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Startup founders say they are hoarding money for the inevitable tech crash



Parker Conrad should be the happiest man in tech right now

Zenefits, the human resources software company he founded barely two years ago, raised $500 million in private funding at a $4.5 billion, a once-inconceivable amount that would make it one of the fastest-growing companies in history — at least by valuation.

Yet, he has a sense of “paranoia” about the worst case scenario that never seems to go away completely. “I don’t think it ever will,” Conrad told Mashable last Wednesday, a few…

‘Avengers’ parody reveals the worst evil of all: Conference calls



If saving the world already sounds daunting, try doing it while dealing with an unruly conference call.

In this Avengers parody, Nick Fury does just that, calling the world’s leaders to discuss plans only to realize their group video call is lagging.

The video, by YouTube user Pixelspersecond, hilariously skewers both conference calls and the Avengers franchise, featuring classic video call tropes like “person with kid in room” and “guy…

First ‘Star Wars’ spin-off movie will show theft of Death Star plans



ANAHEIM, Calif. — Rogue One, the first Star Wars spin-off movie, will deal with a group of resistance fighters stealing the plans for the Death Star from the Empire in the run-up to the original movie, Lucasfilm confirmed Sunday

Directed by Gareth Edwards, who helmed 2014′s Godzilla, the film is a departure from normal Star Wars fare in that it promises to be a dark, gritty war film

‘Documentary for the senses’ left me blindfolded, barefoot and lost



NEW YORK — I’m sitting alone in a waiting room about to enter a completely dark, 6,000-sq. ft. labyrinth, inside what looks like a warehouse. I don’t know what to expect when the door opens, but I’ve been told I’ll end up barefoot and blinded — and that I’ll lose my senses.

The experience is a part of TriBeCa Film Festival in town this week. In addition to the collection of films, red carpets and interviews with stars and filmmakers, the festival’s Storyscapes exhibits feature unique and…

Schrödinger’s Meerkat


Colliding galaxies show the limits of dark matter



Dark matter may not be part of a “dark sector” of particles that mirrors regular matter, as some theories suggest, say scientists studying collisions of galaxy clusters

When clusters of galaxies collide, the hot gas that fills the space between the stars in those galaxies also collides and splatters in all directions with a motion akin to splashes of waterDark matter makes up about 90% of the matter in galaxy clusters: Does it splatter like water as well?

Explosion and fire destroy building in Manhattan’s East Village, injuring 12



NEW YORK — At least 12 people were injured, three of them critically, in a gas-related explosion that rocked a sushi restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village Thursday afternoon, sending debris into the street and a plume of dark grey smoke towering over the city.

Police cordoned off the area as an ensuing fire raged inside the five-story, mixed-residency building near 7th Street and Second Avenue. The avenue was closed from 14th Street to Houston Street, as a putrid smell drifted into offices…

Dark Sky’s Apple Watch app will ‘tap’ your wrist before it rains



Dark Sky is bringing its weather-predicting superpowers to the Apple Watch

The company revealed its upcoming app for the smartwatch on Monday, saying it will be available when the Apple Watch comes out next month.

Like many smartwatch apps, Dark Sky’s is centered around notifications. The app, which specializes in hyperlocal short-term predictions (think “heavy rain beginning in 15 minutes”), will notify you of upcoming changes in…

Binge watching all 13 episodes of ‘House of Cards’ in a row? Beware.



Perhaps you literally live under a rock. Maybe you chose to spend last weekend working, volunteering, or basically doing anything other than spending 13 hours watching a megalomaniacal psychopath wander the halls of the White House.

Whatever the reason, before you embark on your own House of Cards binge this weekend, you need to be properly prepared for such a task

How do I know? Last weekend, I watched all 13 new…

You lucky dog: Black fur may be tied to better health



Animals with black skin or fur are not black by chance, suggests new research, but because the dark coloration helps them live longer. The finding adds to the growing body of evidence that black coloration isn’t just a product of genetic drift — happenstance in the course of evolution

The coloration stems from melanism, or development of the dark-colored pigment melanin in the skin and its appendages (fur, hair, eyelashes, etc.). How melanism directly ties to better health, however, remains…