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Brands <3 Emoji



Domino’s is taking mobile ordering to the next level. Starting Wednesday, users can place an order simply by tweeting the chain a pizza slice emoji. The pizza chain — which calls for users to register their payment information, Twitter handle and regular order on its website — is the latest brand to jump on the emoji bandwagon as the characters increase in popularity.

According to Instagram research from last week, within a month of iOS launching the emoji keyboard, 10% of the captions and…

What’s this Safari favicon fix about?



In the recent slew of updates brought by OS X Yosemite 10.10.3, which included a new Photos app and more than 300 new emoji, one tiny but very important fix is easily overlooked: Safari no longer saves website favicon URLs while in Private Browsing mode

Until now, even if you were browsing privately in Safari — which should leave absolutely no traces of your browsing history — Safari kept records of all the favicons from the sites you visited

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Apple unleashes iOS 8.3 update for iPhone and iPad, including new emoji



Apple’s iOS 8.3 beta, previewed here last month, has finally been released into the wild

The mobile operating system update, targeting iPhones and iPads, delivers a new set of diverse emojis in addition to several other fun surprises. Among them, on the emoji front, is an updated menu that makes it easier to quickly scroll through the 300 new emoji options

Upon testing some of the new emoji, we found that they don’t exactly…

You can now pay your friends through Facebook Messenger



Facebook’s long-awaited payments feature is finally here.

On Tuesday, the social network announced a new feature for Messenger that lets users send and receive money to one another. The feature will roll out to Facebook users in the U.S. across desktop, Android and iOS over the next few months.

Users who add their debit card information in Messenger’s settings section can send payments by striking up a conversation with a…

Emoji Keyboard puts the power of mobile shorthand on desktops and laptops



If someone can find success crowdfunding potato salad on Kickstarter, why not something equally unnecessary but even more fun — like an emoji keyboard?

That’s what the folks at Oakland, California-based Disk Cactus, a self-described “art and technology” studio, developed to give us all a simple way to emojify messages

The product itself is not a keyboard, but an overlay for existing Mac keyboards (standard MacBooks and Apple wireless keyboards)

This app makes texting exclusively in Drake lyrics easier than ever



Whether you’re drunk dialing exes, ordering bottle service, making your enemies jealous or just generally on your worst behavior, Drake has felt your highs and lows

Selecting the most appropriate Drake lyrics to express feelings comes naturally to some people. But sometimes, in the event of emotional crises, your mind goes blank and you can’t even remember lyrics that your dog is very tired of hearing you sing. Fortunately, a new app called Drizzy is here to help.

See also: 20…

Five crazy things being powered by the sun

The aircraft Solar Impulse is not the only unusual element being powered by the sun.

Why not everything is being powered by the sun? It’s the most powerful thing in the solar system! This is why it is called the solar system.

Here are five of the most unusual objects already using solar energy.


solar energy car

Celebrity portraits prove that emoji selection is truly an art form



Picking the right emoji is serious business. It can make or break a text — relationships are on the line

Rapper Yung Jake is taking the art form to the next level by creating stunning celebrity portraits using Emoji.Ink, an app that lets you to use the emoji keyboard as a paintbrush.

Now we finally know that Miley Cyrus‘ infamous tongue is mostly made out of pigs and Kim Kardashian uses hamburgers as bronzer

Have something to add to…

Grateful Dead to reunite for final concerts



Fifty years after Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh first performed in Menlo Park, Calif., the surviving members of the Grateful Dead will reunite in 2015 for what they say is their final series of concerts.

The four surviving members, Weir, Lesh, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann, will play three shows at Chicago’s Soldier Field, July 3, 4, and 5. “These will be the last shows with the four of us together,” Weir tells Billboard. They will be joined for the show by Phish guitarist Trey…

Your iPhone isn’t a BlackBerry, but it can fake it with the Typo 2



The iPhone‘s answer to the BlackBerry keyboard, the Ryan Seacrest-backed Typo, is back. Like the first model, the Typo 2 turns your Apple smartphone into one with a QWERTY keyboard

But the second version is a bit different — and this makes sense, considering Typo was hit with a lawsuit and pulled off the market for having a design too close to BlackBerry’s existing keyboard

Seacrest and Typo cofounder Laurence Hallier