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‘Doctor Who’ returns to the big screen in two-night event featuring Season 9 prequel



There are still only preliminary plans to make a full-fledged Doctor Who movie — but that won’t stop the cult TV series from conquering the big screen

Doctor Who is set to take over the box office once again with a special two-night event coming to theaters ahead of the show’s Season 9 premiere. What’s more, the futuristic show is headed into the third dimension.

BBC Worldwide and Fathom Events will broadcast…

Not-so-graceful eagle struggles at landing



Seal’s Fly Like an Eagle might have had different lyrics if he’d seen this bird.

This golden eagle tried to make a graceful landing before misjudging a branch as a solid perch. It was in that moment the bird knew it had made a huge mistake. After contemplating what exactly just happened, it clawed its way up to the nest and brushed it off like no one was watching.

It wasn’t like there was a hidden video recording the fail for thousands of people to watch later.

Pluto on Pluto: Disney’s dog spotted on dwarf planet



LAUREL, Maryland — Pluto the dog has been spotted on Pluto the underdog dwarf planet.

Of course, the Disney dog isn’t physically on the dwarf planet Pluto, but Amanda Zangari, a scientist working with the New Horizons team, has found geological formations that join up to resemble the beloved cartoon character

A series of dark and light squiggles creates what look like two ears, two eyes, a nose and even the tongue of Pluto the dog…

Greece strikes last-minute deal with creditors, Grexit avoided



BRUSSELS — A summit of eurozone leaders reached a tentative agreement with Greece on Monday for a bailout program that includes “serious reforms” and aid, removing an immediate threat that Greece could collapse financially and leave the euro.

Nine hours after a self-imposed deadline passed, the leaders announced the breakthrough early Monday.

If the talks had failed, Greece could have faced bankruptcy and a…

New Horizons shows first close-up picture of Pluto’s odd ‘whale tail’



A NASA probe closing in on Pluto for a close flyby next week has snapped the first close-up glimpse of the little-understood dwarf planet’s nooks and crannies

The space agency’s New Horizons probe won’t make its closest approach with Pluto until Tuesday, but the spacecraft has already sent back photos showing unprecedented details of the dwarf planet’s surface, particularly a mysterious spot

These images have revealed a dark whale-shaped blotch near the tiny world’s south pole.

See also: How…

Watch the new ‘Doctor Who’ trailer fresh out of Comic-Con, featuring Maisie Williams



“Every time I think it couldn’t get more extraordinary, it surprises me.”

The 12th Doctor could very well have been talking about the very first trailer for Season 9 of Doctor Who, released fresh from Comic-Con. The preview is dark, plenty dramatic, and features several faces, familiar and not. Did we mention that it also has

Pluto finally shows us its ‘heart’



What does Pluto’s heart look like?

A new photo taken by NASA’s New Horizons probe has revealed a heart-shaped white patch on the dwarf planet’s surface ahead of the spacecraft’s historic flyby of the tiny world and its five moons Tuesday

The newly released, somewhat blurry-looking image, which was taken on July 7, also shows a dark structure at Pluto’s equator which NASA is referring to as “the whale.”

New Horizons, which is the…

Black model has to bring her own makeup to fashion shows



There’s a reason makeup comes in so many different shades: Your unique skin shade and tone requires equally particular makeup application. What works for one person looks unnatural on another

Yet even backstage at fashion shows, it seems many makeup artists are still unfamiliar how to adapt makeup for different skin colors, especially for darker-skinned individuals

Sudanese model Nykhor Paul communicated her frustration as a dark-skinned woman in a largely light-skinned fashion industry, via…

After all that heat, Britain got golf-ball-sized hail and lightning



LONDON — The north of Britain was a floating, fiery eye away from becoming Mordor for a short time on Wednesday night.

Powerful thunderstorms, which swept across Manchester and Scotland on Wednesday evening, ended the hottest July day on record and concluded a a day of extreme UK weather.

The storm clouds, which looked like something out of a Roland Emmerich disaster movie, made their entrance after dark.

Huge storm…

A probe zooming to Pluto just sent home a mesmerizing timelapse gif



Looking good, Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons probe is starting to get a clearer view of the dwarf planet and its five moons as it speeds through space toward a historic Pluto flyby on July 14.

A new timelapse gif shows Pluto and its largest moon Charon coming into focus as the craft flew about 21 million miles closer to the dwarf planet over the course of a little less than a month.

As Charon circles…