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CDC Unveils ‘Individualized’ Ebola Guidelines Amid Patchwork of State Rules



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new guidelines for monitoring incoming travelers from West Africa for the Ebola virus. The guidelines go as far as potentially issuing a “do not travel” order to persons who are at high risk of Ebola, including those who cared for sick individuals without protective equipment or who suffered from a known exposure while treating someone.

The guidelines, some of which were announced on Oct. 22, call for “direct, active monitoring” of…

Dressing for Ebola: The 30 Steps Nurses Have to Take



Putting on and taking off protective gear for treating an Ebola patient isn’t as easy as slipping on a pair of latex gloves. It’s a tedious process punctuated by liberal amounts of hand sanitizer.

Nurse Barbara Smith and Dr. Bryan Christensen demonstrated the proper way to wear and remove the full-body garb used to attend to patients suspected of being infected with Ebola. The procedure is the latest in a rapidly evolving series of protective techniques developed by the Centers for Disease…

U.S. Airdrops Arms and Ammo for Forces Fighting in Kobani



U.S. forces delivered weapons, ammunition and medical supplies by aerial drop to fighters combatting Islamic State militants in the northern Syrian town of Kobani early Monday

The town, located just yards from the Turkish border, has been the scene of intense battle between Kurdish forces and ISIS militants, who attacked the area in late September.

Made up of 27 bundles, the airdrops included small arms, ammunition and…

New ‘Call of Duty’ Trailer Shows Futuristic Mayhem



Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare may still have a three weeks left until its release, but publisher Activision is giving eager fans the high-octane launch trailer now.

The trailer shows bits of gameplay spliced in with lots of fast-paced action. It also includes shots of a motion-captured Kevin Spacey, the game’s main villain. Spacey plays Jonathan Irons, the head of military corporation Atlas, which has consolidated much of the world’s power in this bleak future setting

See also: ‘Call of…

Phonio Lets Celebrities Call Their Fans On The Phone, Raw And Unfiltered

Phonio Feature

Gruveo Brings Anonymous Video Calls To The iPhone And iPad


Hasan Minhaj and Trevor Noah to Join ‘The Daily Show’



Jon Stewart’s news-comedy juggernaut just got a little bigger.

Comedy Central announced Friday that The Daily Show will be adding two fresh faces to its staff in upcoming months. Comedian, storyteller and writer Hasan Minhaj is to join the cast as a correspondent in November while acclaimed South African comic, Trevor Noah plans to begin as a contributor in December

Minhaj was showcased as a “New Face” at the…

Relive Every Game Boy Start Screen in Less Than Three Hours



Considering the unhealthy number of hours kids of the 1980s and 1990s spent peering into those teensy-tiny Game Boy screens, it can’t hurt to do it for a few more hours, right?

The genius behind every Nintendo start screen in three hours brings us a compilation of every Game Boy start screen to have ever existed. The clip, which features all of your forgotten favorites, clocks in at 2:42:02

Anyone up for a little Robocop Vs. The Terminator?


Latest Medical Breakthrough: A Lab-Grown Human Penis



A government-funded lab in North Carolina had already grown tissue for 30 human organs, including kidneys, hearts, bladders, urethras and even vaginas. Now scientists have added another vital organ to the list: the penis.

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem has successfully engineered the first six lab-grown human penises, the scientists revealed over the weekend — and they’re just waiting for FDA approval to move forward with what they call “in-man”…

Ferguson Police’s ’5 Second Rule’ Is Unconstitutional, Court Finds



Ferguson’s protesters no longer have to keep moving if told to do so by police.

A federal judge decided on Monday that this so-called “five-second rule” imposed by police on Ferguson’s protesters is unconstitutional.

The judge, Catherine D. Perry of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Missouri, wrote in granting a preliminary injunction that “the practice of requiring peaceful demonstrators and others to walk,…