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Cinderella dishes out plenty of disses with Belle in a princess rap battle



Cinderella may look sweet, but inside, she’s a true slayer.

The classic Disney princess, played by Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar, throws down the rap gauntlet with Belle, played by Whitney Avalon, to prove who is the number one heroine in the wonderful world of Disney.

Belle should just be happy she didn’t get dusted at the end.


Netflix employees hack original NES to play ‘House of Cards’



House of Cards fans will do just about anything to make life exciting again after they’ve plowed through the third season of the hit Netflix show

During Netflix Hack Day, which according to their blog is “a way for our product development teams to get away from everyday work,” three Netflix employees, Guy Cirino, Alex Wolfe, Carenina Motion, were able to create a Netflix app that plays on an unmodified original NES

Just imagine how mad you would be if House of Cards froze and you had to…

10 food trends that dominated in 2014



If in the last year you’ve slurped ramen, guzzled beer cocktails and stuffed your face with donuts, your food choices were on-trend for 2014.

Restaurants and home cooks alike brought back old favorites like refreshing punches, and and took up trickier hobbies, like sausage making

Mashable reached out to chefs from the Institute of Culinary Education for a closer look at the year’s biggest food trends. Plus, they shared…

These food trends will make 2015 a delicious year



As our palettes continue to evolve, so will the food industry. Whether we’re talking streamlined grocery shopping or the craft food and beer, 2015 will see a shift in consumer necessity, distribution and industry growth.

Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, working with ConAgra Foods, predicts that the most noteworthy changes next year will stem from a hunger for more bold-flavored foods that are also healthy and unique. Two noteworthy trends that will pave the way are: 1) the rise of smoked…

Kitchensurfing Raises $15 Million to Bring Private Chefs to Your Home



Chris Muscarella’s first experience with the restaurant business came in 2010 when he helped his friend open Rucola, an Italian eatery in Brooklyn. Muscarella, an entrepreneur at heart who got his start in the tech industry, was struck by how difficult it is for chefs to launch their own businesses.

“One of the things I saw was a tremendously talented labor pool of chefs,” Muscarella says. Yet the cost of opening a restaurant, among other factors, meant many “will probably never have the…

7 Quick Food Hacks For the Lazy Pinterest Browser



Pinterest can fill your screen with a never-ending stream of food porn

Scrolling through the seven-layer rainbow cakes and sugar-crusted apple pies can give you dangerous ideas, like trying to create one of the culinary masterpieces yourself. As PinterestFail has taught us, in the real world, your Cookie Monster cupcakes will frighten children, and your bunny rolls will bloat and burn

For the all non-chefs out there —…

10 Food Writers to Follow on Twitter

Food has gotten big– and I’m not just talking about the size of your Slurpee. From celebrity chefs to cooking shows, food has permeated our lives…

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The Potential of Pinterest

Pinterest PotentialMake no mistake. Pinterest may be a pretty interface full of recipes, do-it-yourself tips, and pictures of cuddly animals (what social site doesn’t have cute animals anymore?), but the end game is all business.

Unlike most who try to get into social media, Pinterest has a real chance of making it happen even with their late entry into the social race.

Take a look at the infographic below. A few things are clear.

  • They hit at the right time
  • They have an amazing target audience from a…

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