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LMFAO Singer Redfoo ‘Glassed’ in Australian Nightspot



SYDNEY — LMFAO singer Redfoo has described his shock at being “glassed” in a Sydney nightspot early on Thursday morning.

The 39-year-old American entertainer, who is a judge of Australia’s version of the reality show The X-Factor, was at the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Sydney at 12:30 a.m. when a man allegedly threw a glass at the star’s face.

The 21-year-old alleged attacker was arrested by police at the scene as he attempted to flee, police said. He was later charged with malicious wounding and…

What Being Tased in Slow Motion Looks Like



Some people will do anything for the camera.

Photographer Patrick Hall somehow convinced a group of 100 people to take a stun gun to their torsos for his reactionary photo series, The Taser Photoshoot.

Hall also released an extended version of the shoot, which adds the reactions of the people doing the tasing. In a post on his website, Fstoppers, Hall commented that while those getting tased were nervous, the people holding the…

Kuddle, An “Instagram With Training Wheels,” Introduces Social Media To Kids

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After YouTube And Vimeo, Pinterest Now Adds Vevo Music Videos To Its Site

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Shotclock Turns Messaging Into A Popularity Contest


The Friends That Play Together, Stay Together



Swiss photographers Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini have released a series of pictures — and a corresponding book — titled Hobby Buddies, which examine people who are pursuing a common cause or shared ideas

They staged scenes that are both humorous and heartfelt, including groups like a diving club, astronomers, a scout troop and a children’s chess club.

“I look at those waiting in line — people of all kinds,” Sprecher and…

Appealing To Women, Social Fitness App PumpUp Raises $2.4M Led by General Catalyst


‘Hell to Pay’: U.S. Officials React to Malaysian Airliner Tragedy



If the world hadn’t been paying close attention to the conflict on the eastern border of Ukraine, the downing of the Malaysian airliner there on Thursday made it everybody’s business.

The nearly 300 people who died as the plane was shot down en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur came from across the globe. The passengers included children and their parents, friends visiting friends, families going on vacation, students and notable researchers headed to an HIV/AIDS conference in…

16 Pieces of Glassware Every Drinker Needs



Every serious boozer needs a signature cocktail and a signature glass

Frosty ice shooters and shatter-proof wine glasses are just a couple of the glassware pieces we found to complement every type of drinker

So don’t be afraid to buy that bottom-shelf liquor — even if your vodka tastes like paint stripper, you’ll still look cool.

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Grumpy Cat’s ‘Guide to Life’ Coming to Bookshelves



The Internet’s most curmudgeonly and successful sourpuss has her stink-eye on the New York Times bestseller list once again.

Grumpy Cat‘s latest book will hit bookshelves August 5, just in time for you to reevaluate your lifeThe Grumpy Guide to Life: Observations by Grumpy Cat is filled with the kind of crabby, yet convincingly sound advice (“Good friends know when to keep quiet. Great friends don’t talk at all.”) that you might hear from your grandpa — if your grandpa was as cute and soft…