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Doublie Spices Up Your Selifes With Homemade Stickers And Celebrities

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Mark Zuckerberg Buys Massive Hawaii Plantation, Report Says



Mahalo, Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook founder apparently isn’t content with his multimillion-dollar mansion in San Francisco’s Dolores Heights neighborhood, despite its renovations that require the presence of up to 50 workers. He has also reportedly invested in a 357-acre beachfront plantation on the island of Kauai in Hawaii — a space zoned for 80 well-appointed homes

According to Pacific Business News, Zuckerberg dropped $66…

Ello Is No Facebook Killer



I’m afraid to say how I feel about Ello.

I’ve been in this position before. A new social media platform arrives, everyone proclaims it the next big thing and better than all that’s come before or currently exists. I look at it and feel a profound sense of meh

It’s not really Ello’s fault. The social network that seems to encourage big images, short thoughts and unthreaded conversation launched over the summer. I don’t recall hearing about it. In fact, Ello was flying way under the radar…

Facebook Relaunches Atlas Ad Platform With Cross-Device Targeting And Offline Sales Tracking

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Ello Cofounder Doesn’t Think Facebook Is a Social Network



Ello, the independent, invitation-only and ad-free social network that went viral almost overnight, is often compared to Facebook. In fact, the still nascent social network has already gained a reputation as the “anti-Facebook.”

But Ello cofounder Paul Budnitz doesn’t put much stock in those comparisons. In part because he thinks Facebook’s users have become so commoditized that the platform stopped being a true social network long ago.

“The advertisers are the customer and the user is the…

If Not Ello, Something Else: Facebook’s ‘Real Names’ Policy Could Turn it Into Friendster



Ello doesn’t really work

That much isn’t surprising. The bare bones, ad-free, invite-only social network launched in March is still in beta, and evidently didn’t anticipate becoming this hot this fast

There isn’t a working search function. I can’t find my friends, which is about a basic a function as a social network needs to have. I have to login every time I use it. My Ello feed (I’m @futureboy, naturally) has nothing but a list of people accepting my invites. There’s another part of the…

One Direction Fans Wage Hashtag War Against ‘The Daily Show’



Angry sports fans are the least of The Daily Show‘s concerns today — the show has angered the mighty One Direction fandom.

The in-Zayn dispute started Tuesday with a segment about the United States’ involvement in the Middle East, in which correspondent Jessica Williams joked that “a new terrorist group just formed, with one member each from ISIS, al Nusra, al Qaeda, Hamas, One Direction and the Zetas drug cartel.”

Time-Lapse Selfies Are Now a Thing, Courtesy of Instagram’s Hyperlapse



If there’s one app that can be credited with the rise of the selfie, it’s Instagram. But now the Facebook-owned photo app is introducing a new kind of selfie — the “selfielapse.”

Hyperlapse, Instagram’s newest standalone app for time-lapse videos, got its first major update Thursday that allows users to shoot videos from their iPhones’ front-facing cameras.

The updated app now has a small button next to the shutter that toggles…

Everyone Wins When Kids Argue About the Weather



Weather is a hotly debated issue amongst toddlers. And these two mini Al Rokers almost come to blows over “raining” and “sprinkling.”

The argument doesn’t really progress, but it does get increasingly cuter, which is all that counts.

The little boy speaks for us all when he says “You poked my heart.”

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Battle of the Status: If Facebook Were More Like ‘Street Fighter’



That humblebrag Facebook status isn’t just annoying — it’s a sonic boom to your News Feed.

Director Dennis Liu and comedians from Upright Citizens Brigade imagine how brutal Facebook would be if it were more like the game, Street Fighter. Watch the video, above, to see the battle of the status go down

We all know social media is just one big competition — and it can get ugly.