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Report on school bullying finds not much has changed in past decade



A decade ago, when many viewed bullying as just another rite of passage, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) conducted a landmark survey to better understand the toll of school-based harassment and violence.

Powerful image of Michelle Obama embracing George W. Bush at museum opening goes viral



At the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. on Sept. 24, the First Lady and the former president shared a moment of affection. George W. Bush signed for the construction of the museum, which is the first national museum dedicated to the history of black people in the U.S., in 2003.

After four years in a refugee camp, one 19-year-old journeys home to Somalia



DADAAB REFUGEE COMPLEX, Kenya — Mohamed Omar Abdille remembers the night before he left his home in Merca, Somalia, in September 2012 to begin life as a refugee.

He was 15. Family and friends gathered around the table for a final meal before his departure. His mother served his favorite supper of spaghetti, beef and milk. They joked and laughed about his journey ahead and spoke of the peace that prevailed at the Dadaab refugee complex, 325 miles away in Kenya, and about the opportunities…

LinkedIn doubles down on education with LinkedIn Learning, updates desktop site


LinkedIn doubles down on education with LinkedIn Learning, updates desktop site


Kind teacher gives students 101 ways to manage their stress



It’s a message we wish we heard from all teachers: school is stressful, so pet some dogs.

Alina Ramirez, a California high school senior, shared a photo on Twitter earlier this month of a “ways to cope with stress” list her psychology teacher, Brett Phillips, handed out during a unit on stress.

It’s full of great suggestions — looking at art, venting with a friend, doling out compliments — and a few stranger ones, like teaching a child how to fly a kite (sounds kinda stressful) and telling…

These people were hypnotized into temporary illiteracy to make a powerful point



Reading and writing are so natural to most of us that we pretty much take them for granted.

But not everyone gets the same level of education. In order to make a point about how hard life is for those who haven’t been taught basic literacy skills (the video states that 3.6 million refugee children are denied an education, for example), the campaign group ONE took a slightly unconventional approach. It hypnotized a variety of men and women from different backgrounds into temporary…

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative invests in Indian startup that teaches kids online



Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy arm, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, is making an investment in India-based startup Byju’s. The education startup offers personalized learning and assessment services to students.

Apart from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Sequoia Capital, and existing backers Sofina, Lightspeed Ventures, and Times Internet Ltd participated in the $50 million investment round. This marks the…

ITT Tech is the latest casualty of the federal for-profit college crackdown



ITT Technical Institute, the for-profit college best known by some for its ’90s commercials, is officially shutting its doors.

It’s not about the grade, it’s about learning, says Singapore government in its latest ad



Singapore’s education system has long been criticised for the emphasis on grades over the learning process. But it looks like the Ministry of Education wants to make a bold statement to counter that.

It just launched a touching commercial based on a true story of a student and her teacher Madam Phua.

The video shows how Phua guided Shirley through a failing grade with Geography lessons. Both student and teacher continue to keep in touch today, according to the ad.

Many Singaporeans on