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Facebook claims Newsfeed dip for news sites was a mere ‘bug’



Facebook giveth traffic. Hath Facebook taken it away?

The social network said on Tuesday afternoon that it had given news publishers underwhelming data reports about how many people see posts on its NewsFeed

NewsWhip, a social media tracking startup, had published a blog post on Tuesday afternoon noting that news content on Facebook had experienced a marked decline in the number of people reached from the middle of February and into March

You’re about to see a lot more baby photos in your Facebook feed



Facebook now has a dedicated feature that lets parents tag their children in photos.

The social network rolled out a new feature on Tuesday called Scrapbook for parents to create customizable shared photo albums of their children in the Facebook app and on the web.

Scrapbooks differ from the traditional Facebook photo album in that multiple family members can contribute to the same album, which will appear in the Photos menu of each parent…

Facebook’s New Photo “Scrapbook” Lets Parents Give Kids An Official Presence

Scrapbook 4

Probing the whole Internet — in under an hour — for major security flaws



When a major flaw in the encryption that secures websites was revealed this March, Zakir Durumeric, a research fellow at the University of Michigan, was the first person to know how serious it was. By performing a scan of every device on the Internet he realized its full potential, before even the researchers who had first identified the flaw, known as FREAK.

“There were questions as to the correct way to respond before we did the scan,” says Durumeric.

Not All Social Media Platforms are Equal – How to Pick the Ones That Work for You

Launching a new business? Or promoting an existing one? Either way, my guess is that social media figures pretty high on your priority list when it comes to marketing your brand.

Over 70% of all online adults in the United States have a Facebook account. For the first time ever, 56% of senior citizens are on social media. That figure stands at 89% for young ’uns, or users from 18 to 29 years of age. The millennial generation, consisting of young adults born between 1980 to 2000 and…

How to use Facebook for thank you notes



We’re all a little lax when it comes to sending as many “thank you” notes as we should

That’s where Facebook comes in. It’s the perfect platform for thank you missives that can be personalized and shared, giving a public shoutout to someone who’s done you a solid

Here’s our how and why of using Facebook to say thanks. Let us know your ideas in the comments below

Thank you scenarios


Image: Facebook

There are endless ways in which…

Mom proudly shares her stretch marks in viral bikini photo



Tired of worrying about the stretch marks left on her stomach from three pregnancies, lifestyle blogger Rachel Hollis decided to celebrate her body with an uplifting photo post to her Facebook page.

In the week since posting, the photo of Hollis smiling wide while dressed in a bikini, and its corresponding caption, has been Liked more than 400,000 times, and shared more than 50,000 times. The post has also picked up thousands of comments from fellow women, applauding her for taking pride in…

Facebook Took The Scenic Route, But Now It’s Nailing Mobile

Facebook's Family

Why developers want to be on WhatsApp so badly



SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook is good at putting on a conference. Attendees at this year’s F8 were greeted with a splashy tent-filled venue full of colorful lights, sounds of a carefully curated playlist, and piles of food around every corner

If that wasn’t enough, day one’s announcements and technical sessions were topped off with custom Patagonia vests and a Deadmau5 concert as a parting gift to the developers who paid nearly $500 to attend.

But swag, snacks and a free concert aside, for many…

Day two of F8 in 2 minutes



The second day of Facebook’s annual F8 Developer Conference had a much heavier focus on virtual reality and artificial intelligence than the first. Event participants took us on a virtual journey through space, demonstrated some sensory manipulation and even taught a computer to differentiate between a variety of sports. Watch all of the highlights in under two minutes.