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OMG that’s my face: Woman finds a stranger who looks exactly like her



LONDON — Those two people above are different humans, and they’re not related.

It might sound unbelievable, but they’re really “twin strangers” and the person on the left, who reckons we all have some, can help you find yours.

26-year-old Niamh Geaney from Dublin recently set out to find her doppelg

Bringing up the bodies: Forensic teams uncover ISIS massacre



TIKRIT, Iraq — The mass graves were located in a tranquil field by the highway not far from a lush palm grove. A water tower could be seen in the distance, its top painted with the black and white letters of the Islamic State, the radical group that overran Tikrit last year.

Iraqi forces recently won back the city after a drawn-out, bloody battle. For many of the thousands of Shiite militiamen who made up the bulk of the government forces,…

Nattch Wants To Sell A Distraction-Free Social Network


Snapchat Goes Hard At Coachella With New Dynamic Filters

Snapchat Coachella

Happy ‘Lost’ Day! 5 ways to celebrate



On April 8, 2015 at 4:23:42 p.m., pet a polar bear, eat imaginary peanut butter or just curse at Kate Austen’s poor decisions.

For the first and only moment in your lifetime, it’s Lost Day. It will only last a second (much longer than the show’s original run), so revel in it

Get it? 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42: the recurring numbers that perplexed fans of the show for six seasons. Rather than cursing the show’s finale, consider celebrating…

Snapchat Replaces “Best Friends” With Friend Emojis, Adds Low-Light Camera

Snapchat Friend Emoji

How getting laid off inspired one writer to travel the world



Of the dozens of trips Geraldine DeRuiter has taken in the past five years, none have stuck with her like a visit to Naples in 2008

The views of the Tyrrhenian Sea were majestic, the Napolitan cuisine was the type you travel more than 5,000 miles for, and the densely packed, buzzing streets were unforgettable — but it was a call from back home in the middle of the trip that defined the journey for her.

“I got an email from work that said I no…

10 modern ‘Full House’ plots for Netflix to consider



Netflix is rumored to be considering a 13-episode series spinoff of Full House, titled Fuller House, starring D.J. and Kimmy. (Haven’t you wondered every day of your life what those two are up to in their late 30s?)

This is by and large a terrible idea because Full House is a relic of the ’90s — even the theme song references things children today don’t know about: the milk man, the paperboy, evening TV

If this must happen,…

YouTuber Grace Helbig on going to E!: ‘I feel like I’m being pranked’



PASADENA, Calif. — Grace Helbig is ready for network TV — but is her loyal pack of YouTube followers ready to see her on traditional TV?

That’s to be determined, but she’s feeling good about her chances

“They’ve already been so excited to feel a part of it, and that’s to me the most important part,” Helbig told reporters Thursday during a panel for the show, debuting Friday. “My audience, they’re not only my…

Drowning In The Livestreams

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