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6 Interactive Sites to Create a Completely Customized Wardrobe



Customizing what you wear has never been easier.

Thanks to a handful of online custom-tailor stores, you can forget about off-the-rack purchases and become your own fashion designer. With 3D customization studios and realistic graphics, many of these sites have made it easy to digitally craft shirts and shoes from start to finish.

Once you’ve decided on details like style, fabric and fit, you can order your masterpiece straight to…

7 Tech Projects That Could Revolutionize Your Daily Life



Smartphones, Wi-Fi and wearables can only go so far. Sometimes the problems of day-to-day life don’t have a tech solution.

Well, until now. Many entrepreneurs are quietly challenging everything from falling asleep while driving to staying warm outside during bitter winters

Most of these projects are still in development, but they can have a major impact on your daily routine if they hit the market and deliver on their promises. Here are seven…

12 Unique Apple Watch Bands We Want on Our Wrists



Tim Cook calls the Apple Watch the most personal device the company has ever created

We’d like it to be a bit more personal

The new Watch, which starts at $349, is highly customizable, with a variety of different bands, from leather, to stainless steel to fluoroelastomer. But much like the original iPhone case, it’s only a matter of time before third party designers start creating their own unique wristbands

There’s so…

7 Times People Found Money in Bizarre Places



A pot of gold doesn’t always sit at the end of a rainbow.

Instead, it can sit quietly in backyards, bathroom walls and even right beneath your feet. Some people set out to hunt for treasure, while others somehow manage to accidentally stumble onto valuable items.

We took a closer look at those who magically stumbled on fortunes, and found that many unexpected and strange places have been home to some of the world’s most expensive…

Sharing Your Heartbeat Over Apple Watch Is the New Sexting



One of the big features Apple is touting with its new Apple Watch is the ability to communicate without words.

The company describes these “Digital Touch” features as offering “fun, spontaneous ways to connect with other Apple Watch wearers, wrist to wrist.”

They include the ability to sketch messages to a friend, send a Walkie Talkie-style voice memo, tap someone to let them know you’re thinking of them (this is totally the watch version of Yo) and our favorite: the ability to send your…

The 15 Most Important Apple Watch Features



Have you heard? The Apple Watch is finally here

CEO Tim Cook announced the arrival of the company’s first smartwatch on Tuesday (he also introduced the new iPhone 6 and Apple Pay). While the crowd collectively cooed, he and other Apple members explained the myriad features of the new gadget, which is slated for an early 2015 release

Pricing starts at $349, and there’s indication it’ll be worth the steep cost. The tiny wearable is ultra customizable, coming in two different sizes with 11…

9 Fashionable Wearables for the Sartorially Savvy



The fashion world wants to get functional

Smart, wearable technology has always had a bit of an image problemGoogle Glass, Fitbit and other popular tech companies have found it difficult to add a sartorial touch to smart gear. Jamming an ugly smartwatch onto a chic outfit has always been the curse of those who sit at the crossroad between taste and technology.

But the designer world is here to help. Thanks to a number of…

Superfan Perfectly Recreates ‘Friends’ for the Sims 4



Now all we have to do is teach Phoebe how to sing “Smelly Cat” in Simlish.

Imgur user IanRoach combined his passions for Friends and The Sims 4 by recreating all the important locations and characters from the hit NBC show.

From Monica and Rachel’s brightly colored downtown two-bedroom to the quirky, mismatched furniture in Central Perk, IanRoach’s homage is amazingly spot on — thanks in large part to the game’s…

Women, You Don’t Have to Be Loud to Be Good Leaders



It was a Friday afternoon in New York City, chilly inside the auditorium. Women crowded toward the front of the stage, their goodie bags spilling Luna Bars and lipstick samples into the aisles. For the first few hours of the conference, a parade of charismatic executives in color-blocked dresses had urged attendees to “speak up,” “sit at the table,” become vocal members of the C-suite.

The popular refrain for today’s latest women’s movement (Need I say it? “Lean in.”) is a tidy sound bite…

Garmin Vivosmart Is a Fitness Tracker With a Smartwatch Punch



BERLIN — Garmin launched on Thursday at the 2014 IFA tech conference a fitness wristband tracker that offers smartwatch-like capabilities, including the ability to get calendar notifications and alerts for incoming calls, texts and emails.

The vivosmart ($169) does what typical activity trackers do (monitors steps taken, calories burned and nudges you to keep moving), but it borrows some of the key features typically found on smartwatches, too. In addition to displaying the time, it syncs up…