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5 things the GOP wants to do now that they control Congress



Republican lawmakers will control the House of Representatives and the Senate starting Tuesday, and many of them want to start passing legislation right away

Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been criticized for not being able to work across party divides to pass laws over the past several years, and the GOP wants to prove that its leadership is different

With that, here are five things Republicans want to…

Sony Pictures employees receive threatening email after massive hack



The hackers behind the massive Sony Pictures hack, or someone else claiming to be them, have sent threatening emails to some of the company’s employees, a Sony Pictures spokesperson confirmed to Mashable.

On Friday evening, Ben Bergman, a journalist at KPCC Southern California Public Radio, as well as USA Today reported that the hackers had sent “violent threats” against Sony Pictures employees and their families

5 things the Republicans can do with control of the Senate



Now that the GOP has taken control of the Senate, the country waits to find out what the party will do with its newfound power

Congress has been notoriously gridlocked for the past several years — in large part due to Republicans, who used their majority in the House of Representatives and obstruction in the Senate to effectively veto Democrat initiatives. Now that the GOP controls the Senate and the House, it’s unclear whether more legislation will pass — or if the newly Republican Congress…

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Republicans capture the Senate



Congress now belongs to the Republican Party.

The GOP took control of the Senate on Tuesday, wresting six states from the Democrats

The fight isn’t entirely over. Republicans can still strengthen their position by picking up a few more seats, including Alaska. But the night went smoothly for the GOP with wins in key races in Arkansas, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia and North Carolina

While those states…

That time a bunch of politicians partied all night



The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat was on display on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning as midterm election results trickled in

As the Senate flipped, so did some of the revelers at the political parties.

Republican Joni Ernst became the first woman to represent that state of Iowa in the U.S. congress, and her supporters basked in a victory that helped shift control of the GOP to the Senate.


Professors Vying for Cantor’s Seat Get Rave Reviews From Students



In the tiny town of Ashland, Virginia, the most exciting thing to usually happen at Randolph Macon College is the loud train that blows through campus every thirty minutes

On Tuesday night, that all changed.

Randolph Macon College

Image: Steve Helber/Associated Press

With Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor losing his seat in a shocking GOP primary upset, Randolph Macon College has become the epicenter of Virginia 7th congressional district race with two — yes, two — professors battling each other for the…

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Republicans Are Creating Fake Sites for Democratic Candidates



In electoral politics, the candidate is meant to project a vision of governance, extolling her party’s noble ideas and principles, all while letting her own beneficence shine through. When that doesn’t work, you go ad hominem and straw man — you tear down your opponent and twist their beliefs into ghoulish fairy tales with which to frighten the underinformed voter. When even attack ads aren’t making a dent, there’s just one thing left to do: pretend to be the other guy online and see if you…

Ronald Reagan Comes to ‘Life’ as YouTube Avatar

What would President Ronald Reagan have to say about this year’s election if he were alive today? Seyyer, a company that bills itself as a “cognitive video realization” service, thinks it has the answer.

Virtual Reagan is a 13-video series in which the late president opines about the campaign issues of the day in a creepily life-like fashion, “live from the other side.”

“The real issues come down to tax reform, medicare revisions and health care for future generations,” according to…

Is Eastwooding the Next Planking Internet Meme?

1. What Is Eastwooding

Image courtesy of Instagram, Mr.2jo

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First there was planking. Then there was Tebowing. Now, it appears Internet users have found something to fill the photo meme void: Eastwooding.

Clint Eastwood received a lot of online buzz Thursday night after pulling an unusual stunt at the Republican National Convention: talking to a chair with “Invisible Obama” sitting in it.

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12 Classic Movie Quotes Clint Eastwood Can Use at the RNC

Gran Torino (2008)

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GOP: Your day is about to made.

News outlets have confirmed that Clint Eastwood will be tonight’s “mystery speaker” at the Republican National Convention.

The multiple Oscar-winning actor and director will grace the stage to speak and sling support behind presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Eastwood’s tough-talking, no nonsense reputation means his appearance has the potential to resonate with…