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Can you spot all the characters in this Netflix version of a ‘Where’s Waldo’ comic?



In this grown-up version of a Where’s Waldo-style illustration, all your favourite Netflix characters are out to play in a lush park.

We won’t give it all away, but look out for characters from Stranger Things, Bojack Horseman, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Orange is the New Black.

The clever illustration was created for Netflix by Singapore-based design house The Secret Little Agency, and doodled by local graphic designer Natalie Kwee.

LG to launch webOS 3.0 with mobile connection for smart TVs



The 2016 CES tide of tech innovation news has already begun with the announcement from Korea’s LG that it will soon present its updated webOS 3.0 platform for smart televisions

Among the platform’s new tools are three primary features: an upgraded Magic Remote, Magic Zoom and Magic Mobile. The improved Magic Remote tool offers the ability to control DVR functions and it also adds “power” and “menu” button options. Magic Zoom gives users the…

Where NHL Fans’ Playoff Loyalties Lie, in 1 Facebook Map



Ready for two months of body-checks, fisticuffs and — oh, yeah — world-class hockey? The NHL‘s Stanley Cup playoffs start Wednesday, with eight first-round match-ups that will eventually lead up to mid-June’s Stanley Cup finals

Who will win the battle for the coolest-looking trophy in sports? That remains to be seen. But we can gain some insight into which playoff teams are winning the battle for fandom right here, right…

The Age of Contentment

This infographic from Online Colleges comes to us via Bremerton Used Cars and explores “Why 35 Is the Year of Contentment”. Click to enlarge.

Why 35 Is the Year of Contentment
Hat Tips: Greensboro Ford

15+ Stats to Know Before Running Your Next Social Media Contest [INFOGRAPHIC]

congrats-you-winLooking to spice up your social media presence? Ever consider running a contest

Kanye’s Baby ‘North West’ Is One of Thousands Named After Directions



Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s newborn daughter, North West, is not alone. Records dating back to 1790 show thousands of parents have named their kids after a cardinal direction — one boy even got South East as a first name and West as a last name.

Sixty-two people have been named North West with the first known occurrences happening in the 1830s, according to U.S. records Mashable obtained from FindMyPast.com.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 10.54.43 AMClick to enlarge text

The family history website also identified a surprising…

Google Adds App Activities to Search



Google announced on Tuesday it is adding app activities to its search functionality, giving users access to data typically found within certain programs such as movie reviews and ratings.

When searching for a website or app on Google, you will now be privy to popular and aggregate user activity within the results. However, this only applies for apps integrated with Google+ Sign-In app activities.

“Searching for Fandango, for example, will show the top movies among Google users. And when you…

A Super Simple Explanation of Inbound Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

inbound marketingintroductory3

As extreme inbound marketing advocates, we love when we see businesses drink the inbound marketing Kool-Aid, eat the inbound marketing dog food, sip the inbound marketing champagne, or just, you know — adopt the inbound marketing methodology. And we love it even more when they evangelize it, as HubSpot Partner The Whole Brain Group has recently done with its new infographic featured below.

So if you’re just catching on to the concept of inbound marketing and are looking for a super simple…

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The Social Networks Email Marketers Include Within their Emails

There are many Social Networking sites you could add within e-mails to boost your social visibility, but there are only three that E-mail Marketers use that have proven successful.

Find out which social sites E-mail Marketers are using along with other helpful information in the infographic below.

This infographic from Visual.ly comes to us via Philadelphia Nissan and explores “Email Marketing And Social Media Go Hand In Hand”. Click to enlarge.

Email Marketing And Social Media Go Hand In Hand

Using Social Media to Build Your Future

In order to build your future you must keep up with the times and since 60% of job offers happen through networking, using Social Networks will only increase your ability to network even further.

Learn more about what you can do to build your future and why social media can help you in the below infographic.

This infographic from Generations Federal Credit Union comes to us via New Orleans Honda and explores “Building Your Future Now”. Click to enlarge.

Building Your Future Now