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10 horror remakes that actually don’t suck



At this stage, when we hear that one movie or another is being remade, we hardly bat an eye, so desensitized we have become to these rehashed versions of films we love. Too often it seems that these movies miss the point of the original, skip over all the things that made the first ones great, or just plain aren’t very good. This especially seems to be the case with horror movies. And with a new Poltergeist hitting theaters this week (and not screening in advance in most areas, which is…

Neil Patrick Harris, Hozier and other celebs praise Ireland’s historic vote



Ireland became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage through a nationwide public vote today, and celebrities around the world flocked to Twitter to show their support.

People from Vice President Joe Biden to singer/songwriter Sam Smith praised the Irish electorate for passing the history-making marriage equality referendum. The majority of voters in all but one Irish constituency voted “yes” on the referendum, which makes same sex marriage a constitutional right for citizens in…

The shruggie made a cameo on the Senate floor



The shruggie is now a VIP on the Senate floor

Sen. Chris Murphy (D.-Conn.) used the

The dark past and hopeful future of Canada’s indigenous populations



In the 1840s, the Canadian government established the Indian Residential School system, a network of church-run boarding schools created to forcibly assimilate indigenous children into the dominant culture of Canada.

The children who attended these facilities — coming from First Nations, M

Melissa McCarthy stays cool while confronting sexist movie reviewer



The actress Melissa McCarthy gave a perfect lesson in how to call out sexist criticism this week.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she discussed an infamous review of her 2014 film Tammy in which a critic seemed to tie her acting ability to her physical appearance

“He’d said basically I’m only a good actress when I look attractive and that my husband [Tammy director Ben Falcone] shouldn’t be allowed to direct me…

How to measure the PR value and business impact of social good



This article is part of SWOT Team, a series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.

As someone who has spent the last several years thinking about how to measure intangible things, mostly PR but sometimes Ben & Jerry’s “Cherry Garcia” effect on one’s emotional state, I’ve recently become fascinated with another aspect of business which also requires a combination of creative thinking and data to understand its efficacy: Social…

Sustainable energy takes global center stage in May



For four women in rural India, the struggle to become solar engineers began before they’d even set foot in a classroom.

None of the women had ever been allowed to travel without a male companion. Neighbors insisted that the training should be given to men. And none of the women had attended school past eighth grade

“No one in the village has ever done anything like this. People said that boys should get the…

18 photos that show great depth and distance



For last week’s Mashable Photo Challenge, we asked you to capture photos of things that are far off in the distance.

Our guest host was Conor MacNeill, a London-based travel photographer known as “thefella” on Instagram.

“Since joining Instagram, I’ve learned that I can use my iPhone like a proper camera and you needn’t be limited by equipment,” he said. “I’ve also found out that it’s the most social of the social networks I’m on;…

Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Solar Installations


In today’s society, there is a good chance that you’ve probably seen or at least heard of solar panels. Regardless of how you learned about solar installations, you may wonder if they are a good choice for you and your energy needs. With about 600,000 businesses and households in the United States to make the change, it is safe to say that people see the clear benefits of renewable energy. If you are looking to heat your pool or the entire house, here are some reasons why the choice…

Cat who catches bat mid-flight is the coolest effing thing you’ll ever see



Clear your schedule, you will be watching this video of a cat catching a bat mid-flight on repeat for the next few hours.

This video has something for everyone. Cats for you cat fans, high speed aerial excitement for you action/adventure fans and a happy animal-friendly ending for everyone in PETA.

This Cat deserves his own Netflix TV series.

Cat Bat