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Instapaper Founder Launches Overcast, an App for Smarter Podcasts



Developer Marco Arment is best known for his read-it-later app Instapaper, and for his former role as Tumblr’s lead developer

Arment’s latest project, however, tackles an entirely different medium: podcasts. The developer just rolled out the first version of Overcast, a deceptively simple, yet powerful, podcast player.

The app was inspired by the simplicity of iOS 7, according to Arment.

“iOS 7 shook up the market, and by…

BlackBerry Gets Siri-ous With a Voice-Enabled Assistant



BlackBerry is planning a Siri-like voice-enabled assistant, the company revealed Wednesday.

Like Siri and Windows Phone’s Cortana, BlackBerry Assistant responds to voice commands but also uses the Passport’s keyboard to respond to typed commands. It will ship with the upcoming BlackBerry Passport and will be able to launch apps, respond to voice commands and control your devices settings.

“If I’m driving and I ask it to read my latest email…

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Wait for It… Twitter Collectively Holds Its Breath in World Cup Shootouts



The moment of anticipation between when the World Cup referee blows the whistle and when the player takes his shot is one of those rare times in sports when just about everyone is holding their breath.

And, as it turns out on Twitter, holding their tweets. Data from Twitter highlights how activity ebbs and flows dramatically during shootouts, with users glued to the game and launching a storm of tweets as soon as the shot flies

SoundCloud Overhauls iPhone App With a Push on Streaming



SoundCloud released a redesigned iPhone app on Thursday that emphasizes listening and music discovery instead of recording and uploading.

The change is a small but significant shift for the service, which has long been a hub for both mainstream and indie artists.

The app has been completely redesigned to make navigation and music discovery faster and easier. The revamped user interface relies solely on swipes to navigate around the app and…

Why We Name Our Stuff



Humans have a longstanding tendency to anthropomorphize the objects and appliances we use —

10 Google Doodle GIFs Adorably Celebrating the World Cup



As is customary in historic moments, the team behind the Google doodles have been busy during the World Cup.

Google rang in the tournament with one doodle, but animated images have been popping up on the Google homepage throughout the tournament.

Before almost every match, the doodlers have added a new animation above the search bar. On Sunday, for Father’s Day, Google kept the same special doodle during all the matches: a father…

Besomebody Inc. Raises $1M To Build A Passion-Focused Community And Experience Marketplace


Evernote and Feedly Hit by Cyberattacks, Held for Ransom



Popular note-taking app Evernote and RSS reader Feedly have been hit with major cyberattacks as hackers demand ransom from the latter site to get it back online.

Both Evernote and Feedly, two services that work together, confirmed they suffered DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, a type of cybercrime that kicks sites offline and is meant to disrupt usage (not steal user data). But Feedly, which is still down, detailed in a blog post that hackers are holding the site up for ransom….

Secret Is Taking Its Anonymous Networking App To Schools, Workplaces With New “Secret Dens” Feature


Report: Apple Buys Spotsetter, a Location Recommendation App



Apple has reportedly made another acquisition that could help improve its mapping service.

TechCrunch reports that Apple has acquired Spotsetter, a small startup that was founded in 2011 and developed an app for recommending places and activities to users based in part on their friends’ activity. Terms of the deal were not included, but it reportedly closed last week.

Apple did not immediately respond to our request for comment.