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9 simple tips to save time during your morning routine



If you’re not a morning person, that struggle to get up and out of the house every work day can be seriously hard work. Hell, even if you are a morning person, sometimes it’s still an effort

We have some tips and tricks that might help you shave valuable minutes off your morning routine, so you leave on time

Take a look through our useful suggestions below, then share any of your handy morning hacks in the comments

1. Don’t hit…

With New Support For Mobile Ads, Facebook’s LiveRail Isn’t Just For Video Anymore

Liverail mobile

Where are the mainstream TV shows about American Indians?



On television screens, American Indian characters are virtually invisible.

Despite the recent TV diversity breakthrough (see: Black-ish, Fresh Off the Boat, Jane the Virgin and the record-breaking Empire), native people as a whole are still largely left out of the picture on the small screen. They make cameos in subplots (e.gUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, House of Cards), but don’t get the reins to their own series.

Where are the shows dedicated to this country’s American Indians?

See also: 8…

Why you should think twice about buying breast milk off the Internet



Breast milk often goes by another name: liquid gold. Human milk uniquely provides a baby with the right nutrients and antibodies

Yet the growing pressure to breastfeed, the backlash against formula, and the idea that breast milk is a pure substance have created a market for unregulated Internet sales experts say is dangerous — even deadly

In a editorial published Tuesday in The BMJ, researchers point to studies showing that human milk…

Apple Watch makes its Australian fashion debut



Apple began its campaign of smartwatch hype in China on the cover of Vogue China late last year — and now the company has shifted its focus to Australia

The April issue of Elle Australia is the first magazine in the country to get access to the device. It features a full fashion spread with the Apple Watch in the spotlight

The spread, titled “How to Style the Apple Watch,” features several women presented in high…

Finally, a witty web series about the everyday lives of modern black women



Ackee & Saltfish is a delicious web series

Created by British filmmaker Cecile Emeke, the show is a hyper-narrow look at the everyday lives of two black best friends in England. Each episode is propelled by one little thing going wrong — not getting Lauryn Hill tickets, eating the end pieces of bread, etc. — which spirals into the kind of rapid-fire banter you’d find in any Aaron Sorkin production. Aside from the witty rapport, the show manages to be a unique slice of life because of its…

Facebook is reportedly testing a standalone app for phone calls



Facebook may be trying to take over your phone app.

The social network is testing a voice-calling app that can screen your calls and show you information about who is calling, according to an image obtained by Android Police.

The app, called “Phone,” will display information about those who call you —presumably based on their Facebook profiles — and automatically block calls that come from numbers that have been previously…

These women used social media to reclaim their bodies



Sukki Singapora is the kind of person who electrifies the Internet

Her bright blue hair falls in waves around her neckline as she discusses, over Skype from London, her passion and art form: burlesque dancing. She talks eagerly about confronting the patriarchy of her native home Singapore with a simple desire to express her sexuality

Even in pixels, Singapora’s charisma is contagious.

Being armed with a digital megaphone…

What the fanciest Parisian ladies wore in 1906



Charles Linley Sambourne was a chief cartoonist for Punch, a British satirical magazine, and a keen amateur photographer. He photographed ordinary people, documenting their appearance as references for his cartoons.

He photographed women in London in 1906, and in June of the same year, the 62-year-old Sambourne

7 incredibly simple inventions that are changing the world



The world’s most pressing issues need smart solutions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean high-tech.

While various cutting-edge innovations, such as mind-controlled robotic body suits and microchip drug delivery, are improving the lives of people across the globe, there are also a number of equally impactful inventions with little-to-no electronics.

From a wheel-shaped water container for the developing world to a lamp powered only by…