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Why the new Mercedes-AMG GT R is the David Hasselhoff of sports cars



The nickname of the Nissan GT-R is “Godzilla.” Now that Mercedes has its own GT R, this begs the question: What — or who — is the German equivalent of Godzilla?

When to tell your boss that it’s actually not your best work



Everyone has an occasional crisis of confidence. You’re about to turn something in, and you wonder, “Is it good enough?” Then, your next thought is, “Do I need to say something to my boss?”

There are definitely times when it’s just a bout of impostor syndrome; and by ignoring your inner critic, you avoid a situation in which your manager would’ve loved your work, but because of how you frame it, she starts to question it, too. However, there are other situations in which you need to speak…

Irish football fans are making hilarious Wikipedia edits to their star player’s page



LONDON — “Robert ‘The Messiah’ Brady.” “Robert ‘Jesus Christ’ Brady.” “Robert ‘Get in there you beautiful beautiful bastard’ Brady” — these are just some of the things Irish footballer Robert Brady’s Wikipedia page was changed to Tuesday night, after he scored a late winner against Italy in the Euro 2016 football tournament.

Brady scored in the 85th minute to put Ireland 1-0 up, thereby securing…

The congressman leading the House sit-in is a Civil Rights hero



As the United States House of Representatives was about to go about its normal business on Wednesday morning, Rep. John Lewis, walked up to the front of the House and sat on the floor.

Drone captures beautiful wedding ceremony then crashes into a tree



Nothing says beauty or romance at a wedding like a loud drone flying overhead.

Sure, we get it, the shots that a videographer can capture on a drone can be stunning and practically impossible without a drone.

What changed for ‘Call of Duty’ after all the YouTube hate? Nothing




You will want to be best friends with this precocious 7-year-old on Twitter



Meet Bea, a 7-year-old with the mind of a worldly, badass, 30-something out to live her best life.

Trap producer mashes ‘The Office’ with Kendrick Lamar



Just when you thought you had finally got The Office theme song out of your head, this remix had to come along and ruin it.

Trap music producer ASADI, who is known for mashing theme songs with popular hits, has tackled one of the most recognizable piano lines in TV history, mashing up Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” with the melody from The Office.

Cute boy in toy store is overwhelmed by all of his options



Have you ever been in the presence of so many toys that you can’t help but clasp your hands together and exclaim, “Oh my goodness!”

If you have yet to experience such joy in your life, this cute kid will show you how it’s done.

As his mother pushed him down an aisle in the toy store, the little boy couldn’t even contain his excitement.

‘Game of Thrones’ fans are in mourning after a huge character’s death



Warning: Contains gigantic spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6, episode 9.

LONDON — The Battle of the Bastards has been fought and won.

The fight was full of heroes, but there were none bigger than everyone’s favourite giant, Wun Wun. Sure, Jon Snow was brave and everything, but if they hadn’t had Wun Wun’s sweet size they never would have been able to wrap things up at Winterfell as quickly as they did.

Sadly, in…