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If ‘La La Land’ was directed by David Lynch, it’d look something like this…


Everyone knows that La La Land is the feel-good, singing and dancing movie of the year. And with Damien Chazelle nominated for “Best Director” in this weekend’s Academy Awards, we wondered what the film would look like with an entirely different director and tone.

Based on Magic Johnson’s tweets, the Lakers basically just hired Perd Hapley from ‘Parks and Rec’


The Los Angeles Lakers named Magic Johnson — a three-time NBA MVP who won five championships in L.A. as a player — as the team’s new president of basketball operations on Tuesday.

10-year-old girl moves birthday party to nursing home to celebrate with her grandma



When 10-year-old Ellie realized that her grandmother Rita wouldn’t be able to attend her birthday party due to health concerns, she considered canceling it all together. But her mother Kimber (who asked Mashable to omit her last name) came up with a better solution: bring the party to granny’s nursing home.

In December, Kimber and Ellie brought their family and friends to the Tennessee nursing home to surprise Rita with an…

Explore an 8-bit ocean with this old-school ‘Finding Nemo’ short



What’s more adorbs than a determined little fish in search of his family alongside his underwater friends? This 8-bit animated short that turns Finding Nemo into a 10-level video-game, courtesy of CineFix‘s 8-Bit Cinema.

Extremely chill celebrity Kristen Bell ate pizza at the Emmys



The Emmys is a sophisticated affair and, as such, just a little bit boring.

7 can’t-miss apps: Mr. Robot, Musical.ly, Procreate and more



Although some of the greatest apps revolve around gaming and photography fun, it’s always good to know which apps will actually help you get a few things done.

You need these Pokémoji in your life



For the truly devoted Pok

‘Sharknado 4′ books three social media stars for cameos



The fourth installment of the Sharknado movie franchise is looking to awaken the social media followers of three online stars by booking them for cameos in the upcoming film.

Syrian artists are painting bright murals in this refugee camp to remind them of home



Jordan’s sprawling Za’atari refugee camp is home to nearly 80,000 displaced Syrians. The makeshift city is set in a bleak patch of desert near the border between the two countries.

Thousands of small metal shelters stretch through the camp — a dusty and colorless wasteland with no vegetation. Many of the Syrian refugees have been living there for years.

Artists in the camp have recently been painting vibrants…

Taylor Swift made sure everyone at the Grammys will be covered in glitter forever



Taylor Swift has glitter bombed the Grammys.

During the singer’s Grammy-opening performance, several audience members were coated in the sparkly stuff.

Swift performed her latest single, “Out of the Woods,” while wearing a glitter suit — and apparently she wanted everyone in attendance to follow suit. In several shots during the performance, tons of glitter could be seen falling down into the audience.

A later shot of…