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Ironically, offline Internet could help bridge the digital divide



Entrepreneurs, nonprofits and governments have tried for years to come up with a plausible way to bridge the digital divide, the gap between communities with access to digital technology and those without

But despite noteworthy efforts, none has offered a global solution.

One project, however, which has evolved over the past 14 years, stands out as a sort of hybrid — not quite solving the digital divide, but getting people access faster.

The best way to describe it is “Internet in a box,”…

How one teenage girl is using film to fight child sex trafficking



Rebecca Dharmapalan’s parents always called her a rebel without a cause.

Growing up in Oakland, California — the birthplace of the Black Panther Movement, parts of the Free Speech and Disability Rights Movements, and more recent movements like Occupy Oakland — she was constantly surrounded by an activist culture, but wasn’t sure where to jump in.

But at age 16, the rebel finally found her cause: fighting the commercial sexual exploitation of children in her community.

See also: 10 countries…

Bands and brands unite at SXSW to put $1 million of instruments in schools



AUSTIN, Texas — You can never be too busy to pay it forward

Rock band Portugal The Man, amid hustling to complete its eighth studio album, has found time to help a new generation of students potentially transform into musicians by joining StubHub at SXSW to infuse schools with $1 million of musical instruments

“Growing up in Alaska we did not have many opportunities to play music, let alone get exposed to it,”…

Black University of Oklahoma students urge change after racist video



A racially-charged fraternity scandal is giving a voice to the very students it tried to silence

Black University of Oklahama students in the campus organization OU Unheard are stepping up demands for diversity after members of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon were caught on video chanting racial slurs. The student group received the video from an anonymous source on March 8. Nearly 24 hours later, it went viral, inspiring protests, an upcoming town hall meeting on diversity and immediate…

Kids learn to write by teaching robots



In pedagogical research, the concept of learning-by-teaching is a recognized and successful technique. The idea is that kids develop greater interest and confidence in a subject when they take on the role of the teacher and instruct someone else.

Researchers at EPFL in Switzerland have shuttled the concept into the robotic realm with their new CoWriter project, introduced this week at the International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction.

Boston University held a magical seminar to teach sex ed to students



Boston University students just got lucky — and they didn’t even need any Felix Felicis.

Graduate interns Michelle Goode and Jamie Klufts concocted the magical idea to incorporate references from Harry Potter to teach sex education to students. Goode and Klufts held the seminar on Thursday as part of “Frisky February,” a safe sex education project at BU.

According to the Facebook event, 80 students attended…

Dell’s new batch of laptops and tablets are schoolyard tough



Students these days are lucky. Schools let them use Chromebooks and tablets at their desks. (I wish I had that luxury growing up.)

Dell announced a couple of new educational Chromebooks and tablets designed to fit the lifestyles of curious students as part of its big push into schools.

As education tablets aimed at students in K-12, these devices aren’t designed to be high-powered machines. They’re for everyday use in…

College education gap between rich and poor continues to grow



Most high school students have gotten the message: College should be a part of your future plans

And Americans are getting their diplomas in record numbers. In 2014, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 32% of Americans over the age of 25 had a bachelor’s degree — an all-time high. But a new study shows that for kids who are growing up poor, a bachelor’s degree is getting further out of reach.

Conducted by two higher-education research institutes and released this week, the study…

Rothenberg Ventures’ First Virtual Reality Accelerator Emphasizes Health And Education


5 podcasts that make history fun



History does not have to be boring, but it sure is easy to make it that way

For many students, history class was at the bottom of the barrel in terms of enjoyment. Not all history teachers deserve a bad wrap, but regurgitating the same lessons every year isn’t conducive to inspiring students to learn.

Once you’re past the whole forced learning aspect of life, you can finally educate yourself on the things you want to learn about,…