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America’s slowest airline replaces CEO after complaints rise



The CEO of Frontier Airlines has resigned and been replaced by the carrier’s chairman and president, two days after the government said that Frontier had the highest complaint rate and the worst on-time performance among the nation’s 14 leading airlines in March.

Frontier said Wednesday that Dave Siegel stepped down for personal reasons.

More than one-third of Frontier’s March flights arrived at least 15 minutes late.

Privately held Frontier has been shifting to a so-called ultra-low-cost…

Apple promotes games with no in-app purchases



Apple is giving special placement to gaming apps that don’t offer in-app purchases

A new section called “Pay Once & Play” graced the front page of Apple’s App Store on Friday.

Some parents have learned the hard way that children make in-app purchases without their consent (making those purchases don’t require re-entering a password, but there’s only a 15-minute window). In January 2014, Apple settled a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission by…

Ice cream trucks are slowly driving New Yorkers insane



Nothing marks your shift into adulthood quite like your reaction to the sound of an ice cream truck.

To a child, it means ice cream. To an adult, it means a screeching, summer-long jingle from hell. So far this year, New Yorkers have made 1,804 ice cream truck-related complaints to the city’s non-emergency complaint system, 311. According to DNAinfo, that’s about 200 more complaints than 2013

Residents feel…

Police investigating racist tweets aimed at Manchester City’s Yaya Touré



British authorities are investigating a string of racist tweets aimed at Yaya Tour

A Mysterious Submarine Is Lurking in Sweden, and Fingers Point to Russia



The Swedish Navy is poking around the waters of the Stockholm archipelago after a mysterious submarine was sighted three times in the surrounding area over the past several days

A four-day search has turned up nothing thus far, but some Swedes are directing serious side-eye at Russia, whose military aircraft have continually violated Swedish air sovereignty over the past several months. In September, it prompted then-Swedish foreign minister to place a formal complaint with the nation’s…

‘Nobody Spoke Australian’: The Hilarious Outback Steakhouse Complaint



SYDNEY — The Outback Steakhouse restaurant is everything that is wrong with Australian-themed restaurants, and now someone is fighting back.

A poster on Reddit, known only as themeandoggie, shared a complaint he said he received while working at the restaurantThe complaint read: “Not satisfied, nobody spoke Australian”.


Image: themeandoggie, reddit

To be honest, it is a pretty fair call. If your bloomin’ menu changes the name of ‘prawns’ to ‘shrimp’, you deserve a clobber.

See also: 11…

If You Have Nothing Better to Do, Watch the Crazy-Long Google I/O Keynote Here



When you’re running the show, you don’t need to worry about getting played off the stage.

The Google I/O developers conference on Wednesday dragged on for almost 3 hours on Wednesday — and it wasn’t even its longest one yet.

One of the most exciting moments of this year’s conference came midway through the presentation, when protesters verbally attacked one of Google’s lawyers over an eviction complaint

Google has posted the entire…

Open Office Plans May Be Hurting Productivity



Ever wanted to punch the guy working next to you who sounds like he’s basically yelling into his phone when he’s on conference calls? What about the woman who taps her foot incessantly from the second you arrive to the second you leave, or that intern who crackles his chip bag every day at lunch?

It turns out that you’re not the only one who’s annoyed with your too-loud co-workers.

Researchers Jungsoo Kim and Richard de Dear at the University of Sydney discovered that noise privacy is the…

John Kerry to Edward Snowden: Man Up and Come Back to the U.S.



Secretary of State John Kerry joined CBS This Morning on Wednesday to slam Edward Snowden hours ahead of the NSA-leaker’s interview with NBC News‘ Brian Williams

Speaking from the State Department, Secretary Kerry called Snowden “a man who has betrayed his country,” and added that he should return to the U.S. for a trial

“He should man up and come back to the United States if he has a complaint about what’s the matter with American surveillance,” Kerry said. “Come back here and stand in our…

Snapchat Settles With FTC Over Misleading Claims Messages ‘Disappear Forever’



Snapchat has agreed to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over charges that it deceived users about how much privacy they have with the ephemeral messaging app.

According to the FTC’s complaint, Snapchat marketed the app as letting a user send a message, which then “disappears forever.” However, users could take advantage of third-party apps to save messages longer.

The FTC complaint also claimed that Snapchat collected contact information from iOS users’ address books “without notice…