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Orkut, we hardly knew ye: 10 tech products we lost in 2014



Every year, the tech industry brings us unexpected surprises and long-predicted changes, and among those ups and downs are usually a few endings to some of our favorite technology products.

This year was no different, with some of the biggest names in tech shuttering products and services beloved by many, and even a few successful upstarts deciding to call it a career and close up shop.

Perhaps the biggest ending of the…

Ice pancakes the size of plates found on Scottish river



LONDON — Biologists in Scotland were struck by an unusual discovery this week: ice pancakes the size of dinner plates floating on the River Dee

More common to the Antarctic or Baltic Seas, they need rare conditions to form, and this is the first time they’ve been found on the UK river. They were spotted by biologist Jamie Urquhart on the Lummels Pool at Birse, which is 29 miles from Aberdeen

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Facebook Messenger add-on lets you cover photos in emoji



Facebook Messenger, the social network’s message app, is getting some Christmas-themed updates on Android on Friday.

The biggest one is Stickered, a lightweight add-on app that allows Facebook users to add stickers to photos and send them through Messenger

That means you can finally put huge smiley faces with heart-shaped eyes over your friends’ faces, like so:


Image: Facebook

In addition to Stickered, the updated Messenger will…

Instagram is worth $35 billion, according to Citigroup



When Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in April 2012, the price tag came as a shock to many

A little more than two years later, Citigroup said Instagram is worth $35 billion, a number that the bank called “conservative” in a research note on Facebook issued Friday

It is another piece of good news in what has been a stellar 2014 for Instagram. The photo-sharing app recently hit 300 million active users, putting it ahead of Twitter….

Study: More teens are fleeing from Facebook



An iStrategyLabs report from January 2014 caused quite a ruffle among the Facebook top brass and investors, as it indicated that teens are leaving the ubiquitous social platform

Now, a Thursday report from Frank N. Magid Associates Inc. (via Bloomberg) shows that Facebook’s popularity among younger users is in serious decline

According to the study, in 2014, 88% of 13- to 17-year-old social media users in the U.S. were on Facebook — a drop…

Tom Hiddleston sings carols, all is right in the world



Tom Hiddleston is a man of many talents. In addition to being an accomplished actor and rumored swoon-causer, he is an excellent singer.

Hiddleston and country artist Rodney Crowell recorded a video of them singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” To add to the utter adorableness of their rendition, Hiddleston cuddles a dog named Mono the entire time.

If Hiddleston and an adorable dog serenading you with carols still doesn’t…

Facebook now auto-enhances photos posted from iPhones



Facebook is taking a page out of Google+‘s playbook, and is now automatically editing photos posted to the social network from mobile devices.

Smartphones and apps have made photographers out of everyone; the problem is that many of us still don’t have pro-level photo-editing skills. Now, when a Facebook user posts an image using the iOS app, it is automatically “enhanced” for clarity, lighting and shadow. What’s more, they won’t have to decide between individual filters, like on Instagram….

A group of people waiting for the Tube had an impromptu sing-along



LONDON — Seeing Erasure in concert wasn’t enough for passengers at a London Tube station on Sunday night

Led by professional vocalist Neil Francis, the platform of singers at the Kentish Town Tube stop somehow manages to nail that super high note in the ’80s synth-pop duo’s song A Little Respect, which was covered in 2000 by Wheatus

The video has been shared more than 11,000 times on Facebook since it was uploaded

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Facebook Starts Auto-Enhancing Photos Because Algorithms Are Better At Filters Than You

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