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Brad Pitt movie roles ranked by his viability as a husband



Following the news of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s divorce, I went into full panic mode. I never really thought about the possibility of marrying Brad Pitt, but now who knows!

The world as we know it is crumbling and it’s our duty to pick up the pieces, and if that means stepping in to marry Brad Pitt, it’s certainly something I must consider.

The music industry is looking…better!



Hello from the other side of a massive industry decline.

Google’s new Trips app will be your offline traveling companion



Google’s app for travelers is finally ready for primetime.

Months after we first saw leaked images of Trips, the Mountain View company’s new app for all things travel-related, Google is finally launching the service.

‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ delivers a new challenge in Archon’s Forge



Archon’s Forge isn’t a centerpiece mode for Destiny in the same way that the raids are, but it’s a brand new and potentially rewarding public activity in Rise of Iron.

Remember Court of Oryx? Destiny: The Taken King‘s public fighting arena allowed anyone wandering around the Dreadnaught to jump in and fight bosses together.

Archon’s Forge takes the all-are-welcome philosophy from Court of Oryx and wraps it around…

Want to invest your retirement funds in tech? There’s an app for that.



You better hope the iPhone 7 sells well — your future retirement savings could depend on it.

Spaceship, which bills itself as the “super fund for millennials,” is creating a new style of superannuation fund that will invest predominantly in technology. A super fund is a mandatory way Australians save for old age, somewhat similar to a 401(k) in the U.S., built from contributions by employers and voluntary top ups.

Foursquare 10 puts search front and center


Daniel Radcliffe opens up about playing Harry Potter again



LONDON — In the years since the final Harry Potter film, Daniel Radcliffe has had an impressively varied career.

He’s played a famous Beat poet, a haunted lawyer and — unforgettably — a farting corpse, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to rule out a return to where it all started.

Radcliffe was recently asked by The Hollywood Reporter about the possibility of a film based on the Cursed Child play,…

5 essential trips for ‘Game of Thrones’ superfans, organized by house



LONDON — As summer draws to a close, Game of Thrones fans might be beginning to feel the creeping chill of a long, Westeros-less Winter as the comedown from Season 6 gives way to withdrawals during the excruciating wait for Season 7.

Kendrick Lamar really doesn’t want Lil Wayne to retire either



Kendrick Lamar let us all know exactly where he stands when it comes to rumors of Lil Wayne’s retirement.

The rapper took a break from recording in the studio to post a video response to a series of tweets from Lil Wayne, who hinted that he would soon be making his exit from the rap game.

Mars candy’s latest ad campaign brings a refreshing take on life with disabilities



Sometimes risqu