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Basically, the world will never be able to top 1980s ski fashion



Feb. 1987

Diana, princess of Wales, and Sarah, duchess of York, attend an official photo call during their ski holiday in Klosters.

Image: Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Dec. 1984

Five people pose in winter sport outfits, in France.

Image: Benjamin Auger/Paris Match/Getty Images

Jan. 5, 1988

Models display the 1988 Winter Olympic downhill ski outfits from Descente. The brand claims sleek styling and smoother fabric may cut more than two seconds off a typical two-minute run, From left: Robyn…

Dear marketers, stop trying to sell sexism. You’re failing.



“Men everywhere can now rejoice as their wives and girlfriends finally have a way to track their time of the month.” I received this pitch email for the MyPeriod Tracker app this week. “How many ruthless fights have been started due to lack of empathy from the husband because he had no idea what type of mood he was coming home to?”

It’s 2015 and this kind of utterly embarrassing marketing still exists. Keep reading — it gets worse

The subject line contained the phrase “PMS & Men,” which…

Free Microsoft Office apps are now officially available on Android tablets



Android tablet users now have full-fledged Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps — for free.

The beta versions of the Android apps have already been available in “preview” to some Microsoft users, but the official suite of Office apps launched in the Google Play store on Thursday. Some of the premium and business features, though, are only available for Office 365 subscribers.

Now, create, edit, and more—for free!—with the…

Glow headphones will beam light, pulse to your heartbeat



Headphones are always getting smarter, and now they’re getting brighter, too.

A new set of earbuds called Glow ($127) lets you sync with your smartphone and track your heart rate, with one illuminating differentiator: wires that glow with the light from a laser. The headphones pulse to the beat of your heart and music.

Glow, which is already picking up major traction on crowdsourcing site Kickstarter, shines for over eight…

Jon Stewart compiles the most ridiculous blizzard media coverage



New Yorkers, you survived the blizzard of 2015. The proclaimed apocalyptic snowfall that was forecasted was measly at best, sprinkling less than a foot of flurries over the city

While meteorologists spent Tuesday awkwardly apologizing, media outlets, which originally warned that NYC was going to all but detach from the country and float off, quietly swept their nor’easter features under the rug. But Jon Stewart wasn’t letting them forget

Where NYC’s homeless people are spending the night of the storm



“I’m not an average homeless person,” Leo Grand says, as the wind picks up and snow whips around him.

Grand, 38, talks to us Monday at the High Line public park in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, one of his main stomping grounds. We meet him outside the men’s restroom, where he sometimes goes to keep warm on a bitter cold day like this. The hand dryers offer him some relief

He’s a familiar face, known for learning how to code in 2013. More than a year later, he’s made money through…

The 11 most crucial items to stock up on before a storm



When a storm warning is in effect — be it pouring rain, hail or snow — it’s only natural for you (and everyone’s mothers) to run straight to the store to stock up your survival kit.

The only question during all that chaos is: What do you really need?

Mashable spoke to Kristin Devoe from the New York State Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services to get the lowdown on the most useful weather emergency necessities.

In terms of…

9 oddly calming GIFs that will soothe you into the workweek



Mondays can be rough. So can Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays…you get the idea

Just one look at these surprisingly calming gifs will get you ready to take on the workweek in no time. They’re hypnotizing, though — so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. Toes at the beach

gif of water

Is there anyone out there who would deny the calming effects of being at the beach? Dubbed “blue space” by German scientists, bodies of…

10 clever Snapchat puns you’ll want to replay over and over



Some Snapchat creations are too funny to disappear into the ether.

We salute the savvy souls who saved this selection from deletion. You can get inspired to create your own funny, punny Snapchats with our list below.

Have you seen any other amusing Snapsterpieces that play on words? Any other hilarious puns worth sharing with the world? Let us know in the comments below.

Have something to add to this story?…

Facebook needs a ‘Sympathy’ button



A school friend’s mom passed away last week. He posted the news on Facebook with a short, dignified note, giving brief details of how his mother had died and information about the funeral. Feeling for his loss, I started to write, “So sorry to hear your sad news…”

But before I pressed “Enter,” I scrolled through the comments others had already posted — passionate eulogies and anecdotes from people who really knew my friend’s mom, celebrating her spirit and uniqueness. Suddenly my…