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Murdering its mascot, and other ways Brazil is already ruining the Olympics



The Summer Olympics in Brazil are about two crises away from becoming

Google app’s new feature is a win for hypochondriacs



Googling your symptoms may not be such a bad idea after all.

The search giant is updating its apps to make it easier to find information about health conditions when you search for specific symptoms.

With the update, which is limited to searches on Google’s iOS and Android app, searches for specific symptoms will surface related conditions in cards at the top of the search results (much like other search…

A confronting documentary shows inside Australia’s secretive offshore detention centres



Australia’s offshore detention centres are surrounded with secrecy, and now a documentary is seeking to reveal what is really going on inside.

Can emoji and ‘invisible ink’ make Apple’s iMessage cooler than Snapchat?



iMessage will soon be a lot more expressive.

Apple’s Messages app is slated for a massive overhaul in iOS 10. Among the planned features: stickers, doodles, handwritten messages, “invisible ink,” custom animations and support for third-party apps.

Australian music festival criticised for including only one woman in lineup



It’s lamentable that even in 2016, women still need to fight their way onto music festival stages.

The issue has been brought into focus yet again thanks to a festival called Spilt Milk in Canberra, Australia, which is set to take place in December. The festival features popular Aussie acts such as Flume, Client Liaison, Hermitude and Violent Soho, among others.

However, festival organisers forgot one crucial thing in their initial announcement of the event: Women artists.


The Mac’s operating system is now called macOS



OS X is dead. Long live macOS.

At its annual Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, Apple announced macOS Sierra, the next version of its computer operating system for Macs shipping this fall.

Under the hood, macOS is no different from OS X. macOS’s is still based on Unix.

Philips’ new smart toothbrush brings a lot of bells and whistles to your bathroom



Philips announced a new Sonicare electric toothbrush called the FlexCare Platinum Connected, which connects to your smartphone. It’s a smart toothbrush, and it claims to help you make sure you’re brushing your teeth as well as you can.

The toothbrush, slated to come out in July, is one of a handful of smart toothbrushes that have come out or been announced over the past couple years. Most of them have similar goals of making sure you…

Mark Ruffalo seems a little torn about Jimmy Fallon’s best physical attribute



Best friends are supposed to be the people we know the best — unless we’re being quizzed about them on national television.

Mark Ruffalo and Jimmy Fallon played the “Best Friends Challenge” on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, and, aside from Fallon’s favorite superhero (The Hulk), the two didn’t exactly nail each other’s personal trivia.

The most fascinating moment, perhaps, was when the two each guessed Fallon’s best physical attribute. Ruffalo seemed torn between “eyes” and…

Jeremy Clarkson struggling to assemble a cardboard box is funnier than you’d think



Jeremy Clarkson may be good at cars and stuff, but when it comes to assembling cardboard boxes his skills leave a little to be desired.

In the clip above, Clarkson is presented with the “DHL box challenge” — basically an attempt to assemble a DHL box in the quickest time possible, while James May and Richard Hammond sit on the sidelines hurling abuse at him.

“I’m not a practical man,” explains Clarkson as the…

Who will win the VR console war?



Virtual Reality gaming is set to lay the groundwork for a next-generation console war. So who has the best shot at winning?