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Syrian artists are painting bright murals in this refugee camp to remind them of home



Jordan’s sprawling Za’atari refugee camp is home to nearly 80,000 displaced Syrians. The makeshift city is set in a bleak patch of desert near the border between the two countries.

Thousands of small metal shelters stretch through the camp — a dusty and colorless wasteland with no vegetation. Many of the Syrian refugees have been living there for years.

Artists in the camp have recently been painting vibrants…

Taylor Swift made sure everyone at the Grammys will be covered in glitter forever



Taylor Swift has glitter bombed the Grammys.

During the singer’s Grammy-opening performance, several audience members were coated in the sparkly stuff.

Swift performed her latest single, “Out of the Woods,” while wearing a glitter suit — and apparently she wanted everyone in attendance to follow suit. In several shots during the performance, tons of glitter could be seen falling down into the audience.

A later shot of…

‘There is a difference between difficult and impossible’: 3 girls pursuing STEM careers in Egypt



In every region of the world, women and girls are underrepresented in science, technology, and engineering and math (STEM). The Maadi STEM School in Cairo aims to change that. Three remarkable girls from the school share their stories of pursuing STEM careers in Egypt under difficult circumstances

Video courtesy USAID and #LetGirlsLearn Read more…

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Man spends Valentine’s Day with his one and only love: pizza



Who doesn’t want their Valentine’s Day to be a little cheesy?

Reddit user milez1305 shared a photo of their friend, who achieved perfect synchronicity with the pizza universe with his special Valentine’s Day plans, which included pizza themed decor, pizza printed clothes and, of course, his favorite food: pizza

The pizza came courtesy of their local…

The Hamster Bowl will score a touchdown on your heart



What kind of sport only has one ball? We fixed football by replacing large men with hamsters, putting each of these hamsters in their own protective ball and letting them go wild

Ready, set, fuzzdown!

And, of course, it wouldn’t be the big game without a hamster halftime show starring Coldplay and Fuzzyonc

Someone gave Ken dolls a more realistic makeover — with dad bod and all



When Mattel released its new line of diverse Barbie dolls earlier this week, Internet users demanded a series of equally realistic

‘Tangerine’ director brings vision to KENZO fashion film



What does an independent film director do after releasing a groundbreaking movie admired for its emphasis on the transgender experience and reliance on the iPhone? He collaborates with a fashion brand on a short film. At least, that’s the case for Tangerine writer and director Sean Baker.

Baker teamed up with KENZO to write and direct a short film around the brand’s spring 2016 collection — shot entirely on an iPhone, of course. The video, Snowbird, abandons the opulence of fashion in…

Ivanka Trump designs phone charging handbags for working women on the go



We’ve all been there: running from one appointment to the next, watching our phone batteries die, knowing we’re powerless to stop it. Working women, fear no moreIvanka Trump has arrived to solve this problem — with a little help from wearable tech.

Trump created a line of chargeable handbags and pouches that keep cell batteries replenished and women looking as classy as ever. The businesswoman launched her first venture into wearable tech this past December with the Rio Tech Sleeve and has…

J.J. Abrams knows Rey’s last name — and definitely won’t tell you



PASADENA, California — While the Internet fills to the brim with Star Wars: The Force Awakens theories one man who can put all the speculation to rest is staying mum — with little effort

Master secret keeper J.J. Abrams told curious reporters Tuesday that though he’s not directing the next Star Wars movie, he knows “quite a bit” about the script itself and some of the answers it contains, including the truth about Rey’s lineage.

Japanese ad uses samurai and ninjas to stop smartphone use while walking



Japan’s mobile phone culture has always been a few steps ahead of the west, with the early emergence of emoji being the most famous example

Now Japan’s leading cell phone carrier, NTT Docomo, has used the tropes of the country’s popular martial arts films to promote a tech culture correction we could likely see in the U.S. sometime soon: getting users to stop walking while using their smartphones

The spot, titled…