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Learn how to rise to the top as an entrepreneur in our next #BizChats



The barrier of entry into the world of entrepreneurship has been blown wide open. The biggest and brightest entrepreneurs can be any person at any age from any background.

The dos and don’ts of growing your professional network without ignoring your personal life



More than three-quarters of recruiters find applicants via LinkedIn. Job seekers referred by a current employee land the job nearly 66 percent of the time. If you’re a career changer, someone in your desired industry can give you valuable pointers for submitting a successful application for a role in their field. And even if you have your dream job, your professional contacts remain important — there to share advice and resources, especially when you’re facing new or challenging…

If He Can’t Man Up Against Cruz, How Will He Handle Other World Leaders? #MakeDonaldDebateAgain

After losing every debate he’s been in, Donald Trump is obviously reluctant to debate Ted Cruz. He has the lead and he lacks understanding of the issues, so conventional wisdom dictates that he should avoid them at all costs. Unfortunately, he also desperately needs the practice.

By Donald’s estimation, he’s won every debate. Of course, he refers to the “online polls” as he puts it, citing Trump-friendly Drudge Report and other “polls” that rely on mob fanboyism rather than analysis and…

I conquered impostor syndrome by embracing cannabis



Three years ago, I had never planned a lavish party where guests got high. I hadn’t gotten fired for vaping on national television. I hadn’t founded Women Grow, the largest professional networking organization for cannabis industry professionals. There wasn’t a line of Jane West cannabis accessories in the works. My name wasn’t even Jane West.

I was in my mid-thirties, rising through the ranks in corporate America. My husband and I were raising our two young sons in suburban Denver….

Learn how to slash stress in the workplace in our next #BizChats



Stress. You can’t see it, but you can certainly feel it.

Passive-aggressive note left by soon-to-be fired Dick Smith employee



It’s not a happy ending for many employees of soon-to-be closed Australian electronics chain Dick Smith, but at least one employee can still find some humour.

The end of the once iconic brand is near, with all Dick Smith stores to be closed by around the end of April, according to receivers Ferrier Hodgson.

Young John Wayne was a serious hunk in his first lead role



Wayne with co-star Marguerite Churchill.

Image: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Marion Robert Morrison was born in Iowa in 1907, and moved with his family to California in 1916.

What holds you back from speaking up at meetings (and how to share ideas in no time)



There are many reasons someone might be hesitant to speak up in meetings

These 5 cover letter lines make you sound like a robot. Go with this instead.



Cover letters are challenging, to say the least. How do you use them to your best advantage? How business-like or personality-filled should they be? Do people even read the stupid things in the first place?

Yes, they read them, especially if you get them in the hands of the right people and draw them in with a compelling opening that’s on point and reflective of your personality. Torture them with robotic sounding blabber, on the other hand? Then you can count on the reviewer taking, at…

This is your chance to drink beer around the world, and get paid doing it



Some interns get their bosses coffee. Now there’s an internship for those who just want to get themselves beer.

World of Beer, a franchise pub, is offering three lucky people the chance to travel around the world and drink beer. The position is called Drink It Intern