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Mary Pilon shares the secret history of Monopoly with MashableReads



Gamers, it might be time to rethink everything you thought you knew about Monopoly.

“The story of Monopoly should make you think about the nature of innovation and how things come to be.” So teased author and journalist Mary Pilon, who recently joined Mashable‘s social book club MashableReads with her book The Monopolists.

Throughout the book (which originally started out as a fact-checking…

A frontrunner was eliminated on ‘The Voice,’ and we are not pleased



What just happened? To keep this short and sweet: America got it wrong

The majority of Tuesday’s episode was devoted to performances by Nick Jonas and all four teams. And then one by one, artists were sent into safety. Up for elimination were Brian Johnson, Deanna Johnson and Mia Z. (undeservedly so). As a reminder, Mia Z. is a young blues-y performer with the ability hit notes that only high-note geniuses like Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande can reach

103-year-old woman finally got around to graduating from high school



Going back to school is a great idea, even if it takes you nearly a century to get around to it

Marie Hunt from Spring Green, Wisconsin earned her high school diploma 87 years after she was originally supposed to graduate at the tender age of 103. Hunt received an honorary degree from River Valley High School while living in an assisted living home, WKOW reports.

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Winklevoss twins launch Gemini, the ‘regulated’ Bitcoin exchange



It’s no secret Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are betting big on Bitcoin: They’ve reportedly invested at least $11 million in the cryptocurrency, and they predict it could be even bigger than Facebook.

On Friday, the brothers announced the launch of Gemini, which they call the “next-generation Bitcoin exchange.” Originally announced in July 2013, the New York-based Bitcoin exchange will be “fully regulated, fully compliant” and open to individuals and institutions

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Ahead of episode 200, ‘Supernatural’ stars explain their secret to longevity



The 200th episode of Supernatural honors the stories and characters that have preceded the milestone hour in a way only this sometimes-odd genre series can

The setup: Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) pick up the faint scent of a case that takes them to an all-girls high school. There, they find a group of talented young ladies putting on a musical based on the books about the brothers written by prophet/maybe-God/always disheveled Chuck Shurley

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Lorde’s dancing does not disappoint in ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ video



If there is one thing we’ve learned from watching Lorde’s new music video for “Yellow Flicker Beat,” it’s that her dancing skills fall somewhere between those of a fun mom and a newly walking toddler. This is, of course, a compliment.

The latest clip features Lorde twisting, writhing and hair-flipping to her contribution to the upcoming Hunger Games: Mockingjay soundtrack. The 17-year-old artist curated the soundtrack herself, which features the likes of Miguel and the Chemical…

See the First Trailer for Ridley Scott’s ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’



The first trailer for Ridley Scott’s new movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings is out, and though it’s a biblical story, it’s obvious right from the get go that it’ll be a visual spectacle

In the movie, Christian Bale plays Moses, leading the Israelites from Egypt. A lot of focus seems to be placed on the friendship of Moses and the ruler of Egypt, pharaoh Ramesses, played by Joel Edgerton

At one point in the trailer, it is mentioned that…

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YouTube Natives Next to Crash Emmy’s TV Party — Is 2014 the Year?



YouTube creators the Fine Bros. aren’t sweating the 66th Primetime Emmys, despite that they’re on the nomination ballots, which are due back Friday. Too busy cranking out three videos a week to think about much else.

But if the makers of popular shows like Kids React sneak in, they’ll make history.


Coen Brothers’ Next Antihero: A Hollywood ‘Fixer’ to the Stars



Had the Coen Brothers’ darkly poetic Inside Llewyn Davis been about Hollywood instead of the ‘60s folk scene, you can bet your orange tabby it would’ve been at least nominated for an Oscar.

There will be no such excuse for their next, Hail Caesar.

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The Academy just loves a good story about itself, as proven time and again — most recently with The Artist and Argo. Note taken.

Joel and Ethan Coen’s next film will center on a…

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Paul Walker’s Brothers Will Fill in the Gaps in ‘Fast and Furious 7′



Two brothers of the late Paul Walker have joined the cast of Fast and Furious 7 to help filmmakers complete unfinished action scenes for the movie

Universal Pictures had halted production of the film out of respect for Walker, who died in a car crash at age 40 on Nov. 30. But a long note to fans on the film’s Facebook page on Tuesday revealed that filming had resumed — with help from Walker’s siblings, Caleb and Cody.