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Today’s fitness junkies demand high-tech marketing experiences



You’ve been feeling a little lazy lately. So, you head to your local gym to inquire about classes

But instead of simply peeking into classes currently in session or reading a useless description, your virtual reality headgear instantly transports you into any offered fitness class. You hear pumping music, the instructor yells encouragement, other participants are pouring sweat

Technology has infiltrated the fitness industry….

Nintendo quietly discontinuing Wii U’s TVii service in August



Goodbye TVii. We hardly used you.

Nintendo is axing the much-hyped-yet-underdeveloped second screen service for its Wii U console, TVii. Before the Wii U’s 2012 launch, the company promised TVii would allow users to organize their live television, DVR-recorded shows and on-demand services like Hulu Plus and Netflix in one interface.

But late Friday, Nintendo announced via its Miiverse social network that TVii would shut down Aug….

‘Inside Out’ review: You will walk out of the theater knowing yourself better



LOS ANGELES — If you’ve recently felt the healing power of a good, hard cry, you’re going to resonate with Inside Out. And if it’s been awhile since your last one, well … it won’t be long now.

Set mostly inside the mind of a prepubescent girl, Inside Out is one of the most inventive and emotionally stimulating movies of this decade, an animated deep dive into the mechanics of the human brain that also serves as an engaging, colorful science lesson-slash-therapy session for all ages


‘Louie’ started an important conversation about gender roles on TV with an anal sex scene



Before we get to anything else, let’s talk about that scene.

Yep, you know what I’m referring to (and there’s no elegant way to say it): Pamela fingers Louie’s butt in episode 4.

Anal fingering, as it’s called, is pretty self-explanatory, but the uninitiated can head over here for a basic SFW definition.

Although nothing graphic is revealed, the sex scene in question shows Pamela flipping Louie over on his…

Steam now lets PC players broadcast gaming adventures to anyone



Valve activated Steam Broadcasting on Tuesday, which allows Steam’s millions of PC users to broadcast live gameplay to their friends without downloading any additional software

It’s a simple way to share your screen while gaming or to watch other gamers play. Just click on “watch game” from a friend’s profile; then, like with Twitch, you’ll see a smaller chat window appear that displays the game. You can also reach broadcasts from the Community tab in Steam

Sorry Satya, Karma Won’t Cut It



On a visit to Seattle last week, a couple of locals asked my opinion of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, because they couldn’t quite figure him out. This was telling in itself: Nadella has been on the job since February, and Seattle is pretty much a company town. Everyone understood his famously brash predecessor, Steve Ballmer, even if they didn’t like him; no one could yet get a handle on the gnomic new guy

I responded that in seeing him speak a couple of times, I had found Nadella remarkably…

10 Animal Sex Facts to Make You Appreciate Missionary Position



When mom told you about “the birds and the bees,” this probably wasn’t what she was referring to.

Mating habits in the animal kingdom range from strangely romantic to gag-inducing to absolutely terrifying. And yes, sometimes there’s poop involved.

Whatever strange fetish floats your sex boat can’t match the twisted act of sexual cannibalism. Among spiders, that is

1. Leopard slugs have sex while dangling in midair.



Totally True Facts About Marsupials That Won’t Bore You



Learning doesn’t have to be boring.

We’ve all struggled to keep our eyes open in class while a teacher regurgitated mind-numbing facts about a subject mater that could easily be presented in a more interesting way.

Thankfully, YouTuber Ze fFrank knows exactly how to deliver information in an engaging, down-to-earth and hilarious style that’s riddled with bathroom humor and honest observations.

Now start using your…

America’s Most Social Small Business: Who Will Be in the Finals?



We’re coming down to the wire in Mashable‘s Most Social Small Business challenge, our March Madness-style bracket to crown the nation’s most socially savvy small company.

This month, Mashable‘s ace team of social media experts spent countless hours dissecting our field of 32 killer small businesses to find out whose social presence is the mightiest (and the most refined) in the social media landscape.

We’ve already judged businesses based on their Facebook and Twitter presences and their use…

Most Top Brands Still Don’t Engage With Twitter Followers



Taco Bell and T-Mobile have both gained attention in recent months for engaging with customers and other brands on Twitter, but a new study shows most big brands still hold off from the practice.

During the final three months of 2013, 98 of Interbrand’s top 100 global brands tweeted at least once and the average company tweeted 12 times per day, according to data from Simply Measured, a social media analytics provider. However, the report also found that 54% of these Interbrand companies…