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This Harry Potter Rap Is For Muggles Wishing Quidditch Was a Real Sport



“Just because you’re flying on the ground doesn’t mean it isn’t fun at all, doesn’t mean it isn’t fun at all. No, and foreheads ain’t the only place you can get scars that make you special,” Sebastian Milla raps at the end of his Harry Potter-themed song

His “Snitches and Seekers” rap, featured in the just-released Mudbloods documentary, is about the fictional international sporting event called Quidditch, which students on campuses everywhere have turned into a real-life club sport with…

15 Questions We Still Have About ‘Friends’ 20 Years Later



Thanks to the generous folks at Netflix, we’ll soon be able to enjoy every single episode of Friends wherever and whenever we please. (For as long as it’s available.)

That means it will be a whole lot easier to add more “Smelly Cat”, Ugly Naked Guy and “Seven!” into your daily life.

Friends on Netflix also means we have a chance to look back at the questions we’re still pondering 20 years after the show premiered on NBC. Seriously, how did these…

8 of the Most First-World Startups on the Planet



Startup culture really embraces its first world problems.

There are all kinds of specialized apps and startups that already service your each and every whim. Now, an influx of apps caters to the 1%.

One company is Uber for private jets (seriously); another matches up exclusively wealthy people. Basically, these tools exist to make the lives of the rich even easier.

So what’s with the rise of startups aimed at wealthy people? For one, there’s always someone looking for an easy way to cash in….

Zach Galifianakis Has Every Excuse to Not Hang Out With You



Oh sorry, you can’t hang out tonight because you have to wash your hair? That’s a rookie excuse, man

Zach Galifianakis joins Jimmy Fallon in a Tonight Show skit that will help you get out of all those annoying plans you’ve been trapped into. Dinner with your college roomie? Just tell him you’re busy cloning dinosaurs. In-laws in town? Just say you’re off to the moon!

You’ll have plenty of free time now to Facebook stalk all your friends.

10 ‘Game of Thrones’ Cosplayers Killing It at Comic Con



The weekend is long and full of cosplay

The Game of Thrones’ fandom flocked to New York City for an action-packed weekend full of Comic Con and cosplay: Sansas and Daenerys and Jon Snows (oh my!). Fortunately, no reports of marriage or murder have been reported

Instead, Lannisters and Starks roaming the convention center are getting along like old friends — if only Westeros could always be this peaceful

Some cosplayers are so…

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How George Lucas Gave Robot Chicken His Blessing



Seth Green, Matt Senreich and John Harvatine IV are essentially three friends who made the kind of sketch comedy they wanted to –- stop motion animation parodies with action figures and toys –- and turned it into an Emmy Award winning series, while remarkably still staying friends and, perhaps more impressively, not pissing off George Lucas.

The creative team was in New York this week for a New York Comic Con panel where they, along with Vimeo, launched their first-ever online character…

Facebook Mobile’s New Collage Design Highlights Your Best Photos


Getting Kids to Read, While Also Making Them Healthier



If you’ve ever taken a ride on that health club staple, the stationary bike, chances are you took a book or magazine along with you to peruse while you worked up a sweat. It turns out students at Ward Elementary in Winston-Salem, North Carolina are doing the same. The school’s pioneering Read and Ride program lets student get some exercise while they read.

School counselor Scott Ertl launched the innovative program back in 2009. The healthy-minded educator asked friends and community members…

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‘Downton Abbey’ App Brings the Dowager Countess to Your Phone



Are you a fan of the popular and acclaimed British period drama TV series Downton Abbey? Then you might want to check out the series’ new official iOS app.

Called Downtonisms, the app in question is a soundboard app featuring more than 160 memorable lines from the series, as uttered, enunciated and proclaimed by Violet Crawley, Lady Mary, Mr. Carson, and nine other Downton Abbey

Why Social Media Won’t Die Any Time Soon

Hula Hoop

I remember the first “social media is dying” post that I read. It was early 2008 and MySpace was already showing signs of starting to implode upon itself. The article I read (wish I would have saved it) gave a very compelling argument about how social media was a fad and that privacy would eventually prevail once the glow of the “look at me” mentality that drives social media wears off.

It never did. It never will.

There’s no going back. Social media is the ultimate legal voyeurism into the…