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Starbucks made a Seahawks frappuccino, because calories don’t count at the Super Bowl



Nothing says team spirit like a high-calorie, coffee-ish beverage

Starbucks is showing its Super Bowl loyalty by selling Seahawks-themed frappuccinos. The drink, invented by an employee from Kent, Washington, is described on Starbucks’ website as a blend of blueberries and vanilla bean creme topped with green tea matcha-infused whipped cream to mimic the team’s colors.


Image: Starbucks

Apparently Seahawks fans have…

Dear marketers, stop trying to sell sexism. You’re failing.



“Men everywhere can now rejoice as their wives and girlfriends finally have a way to track their time of the month.” I received this pitch email for the MyPeriod Tracker app this week. “How many ruthless fights have been started due to lack of empathy from the husband because he had no idea what type of mood he was coming home to?”

It’s 2015 and this kind of utterly embarrassing marketing still exists. Keep reading — it gets worse

The subject line contained the phrase “PMS & Men,” which…

Hey, McDonald’s: Here’s how to get your groove back



McDonald’s, let me have your attention for a moment

You’re hurting right now. Your CEO, Don Thompson, is stepping down after two years on the job. Your shareholders are upset, your menu is garbage. I’m here to fix things.

So let’s talk.

Put down that small Diet Coke. Small Diet Cokes are for closers only. You think I’m joking? I’m not joking. I’m here on a mission of mercy — to fix this mess you and your clown have gotten yourselves into.


James Patterson releases the ‘world’s first’ self-destructing book



James Patterson’s new book is set to blow up. Literally.

In a sign that book publishing has entered the Snapchat era, Patterson has partnered with a creative agency to put out what is being billed as the “world’s first” self-destructing book

One thousand readers will have the opportunity to get a free digital copy of Patterson’s new book, Private Vegas, which will vanish after 24 hours. Patterson is also selling one copy of the self-destructing book for $294,038 — though that includes a…

Facebook may be the big winner of this year’s Super Bowl



For Tim Staples, Facebook’s native video platform has been a revelation.

Staples’ ad agency, Shareability, released a video in December for client Freshpet. The ad featured dogs assuming the poses of humans during a holiday dinner. It quickly went viral. That wasn’t that surprising. The revelatory part was the disparity between views on YouTube compared to Facebook.

On YouTube, the video has racked up around 7.5 million views so far. On Facebook, the figure is 20 million. “It was fairly…

3 simple tips for winning the hearts of an online community



This article is part of SWOT Team, a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.

We often hear that success in social media lies in empowering consumers to create content about your brand.

But as marketers, we typically view giving up control as incredibly risky. What if someone says something bad about my brand? How will we recover from that?

Fortunately, you…

Social media isn’t evil, but faulty security is bad for business



One of the discussions I’ve been having ever since CENTCOM’s Twitter and YouTube accounts were hacked by ISIS supporters is whether or not agencies like U.S. Central Command should even be on social media

The short answer is, obviously, yes. At least it’s obvious to me.

Like any innovation, social media is not without risks. Depending on what you use, it’s a public or semi-public platform. Whatever you post will be seen by more people than you intended — this is a given. So you always post…

BlackBerry deleted a tweet that it accidentally sent from an iPhone



Someone on BlackBerry‘s social media team just made an embarrassing mistake.

A tweet from the company’s Twitter account on Tuesday included a small detail at the bottom of the screenshot, revealing it was sent via iPhone. Clearly, even some BlackBerry employees use Apple products.

BlackBerry is tweeting from an iPhone http://t.co/TAlDTazdsX pic.twitter.com/DUI3Nwuy6A

— The Verge (@verge) January 13, 2015

The tweet,…

Nissan’s Reddit AMA went horribly wrong



Nissan’s attempt to show its brand in a more human light with a Reddit AMA backfired on Tuesday after Redditors accused the company of manufacturing questions.

Redditor Kislen took a look at the accounts behind the AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Nissan and Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn and found that many were brand new, leading some to conclude that the questions were planted by the company’s public relations team. Nissan says that’s not the case, however, and Reddit says there was nothing…

Nike’s brilliant coin flip photo wasn’t real, but it worked perfectly



Nike tweeted out a stunning photo shortly before kickoff of Monday night’s college football playoff championship that soon became something of a marvel on Twitter

It seemed, at first blush, to be the perfect shot. Even ESPN’s sterling investigative reporter Don Van Natta Jr. appeared to be fooled


Image: Nike

It’s not the perfect shot. It’s either staged, or completely fake. Neither of which matter much, if you’re Nike, which successfully made the image, and thus Nike itself, a TOPIC OF…