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Bitcoin prices spike after news of first regulated U.S. bitcoin exchange



Bitcoin may be getting some of its groove back.

Coinbase, a startup that develops a mobile wallet to buy and store the digital currency, announced Monday that it is launching the first licensed Bitcoin exchange in the United States with the goal to provide a more “reliable and secure platform” for trading bitcoins.

“We believe Coinbase Exchange will bring stability and trust to the exchange space,” the startup wrote in a blog post….

‘Humans of New York’ helps raise over $400,000 for inner-city students



What started as a photo of a young man posted to the widely popular Humans of New York blog has grown into a crowdfunding effort that raised over $400,000 in one day for inner-city schoolchildren.

Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind the blog, teamed up with the principal of a Brooklyn middle school to launch an Indiegogo fundraiser that will pay for sixth graders to take yearly field trips to Harvard University. Why Harvard? “I want every child who enters my school to know that they can…

Tumblr looks to make money off of its creative class



Tumblr has a new plan to attract advertisers, and its most creative users are at the core of that scheme

Creatrs Network is a new program that recruits artists on the blog network, and aims to leverage their talent with advertisers. Marketers will now have the option to tap a variety of artists curated by Tumblr for advertising content

Artists are paid an agreed-upon rate by Tumblr, with no revenue split on any ad buys. All work used for ads is…

Live from Microsoft’s Windows 10 consumer event



Microsoft’s other Windows 10 shoe is about to drop.

Four months after revealing Windows 10 and its enterprise and business focus, Microsoft is finally ready to deliver on the promise of an operating system that “unlocks new experiences for customers to work, play and connect.”

Though well over a million people downloaded the first Windows 10 preview build, not much is known, beyond the return of the Start Menu, about how this major…

10 dos and don’ts for entry-level job seekers



This question originally appeared on Quora.

What are dos and don’ts for entry-level job seekers?

Answer below by Charles Purdy, senior editor of Monster Careers.

I think the biggest “don’t” is to wait for a job offer before getting started in your career, especially when the economy isn’t in great shape. This is important for new college grads who may be underemployed or unemployed

Say you’re a newly minted journalism grad (for example) — you’ve got to get out there and start building your…

Building Up a Blog with Social Promotion

There are two major components to a good blog. Sure, there are plenty of other components such as design, site speed, consistency, purpose, niche relations… actually, there are so many that I could write a full-length article just listing the different components, let alone going into detail about them. Still, there are two primary components that can overcome poor performance on all of the other areas.

Great content. Great promotion. That’s it. If your content is strong and you’re able to…

Reddit ends 2014 with 71 billion pageviews



Social news site Reddit has shared some of its stats from 2014, showing it’s one step closer to fulfilling its mission to become the “front page of the internet.”

According to a post on Reddit blog, the site had 71.25 billion pageviews, 54.9 million posts and 535 million comments in 2014. It harbors over 8,000 active communities, and the site’s official mobile app has been installed 1.6 million times.


Report: Apple dominates post-Christmas app downloads



Many consumers unwrapped Apple devices this Christmas while fewer seem to have received Samsung devices, according to researcher Flurry.

The Yahoo unit, which tracks 600,000 apps, looked at downloads from Dec. 19 through Dec. 25 and found Apple took 51.3% of all app downloads. Samsung was No. 2 with 17.7%. Here’s how the top companies fared:


As Jarah Euston, Flurry’s VP of analytics and marketing, joked in a blog post: “It’s clear that Santa…

Apple Launches A New Tumblr Site Promoting iTunes

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.42.13 PM

Foursquare’s iPad app is finally here



Foursquare users, your long wait for an official iPad app is finally over

The company launched Foursquare for iPad on Monday, and the tablet version of the app includes some new features, specifically travel planning and local recommendation