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Microsoft Xbox One Sales Top 5 Million



One day after Sony posted sales of 7 million for the PlayStation 4, Microsoft has released numbers for its Xbox One console: 5 million in sales

The two consoles went head-to-head in November, when the PS4 and Xbox One were released a week apart. The figures are based on slightly different methodologies. Sony, which announced sales of 6 million units in March, counts sales to consumers. Microsoft’s figures are based on sales to retailers. Microsoft reported Xbox One sales of 3.9 million for…

Rolex: How a 109-Year-Old Brand Thrives in the Digital Age



Last year, the decision makers at Rolex decided the time was right for a shakeup.

Unlike with most “shakeups,” however, there wouldn’t be widespread corporate reorganization, and scores of merchandise wouldn’t be cut.

Instead, Rolex executives decided that it was time for the company to launch its first branded Facebook page, a herculean leap for a brand that has, for decades, closely monitored its reputation and only made tweaks — in both its watches and marketing strategies — after…

KFC Doubles Down on the Double Down Sandwich



Fearless gastronomes take note: KFC’s Double Down, an item the company introduced in 2010 that featured melted cheese and bacon sandwiched between two fried chicken fillets, is coming back next week, according to USA Today.

The alleged sandwich will return to KFC’s menu on April 21 — one day too late for Colorado.

Once again, the item will be available for a limited time, through May 25. KFC plans to promote the reintroduction with a social media campaign themed “Double Down Dare,” a company…

Apple CarPlay Coming to Pioneer In-Car Systems This Summer



The reach of CarPlay, Apple’s in-car app system, will extend even further than before, thanks to a new arrangement with Pioneer

Soon, when Pioneer users plug their iPhones into their vehicles, CarPlay will automatically launch and offer access to its full suite of apps

“By providing an aftermarket option, Pioneer’s 2014 in-dash multimedia systems give many iPhone owners the ability to add CarPlay to their current vehicles,” Ted Cardenas, vice-president…

Fruit of the Loom Goes High End With European Pop-Up Stores



Walk into the pop-up store on trendy Torstrasse in Berlin and the first things you’ll see are giant foam artworks in the shape of fruit: an apple core the height of a medium-size woman, a towering watermelon spear, a citrus slice as big as a train station clock. In the next room, cotton-blend jersey pieces in a subdued palette dominated by grays and blues hang on the racks.

Check the price tag on that T-shirt dress with the intriguing print and you would never guess (foam fruit…

Job Openings in Marketing at HBO, Adidas and More



Are you searching for your next great career opportunity in the digital space? The Mashable Job Board is here to serve you as the leading destination for digital talent.

Since its launch five years ago, the Mashable Job Board has been a hiring hub for more than 3,000 employers. We have showcased career opportunities from companies such as Google, Edelman, Viacom, Yelp, American Express, NBC Universal, Digitas and many others seeking to attract our audience.

In August, we relaunched the Job…

Curalate Adds Tumblr To Its Visual Analytics Platform


To Sell His Honey, Chinese Man Covers His Entire Body in Bees



Covering yourself in bees is one way to generate marketing buzz.

She Ping, a Chinese beekeeper and honey merchant, covered his body in more than 460,000 bees in a publicity stunt designed to increase sales of his honey using a technique called “bee bearding.”

Bee bearding is a global pursuit, but it’s especially popular in the city of Chongqing in southwestern China, where She is from. There, other local honey merchants…

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Can ‘Stephen Colbert’ Transition to Stephen Colbert?



There have been brands that rebranded themselves and celebrities that have changed their images. But what about an entertainer whose brand is based on an exaggerated version of himself?

That’s the unique branding dilemma facing Stephen Colbert and CBS. Colbert, who is set to take over The Late Show for the retiring David Letterman in 2015, is planning to retire the pseudo-conservative character he created for Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. That means when viewers tune in to the new Late…

5 Essential Topics Every Email Marketer Should Understand



Some years ago, OK many years ago, I joined a custom publishing agency. My first week was one of deep orientation. During that week I was taken through the details of the publishing process. I was taught about the print process: the different types of printers, paper, and printing techniques; color processes, CMYK and spot color; collation, distribution, and the postal system. I was taught about copy writing, editing, layout and proofing, and all the other steps that go into creating the…

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