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5 can’t-miss apps for Super Bowl Sunday



Game day is almost here.

Your snacks are lined up, you’ve adjusted for the perfect TV settings and your pumped for the halftime show.

But preparing your smartphone and tablet can also go a long way toward making Super Bowl Sunday one to remember.

Whether you’re looking for ways to liven up your party, to chat with other fans or make some friendly wagers, these apps will help you follow every aspect of Sunday’s epic…

Now it’s certain: The ‘Game of Thrones’ show will reach the ending before the books



Longtime readers of “A Song of Ice and Fire” — the still-incomplete book cycle on which HBO’s Game of Thrones is based — get ready to roll your eyes

Author George R. R. Martin’s publisher, HarperCollins, confirmed that book six, The Winds of Winter, for which we’ve been waiting since 2011, will not be published in 2015. His publisher, Jane Johnson, tried to mollify fans by reminding them that a series of “prequel novellas” based in Martin’s world of Westeros would arrive later this year….

Super Bowl media day: 8 magic moments from an insane sideshow



Ostensibly, the NFL‘s annual pre-Super Bowl media day is a chance for serious journalists and laser-focused players to hold interviews and discuss the biggest game of the year

In reality, it’s a decadent, outlandish sideshow that seems to get weirder and weirder every year — and bless it for that

Costumed “reporters,” sarcastic players, hordes of media and much, much more all on one field? Paying fans (!!) watching from the stands?

‘The Flash’ version of Pied Piper is like an evil Harry Potter



On Tuesday’s episode of The Flash, Broadway favorite and former Smash actor Andrew Mientus brings iconic nemesis Pied Piper to life.

But Mientus’ version of the character (whose day name is Hartley Rathaway) isnt’ quite the same one that fans of the series got to know in the pages of the comic books

Gone are the Pied Piper’s flamboyant clothes, his mind-warping flute skills and most of his cartoonish-qualities

“We wanted to do something a…

Plausible deflatability: The science of deflategate



News reports say that 11 of the 12 game balls used by the New England Patriots in their AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts were deflated, showing about 2 pounds per square inch (psi) less pressure than the 13 psi required by the rules, so it seems that the most bizarre sports scandal of recent memory is real. But there are still plenty of questions: why would a team deflate footballs? Could there be another explanation? And most importantly, what does physics tell us about…

The Patriots’ deflated balls: Sizing up a Super Bowl scandal



Deflate-gate. Ballghazi. The Deflatriots

Whatever cheeky nickname you know it by, the mysterious scandal of the New England Patriots’ deflated balls in their 45-7 AFC Championship Game win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday has dominated the Super Bowl XLIX conversation so far

For casual fans who only really follow the NFL come Super Bowl time, however, the fact that 11 of 12 balls the Patriots used Sunday were significantly…

Gold BlackBerry Passport now available, but only 50 of them



Even BlackBerry isn’t immune to blinging up its phones with a little gold.

The slowly recovering smartphone maker has created a very limited run of a black and gold edition of its flagship BlackBerry Passport smartphone. The phone is functionally identical to the regular model, except the normally silver-colored rim and keyboard “frets” are colored gold. It also has the words “Limited Edition” engraved on the side, along with the production number. It also costs $899 ($999 in the company’s…

The 16 ballsiest reactions to #DeflateGate



The New England Patriots trounced the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 during Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, but all the Internet can talk about is balls. Deflated balls, more specifically

Indianapolis TV station WTHR reports that the NFL has launched an investigation against the Patriots, suspecting the team may have intentionally deflated footballs. While flat balls may seem like the least of the NFL’s problems, deflated pigskins can give players an advantage, especially in rainy weather.


Golden Globes: A ray of sunshine is coming to the (wet) red carpet



LOS ANGELES — The Golden Globes red carpet was assaulted by water for a second year in a row — but unlike last year, when a fire sprinkler soaked the arrivals area, organizers were ready for the wetness.

With rain in the forecast, giant plastic tent kept things nice and dry outside the Beverly Hilton on Sunday, where fans were already lining up in anticipation of stars beginning to arrive at around 3 p.m. Pacific time

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