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Would-be Harvard students shipped to School of Hard Knocks after offensive memes


If you’re hoping to attend a university after graduating high school, you might wanna seriously think before you meme. Moreover, if you thought life within the ostensible privacy of secured Facebook pages has no bearing on the future of one’s education—let alone one at the place Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook—you definitely want to take a step back from the keyboard.

Harvard newspaper hacked just to make fun of grad speaker Mark Zuckerberg


Harvard dropout and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg found himself the subject of fake news on Thursday after the school’s newspaper, The Harvard Crimson, was hacked.

Instead of the Crimson‘s regularly planned special commencement issue, the website showcased some not so flattering photoshops and strange headlines.

crimson archive” data-credit-provider=”custom type” data-caption=”Zuckerberg was parodied in a hack on the student paper’s website.” title=”Zuckerberg was parodied in a hack on…

Sorry, Black Friday — social media hates you



In the early hours of Nov. 25 (and in some cases, the evening hours after Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 24), millions of Americans will embark on Black Friday odysseys, questing for the doorbuster deals and backroom specials that whip the shopping public into a frenzy year after year.

And if recent research on social media trends holds any truth, they’ll likely be hating every moment of it.

You want this bulldog by your side in a horror movie



Forget the teen lovers, the ex-military dad or the brainy nerd — the only companion we want to have with us in a horror movie scenario is this bulldog.

The 4-year-old dog, named Khaleesi according to the video description, is watching Crimson Peak and keeping an eye out for a little girl in the film. As danger closes in on the character, Khaleesi dutifully attempts to warn her.

Khaleesi, please come watch The Babadook with us, we still can’t get through that one. Read more…

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Official ‘Gears of War 4′ Xbox One S forged by monster claws and fire



When the Fenix legacy returns this October in Gears of War 4, Microsoft will welcome it in style.

Social media analytics service Crimson Hexagon raises $20M

social media

Social media analytics service Crimson Hexagon raises $20M

social media

Joe Jonas loves pizza, so he dyed his hair the color of marinara sauce



You may have celebrated National Pizza Day by chomping down on a sliceJoe Jonas laughs at amateurs like you.

The DNCE frontman unveiled bright-red hair today — you know, the color of tomatoes or maybe over-processed pepperoni. Look out for “Pizza by the Lake” as a follow-up to the DNCE hit, “Cake by the Ocean.”

For a while, he was rocking a look that in hindsight must have been a tribute to blueberries, a fine…

Review: ‘Crimson Peak’ is campy gothic horror that won’t actually scare you



Crimson Peak is a deliciously gothic soap opera masquerading as a horror film

The film, co-written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, is a campy romp through a haunted house, loaded with stunning visuals that put every inch of its $55 million budget on display. It’s so gorgeous to look at and so carefully put together that you might not mind the meandering plot.

Starring Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston and…

Is Facebook Too Big to Fail?



Shortly after Facebook launched at Harvard Feb. 4, 2004 the social network began expanding to other college campusesThe Harvard Crimson, Harvard’s paper of record and the first publication to write about Facebook, raised some doubts in its coverage of these early expansion efforts.

“Peter M. Strait, a first-year at Columbia, said he was skeptical about the site’s future success,” The Crimson reported on March 1, 2004. “Columbia already has a similar webpage, the Columbia University (CU)…