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A new tool will automate the referral process so you can get a bonus without doing anything


Referring a friend to your company is an easy way to earn some extra money, but it requires keeping track of current job openings — and who all your former colleagues are.

Samsung has a ghastly cover for you to uglify your Galaxy S8


Is Samsung’s Galaxy S8 too beautiful for you, with its sleek lines and huge, nearly bezel-less screen? Samsung’s got a fix in the way of the 2Piece cover, an indescribably ugly two-piece cover for the phone.

New ‘The Mummy’ footage shows terrified Tom Cruise drowning in rats


The operating word for The Mummy, Universal’s first in its multi-installment monster-movie franchise, seems to be “terrifying.”

Plane crashing, swarmed by ravenous rats, falling down a deep hole, drowning, being chased by swimming zombies while drowning, being mummified and buried alive, stalked by big hairy spiders — it’s all there and more.

Yes, of course, someone from Congress apparently edited the ‘celibacy’ Wikipedia page


For a Congress that, in part, wants to defund Planned Parenthood and roll back access to contraception, it is perhaps unsurprising that someone from the U.S. House of Representatives seems to want to put a fun, modern spin on choosing to abstain from sex altogether.

Per Twitter bot @congressedits — which updates every time a Wikipedia revision is made from a congressional IP address

This fake news simulator is the depressing video game America deserves


It’s something that’s come to be reviled, the very thing that may have cost America a presidential election — fake news.

And the horrible phenomenon that’s been called out by everyone from former President Barack Obama to Apple CEO Tim Cook now has a video game all about it.

Yes, you can actually climb inside the minds of real-life humans who distribute lies for moneyFake It to Make It describes itself as “a social impact game about fake news.”

By that definition, it’s less a celebration of…

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Trumpcare might be gone but the internet is memeing it to death just in case


House Speaker Paul Ryan, as you may know, has frothed at the mouth over passing a bill to repeal and/or replace Obamacare for as long as much of the American public can remember.

Behold the newest food trend is a sushi donut


‘Pokee NYC’ is selling sushi donuts and they’re as delicious as they sound. They make only 12-18 daily, so snagging one could be your catch of the day. Read more…

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9 quotes from Trump’s ‘Time’ interview that will make you want to sleep under a rock forever


The first full paragraph of President Donald Trump’s Time interview contains enough falsehoods to make fact-checkers around the world groan in unison.

The interview, published on Thursday, is full of eye-popping, jaw-through-the-floor, totally-normal-for-this-presidency quotes, hitting on popular topics like Brexit, wire tapping and his burgeoning bromance with Ted Cruz.

Let’s list nine of them, in no particular…

A whole state in India is giving all college students free internet access


Indian state governments are joining technology giants and central government in pushing internet connectivity to more people.