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Southwest CMO Kevin Krone on the future of marketing



Top marketers these days are quick to point to an overarching trend in the industry: With the rise of public forums such as social media, fewer companies are finding success with “mass marketing” tactics and, instead, focusing on personalized, one-on-one approaches to customers.

Luckily for Southwest, this type of approach to customer service — not treating every individual as a carbon copy — comes as second nature. It’s “in…

Turn up for tax season in our next #BizChats



Tax season sucks. We empathize with you

Despite its importance, filling out tax returns seems to be the last bullet point on everyone’s list of priorities year after year. Who actually enjoys calculating how much of their hard-earned money they may have to give back to the government? It’s overwhelming

This tax season, we want to alleviate some of the stress and instead provide clarity when it comes to figuring out the most tedious…

These are the best global destinations according to travelers in 2015



If you haven’t yet planned a trip for 2015, you’ll want to get started before you finish reading this.

On Tuesday, TripAdvisor announced its Travelers’ Choice awards for destinations in 2015. There are a lot of top destinations — 469 total, all chosen based on reviews on the site — meaning there’s one suited to nearly every traveler’s tastes.

“These world-class destinations chosen by our community are rich in history, culture and…

Tinder’s Sean Rad Swipes Right On Disrupt NY

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Starbucks baristas stop writing ‘Race Together’ on coffee cups



Well, that was fast

Starbucks baristas will no longer write “Race Together” on customers’ cups as of Sunday. Initially a part of the coffee company’s push to get people to discuss diversity frankly, the cups are no longer part of the conversation. According to CEO Howard Schultz, they were always “just the catalyst” for the Race Together initiative.

However, Starbucks will still hold forums and open more…

University makes bold statement about diversity, just not the one it wanted



The University of North Georgia offered some biting parody of equal opportunity in America, albeit unwittingly, with a stock image that graced the cover of its Spring 2015 course catalogue

In the picture, two white men, who are for some reason wearing full suits, joyfully burst across the finish line of a race as a women in heels lags far behind and a more casually dressed black man struggles to even reach the end. A tagline across the photo enthusiastically reads: “Why follow when you can…

‘Game of Thrones’ social media team: ‘We basically manipulated you’



AUSTIN, Texas — You can’t fault HBO for getting a little cocky about Game of Thrones. With more than 6 million viewers per episode, the show is a legitimate, bona fide hit — the largest for the premium network since the genre-changing Sopranos. Perhaps more importantly, it boasts an unparalleled level of social media buzz, an online Beatlemania that not even Tony Soprano could whack

But what does it do in the off-season, that long dark break between seasons when winter has finally come?…

What is the best smartwatch? Siri says Apple Watch, of course



If you still haven’t made the decision to shell out cash for the Apple Watch, just ask Siri — she has a little advice for you

Now when you ask Siri, “What is the best smartwatch?” you get this enthusiastic answer from the personal assistant: “I say Apple Watch, hands down.”

We already knew that asking Siri for her take on the best computer elicits the answer, “If it’s made by Apple, then it’s the best computer”; so…

4 ways to keep your content from fading into oblivion



Successful content marketing means putting a lot of thought into content strategy and execution. Who exactly are you writing content for? What specific problems do your audience segments experience and how can you best address these needs? Where – besides your own site or blog – are the opportunities for giving your intellectual property more exposure? Establishing answers involves persona research and/or audience polls, general research, and a careful assessment of the content resources at…

The women who draw SXSW



AUSTIN, Texas — Stephen Wolfram, inventor, thinker and founder of the search engine Wolfram Alpha, is on a roll.

His keynote at SXSW Interactive, entitled Frontiers in Computational Thinking, quickly blows through topics as varied as tweetable programs, computer vision and some clever Pi Day T-shirts. At one point, he pulls out a toy triceratops to show off an image-recognition program.

Throughout the speech, standing in front of a…