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How corporate giving can go beyond the blank check


Corporate giving has become a fundamental part of company culture around the globe. While it’s true that funding is a critical part of keeping charities operating, just throwing cash at causes isn’t enough if companies want to truly maximize these partnerships. Real partnership comes from companies investing their people’s time, energy and passion on the ground, as well.

Companies showing up to do real work opens opportunity for meaningful connections and bonds between people and partner…

Somebody left their cucumber behind after this ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ screening


Look, you’ve probably figured out by now that the new Fifty Shades Darker film hasn’t received the most positive reactions from critics. But it seems some people rate it rather highly.

See, a cinema staffer randomly found a cucumber lying in an aisle following a Fifty Shades Darker screening.

The folks at the Hayden Orpheum in Sydney, Australia found the veg, snapping the photo and posted it on Facebook. “That…

Go behind-the-scenes of ‘Scamalot’ with funnyman James Veitch



It’s the one year anniversary since the premiere of Scamalot. James sure went on many adventures over the course of two seasons and now as a special treat for the fans we’ve put together this behind-the-scenes look at season 2′s taping. And yes, James is as wacky in person as you would imagine.

Catch up on the full series

Cheetos ad meeting on ‘SNL’ mocks marketing in the age of Trump



Donald Trump isn’t ever mentioned by name in this Saturday Night Live sketch about a pitch meeting with Cheetos, but his presence looms large.

Riffing on Lumber 84′s political Super Bowl LI commercial — which delivered a strong message on the importance of an immigrant workforce — the SNL bit mulls the thought process behind politically motivated advertising. Are companies concerned about the issues or do they just see politics as another marketing tool?

Burger King brings romance to Valentine’s Day with two-holed soda cup



Sharing drinks is possibly the ultimate benefit of being in a relationship, or even just casually accompanying someone to dinner. Do I want to pay for an entire soda? No. Do I desperately want at least a sip of soda? Yes, very much so, unfortunately.

Pinterest begins rolling out search ads for keywords and shopping campaigns

pinterest search ads

How these two women managed to keep their hair through chemo



Both Kristin Haynes and Deanna King both used cold caps to retain their hair throughout their chemotherapy treatments

In 2015 the FDA approved the marketing of the ‘DigniCap’ cold cap system

Both women say that the ability to see themselves, and not cancer, when they look in the mirror only helps to strengthen those fighting the disease.

Twitter crosses enemy lines in search of new friends



Twitter has joined Instagram — only six years late to the game.

DataSift connects with LinkedIn as its latest social marketing partner

LinkedIn app on smartphone.

DataSift connects with LinkedIn as its latest social marketing partner

LinkedIn app on smartphone.