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Kids will eat their veggies if they get recess first



Left to their own devices, most kids will choose to gobble down ice cream or chocolate rather than broccoli or brussels sprouts. So, at school lunch, they’ll likely eat the yummiest items first and then drop the rest in the trash. But a new study finds that kids eat more fruits and vegetables when school recess takes place before lunch, rather than after.

“Recess is a pretty big deal to kids,” said lead researcher Joe Price, an associate professor in the Department of Economics at Brigham…

5 podcasts that make history fun



History does not have to be boring, but it sure is easy to make it that way

For many students, history class was at the bottom of the barrel in terms of enjoyment. Not all history teachers deserve a bad wrap, but regurgitating the same lessons every year isn’t conducive to inspiring students to learn.

Once you’re past the whole forced learning aspect of life, you can finally educate yourself on the things you want to learn about,…

Sundance review: Keanu Reeves is not the answer to ‘Knock Knock’



PARK CITY, Utah — Give Eli Roth and Keanu Reeves credit for trying something different in Knock Knock, which premiered late Friday night at the Sundance Film Festival

Roth foregoes the usual buckets of blood for more cerebral horrors, while Reeves — well, makes a movie with Eli Roth. And for the first act of this “cautionary tale” (Reeves’ words, not ours; see below), it’s a fresh and fun pairing

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The 47…

12 gadgets every 20-something should own



How much do 20-somethings love gadgets? A lot.

According to Pew Research, 95% of Americans ages 18-34 own a cellphone and 70% own a laptop. Among that contingent of cellphone owners, 63% say they use their phone to access the Internet, while 52% report that they send and receive emails via mobile.

Twenty-somethings are attached to more devices than just their cellphones and laptops, however. Today, they’re…

14 pies you’ll want to smash your face into



Happy National Pie Day — or as most of us like to call it, Friday.

While cakes and ice cream may be the more popular birthday favorite, the joke’s on them, because that means every other day is a good occasion for pie. Savory, fruity, chocolatey pie. There’s a flavor for every taste bud

Celebrate this important occasion with a new, delicious recipe. You can thank us tomorrow when you’re eating pie for breakfast. Read more…

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Tom Brady isn’t the only one talking about deflated balls



There are a lot of tough issues facing the world right now, and it can be difficult to talk about them without tempers flaring.

It is also tough to talk about football without the same reaction. We didn’t have to walk far to find a few people who vehemently disagree about the Patriots deflating scandal. These guys even dragged out the history books, turning all the way back to Spygate, an incident in 2007 in which the Patriots were caught spying on the opposing team’s sidelines, and even…

Tom Brady: I ‘did not alter the balls’



New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady told reporters on Thursday afternoon that he “did not alter the balls in any way” before Sunday’s AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts.

Brady said he was as “surprised as anybody” when he was first confronted with the news that the balls were under-inflated and did not hear of the allegations until Monday morning. The quarterback was addressing reports that 11 of the 12 footballs used by the Patriots on Sunday were under-inflated by two…

Baker faces civil rights complaint for refusing to put anti-gay message on Bible-shaped cake



DENVER — A dispute over a cake in Colorado raises a new question about gay rights and religious freedom: If bakers can be fined for refusing to serve married gay couples, can they also be punished for declining to make a cake with anti-gay statements?

A baker in suburban Denver who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding is fighting a legal order requiring him to serve gay couples even though he argued that would violate his religious beliefs.

Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Fallon flip lips to bicker about the Super Bowl



The charming Jennifer Aniston appeared on Wednesday’s Tonight Show, and decided to ditch Jimmy Fallon and interview herself. So, naturally, she switched lips with Fallon and the pair started asking themselves hard-hitting questions.

We learn that Aniston has become a festival bro since we last saw her, and Fallon has turned into a complete stoner. Both are incredibly passionate about their Super Bowl teams, and we can only hope they stay civil until Feb. 1.

Determined bulldog struggles to squeeze bone through doggy door



The life of a bulldog is not an easy one.

After receiving an extra-large bone for Christmas, Russet the English bulldog just wanted to enjoy her chew toy in peace. But the massive size of the bone proved too large to fit through the doggy dog (#firstworlddogproblems)

Don’t worry — Russet figures it all out in the end.