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Cannes: 15 Women Directors, Tame Dragons and Ryan Gosling’s First Time



The abysmal state of affairs for female directors in Hollywood got a tiny glimmer of hope in Paris this week, as the Cannes Film Festival announced its lineup: a group including 15 female filmmakers (though only two are in the main competition this year).

Another quirky highlight from the 2014 fest is the world premiere of

Infrared Sensor Could Lead to Night Vision Contact Lenses



If you’re scared of the dark, you may no longer have reason to fear.

Researchers out of the University of Michigan have developed an infrared sensor that could eventually be used in the production of night vision contact lenses.

Infrared imaging typically involves multiple technologies to view all ranges of the infrared spectrum, in addition to bulky cooling equipment. It is most often used by doctors to monitor blood…

Microsoft’s Sci-Fi Drama Series ‘Humans’ Will Premiere on Xbox



Microsoft is stepping deep into Netflix territory with a new sci-fi drama series, set to premiere simultaneously on Xbox in the U.S. and the UK’s Channel 4

Created in partnership between Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios and Channel 4, Humans is an adaption of the Swedish series Real Humans (watch the trailer below)

Set in a parallel present, It focuses on a family who buys a “Synth” — a humanoid robot servant that helps around the house with…

Lego Can ‘Destroy’ Souls, Claims Polish Priest



The world’s friendliest toy is catching flack from a priest in Poland

In a presentation aimed at parents, Father Slawomir Kostrzewa claimed that Lego is a tool of the devil. The presentation was a response to the brick-building toy’s Monster Fighters series, featuring ghosts, werewolves, vampires, mummies, swamp creatures and more. The set also features a team of monster-fighting people.

lego monsters

Image: Lego.com

“Friendly fellows have been…

Spotify’s New Redesign Is Beautiful and Functional



Spotify just got a major redesign and it looks fantastic.

The new design, which rolls out Wednesday for the desktop player, web player and iPhone app, features a new dark color scheme, new fonts and icons and creates a more consistent look and feel across platforms.

One of the major focal points of the redesign is around content and discoverability. The dark theme — which is similar to Beats Music — was…

The Uniform That Makes Soldiers’ Body Heat Invisible to Enemies



American soldiers may soon be able to hide their body heat from any enemy who uses a thermal imaging device to find them. A new turkey suit breaks up heat waves that wash off a person’s body so the pattern of those waves blend in with the heat waves of the surrounding environment

It’s thermal camouflage.

Tracking body heat requires a thermal imaging sensor, a gadget that can take the form of a range of devices, including…

Is Nick Cannon’s ‘Whiteface’ Stunt Offensive or Is He Trolling Us?



We have a new King of the Trolls, you guys.

Rapper, comedian and TV host Nick Cannon has had a busy year preparing the release of a new album, hopscotching on an international DJ tour and promoting his Macy’s tie line.

Before Monday, the 33-year-old and the world were on decent terms, going about their lives with nothing amiss. Then, the following happened, unofficially marking his coronation day:

His new name: Connor Smallnut. 
Maybe you’ve met him. Maybe you are him. And maybe that’s why…

‘Interstellar’ in IMAX: Christopher Nolan’s Space Adventure Is Going to Be Huge



We’ve still seen precious little of Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming space-travel epic Interstellar, but when we finally do, it’s gonna be huge.

As in 72 feet by 53 feet, the standard size of an IMAX screen (with many running bigger).

The Inception director is shooting at least some of the November release starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in the large-screen, high-resolution format — similar to his Dark Knight trilogy. As with that film, IMAX moviegoers will see the aspect ratio…

Cookie Monster Is ‘Miserables’ On His Own Without Cookies



Jean Valjean stole bread in Les Miserables to feed his family, and he served 19 years in prison. Just imagine if he stole cookies.

In this short video, Cookie Monster (a.k.a “Jean Bon-Bon”) and many other Sesame Street characters parody the classic French play with a twist: Instead of bread being the thief’s object of desire, it’s cookies. Bon-Bon just couldn’t keep his hand out of the cookie jar

The shorter,…

Classic Disney Posters Get a Seriously Modern Makeover



Fresh off the heels of awards season, people are still buzzing about the deeply serious dramas that racked up nominations over the past two months

Oh My Disney hopped on board the dark train with a series of re-imagined posters that lend a moodier tone to some of the more lighthearted Disney classics.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs features the princess’ face reflected in the poison apple that nearly seals her fate, while…

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