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Falcons, Patriots punch their tickets to the Super Bowl



The Super Bowl LI match-up is set and it’ll see one big game regular, the New England Patriots, face the Atlanta Falcons, making their second-ever Super Bowl appearance, in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, February 5.

Hey Trump, check out these YUGE Women’s March crowds across America



The Women’s March on Washington has taken solidarity to a whole other level.

On Saturday, the peaceful protest, which took place in Washington D.C. one day after Donald Trump became the country’s 45th President, inspired a global movement, leading to marches in 160 cities across 60 countries.

‘Overwatch’ players give touching tribute to friend who passed away



Willem Den Toom, Overwatch player and contributor at Too Much Gaming, passed away Jan. 15 and his friends paid tribute to him in one of his favorite games.

YouTube channel Too Much Gaming performed the Overwatch version of a 21-gun salute in “a tribute to a fallen gamer and friend.”

“We decided to do a gun salute in one of Will’s favorite games featuring the characters he most frequently used (… and Hanzo),” Too Much Gaming said.

Slack launches threaded messaging to take conversations off to the side

slack thread

One of baseball’s most unpopular players is thriving in retirement



Former MLB All-Star Alex Rodriguez will host a CNBC show called “Back in the Game,” which chronicles the financial woes of ex-athletes struggling to navigate life after their playing days, according to multiple reports.

Fox Super Bowl pregame show includes Bill O’Reilly interview with Donald Trump



President Elect Donald Trump can now join your Super Bowl Sunday festivities — should you decide to watch Fox News.

On Tuesday, the network said its anchor Bill O’Reilly will interview the soon-to-be President during FOX’s Super Bowl pregame show.

“The interview will take place at the White House earlier in the day and cover an array of topics,” the network said in a press release.


Alibaba unites with Louis Vuitton and Samsung to clean up its reputation



Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has a mixed reputation when it comes to counterfeit goods, but it’s working hard to make nice.

Alongside partners including Louis Vuitton, Samsung and Mars, the company announced the Alibaba Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance on Monday. The Alliance will use machine learning and other technologies to identify and remove counterfeit goods from its platforms, Alibaba said in a statement.

Donald Trump isn’t happy about ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ pee jokes



In what has become something of a weekly tradition, President-elect Donald Trump has once again responded to an unflattering portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live.

Single mom builds a house from the ground up using YouTube tutorials



Your dream home is apparently only a year’s worth of physical labor, cost of supplies, and a work crew of children away— if you want it badly enough.

In 2008, single mother of four Cara Brookins felt trapped: she was simultaneously living with a violent and abusive husband and being stalked by a mentally ill ex. She knew that even if she left, she couldn’t afford to buy a house big enough for her family.

SpaceX returns to flight in style, launching satellites and landing another rocket



SpaceX is back.