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Your Dream Job Doesn’t Exist Yet. Here’s How to Land It Anyway



Waiting for the perfect position to pop up in your LinkedIn feed? Can’t find job descriptions that nail down your skills and goals in your daily search results? If you’ve been searching for your dream job and haven’t found it, it’s possible that it doesn’t exist — at least not yet.

In fact, if you really want a job you love, it’s time to stop limiting your search to posted positions. I recently carved out my own place in the workplace, and you can, too, by doing some strategic research,…

12 Simple Tweaks That Make Your Resume Easier to Review



There’s some debate about

‘Retail Jedi’ and 14 Other Absurd Job Titles



In a bid to achieve maximal hipness and happiness, companies, particularly in the tech world, have collectively begun to create bizarre new positions or to attach peculiar names to the same old corporate paper-pushing nine-to-fives. A lot of these jobs have a bizarrely spiritual flavor — “evangelists” and “prophets” — while others try and infuse excitement where there is none — “Jedi” and “heroes.” Much of this might be a way of skirting around the grim reality that life in a cubicle is…

How to Reclaim Your Goals When the Path to Success Gets Foggy



I want to have an extraordinary career — and really make an impact inside my company, and out in the world.

But there are so many little things that need to get done every day.

It’s so hard to stay focused on the big picture.

Sound like you?

If so, I can relate. In running my own business, I know how challenging it can be to get all of the “little things” done, while still making progress toward your bigger, more meaningful career goals.

Some days, it can feel like you’re drowning in…

Twitter Is Mostly a White Male Company, Diversity Data Reveals



It took a few weeks, but Twitter has finally released diversity data on its company, joining the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. The results? Twitter’s roughly 3,000 employees are predominately white (59%) and overwhelmingly male (70%).

The company’s gender gap, in particular, becomes even more pronounced when broken down by expertise. Of Twitter’s technology employees, a whopping 90% are men. For non-technical jobs, the split between genders is 50-50. What’s more, almost 80% of…

When You Should Delegate, and When You Shouldn’t



“Non-delegator” sounds so much nicer than “control freak” or “know-it-all,” but truth be told, that’s just semantics. Delegating can be scary — especially if you’ve been burned before and if you know exactly how you like things done — but I probably don’t have to tell you that

Tips and Tricks for the Skype Job Interview



Business school career centers have long prepared students for job interviews, but now they have a new platform to contend with. Enough companies now interview for jobs and internships over Skype that career offices have started to train business students in the art of conversing on video chat.

You’d think that digital natives could pull it off easily, but more can go wrong than you think, says Stacey Rudnick, director of MBA career services at University of Texas’ McCombs School of…

3 Phrases That Actually Make You Feel More Overwhelmed



The power of words is never more evident to me than when I’m working with a client or team and the language turns negative:

4 Questions to Ask Employees in Exit Interviews



A few months ago, one of my employees decided to leave the company. Her exit wasn’t a total surprise — we’d hired her originally as an intern, and we all knew her heart and her passion resided in the nonprofit realm. I tried to convince her that our business — employee engagement consulting — was saving the world in a different way, but alas, she wasn’t buying it.

We’re a relatively small organization, and life gets busy. On her last day, I was in client meetings and didn’t really get a…

A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating Office Politics



Executives often complain to me about the new generation of employees — they aren’t as committed, sophisticated or knowledgeable as more experienced employees would like them to be. They get bored or disillusioned quickly. Turnover is a problem, and so on. Just as often, I respond that youth may not be the main problem new hires have.

People face many pressures at the start of their career. In addition to understanding their new position, they are trying to figure out the who, what, where,…

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