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5 things we’d love to see on the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 finale



Game of Thrones

Things got weird on Twitter this week



It doesn’t get much weirder than it did this past week on Twitter.

Kelly Clarkson to release a ‘soulful’ record in 2017



Kelly Clarkson in breaking away once again.

In a new Facebook Live video Friday, Clarkson shared a whole host of exciting news for fans, including that she’s signed with Atlantic Records and will be releasing a soul album in 2017.

The singer finished the requirements of her long RCA American Idol contract last year with the release of her seventh studio album

The first-ever hologram karaoke experience will debut this summer



Karaoke’s about to get way more epic.

VNTANA, the augmented reality company behind the hologram selfie, announced the first-ever interactive hologram karaoke experience.

The technology will debut during Rob Thomas’ upcoming summer tour with Counting Crows. Those who purchase the VIP package will be able to pick from three songs from Thomas’ catalog: “Pieces,” from his latest album

You can relive the Battle of the Bastards with these ‘Game of Thrones’ wallpapers



Spoilers for Game of Thrones season six follow. Stop reading this if you didn’t watch!

“Battle of the Bastards,” the epic ninth episode of Game of Thrones,

Raccoon family bands together to help baby climb up a wall



A crafty raccoon family was spotted by a police officer in

Trap producer mashes ‘The Office’ with Kendrick Lamar



Just when you thought you had finally got The Office theme song out of your head, this remix had to come along and ruin it.

Trap music producer ASADI, who is known for mashing theme songs with popular hits, has tackled one of the most recognizable piano lines in TV history, mashing up Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” with the melody from The Office.

‘Game of Thrones’ fans are in mourning after a huge character’s death



Warning: Contains gigantic spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6, episode 9.

LONDON — The Battle of the Bastards has been fought and won.

The fight was full of heroes, but there were none bigger than everyone’s favourite giant, Wun Wun. Sure, Jon Snow was brave and everything, but if they hadn’t had Wun Wun’s sweet size they never would have been able to wrap things up at Winterfell as quickly as they did.

Sadly, in…

Jon Snow owes everything to Lady Lyanna



There will be spoilers below for Game of Thrones, Season 6, episode nine. Please

Nike celebrates LeBron’s NBA win with a nod to Cleveland fans



LeBron James’ business partner and the creator of his shoe line, Nike, posted a video on Sunday night shortly after the Cleveland Cavaliers won the team’s first-ever NBA championship

Although it’s clear from the footage used that the short clip was prepared before Game 7, the video’s prerecorded fans reacting to the win with relief (and just a touch of disbelief) are the perfect avatars for the many fans currently celebrating