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Kim Kardashian faces heat for new ‘Kimono’ brand


Kimono, the socialite and businesswoman’s clothing brand, is finding itself in hot water for its appropriating of the word, which has Japanese roots. Kardashian-West also trademarked the word, sparking more debate and discontent for the brand.

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This e-bike combines modern tech with retro motorcycle design — Future Blink


Ontario-based Tempus, an electric bike manufacturer, designed electric bikes that are inspired from motorcycles. Read more…

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Hamilton Beach indoor grill on sale for just $38 at Walmart


TL;DR: This convenient indoor grill from Hamilton Beach serves up to eight people and is on sale for $36.99, saving you $20.60.

There are people who like to grill, and people who like to eat grilled food.

If you’re all for burgers and grilled veggies but your cooking skills end at air frying, an indoor grill is calling your name. This one from Hamilton Beach is almost too easy to use, and it’s on sale for $36.99.

Whether you’re cooking for the fam or just want days of leftovers for…

Get a Gillette razor bundle for under £20 using this code


Get 25% off Gillette Essential Bundles by using the code BUNDLE25 at checkout, but hurry, as this code will expire June 28. 

Kick starting your shaving supplies can be a real hassle, especially with how expensive it can be to get everything you need.   

Thankfully Gillette offers a great selection of shaving bundles that will help you look your best, and for a reasonable price. The Gillette Fusion and SkinGuard range leaves skin feeling clean and comfortable, with each razor…

Google Home Mini 2-pack is $20 off at Walmart


TL;DR: The hands-free Google Home Mini is all you need in a smart speaker assistant, and you can get two of them for just $58 at Walmart. 

It can be totally jealousy-inducing to be over at a friend’s house and watch them seamlessly control their home simply by asking their newest robo-servants to do so. Well, as you sit there dreaming of the day you’ll be able to use the soothing sounds of your voice to turn your lights on, check on your pets, and manage your schedule hands-free,…

‘Cyborg botany’ is a process that turns plants into electronic devices


Is it possible to replace some of your artificial devices with cyborg plants to reduce e-waste? Harpreet Sareen, an Assistant Professor at the Parsons School of Design and a research affiliate at MIT Media Lab, certainly thinks so. He coined the term “Cyborg Botany” to define the process of harnessing the natural capabilities of plants to turn them into electronic devices.

In his latest projects, Phytoactuators and Planta Digitalis, Sareen hacked into the electrical signals of a Venus…

Get a taste of an MBA education with this $29 online course bundle


TL;DR: The extensive Ultimate MBA in 1 Bundle online course is on sale for $29, a savings of 96%.

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get contradicting answers when you seek advice from people about the pros and cons of going to business school. Some would say that it’s a complete waste of time, while others would preach about how it’s the best decision you can make for yourself. But we all know that you won’t really know the answer until you try it out for yourself.

Luckily, you don’t have to…

Score a refurbished Chromebook for less than $100, plus tablets on sale


Everyone’s freaking out about plastic waste, but have you ever stopped to think about all the old electronics you’ve thrown out? Electronic waste is out of control — with about 20 to 50 million metric tons thrown out every year — and it’s not doing great things to our environment. Plus, how much money have you wasted upgrading to the newest phone or tablet just because? SMH.

One small way you can cut back on your e-waste problem is by purchasing a refurbished device. There’s nothing…

Slack, Google Docs among others to be banned by Microsoft


Other programs include Amazon Web and GitHub. The ban will prevent competitors from seeing what Microsoft is working on.

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Data finds that Americans spend an hour on their phone while in the car


The data, compiled by the app Drivermode, found that most Americans spend that hour doing things such as listening to music, text, and send voicemails.

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