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GIF novels and BitTorrent bundles: 2014′s most unusual album releases



LONDON — Forget streaming, and don’t even think about CDs – in 2014 you needed GIFs, BitTorrent bundles and one-off works of art to stand out from the album release crowd.

This year saw even more artists think outside the jewel case when it came to releasing their latest efforts, and it made for an interesting year for music fans.

Here are a few of the offerings that caught our eye.

Beck’s in-flight treat

In 2012,…

Paleo recipes

7-year-old legend sends NFL superstar an autographed jersey



All-world defensive lineman J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans is the NFL‘s most-feared pass rusher, enjoying a mind-bogglingly good season (he’s scored five touchdowns to go with his 16.5 sacks) and could become the first defensive player named MVP since Lawrence Taylor in 1986

Seven-year-old Anthony Tarantelli — apparently a football star in his own right — is only mildly impressed

Fans, especially young ones,…

Your iPhone isn’t a BlackBerry, but it can fake it with the Typo 2



The iPhone‘s answer to the BlackBerry keyboard, the Ryan Seacrest-backed Typo, is back. Like the first model, the Typo 2 turns your Apple smartphone into one with a QWERTY keyboard

But the second version is a bit different — and this makes sense, considering Typo was hit with a lawsuit and pulled off the market for having a design too close to BlackBerry’s existing keyboard

Seacrest and Typo cofounder Laurence Hallier

Lego ‘Star Wars’ proposal makes you feel like a warm and fuzzy Wookiee



This was the proposal she was looking for.

Redditor and young Padawan Stephen Dempsey used the Force to propose to his girlfriend Amanda by recreating the Imperial-II class Star Destroyer from Star Wars out of Legos, making it pretty much the most badass ring box any Jedi has ever seen.

Naturally, Amanda, who is also a lover of the film franchise, said yes. Dempsey posted photos of his build on Imgur and shared it on…

MLS Cup Final: An exciting finish to American soccer’s big year



Remember Clint Dempsey‘s deft, dumbfounding first-minute goal against Ghana? Remember Julian Green‘s insane one-touch strike in extra time against Belgium to made American soccer fans salivate over what the future might hold? Remember Tim Howard‘s ethereal heroism in that same match, singlehandedly keeping the USMNT alive against a far superior opponent?

The World Cup that captivated the United States seems so far in the past now, with the NBA and NFL in full swing. But the final big moment…


Fan-made ‘Bones’ infographic gives by-the-numbers breakdown of the show



Bones fans, behold the most impressive thing you’ll see today.

In celebration of next week’s 200th episode, an army of fans teamed up with Fox to create a by-the-numbers tribute to the show in a way only a true Bonehead could. In the infographic, exclusive to Mashable, this is particularly evident in section 5, “the relations for the shippers.”

As fans know, Booth and Brennan’s road to marital bliss and baby has been a…

Restaurateurs behind The Meatball Shop and Toro dish on New York’s food scene



Join Michael Chernow, co-founder of The Meatball Shop, and Jamie Bissonnette, James Beard Award-winning chef and co-owner of famed tapas joint Toro, two individuals driving the modern food industry, as they drive through Brooklyn in search of great pizza.
Tattoo-covered, with slick haircuts and tight jeans, Michael Chernow and Jamie Bissonnette might, at first glance, appear to be rock stars. And they are — but the urban restaurant scene is their stage, and their fans are their…

Sriracha beer is the hottest new drink to confuse your palate



The golden age of Sriracha-inspired food and drinks is a glorious time to be alive.

The latest innovation in the condiment’s world takeover is spicy beer — Rogue Ales is rolling out a Sriracha Hot Stout Beer on December 8, available for pre-order now.

Finally, you can swig a drink during your meal without breaking up the parade of spices

Whether or not the beer actually tastes good remains to be seen, but there are enough devotees to…

Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis: NBA superstars, a study in contrasts



SAN FRANCISCO — When the Golden State Warriors host the New Orleans Pelicans in the Bay Area on Thursday night, fans at the game and those watching on national TV won’t just be treated to the NBA‘s two newest superstars, Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis, leading their respective teams into battle

Curry and Davis will also provide fans with a delightful study in basketball contrasts

In Curry: the slight, relatively short everyman whose preternatural skill level makes up for a lack of explosive…

Watching ‘Game of Thrones’ online in China will soon be legal



HBO is making it easier for viewers in China to access its content online. Legally.

The network announced Tuesday it had struck a deal with Tencent Holdings Limited, a leading online video platform in China, that would make HBO movies and TV shows — including Game of Thrones, True Detective, The Newsroom and more — available for streaming in China

“This partnership with Tencent Video ensures that Chinese fans will…