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Boston University held a magical seminar to teach sex ed to students



Boston University students just got lucky — and they didn’t even need any Felix Felicis.

Graduate interns Michelle Goode and Jamie Klufts concocted the magical idea to incorporate references from Harry Potter to teach sex education to students. Goode and Klufts held the seminar on Thursday as part of “Frisky February,” a safe sex education project at BU.

According to the Facebook event, 80 students attended…

Dell’s new batch of laptops and tablets are schoolyard tough



Students these days are lucky. Schools let them use Chromebooks and tablets at their desks. (I wish I had that luxury growing up.)

Dell announced a couple of new educational Chromebooks and tablets designed to fit the lifestyles of curious students as part of its big push into schools.

As education tablets aimed at students in K-12, these devices aren’t designed to be high-powered machines. They’re for everyday use in…

College education gap between rich and poor continues to grow



Most high school students have gotten the message: College should be a part of your future plans

And Americans are getting their diplomas in record numbers. In 2014, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 32% of Americans over the age of 25 had a bachelor’s degree — an all-time high. But a new study shows that for kids who are growing up poor, a bachelor’s degree is getting further out of reach.

Conducted by two higher-education research institutes and released this week, the study…

Rothenberg Ventures’ First Virtual Reality Accelerator Emphasizes Health And Education


5 podcasts that make history fun



History does not have to be boring, but it sure is easy to make it that way

For many students, history class was at the bottom of the barrel in terms of enjoyment. Not all history teachers deserve a bad wrap, but regurgitating the same lessons every year isn’t conducive to inspiring students to learn.

Once you’re past the whole forced learning aspect of life, you can finally educate yourself on the things you want to learn about,…

Amazon Kindle Textbook Creator turns PDFs into e-textbooks



Amazon on Thursday released a tool meant to help educators and writers publish e-textbooks.

It’s straightforwardly titled the Kindle Textbook Creator, and it makes it easy to transform PDFs into an e-book format. Plain PDFs are pretty static learning materials, but Amazon says its Textbook Creator offers a simple (and free) way to organize an array of educational materials — graphs, equations, charts or anything else you might find in a textbook

6 ways to succeed without a college degree



What do Coco Chanel, Steve Jobs, Oprah and Mark Zuckerberg all have in common? Not one of them finished their college education.

While the road to success without a college degree is far from easy, it’s a path followed by some of the most successful people in history. Although today’s job market is slowly improving, many college graduates are struggling to find jobs they’re qualified forAccording to CareerBuilder, 51% of 2014 college graduates are working jobs that don’t require a…

Photographer captures gorgeous side-by-side portraits of transgender people in Cuba



Photographer Claudia Gonz

5 reasons you should wait to go to business school



This article is part of DBA, a new series on Mashable about running a business that features insights from leaders in entrepreneurship, venture capital and management.

I graduated with my MBA when I was 32 years old. I had been out of school for eight years, working for a handful of companies in various software development, consulting and sales roles. I went back to school because I knew (almost) exactly what I wanted to do in the long run: Start my own company. I was confident going back…

OMG: British boys using more text speak in classroom than girls



LONDON — You might expect to see GR8, IRL, IMHO and BTW in text or Whatsapp messages, but one in seven British school boys uses text speak in the classroom.

New research from the National Literary Trust released this week shows that 14.6% of boys interviewed for the survey agreed with the statement “I write in “txt” speak in class” — more than the 11.3% of girls that admitted the same.

Almost 30,000 students, aged eight to 16, were…