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How Microsoft Took The Lead In Social 3.0 And What Facebook And Google Are Doing About It


When natural disaster strikes: Facebook and the illusion of safety



I sat on the tiny swell of a hill behind my hotel, waiting for the four-story building to crumble into dust and take me with it. And then I would be gone — one moment here, the next moment not.

This was not how I’d imagined the trip to Nepal would go. I was there to report on health and development — under-covered issues in Nepal, international coverage of which tends to focus on Everest and natural disasters. I was too numb to acknowledge the irony.

I knew no one else in the garden, and I…

Drivers are making video chats, taking selfies behind the wheel



It’s a known fact that drivers shouldn’t text while behind the wheel, but a new study suggests people are doing a whole lot more than sending messages.

New research conducted by AT&T and Braun Research suggests 70% of drivers engage in some sort of smartphone activity. While texting (63%) and emailing (33%) are the two biggest offenders, four in 10 people are checking social media sites — 27% of those users cite Facebook as their main distractor, followed by Twitter at 14%. Another 28% of…

Critics say Facebook’s Internet.org ‘violates free speech and privacy’



Internet.org, the Facebook-backed service that wants to bring free Internet to people in emerging markets, seemingly can’t catch a break.

More than 60 civic and digital liberty groups from 28 countries signed an open letter addressed to Mark Zuckerberg on Monday contending that Internet.org in its present state violates net neutrality, thereby “threatening freedom of expression, equality of opportunity, security, privacy and innovation.”

Instagram brings Layout app’s custom photo collages to Android



Instagram users on Android: Making your own photo collages just got easier.

The photo service is finally making Layout, its standalone app for custom collages, available to Android users. The company also updated its main Android app Tuesday with a new photo-editing tool called Structure.

Layout pulls in photos from your phone’s camera roll and allows you to make collages with up to nine different images at once….

Facebook wants you to play games in Messenger



Facebook Messenger users can already video call, pay friends and chat it up with businesses. But they may soon be able to play games, too.

Facebook has confirmed it is in talks with several developers to make games for Messenger. It’s currently unclear how exactly these games will work with the messaging app and when the first games might arrive.

“Currently, we think Messenger Platform is best suited for apps that focus on…

Snapchat’s CEO on the question he’s asked the most: ‘Why didn’t you sell?’



Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel came full circle on Friday when he gave the commencement speech at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. The 24-year-old entrepreneur dropped out of Stanford University three years ago, just three classes shy of graduating.

In his 10-minute talk, Spiegel discussed why he didn’t sell Snapchat when Facebook reportedly came knocking.

“I’m asked one question most often,” Spiegel…

10 honest Facebook notifications we all need



Long gone are the days when receiving a notification from social media was exciting, especially that little red number on Facebook

It seems like day after day, no matter what happens in your real life, Facebook notifications stay the same. They are an endless stream of event invites you’ll never go to, birthday reminders for people you don’t care about and notifications that your creepy stalker liked a 2009 photo from your family vacation.

Why you shouldn’t fear self-driving cars



A recent Associated Press report about accidents involving self-driving cars sent panic waves throughout the tech world, but the report had some issues, to say the least

In light of the ensuing debate, we looked at why you should trust the future of self-driving cars on the latest episode of MashTalk. Plus, we look at the Verizon-AOL deal and Facebook’s Instant Articles

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You do not want to date these social media sites



While you might use social media to date, have you considered what it might be like to date social media itself?

YouTuber Emma Blackery filmed a sketch where she imagined going on first dates with various personifications of social media sites. As one might expect, Facebook is a little obsessed with who you know, Snapchat has the shortest attention span ever, and Instagram just wants to stare at food

Google Plus is just very, very, very depressed.