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The Virtual Reality Renaissance Is Here, But Are We Ready?



I’m flapping my wings. Not hard, but slowly and smoothly. At 25 feet across, my wingspan is so great I don’t need to exert much energy to achieve lift. In the distance, I see an island under an azure sky. This is my home. Off to my west, the sun is setting and the sky glows with warm, orange light.

Spotting movement in the ocean below, I bend my body slightly to the left and begin a gentle dive. As I approach the shore, I spot my prey splashing in the shallows. I lean back, keeping my wings…

Hands On With Facebook Nearby Friends [Video]: No More Checkins

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General Mills Backtracks on Legal Policy After Angering Facebook Users



General Mills inadvertently shocked social-media users everywhere this week after an update to its legal policy was interpreted as preventing customers from suing the company if they Like any of its brands on Facebook. Now, the food company is reversing the change to its legal policy in response to the controversy.

“Those terms -– and our intentions -– were widely misread, causing concern among consumers,” Kirstie Foster, General Mills’ director of external communications, wrote in a…

Hands On With Facebook’s Nearby Friends



There’s a lot that Facebook allows you to share with your friends. On Thursday, the company added “exact location” to that list

Facebook’s new Nearby Friends feature enables you to flip a switch to start broadcasting your location with friends in the area. If you see someone nearby with whom you want to meet up, you can tap a button, and send them your exact location — complete with a map detailing where to find you

The Rock Action Figure

Facebook Adds Features to Paper, Says Slow Growth Is No Concern



Facebook Paper, the standalone news reader app the company launched in January, released its first significant app update Friday — adding a couple new features to the News Feed section of the app as well as making a few subtle design tweaks

You can now see birthdays and events within Paper by clicking on the notifications tab in the upper righthand corner of the app and scrolling to the bottom. Users can also add a photo to a comment by using the phone’s camera or camera roll.

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NBA Fan’s ‘Mount Spursmore’ Haircut Belongs in the Louvre



Here’s an abbreviated list of art masters: Picasso, Rembrandt … now Joe the barber.

The haircut you see below is called “Mount Spursmore” and it’s just the latest masterpiece from San Antonio barber Joe Barajas. Featuring San Antonio stars Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard, it comes just in time for the Spurs’ NBA playoff push, which begins Sunday.

Barajas shared his creation — the head…

Facebook ‘Nearby Friends’ Will Track Your Location History To Target You With Ads

Facebook Location Targeting

Facebook Says Paper Users Browse 80 Stories A Day, Adds Features That Let It Replace FB For iOS


New Facebook for iPhone Lets You Reply to Comments on Pages



Facebook has rolled out version 9.0 of its iPhone app, adding the ability to reply to comments on stories on certain Pages

For this to work, the Page in question must have this feature turned on

Also, group admins can now easily review and approve pending posts by group members, and posts about trending topics are highlighted in the iPad version of News Feed.

The new version comes just one day after Facebook announced an…

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Why You Shouldn’t Like Cheerios on Facebook



Cheerios has about 1 million fans on Facebook. Here’s why you shouldn’t be one of them.

On Tuesday, Cheerios parent company General Mills updated the privacy policy on its website. The new language alerts consumers that they waive their right to sue the company if they download coupons or like any General Mills brands on Facebook. As The New York Times notes, those who become Facebook fans of General Mills products will then be required to use informal negotiation via email or go through…