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5 simple ways to organize your Google Drive



Google Drive is like your closet — you stash all your stuff there, but it’s not exactly organized

The storage service lets users save files like documents, forms and photos. Depending on your storage space, you have a lot of room to play with, which makes it infinitely easy to create clutter

However, there are dozens of little things you can do to clean up your virtual closet. From color-coding to using the “Starred” folder,…

How technology is changing the way we plan and experience events



Events and event planning are evolving into new, dynamic formats. Old models are falling away and technology is giving both planners and event participants an opportunity to grow and revisit the underlying ideas about how event spaces work.

“It’s been fascinating watching just how fast things have changed,” said Brian Solis, principal at Altimeter Group, at a New York conference this year. He spoke about next steps and generational shifts in the ways we approach and interact with the events…

Uber’s Emil Michael isn’t going anywhere, report says



Despite pressure to fire Uber executive Emil Michael after his controversial remarks surfaced this week, at least two investors in the company and CEO Travis Kalanick are still firmly behind him, according to a new report.

Bloomberg reported on Friday that Michael was integral to Uber’s financing round in June that valued it at $17 billion, as well as in the company’s deal with Spotify.

“I’m not surprised they haven’t fired him,” Michael’s previous boss and Klout CEO Joe Fernandez told the…

Lady Elissa Forrester is the newest face in the ‘Game of Thrones’ kingdom



Lady Elissa Forrester is a woman stranded far from the land she grew up, but determined to make the best of a bad situation by protecting her adopted home from danger.

She’s also a brand new character to the world of Game of Thrones, created expressly for the video game adaptation being created by Telltale Games. Telltale is finally starts to reveal slices of the massive fantasy world where its episodic game will be set.

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Firefox to switch default search from Google to Yahoo



Yahoo will soon be the default search engine on Firefox browsers.

Mozilla CEO Chris Beard announced the new five-year partnership in a post on the company’s blog Wednesday.

“Our new search strategy doubles down on our commitment to make Firefox a browser for everyone,” Beard wrote. “We believe it will empower more people, in more places with more choice and opportunity to innovate and ultimately put even more people in control over their…

16 slam-dunk holiday gifts that also give to charity



More than ever, consumers are looking to make more meaningful purchases. The majority of global shoppers, according to a recent Nielsen survey, would pay extra for items from companies committed to positive social impact.

If you want to make a difference with your dollar, start with the gifts you give to friends and family. Complement (or replace) your usual dust-catcher with something charitable and practical.

We rounded up 16 gifts…

How Social Media is Shifting From Marketing to Targeted Digital Advertising

Targeted Digital Advertising

The trends have been pointing in this direction for a while, but now many social media companies are making it official. The “pay to play” model is in full swing, and despite how this might make social media content companies feel, this is a really good thing for businesses.

Facebook is the most recent to announce that spam from businesses won’t be tolerated. This has really been the unspoken case for a while, but now they’re upping the ante by threatening to remove posts from brands that…

Time-lapse shows why New York state is getting pounded with snow



Parts of New York state were battered by lake-effect snow on Tuesday, with areas just south of Buffalo expected to rack up of 70 inches of the white stuff by Wednesday evening. The extremely cold air blowing over the relatively mild waters of Lake Erie also created enough instability to bring thundersnow to the area. Bands of snow are seen moving into south Buffalo in this stunning time-lapse footage from Tuesday.

This video illustrates how subtle changes in wind direction can make the…

TV journalist removes make up, grows armpit hair to make a point



Australian journalist and TV presenter Tracey Spicer is on a mission to tear down the long-held beauty ideals of women. Over the last year, she has removed the paint from her face, let her hair run wild and neglected to pluck hairs out of her chin — all to prove a point about expectations.

In a comment piece on the Daily Life, Spicer stepped into the spotlight without a scrap of make-up on her face.

“After 30 years on…

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