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British man uses Eminem lyrics to complain to store, gets the perfect reply



LONDON — When it comes to customer complaints, it’s getting harder and harder to be creative.

There was that guy who tried to claim money from The National Lottery with a brilliantly fake scratch card, the man who photographed a loaf of crooked bread and posted it to Facebook, and even that bloke who somehow ended up in a three-hour rap battle with Pret A Manger after moaning about his crayfish flatbread.

Still, Jay Whalley of…

Sikh man alleges racism after being removed from a queue at Wimbledon



A Sikh man was removed from an overnight queue to watch the Wimbledon because he made people around him “uncomfortable”. The unnamed tennis lover then took to Facebook to speak out against the incident, which he described as “post-Brexit racism”.

In his Facebook-post, the man wrote that he was “kicked out of the overnight camping line for centre court Wimbledon line ‘because you make some people…

Warner Bros. busted for paying YouTubers for positive game reviews




Store immediately regrets asking customer to back up faulty carrot claim



LONDON — If there’s ever the opportunity to get one over on a brand, people are normally more than happy to go the extra mile.

Aaron, a Tesco customer from Manchester, UK, is a brilliant example of this.

It all started when he tweeted the following complaint about a bag of carrots he’d bought from Tesco.

Tesco responded asking Aaron to “elaborate on the issue”.

45 minutes later, Aaron delivered.


Turkish journalists sentenced to 2 years in prison over Charlie Hebdo cartoon



Two Turkish journalists have been sentenced to two years in prison for republishing a cover of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo with a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

Baller cop recruits Shaq to play in pickup basketball game against kids



Shaq teamed up with Gainesville Police to surprise a group of kids whose neighbor called the police on them with a complaint for playing basketball too loudly. Read more…

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Ex-Oklahoma cop’s sex assault victims speak out: ‘I was afraid for my life’



The rape convictions that could put a fired Oklahoma City police officer behind bars for life are vindication for some of the women he targeted, and also a reminder of how difficult it is to achieve justice in such cases.

Most victims never report sexual assaults, and those who accused ex-officer Daniel Holtzclaw were even more vulnerable as poor black women, many with checkered histories of crime and addiction.

A grandmother’s bravery in telling her story made all the difference this time….

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ runs into trouble in India over ‘homosexual’ content



India’s Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) has issued a notice to the channel Star World for showing a ‘homosexual encounter’ and ‘denigrating women’ in the popular American medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy.

The notice was given after a complaint from the ministry of information and broadcasting which described the scenes as ‘indecent’ and ‘vulgar’. BCCC, a self-regulatory body set up by the Indian…

FCC slaps Hilton with tiny fine for Wi-Fi probe obstruction



Say a huge hotel chain such as Hilton has been allegedly obstructing customers’ Wi-Fi hotspots in order to charge them outrageous Wi-Fi fines. Say the said hotel chain is now obstructing the investigation into the matter. If you’re the FCC, what do you do? Well, you slap Hilton with a $25,000 fine, enough to make the $25 billion hotel chain tremble and despair

The proposed fine comes after Hilton Worldwide Holdings apparently obstructed the investigation into a complaint from August 2014,…

Lush cosmetics defends ad campaign featuring naked women



Lush Australia will not change how it approaches marketing despite a decision by the Advertising Standards Board to uphold a complaint against the homemade cosmetics brand‘s campaign to raise awareness of excess packaging that featured nude women.

During August and September this year, Lush began a campaign against excessive packaging in the cosmetics industry by highlighting how many of its products are “naked,” or unpackaged. As part of the campaign, Lush placed posters in its shop windows…