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These ‘Star Wars’ phones are the Androids you’re looking for



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… there were no smartphones. But if there were, they probably would’ve looked something like this.

SoftBank, a Japanese telecom, debuted a slick duo of Star Wars-themed Android phones Friday. They come in “Dark Side” and “Light Side” flavors (of course)…


… with Imperial and Rebel icons emblazoned on the back of each device:

Image: Softbank

They’re loaded with Star Wars wallpapers referencing the original trilogy, with a…

Not even ‘The Dark Knight’ filmmakers were sure about Joker’s origins



You know The Dark Knight was one of the most complex superhero movies ever. But did you know these seven surprising behind-the-scenes factoids?

Our CineFix series, Things You Didn’t Know, brings you things you didn’t know about your favorite movies—and in this case, things even the filmmakers didn’t know, like the true origins of the Joker.

Classic movie lines vastly improved with uncouth Australian captions



Movies are just the best and Australians? Well they’re pretty good too, if a little sweary. Put them together and you’ve got movie meme perfection.

Twitter savant Illy Bocean is a genius who’s done just that. Realising that classic Hollywood films and the Australian love of barely-enunciated consonants and rude words, are the perfect match, he’s re-captioned some classic lines from the silver screen with an Aussie edge.

‘Search Party’ premiere party celebrates comedy, mystery and beautifully executed dark humor



A few of the scenes in TBS’ new dark comedy, Search Party, are so awkwardly funny they’re cringe-worthy. Others touch upon more serious issues – the self-centered culture of Brooklyn’s millennial, hipster youth; the very real feeling of being a driftlessly ambivalent twenty-something; strained mother/daughter relationships. Throw in a dash of mystery and expertly executed comic relief, and it’s a winning combination.

The show’s back and forth storytelling — between serious tension and…

Chinese drivers try to deter high-beamers with scary reflective decals



Some drivers in China think they’ve found an ingenious way of deterring people from driving with their high beam headlights on behind them.

They’re buying these creepy reflective decals for their rear windows, that illuminate when a car behind has its high beam on.

Two Americas: Chief Wahoo’s World Series and the ‘No DAPL’ front lines



Once again, the sports and real worlds have converged to show there are two Americas, one experienced by white people and the other experienced by minorities.

While the big-toothed, red-faced visage of a baseball team’s logo takes center stage at the World Series in Cleveland, seven states away real Native American people are faced down by police who look outfitted for war, not a dialogue with unarmed protesters.

You can watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary right here



In Before the Flood, Leonardo DiCaprio travels around the globe to explore the effects of global warming as well as possible solutions.

The 95-minute movie is free on a bunch of platforms from Oct. 30 through Nov. 6, including including Facebook, Hulu and, yes, YouTube (see above).

VR artists’ trippy ‘Doctor Strange’ creations give a sneak peek at the Dark Realm



LOS ANGELES — Painting in virtual reality could be its own Mystic Art.

The reality-bending sorcery of Doctor Strange is what gives Marvel’s latest a visual freshness that blew critics away, and now a trio of VR artists have recreated its psychedelic environments in the headset using Tilt Brush by Google.

Look closely: There are some sneaky peeks at what we’ll see when Doctor Strange opens Nov. 4.

First, a…

5 storylines to follow during the 2016 World Series



If you don’t like baseball, watch baseball, or know what baseball is, know this — the 2016 World Series is different.

New photo shows crash site of Europe’s lost Mars lander



Well, it looks like Mars has a new crater thanks to a European spacecraft that crash-landed on the red planet this week.