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Project and Task-Management Tool Trello Hits 5 Million Users



Trello, the web-based project and task-management system, announced on Thursday that it now has more than 5 million users.

Functioning much like a visual to-do list, Trello shows what needs to be done, and what is happening at various stages of a project or assignment. Think of it as a 21st-century interpretation of a Post-it board.

Trello originally launched in 2011 as a product under Fog Creek Software. The…

Reveal Chat For iOS Helps You Build Real, Social Connections Via Anonymous Chat

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Big Data Is Changing the Way We Get Well



You might call it a revolution, or maybe a remaking, but either way big data is changing the scale and scope of how doctors care for patients and how caregivers and insurance companies address community-wide health issues

Consider the statistics already in play. A recent McKinsey & Company report traced the expansion of computer-based information systems, and the electronic medical records they create, in both the physician’s office and the hospital

  • More than 50% of doctor’s offices now…

The Story Behind Those Nude-Looking Women’s Cycling Uniforms



The pubis-flaunting, almost pornographic-looking uniforms worn by a women’s cycling team from Colombia in a race last weekend have now become a topic of widespread and incredulous Internet mockery — and they were reportedly designed by a member of the team itself.

It appears the uniforms, which were rebuked online by the head of the international governing body for competitive cycling, were already in use for months prior to their moment of viral ignominy.

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World’s First 3D Printed Car Took Years to Design, But Only 44 Hours to Print



One day, in the not-too-distant future, you’ll be able to walk into a car dealership, choose a design — including the number of seats — and have a 3D printed car by the end of the day

This is Jay Rogers’ vision. Rogers is the CEO of Local Motors, the company that just built the world’s first 3D printed car known as the Strati. The electric, pint-sized two-seater was officially unveiled last week at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, Illinois.

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Twin Aussie Entrepreneurs Dominate the Australian Beauty Box Market



SYDNEY — Australian beauty sampling start-up Bellabox has secured $3 million in funding, it announced on Tuesday, meaning more beauty boxes landing on desks of fashionistas around the country.

The beauty box service, co-founded by twin sisters Sarah and Emily Hamilton in 2011, has made waves in the local start-up space in the three years since its inceptionBellabox is now the leading beauty subscription service in Australia with a 70% market share.

Syrian Strikes on Islamic State Stronghold Kill at Least 25, Including Civilians



BEIRUT — Syria launched a series of airstrikes targeting a stronghold of the Islamic State extremist group on Saturday, killing at least 25 people, most of whom died when one of the missiles slammed into a crowded bakery, activists said.

The eight airstrikes smashed parts of buildings, set cars alight and crushed people under rubble in the northeastern city of Raqqa, which is ruled by the extremist group (formerly known as ISIS/ISIL), according to video of the aftermath uploaded to social…

Rdio Revamps Its Free Streaming Service, Offers More Radio Stations



Music service Rdio unveiled a completely redesigned website, as well as iOS and Android apps on Thursday, emphasizing its expanded free streaming offerings.

Music streaming services typically fall into two models: user-created stations, which play music based on a single genre, artist or song (e.g. Pandora) or subscription-based on-demand streaming where users choose the artists, songs and albums they stream (e.g. Spotify).

Until now, Rdio has fallen pretty squarely into the latter camp,…

Acer Rolls Out PC-Tablet Hybrids for the Undecided, Flexible



BERLIN — Taiwanese computer company Acer launched a series of new tablet-PC convertible products on Wednesday at the 2014 IFA tech conference in Berlin, Germany, as well as a low-cost $149 tablet, in what will become its lineup for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

The devices are designed for those who don’t want to give up a traditional notebook design and want more portable options and flexibility.

To start, the company…

Honest Descriptions of Netflix Shows, Based on TV Posters



You’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, we know. But how about a Netflix show?

The sheer number of shows on Netflix makes it nearly impossible to choose something that you actually want to watch. Instead, you’re left with endless questions: What shows are worth it the time investment? What shows are actually creative and fresh? What shows will help you pay off your school loans? Snap judgments are really the only way to go here.