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Microsoft Officially Ditches the Nokia Brand



Microsoft’s mobile site is filled with words — but one that you won’t find is “Nokia.”

Apart from images and a single reference from a module powered by the Nokia Facebook page (which apparently hasn’t yet gotten the message), the Nokia brand is entirely absent.

Microsoft has made no secret of abandoning the Nokia brand since it completed the acquisition of the Finnish company’s mobile business earlier this year. First reported

The Three Performances That Rocked the Final Week of Battles on ‘The Voice’



Battle Rounds are complete

But in a week filled with fierce competition, there were no doubt some KO’s

So which duos were at the top of The Voice mountain of talent? These are the three best performances of the week:

Beth Spangler and Mia Pfirrman

(Team Adam)

This mega-battle of powerhouses could have been a trainwreck, honestly. Whenever a coach chooses a belty, stylized song for a duo, I get worried. Those types of songs are incredibly hard for the performers to make their own and you…

10 NBA Rookies You Need to Follow on Instagram



NBA rookies’ Instagram accounts are just like everyone else’s Instagram accounts — except a lot better.

Let’s be honest, there are very few things in this world that are better than being an NBA rookie. You’re playing the sport you love, you’re recognized as one of the best ball players in the world and you get to compete on a level primarily reserved for your childhood idols. Also, you’re stupid rich. Like, really really rich


Bono Wears Sunglasses for Glaucoma, Not for Fashion



Here’s one way to get everyone to stop talking about that messy iTunes situation: Bono has revealed that he always rocks sunglasses because he has glaucoma

Let’s all take this opportunity to apologize to Bono for the years of eyewear-related jokes

The U2 frontman discussed his chronic health issue, a disorder where damaged optic nerves make eyes sensitive to light, on The Graham Norton Show. Bono said he’s had glaucoma for close…

MasterCard’s New Credit Card Will Come With a Fingerprint Scanner



MasterCard is introducing a credit card that comes with a fingerprint scanner to make paying for items at stores more secure.

MasterCard’s contactless payment option is hardly new, allowing users to tap a card at checkout (and bypass the PIN code process). But MasterCard is now teaming up with biometric tech company Zwipe to prevent people from paying for items this way with stolen credit cards. It’s a way to prove that it’s actually you using the card.

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Turbo the Chihuahua Finally Meets the Man Who 3D Printed His Wheelchair



Before Turbo, the chihuahua born without front legs, captured the Internet’s heart over the summer, he caught the attention of Mark Deadrick, who makes his living designing rocket parts

Deadrick learned about Turbo from Ashley Looper, a veterinary tech who took him in after he was abandoned at four weeks old. At the time, Turbo was using a temporary cart fashioned from toys. Looper posted his story online in attempt to seek help.

Apple’s iPad Event Was the Epitome of All Dad Jokes



There are dad jokes, and then there are Apple jokes.

Apple’s iDad iPad event was full of updates and exciting news about the device’s new and improved design. It was also a great opportunity for the company’s senior VP of software engineering Craig Federighi to test out his comedy routine.

With so many puns and cheesy lines about Klingon keyboards and security leaks, nobody makes a dad joke like Apple.

The Internet groaned and rolled its…

It Takes More Than 200 Rubber Bands to Explode a Pumpkin



People love pumpkins. They really, really love pumpkins. But if we’re going to keep celebrating pumpkin season earlier and earlier each year, we’re going to have to think beyond the Jack-o’-Lantern.

Jimmy Fallon and Shailene Woodley took on the pumpkin time bomb experiment on The Tonight Show. How many rubber bands can you wrap around a pumpkin until it explodes? Turns out, over 200

Another important tip: wear…

Will.i.am to Unveil Voice-Controlled Wristband Smartphone



The Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.am will unveil a voice-controlled wristband smartphone on Wednesday, according to people who have been briefed on the device.

The hip-hop star, born William James Adams, Jr., will demonstrate the device and reveal a phone carrier partner at Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. He also plans to provide details on its cost and availability.

Will.i.am developed a 1-inch-wide wristband that…