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Masked Artist Creates Marvel-ous Superhero Work



It’s not just the superheroes who wear the masks.

Marvel cover artist Mr. Garcin, who is known for his stunning collages, wears a face mask when he is in public. The mysterious artist has crafted covers for The Amazing Spiderman, Daredevil and Iron Man.

As part of his appearance at London Comic-Con 2014, Garcin created a time-lapse video with camera manufacturer Autographer to show how he creates his work.

“I really…

iTunes Extras Finally Arrive on Apple TV



Good news, film fanatics — Apple just released a new version of iTunes Extras along with long-awaited support for the Apple TV.

iTunes Extras are digital versions of the extra features you get on a DVD or Blu-ray. These include featurettes, behind-the-scenes commentary and deleted scenes.

Apple has supported iTunes Extras since 2009 — but the new version offers all-new extras for HD movies. The bigger news, for Apple TV fans, is that the company’s $99 set-top box will now deliver the premium…

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How Argentina’s Win Makes Brazil’s World Cup Nightmare So Much Worse



The Argentine fans leaned their entire torsos out of the bus windows, beating on the metal sides, singing, yelling and taunting the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro. But mostly taunting

This was June 21 2014, the day Argentina played Iran in the World Cup‘s Group F. As Argentina soccer fans rode down Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana — one of Rio’s main drags — you didn’t need to be a soccer expert to see the palpable intensity of one of the sport’s fiercest rivalries

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Don’t Forget: Humiliated Brazil Still Has to Play Again on Saturday



An hour later, it’s still a shock: a 7-1 final score and utter humiliation for World Cup host Brazil at the feet of Germany in the tournament’s semifinal

Brazilian players were teary-eyed after the match, fans sobbed openly and supporters worldwide tried to make sense of the surreal scene. But what many forgot is this: Brazil still has to take the field again in front of its home fans to play the loser of Argentina vs. the Netherlands, in the World Cup’s third-place match on Saturday in…

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World Cup Reset: Enter the All-Out-War Stage



It was a match that soccer fans had salivated over for days: Brazil vs. Colombia in the World Cup quarterfinals. In one corner, the touted host team, looking to finally get on track after a sluggish start to the tournament. In the other, the red-hot, charismatic and immensely likable Cafeteros of Colombia, led by 22-year-old James Rodriguez, unquestionably this year’s breakout star.

What magic could Friday’s matchup bring? The possibilities seemed endless. But, instead of a heavyweight clash…

Tour de France Kicks Off With First Two Stages in England



The most famous bicycle race in the world, the Tour de France, kicked off this weekend with its first two stages, which were held in the UK countryside.

For this year’s race, 198 competitors are participating in the Tour de France. The race will take them through a grueling three-week ride through four countries, ending in the Champs Elysees in Paris on July 27. On Saturday, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, bestowed the first race leader, the winner of the first stage Marcel Kittel,…

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Clean Bandit on Perilous Video Shoots, Mozart and Technology



Welcome to Throwback Tunesday, where Mashable amplifies the echoes of music past. With genre trends and throwbacks, we synthesize music and nostalgia.

Life is full of unexpectedly great pairings: Bacon and peanut butter, cats and the Internet and so on and so forth. Electro beats meet classical music (yes, like Beethoven) when it comes to UK-based quartet Clean Bandit, and fans worldwide are loving it

In fact, Clean Bandit’s video for single “Rather Be” has been viewed more than 75 million…

World Cup Quarterfinals: How to Pick a New Favorite Team



There is a cruel paradox to the World Cup. The better it gets — the higher the quality rises, the closer we get the World Cup final (this year on July 13) — the more fans are left on the outside looking in.

The United States learned heartbreak the hard way on Thursday when, despite the valiant efforts of new American hero Tim Howard, it lost a gut-wrenching 2-1 elimination match to Belgium. Millions of American fans are now left directionless while the tournament progresses toward what’s…

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Wrote the Most Canadian Song Ever



Things sure are nice up there in Canada, eh? Astronaut Chris Hadfield definitely thinks so.

In honor of Canada’s 147th birthday, Hadfield and his brother, Dave, have written a song that celebrates all the wonderful things they love about Canada. The folksy, polite little song lauds every Canadian thing from bagged milk to hockey.

This isn’t the first time Hadfield busted out his guitar to serenade millions of YouTube fans. His popular…

The Moment Subway Passengers in Rio Learned Brazil Beat Chile



Fans of Brazil and Chile were kept on edge throughout the World Cup match on Sunday, right until the end of the decisive tie-break shootout. The stress was palpable on social media and on the faces of fans inside the stadium, especially considering that if Brazil had lost, the host country would no longer be playing in the tournament. When Brazil finally won the shootout 3-2, their fans went crazy, as all that tension was released