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The creators of Google Inbox explain why it’s the future of Gmail



Google’s on a mission to reinvent email. Its weapon: Inbox, a standalone app that launched last week.

Inbox aims to make email more useful with several new tools. It surfaces relevant content (photos, for example) and information from within individual messages so you don’t have to open anything to get at what you really want. Bundles sort your messages for you, letting you find important messages faster. Plus you can add your own reminders that work with Google Now.

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New York City’s most haunted buildings



It’s a city of almost nine million people — so there are bound to be a few spirits here and there, right?

Andrea Janes, founder of Boroughs of the Dead, a “macabre” New York City walking tour, stopped by our office to give us a brief history of the Big Apple’s surprisingly eerie past

Some highlights: Washington Square Park is basically a giant graveyard, and John Lennon still plays the piano

Happy Halloween

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Survivors of ISIS massacre tell their stories for the first time



A new Human Rights Watch report claims Islamic State militants committed a massacre in June outside the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. The report includes the first detailed interviews with the handful of survivors, who told horrific accounts of what transpired in the desert that day

Gunmen with the group executed an estimated 600 inmates from Badoush Prison near Mosul, according to the report, which also notes that the majority of the victims were Shia Muslims. The ISIS militant group is…

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HP Sprout is a physical-to-virtual PC. Translation: It’s a weird new future



It’s hard to find the words to describe the funky but creative HP Sprout system, but let’s give it a go: it’s a desktop computer with a projector that scans physical items, turns them digital in a few seconds and allows you to manipulate the images using your fingers

Boiled down: It’s a blend of what we already know — the standard computer, letting you check email, surf the web, write documents and so on — with a touch of the future, particularly in the form of having a “touch mat” instead…

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Solar Energy


Saving the environment while reducing the amount you spend on energy are both important. As time passes, electricity costs will rise, meaning you should look into solar energy. This article will tell you more about solar power.

When you maintain it, your solar power set-up will last. Inspect and clean your panels on a regular basis. Taking care of your solar energy system yourself can save you some money; however, it may be well worthwhile to set up a maintenance schedule with your…

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Get your zen on with this surfing video shot at 1000 frames per second



Surfing, it seems, is a naturally calming sport. The waves, the beach, being one with the ocean, yada yada yada…

Chris Bryan is proving that with this totally zen, high resolution video showcasing surfers at 1000 frames per second

Turn this video on during stressful work times — we guarantee you’ll be transported to somewhere nicer than your cubicle.

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New handyman clerk at Lowe’s is a robot



Someday, the helpful hardware man may not be a man at all

Lowe’s, one of the biggest retail hardware and DIY stores in the U.S., unveiled on Tuesday its first in-store robot clerk: OSHbot.

The company is setting the roughly 5-feet-tall autonomous robot loose on unsuspecting consumers sometime soon in its San Jose, California-based Orchard Supply Store, a chain that’s owned by Lowe’s.

Developed by Fellow Robots, in partnership with…

At least 21 superhero films are coming in the next 6 years



Hope you didn’t make plans for the next six years, because Marvel and DC have your schedule all planned out.

In just six years — that’s three Olympics and one presidential election — there will be at least 21 films released by the warring studios. Each one of those films will be about superheroes

Marvel announced a slew of films and confirmed release dates Tuesday, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In case you wanted to start planning…

20 DIY Projects to Revamp Your Old Sweaters



Those bulky, old sweaters are starting to look a little run down

However, just because you’re clearing out your closet doesn’t mean you need to let your old sweaters go to waste. As the season gets colder, you can stay warm and cozy by reusing and recycling all your well-loved knits.

It’s not just sweater weather for you — it’s sweater weather for everything you own.


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33 Last-Minute Couples Costumes You Can Pull Off in a Pinch



October is not a good month for procrastinators.

Although it seemed like just yesterday you and your significant other, best friend or favorite sibling were chilling at the beach, Halloween is just around the corner and you still haven’t figured out the perfect couples costume. It’s time to put your heads together to come up with a clever solution — and fast.

Luckily, even when it’s getting down to the wire, you can still prove to…