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After all that heat, Britain got golf-ball-sized hail and lightning



LONDON — The north of Britain was a floating, fiery eye away from becoming Mordor for a short time on Wednesday night.

Powerful thunderstorms, which swept across Manchester and Scotland on Wednesday evening, ended the hottest July day on record and concluded a a day of extreme UK weather.

The storm clouds, which looked like something out of a Roland Emmerich disaster movie, made their entrance after dark.

Huge storm…

A probe zooming to Pluto just sent home a mesmerizing timelapse gif



Looking good, Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons probe is starting to get a clearer view of the dwarf planet and its five moons as it speeds through space toward a historic Pluto flyby on July 14.

A new timelapse gif shows Pluto and its largest moon Charon coming into focus as the craft flew about 21 million miles closer to the dwarf planet over the course of a little less than a month.

As Charon circles…

Presenting ‘Cage of Thrones,’ starring Nic Cage and Nic Cage and Nic Cage



If anyone in Hollywood understands dynasties, it’s Nicolas Cage: He’s Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew, and was briefly married to Elvis’ daughter. So it’s a little messed up that the Oscar-winning actor wasn’t cast for a single role in Game of Thrones — or, for that matter, all of them.

After all, Cage proved that he can play both sides of a tense family dynamic when he starred as twin brothers in the gardening thriller Adaptation. Juggling the roles of feuding Lannisters would be a breeze


Miss Piggy warns you to catcall her at your own risk



Kermit and Miss Piggy recently sat down with MTV for an interview to talk about feminism, and we’re happy to report Kermit did not do any mansplaining

They discussed why people are afraid to identify with the feminist label, how the Muppet Show will be pro-woman and what happens when you catcall Miss Piggy (it’s not pretty)

“Normally, when someone catcalls me, there’s a new pothole the next day,” Piggy explained

“Yes, with a head sticking out of it,” chimed in her adoring green partner.

White House staffers covered cameras in press room during bomb threat evacuation



Unknown White House staffers were seen covering cameras in the building’s briefing room on Tuesday as it was evacuated due to a reported bomb threat — and White House correspondents want to know why.

The staffers used t-shirts and newspapers to cover the cameras lenses as they continued to record video during the evacuation, which came after someone called a White House phone and reported a suspicious package in the room.

“Our camera in the WH briefing room was just covered up — our live…

‘GMA’ had a bad Monday and tweeted a GIF of dead Mufasa



Don’t you just hate it when your power-hungry brother pushes you off a cliff and you’re trampled by a stampede of wildebeest? Typical Monday.

That probably wasn’t exactly what was going through the mind of the Good Morning America employee who tweeted a depressing Lion King GIF of Simba trying to wake Mufasa’s corpse with the caption: “RT if this was you this morning… #Mondays” this week


The Verge screencapped the…

3 roommates created a hilarious ad for their $1 garage sale



Get ready, Californians in the San Luis Obispo area: The garage sale of the century is happening on Sunday

Three roommates — Nick, Matt and Rhys — are moving out of their home, so naturally, they’re selling off all of their old stuff for just $1

Yep, everything — even speakers and a snowboard — are just $1, regardless of its actual value.

To promote the garage sale, the guys created a hilarious video, complete with flying dollar bills and pitch-shifted voiceovers, reminiscent of local ads…

Startup founders say they are hoarding money for the inevitable tech crash



Parker Conrad should be the happiest man in tech right now

Zenefits, the human resources software company he founded barely two years ago, raised $500 million in private funding at a $4.5 billion, a once-inconceivable amount that would make it one of the fastest-growing companies in history — at least by valuation.

Yet, he has a sense of “paranoia” about the worst case scenario that never seems to go away completely. “I don’t think it ever will,” Conrad told Mashable last Wednesday, a few…

‘Avengers’ parody reveals the worst evil of all: Conference calls



If saving the world already sounds daunting, try doing it while dealing with an unruly conference call.

In this Avengers parody, Nick Fury does just that, calling the world’s leaders to discuss plans only to realize their group video call is lagging.

The video, by YouTube user Pixelspersecond, hilariously skewers both conference calls and the Avengers franchise, featuring classic video call tropes like “person with kid in room” and “guy…

First ‘Star Wars’ spin-off movie will show theft of Death Star plans



ANAHEIM, Calif. — Rogue One, the first Star Wars spin-off movie, will deal with a group of resistance fighters stealing the plans for the Death Star from the Empire in the run-up to the original movie, Lucasfilm confirmed Sunday

Directed by Gareth Edwards, who helmed 2014′s Godzilla, the film is a departure from normal Star Wars fare in that it promises to be a dark, gritty war film