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11 Questionable Choices in Landscaping



It’s hard out there for a yard.

New and old-homeowners share a common desperation to keep their lawn looking clean, organized and unique. Some are content to settle for a regularly scheduled lawn mowing, while others experiment with more elaborate techniques

Sometimes, our amateur landscaping attempts don’t exactly work out like we hoped. For those times, just know that things aren’t as bad as they could be. Here, we’ll prove it….

Broken Ribs Won’t Stop Kings of Leon, But Tears May Fall at Concert



PHILADELPHIA — For most of August, Nathan Followill of Kings of Leon has been licking his wounds ever since he broke his ribs in a tour-bus accident that has forced the “Sex on Fire” rock band to unhappily cancel concerts for the past three weeks.

Come Sunday at the Budweiser Made in America festival, the injured drummer will make his triumphant return to the stage, and will try to soldier through the pain, he told Mashable

5 Robots Booking It to a Classroom Near You



Robots are the new kids in school

The technological creations are taking on serious roles in the classroom. With the accelerating rate of robotic technology, school administrators all over the world are plotting how to implement them in education, from elementary through high school

In South Korea, robots are replacing English teachers entirely, entrusted with leading and teaching entire classrooms. In Alaska, some robots are replacing the need for teachers to physically be present at…

Samsung Debuts Gear S Smartwatch With 3G, No Smartphone Needed



Samsung is at it again. Just six months after it announced its second-generation smartwatch — and just two since it launched its first Android Wear model — the company has a new wrist wearable: the Gear S

This time there’s an extra twist, though: It’s the first Samsung smartwatch with built-in 3G connectivity.

The Samsung Gear S has the ability to connect to 3G and 2G networks on its own, meaning users won’t need to keep it wirelessly tethered to a smartphone in order to get notifications or…

California’s Cellphone ‘Kill Switch’ Law: What You Need to Know



California just passed a law — the first of its kind — that will require all cellphones sold in the state to have a “kill switch” enabling the owner to wipe and disable his or her phone remotely.

The law has been in the works for a while, passing through the California State Senate in May, and getting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature on Monday. It requires any cellphone made after July 1, 2015 that’s sold in the state to have a feature — provided by the manufacturer — that enables remote wiping…

Snapchat Raising A New Round From KPCB At A $10B Valuation

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.25.19 PM

What Songs Did You Overplay Most This Summer?



When we look back at the summer of 2014, what will be the song we think of?

You could make a case for many of this summer’s biggest hits, including the catchy bass line that opens Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” Sam Smith’s soothing falsetto on “Stay With Me,” or the undying catchiness of Pharrell’s “Happy.”

To help you make an informed choice about the song of summer, we compiled some of the biggest contenders into a Spotify playlist. So sit…

Creative Mom Turns Bento Boxes Into Geography Lessons



A delicious, homemade lunch is even more enriching when it comes with an education.

Tokyo-based mom Maiko Takahashi knows what her kids love. She began making artful bento boxes for her 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter because she wanted to make them happy. In the process, she delighted thousands of people on Instagram or Pinterest.

While she makes all kinds of colorful designs for her kids’ school lunches, the idea to depict the…

18 Weirdest Moments at the 2014 Emmy Awards



Actors are weird.

So when you gather a bunch of Hollywood types together, stick ‘em in a room and point cameras in their faces that are broadcasting live to the world, some odd stuff most definitely happens

The Emmys are no exception, and this year included some exceptionally strange moments: make-out sessions, drug paraphernalia on the red carpet and Weird Al being, well, weird.

Stay wacky, Hollywood.

Michael Sam Sacks Johnny Manziel in Media’s Dream Scenario



Welcome to the NFL pre-season, where time is a flat circle

If you spent your weekend, you know, outside instead of watching football games that don’t count, well then let’s just say you missed one of truly seminal meaningless moments in NFL history

Universes of media over-saturation collided on SaturdayMichael Sam (an NFL rookie fighting to make the St. Louis Rams squad who, oh yeah, also happens to the first openly gay…