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BlackBerry Wins Court Order Against Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Case



BlackBerry scored a major victory in its ongoing legal battle with Typo, the Ryan Seacrest-backed company behind the iPhone keyboard case.

On Friday, a San Francisco court granted a preliminary injunction against Typo that prohibits the company from selling its $99 BlackBerry lookalike keyboard case

The judge for the case said BlackBerry had proved a “likelihood” that Typo had, in fact, infringed on the company’s patents and that Typo had not…

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After iPad, Touch-Friendly Office Coming to Windows



Now that Microsoft Office has finally arrived for the iPad, Microsoft is going to bring a touch-only version of Office to Windows 8. That will provide Windows 8 tablets, such as the Surface 2 and Surface Pro, with the same touch-first experience as the iPad.

Yes, yes, Microsoft Office is already available for Windows 8 and Windows RT, which means it is compatible with a touch-screen, but if you’ve ever used Office on a Surface device, you know that it’s really designed for a mouse and…

Google Just Became a Videoconferencing Hardware Company



It’s a search company, an advertising company, a browser, OS and computer maker, and the leader in wearable computing. Now Google has casually muscled its way into another business: high-end videoconferencing for companies

As of Thursday, Google will sell you a $999 package unimaginatively called “Chromebox for meetings”. The set-up includes a Chromebox — Google’s answer to the Mac Mini — as well as a 1080p HD camera, a combination mic and speaker and a remote with a QWERTY keyboard on the…

You’ve Never Heard a ‘No Scrubs’ Cover Like This



If you lived through the ’90s, you likely jammed out to TLC’s smash hit “No Scrubs” at least once. But you’ve probably never experienced it this way

Multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Elijah Aaron put a new twist on the popular ’90s tune all by his lonesome. Using only his wits and a complicated array of live looping effects, Aaron slowly builds the tune layer by layer until it sounds like the song we all know and love. The result is an impressive cover that’s as fun to listen to as it is…

BlackBerry Sues Ryan Seacrest’s Startup Over iPhone Keyboard



BlackBerry has filed a lawsuit against keyboard case maker Typo Products, a startup cofounded and funded by television host Ryan Seacrest, for allegedly infringing on BlackBerry’s keyboard patents.

Last month, Typo unveiled a keyboard case for the iPhone, which is scheduled to start shipping this month. Many publications, including this one, described it as an accessory that effectively turns the iPhone into a BlackBerry. It appears BlackBerry felt the same way.

See also: Alicia Keys and…

When You Compose a Tweet, Photos Now Come First



A small Twitter update is sending a strong message regarding how the company expects users to tweet moving forward

A change to Twitter’s iOS app on Monday automatically surfaces the user’s photo gallery instead of a keyboard when the user begins to compose a tweet. If a user does not want to include a photo, she can tap on the blank text box and the photo gallery will be replaced with the traditional keyboard

This change is now the…

Tobii Opens Eye Control Software to Developers



Eye tracking in apps is getting ready for its mainstream debut.

Tobii, a Swedish tech company whose software lets users control tablets and laptops with their eyes, is looking for developers to help grow its platform.

Tobii is rolling out a software development kit with tools for developers to easily add eye tracking to apps.

The kit comes with Tobii EyeX Engine, which is middleware that blends keyboard and touchpad movement with eye…

20 Captivating Photographs Take You Back to 1960s New York City



Take a trip back to 1960s New York City without figuring out that darn time machine

Photographer James Jowers wandered the streets of Manhattan in the ’60s, capturing shots of strangers going about their everyday activities. Think Humans of New York, circa 1968.

Jowers’ collection of intimate and charming NYC images reside at the George Eastman House, a photography and film museum located in Rochester, N.Y. The museum has posted…

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Programmer



Singles, stop swooning over jocks and chasing after billionaires. It’s the programmers that you should have your eye on. They’ve got it all — at least when it comes to code

OK, fine, there might be one or two downfalls that come hand-in-hand with dating the computer savvy

In this comic, artist Pablo Stanley and the team at Koding lay out the best and worst parts of being in a relationship with someone who crushes it on…

Sony Launches PlayStation App for iOS and Android



Sony has launched the official PlayStation app for iOS and Android, ahead of the PlayStation 4 launch later this week

The app lets users access the PlayStation Network from their smartphones and tablets. Even if you’re away from your PlayStation, you can now compare trophies and see what your friends are playing, chat with friends, receive notifications, game alerts and invitations

You can also browse the PlayStation…