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Fishermen stumble upon a 16-foot manta ray while out at sea


It’s a “sea monstah.”

The Outcast Sport Fishing crew was chartering off the coast of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina when they came across a massive sea monster: a 16-foot manta ray, which is basically a giant swimming bird.

After cruising alongside the giant to snap some photos, the manta ray eventually swam off, completely unfazed by the crowd of alien onlookers. Read more…

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Trevor Noah says 2016 was so bad ‘that it just never ended’


Ask Trevor Noah and he’ll tell you: President Donald Trump has been a blessing for comedy. Noah’s brand of comedy in particular.

Trump’s election has been nothing but a momentum-changer for the comedian from South Africa, boosting The Daily Show‘s ratings up 7% from this time last year, according to Nielsen, which says he ended January with 1.4 million total average nightly viewers.

But the heir to Jon Stewart’s nightly political sature has a lot else going on, too: His book Born a Crime…

London tourist attraction is getting dragged for sexist Valentine’s social media campaign


One of London’s most popular tourist attractions is being dragged on social media for their “sexist and tasteless” marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day.

‘Girlfriend’s Day’ is the bleak Netflix comedy you need today


“Everybody needs to smile on Valentine’s Day, the saddest holiday of the year,” says Better Call Saul‘s Bob Odenkirk in an effort to pitch his new Netflix film, Girlfriend’s Day.

Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway goes full ‘Fatal Attraction’ on ‘SNL’



Kellyanne Conway will not be ignored, Jake. Especially not in Saturday Night Live‘s remake of the 90s thriller Fatal Attraction.

Played by Kate McKinnon, the Trump advisor goes all single white female on Beck Bennett’s Jake Tapper, lurking uninvited in his house, desperate to get back on the news.

In the skit, the State Of The Union host heads home from CNN after declining to book Conway — an incident that reportedly…

Stop everything and look at this Instagrammer’s incredibly surreal ocean snaps



God bless Instagram.

With Android Wear 2.0, Google targets the Apple Watch by imitating it



Android Wear’s second coming is finally here

After months of delays and more than a few leaks, Google is finally launching

Create hundreds of different color tones with this magical art tool



These color tops from ‘Chameleon Pens‘ will have you coloring your heart’s desire and blending hues together like never before

Watch as they turn your color tones from dark to light and light to dark.

Best app ever lets you create your own Trump Executive Order memes



You’ve seen the memes: President Trump proudly displaying the latest Executive Order, only the text has been replaced with a kid’s drawing. Or a proclamation that anime is now illegal. Or something equally silly and fun.

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