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Emma Thompson in ‘Late Night’ is the talk show host we deserve


Mindy Kaling loves romcoms. This is clear if you’ve seen her show, or read her books, or watched her interviews, or followed her tweets. 

No surprise, then, that the first movie she’s written follows the classic romcom formula, only applied to a passion for work rather than love. 

Like so many beloved romcoms, Late Night takes place in a version of New York City that’s slightly better than the one that exists in our reality. In this universe, a woman has hosted her own late-night talk show…

Save $30 on this electric toothbrush and aqua flosser set


No one likes going to the dentist (save for the plaque-conscious sadist), but some people dread teeth-cleaning appointments *so* much that experts consider it to be a legitimate disorder called dentophobia

Many people develop the condition after a particularly traumatic dental experience, although the cost of a visit alone is often enough to trigger someone’s dental anxiety.

If the above paragraph sounded like a…

Amazon Go gets an 8th store, and you’ll never guess where


We’re still getting used to the idea of a store where there’s no checkout, but Amazon isn’t standing still. It’s just launched a new, much more compact version of its cashierless Go stores.

Jeff Bezos is more than happy to dive into a new market and start disrupting it, but Amazon’s success is due to how the company keeps relentlessly pushing an idea in new directions. That’s why we don’t just have one type of Go store anymore.

Hasan Minhaj uses a ‘Harry Potter’ reference to explain why he won’t say the name Trump


On Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix comedy show Patriot Act, President Trump goes by the names “DJ T 45,” or, jokingly, “Mr. Two-Terms.”  

Minhaj explained to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show why he made the decision to not to say the president’s name, and in true millennial fashion, he used a Harry Potter reference. 

“There are characters in the Harry Potter books [...] a lot of them don’t mention Voldemort,” Minhaj told Colbert. 

“For me, [Trump] is the man that shall not be named,” Minhaj…

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Ignore the backlash — HUJI is still good


This is You Won’t Regret It, a new weekly column featuring recommendations, tips, and unsolicited advice from the Mashable culture team.

The trendiest app of the summer, arguably, was HUJI: the photo editing tool that makes your photos look like they were taken with a late ’90s disposable camera. 

Now that autumn is upon us, though, HUJI backlash is in full swing. Like KiraKira and the Snapchat dog filter before it, HUJI is now derided as basic, mostly because the locals figured out it…

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A gadget that could help with car sickness is on sale for just $17


Motion sickness happens. And one thing that’s certainly not making it better: Yucky car odors.

You might accidentally leave your old, old fast food in the car and stink up the place. Or worse, you could rent a car only for it to smell of cigarettes. Yes, a bad odor can seriously make or break your time spent on the road, which is exactly why Crystal Aura’s Car Air Purifier exists.

Don’t underestimate this purifier, folks: It…

Stephen Colbert calls Trump a ‘humiliating moron’ for still talking about Obama


Trump’s been talking about Obama again, and Stephen Colbert can’t help but twiddle his fingers with glee.

During his address at an Illinois steel plant, the president again discussed the media’s fixation on him, pointing to the cameras which were watching him at the event. “This never happened to Obama,” Trump said.

“Yeah. Obama was never photographed. That’s why now he only exists in myth and legend,” Colbert hit back on The Late Show. “Gather around children and I will tell you the…

Volcanoes, ranked


Earth is home to about 1,500 active or potentially active volcanoes, and each day around 20 of these often-steaming vents erupt in a variety of ways.

Some ooze lava. Some explode violently

But all are thrilling masses of dynamic earth. 

Here are 11 of the globe’s most infamous, and some little known, volcanoes from around the world.

1. Novarupta

The Novarupta lava plug.

The Novarupta lava plug.

Image: nps

Alaska’s Novarupta…

Sending doodles to the cloud isn’t even the craziest thing this notebook can do


Digitization has more or less sent filing cabinets, Rolodexes, microfiche, card catalogs, and other forms of analog record-keeping into the great office space in the sky. There’s a good reason for that: Important records should be easily accessible, and digitization makes searching, copying, and sharing them effortless. So why are you still taking notes with a regular pen and pad when the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook exists?

Will the iPhone SE 2 have a notch just like the iPhone X?


Like it or not, the notch — that little cutout made famous by the iPhone X — is a thing for new phones. No matter if it’s iPhone or Android, the notch is here for the foreseeable future.

Rumor has it Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE, tentatively called the “SE 2,” might follow the iPhone X with a notch of its own. It could be announced as soon as WWDC next month

The iPhone SE was released in 2016 and is so due for an update that you…