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Your biodegradable bag might not degrade as fast as you’d think, research shows


A recent study by the University of Plymouth led by research fellow Imogen Napper shows that bags labelled as biodegradable can still carry five pounds of shopping three years after being discarded as litter. 

Professor Richard Thompson calls for “clearer policy and international standards to define what we mean when we say something is biodegradable.” Read more…

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This mobile game lets you ‘clean up’ plastic pollution from the ocean


Plastic bags, straws, bottles, and toys clutter the world’s oceans, from the depths of the Mariana Trench up to the frigid North Pole.

For most land dwellers, it’s an invisible problem. We do our best to recycle, or use canvas shopping totes, then largely forget about the enormous piles of plastic garbage smothering the sea.

Environmental groups are devising creative ways to capture our attention, from video games to…