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Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow curse each other out



Well, shit: Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow reunited

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel — a true fan of reuniting the Friends gang — brought Aniston and Kudrow together for a rousing edition of Celebrity Curse Off. The two actresses lobbed “f*cks” and “sh*ts” at one another with reckless abandon

As the old adage goes: The Friends who appear on late night TV together, stay relevant together.

Stray dog follows adventure race team for 430 miles through the Amazon



In a heartwarming story tailor-made for the start of the holiday season, a stray dog followed a team of athletes throughout its grueling 430-mile adventure competition in the Amazon rainforest.

The dog, later named Arthur, came upon Team Peak Performance, a Swedish team competing in the Adventure Racing World Championship, while the athletes were sharing a meal in advance of a 20-mile race stage through rough terrain in Ecuador.

One of the athletes, Mikael Lindnord, took pity on the scraggly…

Jennifer Aniston shares her ideas for a ‘Friends’ reunion



Graham Norton is sick of hearing about a potential Friends reunion. So sick of the chatter that he practically begged Jennifer Aniston to finally organize one, if only to finally shut fans up about it.

Aniston shared her idea of the perfect cast reunion while chatting with the British talk show host. Long story short: Don’t hold your breath for one anytime soon.

“I say we wait until we’re really much older, and be just Golden Friends because then…

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This soccer goalie is so good, it hurts



Think soccer is a dull game when it’s low scoring? Try this sketch on for size.

The comedy nerds at YouTube channel Studio C are behind this imaginary penalty shootout between the Yale Bulldogs and the North Carolina Tar Heels, in which one goalkeeper keeps coming back for more punishment — but manages to win the game regardless.

In one week, the video has amassed more than 5.7 million views on YouTube — fake British accents and lowbrow humor notwithstanding.

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10 tips for talking to your relatives during the holidays



The holidays would be so much calmer without all those pesky relatives stirring trouble.

As much as you love this time of year, you can’t help but dread making awkward and often heated conversation with relatives at the annual family gathering. You’re going to need a game plan if you want a happy holiday in sweet, blissful solitude.

You know they mean well, but sometimes you wonder if you’d be better off spending the…

Are you in a relationship with your smartphone?



In an increasingly mobile world, people are spending more time than ever on their phones, but we’re not doing as much talking as you might expect. Mobile has become the leading digital platform, with users spending 60% of their digital media time on mobile. Of this time, 52% is spent on app usage — with more than 1.3 million Android apps on the market and 1.2 million apps in the Apple app store, we can do just about anything on our smartphones. Take a peek at the data below to see how…

New Yorkers give more practical advice than Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift, recent New York transplant, was also recently named the official Global Welcome Ambassador by the city’s tourism organization.

It’s a smart move by New York, but Swift’s experience of the city doesn’t ring particularly true for many longtime New Yorkers. If you listen very closely, you can hear a collective eye roll when in one video, she calls bodegas “our friends.”

Help from more seasoned New Yorkers is on the way, though….

9 writers on the inspiring books that shaped them



There are books that stay with you during important times in your life. A great book can get you through a bad breakup or a bad high school (though, that actually might take a whole series)

The authors behind your favorite books were drawn to literature and writing by their own literary all-stars, and besides gaining comfort and pleasure, they’ve found and honed the skills utilized in their own novels

These nine authors received their…

Instagram Launches A People Discovery Tab To Fill Your Feed With Fresh Creators

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Facebook update gives you more control over your News Feed



Facebook is giving you more ways to tweak what you see in your News Feed.

The social network unveiled a new settings menu and customization options for News Feed that allows users to personalize the types of content they see.

The News Feed settings menu, which appears in the Facebook apps and on the web, displays which friends appear most often in your News Feed and which friends you’ve chosen to unfollow

From there, you can…