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Hey, ‘Serial’ listeners: MailChimp embraced that ‘MailKimp’ meme



Podcast listeners are used to hearing repetitive preroll advertisements before their beloved shows. But much like Serial, the investigative podcast of the 1999 murder of a Baltimore high school student, the MailChimp ad has also become a viral hit

The ad for the email marketing service, which sponsors Serial, is short and sweet. It uses regular people on the street to deliver the message instead of a professional voice actor, much like the Radiolab preroll

3 Ways MailChimp Uses Data to Scale



MailChimp launched in 2001 as a paid email marketing service, featuring a cute monkey mascot named Freddie. In 2009, MailChimp went freemium, with a customer base of 85,000 users. The new offering, “Forever Free,” permitted businesses to send emails for free, so long as the distribution list was fewer than 500 subscribers (a cap that was gradually raised to 2,000)

Just one year after the introduction of Forever Free, that customer base had grown 5x, to more than 450,000 users.


Getting to Know Evernote Business



Ah, common office frustrations. There’s the back-and-forth messaging between employees for triple-confirmation, the sharing and re-sharing of lost Google Docs, and those long and confusing email threads that never seem to die.

But imagine how efficient your workplace would be if everyone — designers, marketers, C-suiters, salespeople — had a shared knowledge of all of your company’s information.

Enter Evernote Business.

The team behind runaway…

Which Founders Use FoundersCard? Craig Newmark, Kevin Rose, Leah Busque & 8K Others


For the boot-strapping founders out there, the idea of paying nearly $500 to join a fancy-pants, exclusive club of entrepreneurs may sound a bit antithetical to customer-first, lean-startup ethics. Credit card benefits, miles and Gilt will do just fine. For others, a membership program that brings executive-style perks, like discounts on hotels, airfare, LegalZoom, TripIt, StubHub, not to mention parties, has some serious appeal.

So in 2009, Eric Kuhn created FoundersCard for the latter…