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Woman hides camera on her butt to promote prostate cancer awareness



Another day, another hidden camera experiment that seems to expose men leering at women…kind of

CJ Koegel, a fitness trainer and former MTV personality, has produced a video that features a woman wearing tight-fitting yoga pants and a hidden camera, affixed to said pants, to catch men (and in some cases women and Elmo) in New York City staring at her behind

The hidden camera video originally seems to…

The world according to Nick Cannon



Nick Cannon arrives without an entourage. Only Devon, who’s big enough to be a body guard, but is clearly Cannon’s affable guy Friday, is in tow.

The nattily-dressed actor, producer, writer, gadget purveyor and TV host is one of the busiest entertainment figures. As ever, he’s on a tight schedule, but does not appear almost preternaturally relaxed. When we realize we’re bumping up against his next call, he tells Devon to push it, who just shrugs his shoulders and makes it happen.



Kristen Bell singing ‘Text Me Merry Christmas’ is a modern-day classic



If you can’t be with a special someone during the holidays, the least you can do is text him or her with an emoji and selfie to really show you care

Actress Kristen Bell has partnered up with the professional a cappella group Straight No Chaser on its new song “Text Me Merry Christmas,” with lyrics that nail modern-day communication and how we’re tied to our smartphones, especially when it comes to hearing from a significant other.


Social experiment shows bystanders ignoring domestic abuse in an elevator



Would you intervene if you witnessed domestic abuse? While most people would probably say yes, a new video makes the case that many people would ignore it — even in a confined space.

The Swedish video shows a male actor pretending to abuse — both verbally and physically — a female actor in an elevator. The video’s creators claim that of the 53 people who entered the elevator, only one defended the woman.

“If you…

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Comcast CEO on the customer service call from hell: ‘I was disappointed’



Remember the Comcast customer service phone call that went viral this summer, where a representative of the cable giant aggressively stonewalled a canceling customer? So does Comcast CEO Brian Roberts.

“I was embarrassed and disappointed when I heard it,” Roberts told Mashable during a Q&A with reporters in San Francisco Wednesday. “But then my wife said, ‘We’re going to be a better company for it.’ It was a teachable moment for employees.”

Roberts, who took over Comcast from his father in…

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Twitter Will Onboard Users With “Instant Timeline”, Inject Top Tweets From “While You Were Away”

Dick Costolo

Beyoncé for $800: ‘Jeopardy’ tests how well you know Queen Bey



Jeopardy host Alex Trebek debuted a Beyonc

FBI Director: Tech companies must unlock devices if requested by officials



The director of the FBI on Monday doubled down on demands that Silicon Valley giants cooperate in the course of criminal investigations, saying that tech companies such asApple and Google have to unlock cellphones, if authorities request it.

The remarks by FBI Director James Comey come on the heels of Apple’s announcement in September that, even if the company wanted to cooperate with police or federal law…

Apple reverses course: calculator widgets now allowed in App Store



Good news, iOS users: you can still access a calculator widget from Notification Center.

The company on Thursday reversed a decision that would require PCalc — a calculator app featured by Apple in its “Great Apps for iOS 8″ section of the App Store — to remove its Notification Center widget.

News of the reversal was first reported by TechCrunch and later confirmed by developer James Thomson:

Just had a phone call from Apple – decision has…

CDC Unveils ‘Individualized’ Ebola Guidelines Amid Patchwork of State Rules



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new guidelines for monitoring incoming travelers from West Africa for the Ebola virus. The guidelines go as far as potentially issuing a “do not travel” order to persons who are at high risk of Ebola, including those who cared for sick individuals without protective equipment or who suffered from a known exposure while treating someone.

The guidelines, some of which were announced on Oct. 22, call for “direct, active monitoring” of…