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20 movies turning 20 in 2015



You’re old — get over it. As if

Movies can act like cultural timepieces, bringing us back to the year of their debut. But when you think back to a classic hit like Clueless, it’s hard to imagine that Cher Horowitz like totally graced screens 20 long years ago

Take a convertible ride down movie memory lane to the wonderful year of 1995, when Bill Clinton lived in the White House and people used cell phones to make telephone calls.

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So you wanna be a data scientist? A guide to 2015′s hottest profession



Are you good at math? Like, really good at math? Do you also know Python and, oh yeah, have deep knowledge of a particular industry?

On the off chance that you possess this agglomeration of skills, you might have what it takes to be a data scientist. If so, these are good times. LinkedIn just voted “statistical analysis and data mining” the top skill that got people hired in 2014

Glassdoor reports that the average salary for a data scientist is $118,709 versus $64,537 for a programmer. A…

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2: Big smartphones have never been so boring



I thought Samsung’s Galaxy Mega 2 and its 6-inch screen would attract the kind of public attention the equally gigantic Nexus 6 did when I checked out that phone a few weeks ago, but it didn’t.

Nobody cared about my Galaxy Mega 2′s huge screen. Nobody asked me what phone I was using while riding the subway or bus. Nobody stared in awe at its epic proportions. And nobody batted an eye when I held the giant phone up to my head to make phone calls.

One Seth Cohen is trying to meet every Seth Cohen in the world



Is your name Seth Cohen? If so, Seth Cohen wants a word with you.

In early November, a New York-based Seth Cohen kicked off what he’s calling “The Seth Cohen Project” — a personal vow to meet as many Seth Cohens as he possibly can. With about 300 others listed in the Whitepages alone, Cohen has his work cut out for him.

Cohen, who corresponded with Mashable through email, said the inspiration for the project was a lifelong desire to…

Stop saying the Sony hack was a publicity hoax for ‘The Interview’



LOS ANGELES — There’s really no polite way of putting this, so here goes: The persistent suggestion on social media and elsewhere that Sony cooked up this whole mess to transform The Interview from a middling comedy into a VOD hit is patently idiotic.

So stop thinking it. Stop it right now. Don’t even post silly jokes about it because 1) You’re already way late to that comedy party and 2) You’re just encouraging dim-witted people to believe it.

Facebook Challenges YouTube Channels With New Features For Pages


With 1,500,000 lights, this family wins at Christmas



How many lights do you need for a real-life Christmas fairy tale? We don’t know the exact number, but a million and a half probably makes the cut

In the small Croatian town of Čazma, a few thousand Christmas lights would make your house stand out from the rest. But retired engineer Zlatko Salaj wanted to make sure his family has the most Christmasy atmosphere ever, so he adorned his house and estate with an incredible number of lights — 1,500,000, he claims

Last-minute stocking stuffers for the traveler in your life



Christmas is nearly here — but it’s alright if you aren’t done with your shopping yet. Many of us are in the same boat

When it comes to buying the perfect gift for a traveler, form should meet function. We’re talking something creative, personal, stylish — but necessary.

And great gifts don’t have to break the bank, so here are 10 gifts that will make both travelers and your wallet happy.

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The Israel Defense Forces just sent a really weird Hanukkah tweet



The Israel Defense Forces just sent a super-creepy Hanukkah tweet in time for the holiday’s last few days

He operates drones during the day, and lights #Hanukkah candles at night#HappyHanukkah from the IDF! pic.twitter.com/epy3rbFBuZ

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) December 22, 2014

Not only is the language dark for a holiday message, but the figure himself is shrouded in darkness, wearing a mask, and holding a drone

Let’s just say the…

11 tips that will land you a job at a small company



This article is part of DBA, a new series on Mashable about running a business that features insights from leaders in entrepreneurship, venture capital and management.

If you’re hoping for a job at a business like the one I cofounded — Of a Kind, where a team of four sells the pieces and tells the stories of emerging designers — then here’s something you should know: The hiring process is very different from that of a company with a massive human resources division. So how do you get…

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