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Aussies will soon be able to design their own Motorola smart phones



Australians looking to add a touch of personal style to their smart phone will soon be in luck

Moto Maker — a website or kiosk service that lets users choose the aesthetic details of their Moto X smartphone, like backplate colour and the ability to have your name engraved — will soon launch Down Under, according to the Australian Financial Review.

Motorola has not yet announced the exact launch date for Moto Maker in Australia.

Americans celebrate Memorial Day with touching Instagram posts



While the weekend brought backyard barbecues, outdoor picnics and beach adventures to our Instagram feeds, Monday was reserved for touching tributes to those fallen in battle

The hashtag #MemorialDay saw several posts from cemeteries and memorials from those honoring relatives and friends who served the country. Instagram was also overflowing with beautifully filtered images of the American flag

Take a look at how the country shared…

Watch this driver seriously underestimate an alligator



“Hey, watch my truck,” a man in the video, above, tells an angry alligator, as he continues to move toward it. Bad move.

As the video’s next 20 seconds will prove, the man either underestimates the strength of the gator’s bite, or he overestimates the durability of his flimsy Nissan truck

Bottom line: You’d better be driving a sturdier vehicle if you plan on picking a fight with a gator.

How the bathing suit has changed over 120 years



If you went swimming in the 1890s, you pretty much wore an entire dress. And pants

Model and Vine star Amanda Cerny shows off just how much women’s beachwear has changed since the late 19th century by modeling styles from every era — complete with historically accurate soundtracks.

While we we might not want to revisit every style, we wouldn’t mind wearing the retro suits from the 1940s.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ video is even better with animated octopi and robots



Two words: twerking burgers

Students at the University of Newcastle in Australia were asked to animate 52 frames of Taylor Swift‘s “Shake It Off” music video using the rotoscope method, a technique that involves drawing over the footage by hand.

The results are a wild, beautiful mix of artistic styles and weird creatures like octopus ballerinas, robots and dancing burger-people.

If there were any way to improve upon T.Swift’s work, this is it.



How to Use Social Media to Humanize Your Brand

You have designed a killer website and created profiles and pages on countless social media sites. Now it’s time to build a following, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by humanizing your brand. This refers to the process of allowing customers to understand more than just the basic details of the products and services offered by a business, inviting them to participate in a cultured community of the people behind the brand. Here are some effective suggestions for cultivating…

18 photos that show great depth and distance



For last week’s Mashable Photo Challenge, we asked you to capture photos of things that are far off in the distance.

Our guest host was Conor MacNeill, a London-based travel photographer known as “thefella” on Instagram.

“Since joining Instagram, I’ve learned that I can use my iPhone like a proper camera and you needn’t be limited by equipment,” he said. “I’ve also found out that it’s the most social of the social networks I’m on;…

10 B.B. King duets that made us smile through the tears



The sad news broke on Friday that blues legend B.B. King has passed away at his home in Las Vegas, aged 89.

Though the world will miss this giant of guitar gifts, no one can say that King didn’t devote his life to sharing his music with the masses. With 43 studio albums and a tour schedule that kept him performing at least 100 shows a year into his 70s, King was one of the few seemingly tireless artists who never got sick of performing for his legions of devoted fans

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‘Friends’ never ended for one man in China



Honestly, who wouldn’t want to live in the world of Friends forever?

Rent is cheap, apartments are spacious, and everyone has jobs and/or pet monkeys. It’s a paradise.

After a bad break-up, one man in China decided to live his life Friends-style, opening his own cafe (called Central Perk, obviously) and re-naming himself Gunther, after the show’s resident barista. His aim was to create a community space, one where groups of friends like the titular crew could call their own. So far,…

Social Media and Why You Can’t MYOB

When I was a kid, my mother was constantly hissing “MYOB” in my ear. I was a curious child, and very much enjoyed eavesdropping on adult conversations, and if my mother told me to go watch the Disney channel, I was sure to be found elsewhere trying to hear something I shouldn’t. In the day and age of social media, where it seems as though everyone wants everyone else to know their business, have we become a society of people that just can’t mind our own business?

With people posting…