study Room:

First we need to…

Ferguson’s government sucked, and voters just did something about it



It’s been eight months of hell in Ferguson, but things are finally changing.

Voter turnout for this week’s city council election nearly triples from the previous election. Two black candidates were among three people elected to the city council. For the St. Louis suburb that has become the epicenter of a national debate about civil rights, Tuesday was the first shift from the top.

This election was big for Ferguson, where…

NASA’s Opportunity rover completes first-ever Mars marathon



It took 11 years and two months, but NASA’s Opportunity Mars Exploration Rover did it: It traversed 26.22 miles (42.19 km) on Mars, effectively finishing the first marathon on the Red Planet

“This is the first time any human enterprise has exceeded the distance of a marathon on the surface of another world,” said John Callas, Opportunity project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, in a statement


Swedish prosecutors offer to question Julian Assange in London



Swedish prosecutors on Friday offered to question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London, potentially unlocking a stalemate in an almost five-year-old investigation into alleged sex crimes.

Shouting protesters return to Ferguson Police Department on heels of racism report



Angered by significant evidence of racism unearthed by a Department of Justice inquiry into the Ferguson Police Department, a small but vocal group of protesters returned to police headquarters Wednesday night

The protesters shouted at officers as some activists were reportedly arrested

Tensions between the public and police in Ferguson has been high since the August death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen who was…

Jets bomb Boko Haram in Nigeria’s first major offensive



Nigerian and Chadian jets are bombing Boko Haram out of a slew of northeastern Nigerian towns and villages, witnesses and officials said Wednesday. It is the first major offensive against the Islamic extremists whose insurgency is spreading across borders.

The successful operations come as African Union officials meet in Cameroon to finalize a mandate for a 7,500-strong multinational force to confront the extremists who in…

10 things in 2015 that could affect 2016 presidential campaign



There’s a whole year of campaigning, positioning and politicking to go before the next campaign for president kicks off with the Iowa Caucus in early 2016

Here are 10 things to look out for this year that might tell us something about how that campaign to come (which is really already underway) may shake out.

1. Courtrooms before campaigns

Three Republican governors who appear likely to run for president face legal issues…

Elon Musk promises to reveal Tesla Roadster update this week



2014 was a good year for Tesla aficionados, as the company has seen a strong international expansion, opened a bevy of new Superchargers throughout the year and unveiled Tesla D in October. But company CEO Elon Musk has one more surprise up his sleeve for this year: An update to Tesla Roadster

Written as a reply to a tweet about the Roadster on Friday, Musk’s announcement went mostly unnoticed until it was dug out by Autoblog Monday. In it, he claims that the update was pushed back by…

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