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Want to know what Virgin Hotels will be like? Check out the membership program



Virgin Hotels won’t launch its first property until January, in Chicago. But that isn’t stopping the Richard Branson company from getting its membership program up and running, giving us a sneak peek at how the highly-anticipated property aims to run things differently.

“The Know,” announced this week, is clearly a Virgin-branded approach to customer service. The sign-up process for the “preference program” — with its questions about minibar preferences, favorite music and cocktails — is…

10 predictions for content marketing in 2015



If 2014 was the year content became the connective thread for all marketing, 2015 is poised to be the year that brands actually understand their audiences, and finally prove return on investment. As we enter 2015 in a more mature industry (58% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget over the next 12 months), marketers will now focus on measuring their efforts with each individual consumer.

My annual list of 10 predictions for the content marketing industry all relate…

Vice heads to silver screen with 20th Century Fox partnership



Vice Media is ready for its close up. A new partnership with movie studio 20th Century Fox announced on Monday means Vice, a digital media powerhouse, will expand its video offerings to the big screen

Vice Films is the name of the new joint venture between the two companies, which intends to capture “the hearts and minds of an entire generation of millennial film lovers,” Vice said in a press release.


Why analytics training will probably not solve your problems



If you’re a marketer and you’re thinking that the solution to your analytics troubles is a dose of training, think again.

Training won’t hurt, of course — unless you think you’ve got analytics knocked after a few sessions with an expert. But most likely training won’t get you very far down the road to solving your problems, either.

Not because you’re not smart or not good at what you do.

More likely it’s because you have underestimated how difficult it is to get analytics “right.”


Verizon quietly shutters controversial tech news site



UPDATE: 4:11 p.m. ET: A Verizon spokesperson has confirmed that the site was taken offline on Monday. “We’ve always said this was a pilot project; and as with any pilot project, we evaluate, take our learnings, improve our execution and move forward,” the spokesperson told Mashable. “That’s what we’ve decided to do here.”

SugarString, the controversial would-be tech site launched by Verizon, has quietly disappeared from the Internet

Last month, the fledging site made news, after it was…

World’s most famous machine gun maker rebrands itself as ‘Weapon of Peace’



The maker of the AK-47 assault rifle wants to be known as a kinder, gentler Russian arms manufacturer.

Kalashnikov Concern has embarked on an effort to rebrand itself as “protecting peace” through its production of armaments. To do so, the company has brought in a Russian marketing agency and added a new logo. “The modern image of the ‘weapon of peace,’” is the Google-translated title of a press release about its rebranding.

Uber is expanding its carpooling service to New York City



Uber‘s ride-sharing plan, UberPool, is coming to New York City this week, aiming to provide cheaper rides for locals.

UberPool was first launched in San Francisco in August. The offering is similar to the company’s uberX service — the lower-cost alternative to its black car service — but lets riders save money by splitting the cost with other passengers.

Kimiko Ninomiya, senior marketing manager at Uber, noted in a

Wendy Williams joins this Friday’s Mashable Media Summit



The Mashable Media Summit is this Friday, and we’re excited to announce that Wendy Williams, media mogul, entrepreneur, best-selling author and host of The Wendy Williams Show will be joining the lineup.

She will be talking about her show’s unique digital presence, including the YouTube-based “After Show” that takes viewers behind the scenes of

Girl Scouts to start selling cookies via the Internet, app and tablets



Samoas and Thin Mints could be coming to your inbox soonGirl Scouts of America announced Digital Cookie on Monday, a new digital platform that allows Girl Scouts to sell cookies through the Internet

It’s a move to get girls interested in computers at a young age. Girl Scouts has always touted the cookie program as a way to lay the groundwork for good business and negotiation skills, and the digital program is modernizing those skills

Exciting new additions to the 2014 Mashable Media Summit agenda



The Mashable Media Summit is just around the corner on Dec. 5, and we’re excited to announce several new additions to our agenda. All sessions have themes of storytelling in the digital age, and we’ll be analyzing trends, such as big data, scalable video, global social media and more

Eventbrite - Mashable Media Summit: Formats of Creativity

The 2014 agenda

  • State of Media in 2015 – Pete Cashmore, Founder and CEO of Mashable

  • Conversation with Joanna Coles – Joanna…

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