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Britain buys supercomputer to get better weather forecasts



LONDON — Britons are known for talking at great length about the weather—sometimes even obsessing about it—and soon they’ll have a lot more to chat about with the advent of more detailed weather forecasts courtesy of a computer equipped with more processing power than 100,000 Playstations combined.

Britain’s Met Office has been given the green light to build a

A Look at the ‘Hellish’ Costumes of ‘The 100′ Ahead of its Season Premiere



VANCOUVER, CANADA — The sun shining through the blinds of costume designer Katia Stano’s workshop illuminates every particle of dust and lint floating through the air. It makes the room seem cloudy and suffocating — fitting, though, considering that’s exactly the world in which the characters on CW’s The 100 live

It’s Stano and her costume army’s job to bring that dark and dreary aesthetic to the screen, a task that comes with unique challenges in the post-apocalyptic, action-packed world of…

New ‘Rainbow Brite’ Series Is Coming to Color Your World



Anything can happen as long as you believe.

Colorful superhero Rainbow Brite and her trusty steed Starlite are back in a series reboot for Feeln, a family-oriented online streaming site.

The new, extra-vibrant, extra-dramatic trailer (above) features Emily Osment as the voice of Rainbow Brite and ’80s teen queen Molly Ringwald as the voice of the Dark Princess. Fans may remember this villain from the 1985 film Rainbow Brite and the…

6 Ways Batman Ruled Comic Con Because He’s the Goddamn Batman



NEW YORK — From the 4-month-old infant dressed as “Bat Baby” at Fox’s Gotham panel to the 86-year-old Adam West reminiscing about his stint as the classic Caped Crusader, it was impossible not to catch a whiff of Batman something at New York Comic Con

It’s an understatement to say Batman took over Comic Con this weekend because organizers took no shortcuts in celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary, with appearances from Dark Knights of yesteryear: West, George Clooney, Michael Keaton and…

Marvel Premieres Footage of Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ at New York Comic Con



No one in the Daredevil panel at New York Comic Con could have thought of a better place to be on a Saturday night. Why? Because Marvel premiered four — yes, four — clips from the highly anticipated series.

The clips, taken from various points during the pilot, featured first looks at almost all of the main characters — including Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll), Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) and Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio)

Angry bird full free

When Your Job Is to Moderate the Internet’s Nastiest Trolls



Alex Chrum can easily recite the most common sexist, racist and homophobic slurs. She’s privy to some of the most hateful language you’ve ever heard. And for about a year, she read it over and over again, every single day

Chrum, 25, became fluent in such viciousness thanks to her job moderating online commentary and trolling. As a content specialist for Debate.org, a site that invites users to discuss controversial topics, Chrum had to wade into the dark, sometimes poisonous muck of Internet…

11 Fall Film Suggestions Based on Your Tumblr Fandom



Fall film guides are popping up everywhere, but they sometimes lack the specifics to guide you to your ideal Oscar-bait movie

Are you in it for the issues, the eye candy, or the eye candy who is deeply invested in the issues? Like most big decisions involving entertainment or the exact cutestness level of a certain cat, it’s best to look through the eyes of Tumblr.

Depending on your sub-culture of choice, we’ve got a few movie recommendations for…

Jon Stewart’s ‘Rosewater’ Has Humor and Heart, But There Be Thorns



TORONTO — The things that are precisely right with Rosewater, Jon Stewart’s first foray into filmmaking, are also the things that make it, ultimately, not an especially entertaining film.

To be fair, Stewart did not take last summer off from hosting The Daily Show to give us a good time at the movies — one hopes he might someday, as it’s clear that he possesses talent as a feature film director and is, you know, pretty funny — but rather to shed some light into a dark corner of the world,…

First Impressions: Motorola Moto 360 is More than Just a Pretty Watch Face



Moto 360, the most eagerly anticipated Android Wear Device, finally has a price and a delivery date. Motorola revealed all the details on Thursday in Chicago, setting the list price at $249 and putting it on sale Friday at select retailers including Best Buy. And they finally handed out some working models.

With a 1.56-inch round display, the Moto 360 cuts a distinctive figure among smart watches, many of which are square or…

12 Boozy Baked Goods to Spike Your Buns



Alcohol and baked goods: two great things that taste even better together.

If you need a bit of kick in your cake, try these booze-filled sweets. Ranging from sweet and alcoholic cherry tartlets to the dark decadence of a irish cream brownie, these baked goods recipes are a true two-for-one.

Be careful not to over indulge on them, you may find yourself with a bit of a sugar-crash buzz. Read more…

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