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3 career lessons you can only learn from failing hard



There’s no shortage of interviews with Steve Jobs discussing Apple, or Jeff Bezos talking about Amazon, or Mark Zuckerberg talking about Facebook. These guys are incredibly successful, so they’re clearly great sources for advice on leadership, innovation, and hard work.

But they’re also incredibly successful. They’re speaking from a place to which most professionals can’t really relate. (When’s the last time your company’s stocks sold for $120 per share?)

Enter: StartUp, a podcast about…

Fish drying is the livelihood of thousands in West Bengal



For generations, fish drying in the Sundarbans islands, located in Indian state of West Bengal, has been an essential source of livelihood for thousands. Concerns surrounding environmental damage and smuggling lead to a ban in 1996 on fishing and fish-drying activities on Jambudwip and other surrounding islands.

Seasonal fishing and fish drying continues in the Sundarbans, although more than 25,000 Bengalis remain at risk of losing…

Regain your dignity after these embarrassing new job blunders



Starting a new job is an exciting adventure. But it’s also riddled with landmines of potential awkwardness — think getting lost on the way to the copier or mistaking your new colleague for the mail guy. The gaffes and blunders may be inevitable, but they can still catch you off guard if you’re not prepared.

The best teacher is experience, and luckily for you, I’ve had my share of cringe-worthy new job encounters over the years. Here are few of my favorites and how I recovered with my…

The obvious application blunder that might be costing you the job



It sounds too good to be true — but it’s not. There is one simple thing you can do to dramatically increase your likelihood of getting an interview and a job. Are you ready?

Follow the directions

Before you close out this tab (because this advice is, like, so obvious) and you surely always follow directions, let me say this: You just might not. I’m not talking about egregious examples like calling when the application says, “No phone calls, please,” or neglecting to show up for your…

Viking Cruises announces Mississippi River expansion



NEW ORLEANS — European river cruise giant Viking, already gaining a high profile in the United States with its sponsorship of popular PBS television shows, announced Tuesday that it will make New Orleans its first North American home port for Mississippi River cruises expected to begin by late 2017.

“They are in an expansion mode and this is the logical place for them to expand,” said Mike Driscoll, editor of the industry newsletter Cruise Week.

Viking’s move will produce 416 new jobs in New…

What to write to a job candidate you’re rejecting



There’s a lot to think about when you’re hiring a new employee. You carefully consider how you’ll screen applications, what questions you’ll ask in the interview, and how you’ll frame the offer in light of salary requirements.

However, even if that process goes smoothly and your dream candidate signs on, your work isn’t quite done yet. You need to contact the other candidates and let them know that you hired someone else.

Turning people…

Robot firm’s founder steps down as Softbank takes more control



Japanese giant Softbank now owns 95% of the shares in French robotics company Aldebaran. The new shares come from Bruno Maisonnier, who will step down as CEO of the company he founded on March 4.

Softbank took a 78.5% interest in Aldebaran in 2011. In 2014, Masayoshi Son, chairman and CEO of SoftBank, introduced Pepper, a humanoid robot with a cloud-base intelligence system that, according to Softbank, allows Pepper to read human emotions based on facial expressions and tone of voice


What hiring managers are really asking in interviews



Interviews are fairly anxiety inducing, especially when your interviewer has what can only be described as a professional poker face. You could drive yourself insane trying to figure out what exactly is going on behind that diplomatic smile.

To save you from the agony and to help you better prepare, here is an inside look at what goes through a hiring manager’s mind during an interview. In general, employers are looking for the best technical and cultural fit that their budgets will allow…

Carnegie Mellon computer glitch mistakenly accepts 800 applicants



This is one computer glitch that’s going to burn in many memories.

Carnegie Mellon mistakenly sent acceptance letters this week to 800 people who applied for the school’s top-rated computer science graduate program. The university blamed the blunder on computer error, saying it was the result of “serious mistakes in our process for generating acceptance letters.”

“Once the error was discovered, the university moved quickly to notify affected applicants. We understand the disappointment…

Why no one has responded to your email



So, you sent an email. You expect a prompt response. Then, you wait. And wait. And it starts to feel like dating, where you rethink all of your last interactions and wonder whether you said or did something wrong

Unfortunately, you might be rightWe lose 10 IQ points from fielding constant email, so we’re bound to make mistakes when it comes to sending them. Here are some reasons you may be dealing with radio silence.

1. Your email was too long

In researching statistics about email usage, I…