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9 fantastic gifts that aren’t just clutter



By your 10th pair of socks or day planner No. 4, you may realize what the holidays are actually about: clutter.

This year, practice the art of uncluttered giving and spread the cheer brought on by drawers that aren’t holding two dozen dust-collecting pens.

There are a few strategies to this art. Make sure you don’t give someone gifts she already has, but pay attention to the exception to this rule — if she has four pairs of Apple earbuds she…

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These are the tablets to put on your Black Friday hit list



The retail sales battle lines have been drawn: Black Friday is upon us. Some deals will be genuinely rare and valuable, while others will simply be normal discounts dressed up in Black Friday camouflage

Distinguishing between the two will be fairly difficult, but you can cut through some of the false signals by properly establishing your targets early on. If you’re thinking of snagging the latest and greatest tablet, we’ve devised a short list to make composing your battle plan a little…

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Logitech’s Case+ takes your iPhone 5S to the next level



Bill Gates was wrong: The computerized hub for our lives isn’t the PC. The smartphone is

Don’t be too hard on the guy…he was only half wrong. The smartphone is still a computer, and a very personal one at that. And as they get more powerful, our phones will soon make Batman’s utility belt look like child’s play. Today you can control locked doors, pay for purchases, watch movies, and even start some cars, all from a simple phone

But it…

This cardboard cutout of Bob Dylan has its own Instagram



Say you’re an avid Bob Dylan fan who comes upon a cardboard cutout illustration of your folk idol at a concert one night. If you’re like the Instagram user behind Flat Bobby, you photograph that Bob Dylan cutout on a cultural tour of the key places that led to Dylan’s massively successful career.

The Instagram project has traveled surprisingly far to capture Flat Bobby in his natural habitat, including the Newport Folk Festival where Dylan first went electric in 1965 and the site of his…

Crunchweek: Uber, Uber, Uber And Barbie

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Millennials aren’t as self-obsessed as you think



This argument isn’t new: Millennials, or those born between 1980 and the mid-’90s, are lazy, apathetic, entitled, narcissistic — the “Selfie Generation,” too obsessed with technology to make lasting, meaningful connections.

But as most millennials will tell you, those are exceedingly unfair generalizations. Gen Y does care. In fact, 84% of millennials say that knowing they’re making a positive difference in the world is more important than any professional recognition.

Welzoo, an online…

10 developing countries most dependent on remittances



The lasting impact of remittances, or money that migrant workers send to family members and other individuals in their home countries, is a complicated topic. Remittances are often one of the most substantial sources of financial flows to developing countries, rivaling international aid, but whether they further actual economic growth is debated among experts.

We do see remittances having short-term impact on developing economies, however — and while larger countries receive more…

Social experiment shows bystanders ignoring domestic abuse in an elevator



Would you intervene if you witnessed domestic abuse? While most people would probably say yes, a new video makes the case that many people would ignore it — even in a confined space.

The Swedish video shows a male actor pretending to abuse — both verbally and physically — a female actor in an elevator. The video’s creators claim that of the 53 people who entered the elevator, only one defended the woman.

“If you…

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U.S. condemns attack on American sailors in Istanbul



Three American sailors were assaulted in Istanbul on Wednesday in what the United States is calling an “action that disrespects Turkey’s reputation for hospitality.”

Video emerged showing the sailors being pelted with paint and shoved by the attackers, before a plastic bag is placed over one of their heads.

The U.S. Embassy in Turkey responded to the video, saying that the treatment of the three sailors was “appalling.”

(1/4)The video…

Vanessa-Mae banned from skiing over fixed Olympic qualifiers



Pop violinist Vanessa-Mae was banned from competitive skiing for four years on Tuesday for taking part in races that were fixed to allow her to qualify for the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The findings by the International Ski Federation exposed as a sham what many fans thought was a feel-good celebrity Olympic story.

FIS also banned five officials from Slovenia and Italy for between one and two years for their role in the scandal.