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Fine Bros. Entertainment ‘reacts’: The company rebrands, expands following YouTube copyright drama



BURBANK, California — How do you react to poor fan reaction?

That was the question that Benny and Rafi Fine, the brothers known for their popular YouTube channels, had to ask themselves in January after many of their viewers became angered over their (now defunct) initiative.

The duo’s goal was to give creators worldwide access to 11 of their company’s various shows and trademarks, including their franchise of “react” videos (in which

Singers slammed for injecting ‘All Lives Matter’ into ‘O Canada’ at MLB All-Star Game



UPDATED (7:20 p.m. PT): Updated to include statement from the group

Politics and current events managed to find their way into Tuesday night’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game in San Diego when a quartet singing “O Canada” changed some lyrics and injected the phrase “all lives matter.”

The backlash was swift and fierce.

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UFC sold for record $4 billion



Less than a day after capping off another successful pay-per-view event, it was announced that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the world’s largest mixed martial arts promotion, has been sold for a whopping $4 billion.

The story was first reported by CBS 8 in Las Vegas. According to their report:

27 fictional places we want to visit in virtual reality, please



Thanks to the wonders of VR, we now have the power to (virtually) hang out in Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment circa 1992 or take an elevator ride up the Wall in Westeros circa … whenever Game of Thrones happens.

Corgi and human in corgi shirt are ecstatic to be reunited



There are few things more enjoyable in this world than watching this

Baby camel’s first steps are as wobbly and wonderful as you’d expect



This baby camel is finally mobile.

The little champ, who lives at the

Solar-powered plane flies over Statue of Liberty, lands in New York in bid to circle the globe



The solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 airplane made it to New York City in the wee hours of Saturday morning, concluding the last leg of its United States trip in a bid to fly around the world.

The experimental plane — which runs purely on solar power — landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport at 3:59 a.m. ET after a four-hour and 41 minute flight from Pennsylvania.

‘American Idol’ meets ‘The Office’ in new Fine Bros show on YouTube Red



Reporter’s note: This is part of a series featuring each new original show or movie debuting on YouTube Red. The subscription streaming service’s first slate of originals launched in February.

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. — “Why aren’t people making fun of this more?”

That’s what YouTube duo and brothers Benny and Rafi Fine thought every time they watched a reality TV show that centered around singing.

Solar Impulse continues to make history, lands in home of the Wright Brothers



The solar-powered plane making a trek around the world landed in the home of the first flight. The Wright Brothers made this spot famous with their breakthrough, and now the Solar Impulse has made the spot even more noteworthy. Read more…

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The Wright brothers’ biggest challenge? Steering the dang plane



“Wilbur gliding to the right, bottom view of glider.”

Image: Wright Brothers/Library of Congress

Before their groundbreaking powered flight over the dunes of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on Dec. 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers conducted hundreds of test flights with unpowered gliders and kites

Though Orville and Wilbur are widely considered the fathers of powered flight, their true breakthrough was in developing a system of controls to safely balance and steer a flying machine, a