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Gerard Piqué has second son with Shakira, is winning at life so hard



If we follow sports in part to live vicariously through our favorite athletes, then it’s hard to find a better one to emulate than soccer star Gerard Piqu

Live from Microsoft’s Windows 10 consumer event



Microsoft’s other Windows 10 shoe is about to drop.

Four months after revealing Windows 10 and its enterprise and business focus, Microsoft is finally ready to deliver on the promise of an operating system that “unlocks new experiences for customers to work, play and connect.”

Though well over a million people downloaded the first Windows 10 preview build, not much is known, beyond the return of the Start Menu, about how this major…

Social media isn’t evil, but faulty security is bad for business



One of the discussions I’ve been having ever since CENTCOM’s Twitter and YouTube accounts were hacked by ISIS supporters is whether or not agencies like U.S. Central Command should even be on social media

The short answer is, obviously, yes. At least it’s obvious to me.

Like any innovation, social media is not without risks. Depending on what you use, it’s a public or semi-public platform. Whatever you post will be seen by more people than you intended — this is a given. So you always post…

Stephen Colbert’s 10 best ‘Better Know a District’ segments



As The Colbert Report winds to a close in its 10th season, we’d like to take some time to appreciate one of the show’s best and funniest segments, “Better Know a District.”

The bit, in which Stephen Colbert attempts to interview a representative from each of the 435 voting districts in the House of Representatives, began in Oct. 2005. It turned heads immediately — by 2006, then Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi felt the urge to tell reporters that she “Wouldn’t recommend that anyone go on the…

18,850 pairs of denim turn Levi’s Stadium into actual ‘Field of Jeans’



SAN FRANCISCO — If you build it … Levi Strauss & Co. will cover it with jeans to teach you a lesson about recycling.

When the company claimed naming rights to the San Francisco 49ers’ new billion-dollar home in Santa Clara, California, last year, the “Field of Jeans” nickname was born. Levi’s trademarked the term and made the play on words a reality this month with a Bay Area denim drive that brought in over 18,850 pairs.

The donated jeans, whose sale at Goodwill will benefit the…

National parks consider raising entry fees



FLAGSTAFF, Arizona — Visiting the Grand Canyon and other national parks could get a little pricier.

The U.S. National Park Service said 115 of its 401 park units plan to seek public comment on entrance fees that could go up starting next year. It’s part of a broader effort by the agency to bring in more money for visitor services.

The Grand Canyon announced a proposal Friday to increase its per-vehicle fee from $25 to $30 for a…

Ello Says Hello to $5.5 Million, Legally Vows to Not to Advertise



Ello, the fledgling social network that has vowed not to run advertising, doubled down on that sentiment on Thursday by making itself a Public Benefit Corporation and putting the sentiment in its charter.

A PBC’s charter can’t be changed even if the company is bought and investors can’t force the company to do something that goes against its charter. “It says that the co. exists for public benefit,” says Paul Budnitz, CEO and co-founder of Ello. “No investor could ever force us to do those…

Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Inventors of Blue LED



STOCKHOLM — Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano of Japan and U.S. scientist Shuji Nakamura won the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for the invention of blue light-emitting diodes, a breakthrough that spurred the development of LED technology used to light up computer screens and modern smartphones.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences says their invention is just 20 years old, “but it has already contributed to create white light in an entirely new manner to the benefit of us all.”

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Why You Should Start Planning Your Next Vacation Now



As summer travel season begins to wind down, the return to the daily grind may seem inevitable.

In the travel industry, fall is what’s considered “shoulder season” for many vacation destinations. It’s a silly word — of which there are many in the travel industry (see: glamping) — but it’s a great time to look for deals and to enjoy less-crowded locales

September is more about getting back to school and back to work than enjoying the last moments of relaxation. But if your summer trips left…

Benefit’s Mascara Ad Winks at All Your Favorite ’90s Nostalgia



It’s not ladies’ night without big hair, acid wash jeans and tons of hot pink lipstick.

Comedian Anjelah Johnson, also known as Bon Qui Qui from MADtv, stars in a remix of Montell Jordan’s 1995 hit “This Is How We Do It” to promote a new line of makeup from Benefit Cosmetics.

The ad follows the character Bon Qui Qui, who was also featured in an Alexander Wang ad in 2013. She and her wing women, makeup bags in tow, go out for the…