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Watch the tearful moment between Larry Sanders and his brother Bernie



As the roll call votes rolled in Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders and his brother — yes, he has one — shared a profoundly moving family moment.

Larry Sanders, who resides in Britain and is the health spokesperson for the United Kingdom’s Green Party, delivered the final delegate vote for Democrats Abroad during Tuesday’s Democratic convention roll call. Unsurprisingly, it was for his little bro.


Famed TV psychic Miss Cleo reportedly dead at 53



Youree Harris — better known as TV psychic Miss Cleo in ’90s commercials — has died at 53 following a cancer battle, TMZ reports.

Harris passed away Tuesday morning in Florida.

Google’s Nexus phones will now warn you about spam calls



Remember how bad spam was before the advent of Gmail? Google’s free webmail service and its filters reduced spam emails from a menace to a mild nuisance; now, spammy calls might soon also be a thing of the past.

All the strange parts that make up the city with the world’s highest standard of living



A lot of Antipodeans don’t realise this, but Australia’s capital city is not Sydney. It’s Canberra — the fair city that was man-made by a designer and his wife directly between Sydney and Melbourne because the two cities were fighting over the honour too much.

This is a city that conspiracy theorists believe has occult symbolism built into its design, making it quite literally a hell mouth. A city you really can’t call a city because it’s covered in bushland and only has a population of…

Kim Kardashian just turned the tables on Taylor Swift



And so the Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West saga continues.

Relive the best ‘Call of Duty’ with a look at the ‘Modern Warfare’ remaster



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered takes an amazing game and spruces it up for 2016.

This look at “Crew Expendable,” the game’s first mission, made its debut at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)Remastered is a ground-up reworking of the 2007 game, which really doesn’t show its age in this video.

Leslie Jones is John Cena’s life coach and there’s a lot of hilarious shouting



John Cena faces self-doubt and a lack of confidence just like us. Unlike us, he has Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones to help him overcome those anxieties.

As his life coach, Jones reveals how to handle a rowdy crowd and the real reason Amy Schumer put him in Trainwreck.

Find out if Jones’ tips helped Cena as he hosts the 2016 ESPY Awards tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC. The event will presumably feature less shouting than there was in this video.

Lin-Manuel Miranda ends ‘Hamilton’ run with a ‘West Wing’ curtain call



Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda took his final curtain call with the show on Saturday, along with fellow original cast members Ariana DeBose, Leslie Odom, Jr. and Phillipa Soo.

The emotional goodbye — which was, of course, met with a standing ovation —

Mets fan moated by Giancarlo Stanton homer moments after heckling Marlins star



Sports highlights don’t get any funnier than this, folks.

Wimbledon tennis player goes on blistering rant after losing match



LONDON — When it comes to match point at Wimbledon, tensions can sometimes run a little high.

Never was this more evident than in Thursday’s second round contest between Viktor Troicki and Albert Ramos-Vinolas, which ended in pretty dramatic fashion after Troicki decided he didn’t like one of the umpire’s key decisions.

The match was in a pretty crucial stage when Troicki lost that point — he was 5 – 3 down in the…