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People really want to believe there’s a ‘laptop’ in this ancient statue



The ancient Greeks, of course, did not have laptops, but the Internet loves a good conspiracy theory

A few on the Internet are hoping for some amazing foresight on the unknown artist who carved the “Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant,” a statue on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum in California

The carving depicts a woman touching the lid of a “shallow chest” held by an attendant. But sure, it also sort of resembles…

What happened when I stripped for Kanye West



NEW YORK — “Men on the left, women on the right!” shouted a casting director. “Find your place and remember who’s in front and behind you so there are no fights.”

That wouldn’t be difficult to do. Standing in front of me was the chiseled and brooding Ford model, Luke Thorp, and behind was Jay Parel, a muscular dancer from Brooklyn. You couldn’t miss them.

‘We started in the back of a hair salon’: 4 startup stories about the move to a ‘real’ office space



Moving house is headache enough, but when a move involves an entire office and a cohort of staff, it can be overwhelming to say the least

Not only do companies need to handle all the logistics of the move — finding a space to lease, setting up IT, developing a floor plan that fits company culture, labeling boxes — but they also have to ensure they’re able to keep business functioning as usual during the process.

However, there’s an upside to moving, particularly for startups and small…

Cop responds to a call at an animal shelter, leaves with a puppy



A routine call for one Florida police officer turned into an adorable life-changing moment.

Officer Marcus Montgomery from the Fort Walton Beach Police Department responded to a call regarding a former employee at the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) on Jan. 26, ABC News reports. But as the official police business was finishing up, Montgomery locked eyes with a very adorable puppy.

“As soon as I saw him, I…

Smartphone accessory maker Zagg buys Mophie for $100 million



Zagg, the smartphone accessory company, has agreed to buy Mophie for $100 million, both companies confirmed Tuesday.

Zagg makes a range of smartphone accessories, including a line of screen protectors and keyboard accessories, while Mophie is known for its external batteries and charging cases

Zagg CEO Randy Hales said in a conference call Tuesday that Mophie will continue to operate mostly independently, with…

You can use that odd Snapchat filter on money, too



Fun with Snapchat filters knows no bounds. We’ve seen dogs being flawlessly turned into Dug from Pixar’s Up, and we’ve seen a guy scare his mom to death with that new face-thinning filter as well

But have you tried using that filter (or Lens, as Snapchat calls it) on money? Some Redditors tried it out, and the results are quite hilarious — and surprisingly convincing.

We tried it out on American, Singaporean and Croatian money,…

How ‘The X-Files’ brought its latest creature to life



For makeup effects supervisor Bill Terezakis, working on new X-Files episodes was not unlike trying to crack a top secret FBI case.

During the new miniseries’ intense, three-month production, production manager Mark Freeborn would call Terezakis about four days before pre-production on a new episode was set to begin. Those calls would come at an odd hour; Freeborn would always say just a few words to tease the action from a script Terezakis had yet to lay eyes on.

Ahead of “Mulder and…

‘Tangerine’ director brings vision to KENZO fashion film



What does an independent film director do after releasing a groundbreaking movie admired for its emphasis on the transgender experience and reliance on the iPhone? He collaborates with a fashion brand on a short film. At least, that’s the case for Tangerine writer and director Sean Baker.

Baker teamed up with KENZO to write and direct a short film around the brand’s spring 2016 collection — shot entirely on an iPhone, of course. The video, Snowbird, abandons the opulence of fashion in…

SAG Awards 2016: See every beautiful and bad red carpet look



We imagine the majority of spent Saturday night assessing the fashion wins and fails of the sixth most important award show of award season. We sure did.

But for the woeful few who missed the Screen Actors Guild Awards, we’ve complied the most beautiful and most cringeworthy looks from the Hollywood occasion

It’s might be too early to call it, but we’re saying velvet crushed it as the biggest winner of the…

Lamborghini’s Hong Kong dealer has two $4.5 million Veneno Roadsters in stock



Let me ask you a question: What’s better than one $4.5-million, 740-horsepower Lamborghini Veneno Roadster? The answer is two, of course.

If the car’s looks, power and price tag weren’t staggering enough, realizing that only nine of the hypercars were ever built and this sight becomes even more impressive.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

I call it not a sports car or supercar but rather a hypercar for good reason. The 6.5-liter…