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1913 color photos reveal vivid reds like you’ve never seen



Christina O’Gorman, photographed by her father at Lulworth Cove, Dorset, England. Christina’s choice of swimming costume was a fortuitous one since red was a colour which the Autochrome process captured particularly well.

Image: RPS/Science and Society Picture Library/Getty Images

Mervyn O’Gorman was 42 when he took these pictures of his daughter,

Elizabeth in the army: When the Queen was a truck mechanic



Image: Keystone/Getty Images

In March 1945, a truck mechanic

Earth in limbo: Gripping photos of what’s at stake



From experiencing the warmest start to the year on record to facing potentially drastic water supply shortfalls within the next 15 years, climate change is literally changing the face of the Earth — a face now worn and scarred.

But losing hope is not an option. In honor of Earth Day‘s 45th anniversary, we’re here to remind you of the beautiful, massive world we call home, and why the international community needs to take action now to save it.

These stunning images span the elements, while…

State of the planet: 7 eye-opening facts for Earth Day



Earth recently hit several remarkable records — but not in a good way.

The amount of carbon dioxide gas, a global warming pollutant, has risen to the highest level in at least 800,000 years. Monthly average Arctic sea ice extent in March was the lowest in the satellite record. So far, 2015 has seen the warmest start of the year in at least 136 years.

For the 45th annual Earth Day on Wednesday, we compiled seven facts about the current state…

Chevy FNR teases a sexy, electric, autonomous driving future



If the stunning Chevrolet FNR concept vehicle unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2015 on Sunday, is any indication, the near future of driving — or is it not driving — looks exactly like something out of your favorite sci-fi movies.

“What we did with this car is we asked the engineering team to visualize what a car will look like in 2020,” said Mike Albano, communications director for Chevrolet.


The Chevy FNR features an unusual set of dragonfly doors.

Image: Chevrolet

Fully electric and autonomous,…

20 years of Match.com: How its message evolved as we did too



As Match.com celebrates its 20th anniversary on Tuesday, with more than 125 million people joining the site over the years, one thing is clear: Online dating no longer has a stigma.

But for old times’ sake, let’s recall a quote from a Match.com executive in a 2007 press release about its then-new advertising campaign, which suggests “It Starts With a Look”:

“Online dating has evolved to become a very natural way to meet potential mates — everyone knows someone who met on Match.com,” the…

Leading nonprofits are raising more money online than ever before



Finding success in the nonprofit space often depends on an organization’s digital savviness. Especially when trying to reach a demographic that advocates for good causes with their dollars (hint, hint: millennials), navigating online donations and marketing tactics is essential.

Luckily, it seems leading nonprofits are wising up, according to a new report. The 2015 M+R Benchmarks Study, which will be released in full on Wednesday, analyzed how 84 charitable organizations performed online…

Well, hello there: WhatsApp voice calling is coming to iPhone



WhatsApp users will soon be able to make free calls from within the iOS version of the app.

The messaging service’s iPhone update, which is available now, will eventually bring voice calling features to the Facebook-owned platform in the near future, according to the company.

The app’s calling features will rely on a Wi-Fi or data connection and won’t use carrier minutes. This is particularly significant given the app’s prevalence in Europe,…

My brother looks like Harry Styles and it’s killing my wildest fantasies



I’m in love with Harry Styles, the same man from One Direction who looks exactly like my brother. Awkward, much? That’s an understatement

Last summer, when my family was visiting New York City from Ohio, we spent a particular evening at the theater. While we laughed our way through Bullets Over Broadway, I had no idea my world would be flipped upside down after leaving the show

As my siblings, parents, and cousins shuffled out onto West 44th Street, we were startled by a group of teenage…

Your social media cheat sheet for perfectly sized images



Images are a vital element of social media. Set a photo with screwy dimensions as your profile pic or cover photo, and you’ve immediately set the tone all wrong

But don’t worry — we took a look at the optimum image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, so you can make sure your profiles and content look as good as they possibly can

Bookmark our convenient graphics now, and you’ll have the sizes handy…