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Get your spoonful of banter with Gilmore Girls flavored ice cream



Your Rory and Lorelei obsession just became so real you can taste it. Literally. In the form of Gilmore Girls inspired

Here’s the swoon-worthy teaser for ‘Barry,’ a biopic about young Barack Obama



If Southside With You left you hanging and in need of some more young Barack Obama, boy oh boy are you in luck.

Barry, an upcoming Netflix original film, tells the story of our beloved president’s New York years when he studied at Columbia University.

Bumpers raises $1M seed to let anyone make podcasts from their phone


Bumpers raises $1M seed to let anyone make podcasts from their phone


Donald Trump’s ‘nasty woman’ comment is available in T-shirt form



Though Donald Trump’s “nasty woman” debate comment was spoken as an insult, it wasn’t long before his words became an unintended slogan for Hillary Clinton’s women supporters.

During Wednesday night’s debate, Trump referred to Clinton as “such a nasty woman” after Clinton remarked that she and Trump will have to pay higher taxes in the future. About the possibility, she quipped, “if he can’t figure out how to get out of it,” and he didn’t take it so well.

This case turns your iPhone into a burned Galaxy Note7



Cue the LOLs, LMFAOs, ROFLs and ROFLMFAOs.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note7 now permanently discontinued and pretty much banned from all airlines worldwide, the jokes are now pouring in.

The latest jab at the Note7′s woes is this iPhone decal skin from UNIQFIND called the “Explo-sung iPhone Skin” designed to make your iPhone look like it has an exploded battery.

The product description reads: “We’ve come up with a merciless way to…

Past interview shows Trump praising ‘nasty woman’ Hillary Clinton



Donald Trump seems to have forgotten how wonderful he used to think Hilary Clinton was.

At the final presidential debate Wednesday night, the Republican candidate was sure to sneak in an insult about his opponent as she discussed his tax payments.

Minutes after Trump claimed he was the ultimate respecter of women, he interrupted Clinton mid-speech to call her “such a nasty woman.”

However, in recently revisited interview footage from 2008, Trump can be heard praising Clinton, making comments…

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Writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie fronts beauty campaign with an empowering message



LONDON — Author and feminist speaker Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is the face of a new advertising campaign that celebrates how empowering it feels to wear makeup.

Tesla will equip all its cars with full self-driving capabilities



Tesla Motors will now equip all of its electric vehicles, including the Model 3, with full self-driving hardware, the company announced Wednesday.

The California automaker said the driverless capabilities will make the car substantially safer than those steered by humans.

Model S and Model X vehicles with this new hardware are already in production, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, said on a call with reporters.

“All cars that Tesla makes from hereon out will have the hardware needed to be fully…

OpenTable tests global ambitions with new language capabilities



OpenTable is trying to ensure its place as the go-to platform for restaurant reservations around the world, first by adding new language capabilities.