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Watch out for airfare flash sales beginning on Cyber Monday



Even if shopping on Black Friday strikes fear in your heart and makes your blood run cold, there is one kind of sale that is worth watching out for this season: airfare flash sales.

Hopper, which specializes in airfare prediction, estimates there will be a surge in flash sales — where airlines deeply discount fares for a limited time — beginning Monday.

“We’re anticipating a record amount of airfare deals starting Cyber Monday and continuing through the week before the holiday, based on the…

Aamir Khan’s comments on intolerance in India trigger backlash



Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan’s comments on being concerned over rising intolerance in India have sharply polarised the film fraternity, politicians, and social media. The actor is facing a severe backlash for his opinion, with protesters demonstrating outside his Mumbai residence, smearing black ink on his posters, and a sedition case being filed against him.

While several Bollywood actors have criticised…

Snow is indeed falling in the UK, Twitter users can confirm



LONDON — Snow falling across south Scotland, the Midlands and Wales has kicked off a cold, wintry weekend for the UK, the Met Office said, with temperatures to get as low as -5 C (23 F) in places.

It was a cold & windy night with snow & ice in places. Heaviest snow fell across S. Scotland to Wales & The Midlands

— Met Office (@metoffice) November 21, 2015

UK-based Twitter timelines filled…

Brussels raises terror alert, shuts metro, after ‘precise information’ on threat



The Belgian capital was in a state of heightened security Saturday morning, after officials raised the terror alert level in Brussels, leaving the area on a virtual lockdown over fears of a Paris-style attack.

Authorities raised the terror alert level to its highest threshold, level 4, with officials detailing “a serious and imminent threat” to the area.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said the heightened security measures were “based on quite precise information about the risk of an…

One couple created a photo project out of their long-distance relationship



Danbi Shin and Seok Li are using a little creativity to make their long-distance relationship more bearable.

Shin, who is based in New York, and Li, who is based in Seoul, created an Instagram project called Half&Half that juxtaposes photos from their everyday lives — to images of themselves to architecture to food to cars.

Britain’s first insect-only restaurant is bringing sustainability to the table



LONDON — Bugs are gross. That’s a given. In fact, it’s safe to say that 99.9% of Brits would hard pass on an invitation to an insect-only restaurant. But, one British chef is doing his best to change British perceptions of insect cuisine.

Just three weeks ago, chef Andy Holcroft opened Britain’s first ever insect-only restaurant, Grub Kitchen, in St. Davids in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The restaurant prides itself on its menu comprising uniquely bug-based dishes.

“Grub Kitchen was inspired by…

Green innovation: This company is growing the future of automated agriculture



If your goal is to create a stable food supply on Earth, or elsewhere for that matter, one path to steady, environmentally friendly and readily-available crops is via the indoor farm, or vegetable factory

Consider the implications for the planet and for space exploration: Clean, low-to-no pollution agriculture that doesn’t even require real sunlight to achieve sustainable cultivation

This is the vision at

Microsoft teases the future of Powerpoint with new designer tools



Microsoft’s latest Office 365 update is making Powerpoint a lot smarter.

The company just unveiled two new tools for Powerpoint, Designer and Morph that make it easier for people to add custom photos and animations to slides. The tools will be available to Office 365 subscribers in the coming weeks.

At a basic level, Designer makes it easier to add photos to slides. Previously, adding an image dropped it on top of the slide,…

14 indie beauty brands worth your online order



It seems like there’s a neverending assortment of beauty products on the market. Each month, a different makeup artist or retail company launches its latest collection

It’s easy to stick to what you know by combing through the aisles of CVS, Ulta and Sephora. But indie brands are not as easy to find

Below are 14 brands you may have never heard of but their quality and uniqueness make them worth the shipping time.


Obamacare birth control dispute heads back to the Supreme Court



Religion, birth control and President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul are converging in yet another high-profile dispute at the Supreme Court.

The justices on Friday stepped into the fourth legal challenge to the law since Obama signed the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

This time, the issue is the arrangement the Obama administration worked out to spare faith-based hospitals, colleges and charities from paying for…