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Too much material girl: The funniest Twitter reactions to Madonna’s Brits fall



LONDON — It was a mostly snooze-worthy Brit Awards Wednesday night, until the last two minutes when Madonna fell dramatically, waking everyone back up from the humdrum event.

Falling backwards down a flight of stairs after a dancer pulled a cape that she hadn’t managed to untie, the material girl ended up on the ground, and the Internet started delivering.

#MadonnaAtTheBrits, #shefellover and #nocapes were…

Medium adds new features to encourage shorter posts



Medium is introducing a host of features aimed at encouraging users to post shorter, less polished pieces.

The blogging platform has added an abbreviated version of its publishing tool, a redesigned content stream that shows text excerpts of each post and a tagging system to better organize content. All three changes went into effect on Tuesday.

Much like prompts on the Twitter or Facebook home pages, the…

We now know how the Samsung Galaxy S6 looks from the side



Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S6 side shot

This one comes courtesy of T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who tweeted the image Monday, revealing the company will carry the Galaxy S6 — or, as Legere calls it, “the next big thing.”

Was there even a question? Of course @TMobile will carry The Next Big Thing! http://t.co/st6K7weXXz

— John Legere (@JohnLegere) February 23, 2015

Adorned with a Samsung logo and the words “six appeal,” the image — although it only shows the device’s side — is the…

15 awards for the weirdest Oscar moments



Things always get a little strange when you throw a bunch of drunk, rich people into a room together for four hours

Celebrities clutched Oscars made of Legos, Neil Patrick Harris stripped down to his Fruit of the Looms and John Travolta squeezed Idina Menzel’s chin. It’s quirky moments like these that make the Academy Awards the weird mess we embrace without question

Here are our awards for the weirdest moments at the 2015 Oscars.


Iconic Oscar dresses look so much sweeter as gourmet cookies



Fashion never looked so delicious.

The International Culinary Center recreated some of the most iconic Oscar dresses of the last 15 years and turned them into adorably decadent cookie creations.

It’s hard to believe anyone can improve on Julia Robert’s sleek Valentino or Lupita N’yongo’s flowing Prada, but no one can resist sweet style when they see it.

BONUS: The Big Bird, ‘Birdman’ parody that needed to happen

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The Big Bird, ‘Birdman’ parody that needed to happen



Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Or is it all in our heads? *dramatic experimental music*

Big Bird and Caroll Spinney star in the existential Birdman parody that the world needed. Spinney, who at 81 has voiced Big Bird for 45 years, takes on the Michael Keaton role as he navigates the world with the sound of a feathered Muppet clanging in his head

This is Big Birdman (or The Unexpected Virtue of Orange Pants).

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Facebook’s New Ads Automatically Show A Business’ Products That You’ll Want Most

Facebook Shutterfly

Michelle Obama and Big Bird get silly on ‘Billy on the Street’



Spoiler alert: Michelle Obama tells Billy Eichner he may get shot

FLOTUS will do anything to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables, including pushing Billy Eichner around in a shopping cart on Funny or Die‘s “Billy on the Street.” Big Bird was also there, and they competed in a ridiculous game show about Ariana Grande and carrots and then slow danced to Aerosmith

In other news, why does Big Bird know so much about The…

North Korea debuts 310 slogans: ‘Let us turn ours into a country of mushrooms’



North Korea’s latest list of 310 patriotic slogans ranges from the strange to the confusing

But here are the big takeaways – the country is big on fishing, farming and animal husbandry, “dependable” wives and military strength.

As the Workers Party of North Korea puts it: “Let us turn the whole country into a socialist fairyland!”

Some of our favorite slogans from the bizarre list include:

“Let this socialist country…

Snapchat Tries Our Stories For Locals Only