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How to write a speech for any occasion



There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank screen, and wondering how you’ll begin to write a speech. Oh wait, there is something worse: Staring at a blank screen, and wondering how to start your speech — while your deadline is hanging over your head. Add some pressure to a confused mind and a dreaded task and, well, you’re likely to throw something together, throw up your hands, or throw in the towel.

But don’t get mad — get strategic. In my work coaching busy people (from powerful…

Has SXSW Interactive jumped the shark?



Ted Murphy seems to fit the prime demographic profile as an attendee at SWSXi, the annual tech show in Austin. A serial entrepreneur, Murphy is most notable for Izea, a company that connects brands with bloggers and navigates the murky terrain between social media and branding

Yet Murphy, who has attended every SXSWi since 2009 or so, except the one time he fell ill, is sitting out this year’s show, which starts March 12

“I feel that the event has evolved into a giant party over the course…

Boom! Success Kid’s mom sues fireworks company for using his image



Success Kid’s mom is blasting a fireworks maker that she says has used her son’s image without permission.

Laney Marie Griner, whose 2007 pic of her son, S.G., has since become a popular meme, is suing Jake’s Fireworks. The company is using S.G.’s image on a product called Back Off that claims to shoot flaming balls, and features the image of a pacifier on its packaging. Griner is claiming copyright infringement, and is asking for unspecified damages.

Griner alleges that Jake’s Fireworks…

Overhaul your personal brand in our next #BizChats



Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Twitter account? How about a Facebook page? If you answered “yes” to any or all of those questions, congratulations! You have the makings of a personal brand. To some, this might be good news; to others, it might be alarming

Having a personal brand isn’t anything new — if anything, it has become a business in itself. With the rate of freelancing jobs on the rise, professionals worldwide have stepped into the driver’s seat of personal branding, and are creating…

The closing costs: What it takes to please New York City’s elite real estate buyers



NEW YORK, New York — Loft six of 17 East 16th Street, near Union Square, is buzzing. It’s Saturday night just past 6 p.m. and the elevator hums with activity. Its steel green doors open into the apartment, where geometric paintings line the spacious entry and sparkling lights dangle from the ceiling. The smell of burning candles wafts through the air, mingling with the sounds of a live jazz band tucked by the entrance. Paint chips off the walls; the dark wood floors are trodden and…

Domino’s wants your help to shame stores still using its old name



Domino’s franchisees have a new social media-induced headache thanks to an initiative from the corporate headquarters.

The pizza chain changed its name from Domino’s Pizza to Domino’s in 2012 because — as it insists — the brand is about so much more than pizza. To make sure that franchisees fall in line with the new naming, the company is asking fans to upload photos to Instagram that depict storefronts that are still sporting the old logo. The stores are run by franchisees, but some are…

Yahoo to devs: Use our new mobile developer suite, make money



SAN FRANCISCO — Yahoo just revealed a big piece of its plan to catch up with competitors on the mobile front.

At its first mobile developers conference, the company unveiled its mobile developer suite, a new set of tools for app makers that combines Yahoo’s Flurry analytics platform, the BrightRoll and Gemini ad networks, and Yahoo search.

The star of the suite is Flurry, the mobile analytics platform that Yahoo acquired last year. More than…

Dove’s Twitter Oscars program attempts to reverse damage of negative tweets



People turn to social media to discuss how celebrities look while walking the red carpet at the Oscars, but the comments, of course, aren’t always positive.

Not only do we often see critical tweets about actresses in their gowns, women are 50% more likely to say something negative about themselves on Twitter during the Oscars than any other time of year, according to new research from Unilever

As a part of a campaign called #SpeakBeautiful to…

Nestlé removing artificial flavors and colors from its chocolate candies




This is #BizChats: Cultivating success from intern to executive



For the past several months, you may have seen a series of articles promoting business-focused Twitter chats about an variety of topics like: Freelance, finances, job hunting, resume and cover letter revamping and more

Every business has a myriad of facets. Every professional, whether an intern or an executive, runs into obstacles every once in a while. There’s no one-skill-fits-all formula to achieve success. Although…