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This wristband works with your heartbeat to pay for things



We know that Apple Pay works with your fingerprint to verify payments, but another company has developed a wristband that uses a different part of the body: the human heart.

It’s called Nymi, and it’s a wristband that charts your “unique cardiac rhythm” to verify your identity. Bionym, the startup behind Nymi, is launching a pilot payment program for users to test out the bracelet as a way to pay for things. Think of it as a mobile payment, but it’s wearable.

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NASA’s MAVEN Approaches Mars After 10 Months and 442 Miles



NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution orbiter (MAVEN) is approaching its destination over Mars. It’s the first spacecraft sent specifically to research the red planet’s upper atmosphere.

MAVEN left Earth on Nov. 18, 2013, on a mission to hunt for signs of oxygen and carbon dioxide, aiming to measure how the planet’s atmosphere interacts with the solar wind.

“These are important questions for understanding the…

Instagram Reveals Stunning Tech Behind Its New Hyperlapse App



Instagram released a new app this week called Hyperlapse, an app that makes it simple for users to create seamless time-lapse videos on an iPhone or iPad.

Now, Instagram is offering a look at how the app was built from a technical perspective on the Instagram Engineering Blog.

One of Hyperlapse’s lead engineers, Alex Karpenko, describes how the team could successfully create time-lapses with a smartphone without needing a steadicam…

Social Media Marketing: Another Thing to Love About Responsive Website Design

Responsive for Social

As a good chunk of the internet is finally starting to switch to responsive websites, let’s put another nail in the unresponsive website design coffin. For social media, consistency between mobile devices and desktops is imperative.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can send a good measure of traffic to websites, particularly if appropriate campaigns are being run on them. Creating landing pages that are “social-appropriate” can be a challenge when there are two variations of a…

SimpleReach Raises $9M To Measure Content Marketing And Native Ads


Determining Ad ROI, Attribution Is Nearly Impossible



Yes, you always knew it and now there’s proof – from Google and Microsoft no less.

The paper is called “On the Near Impossibility of Measuring the Returns to Advertising” and is about a year and a half old.

For those of you who do not have the time (I’m looking at you — all of you!) here’s the TL;DR version:

Using 25 online field experiments, representing $2.8 million in ad spend, Randall A. Lewis (economic research scientist, Google) and Justin M. Rao (economic researcher, Microsoft) showed…

TSA to U.S.-Bound Flyers: Turn On Your Cellphones Before Boarding



The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has enacted a new rule that will require passengers to turn on their cellphones before boarding aircrafts at certain overseas airports slated for direct flights to the U.S

Posted in a message on the agency’s website on Sunday, the new measure states that powerless devices will not be allowed on board aircrafts, and that passengers may be subject to additional screening procedures


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Time Spent Is the Metric of the Moment as Upworthy Opens Its ‘Attention Minutes’ Code



“Time is money” might be a tired cliche, but it’s gaining more traction with websites seeking to move beyond pageviews

Upworthy on Monday became the most recent company to publicly embrace “time spent” as a better metric of reader engagement than traditional stats. The company also released its code for how it measures “attention minutes.”

“Clicks and pageviews, long the industry standards, are drastically ill-equipped for the job….

Report: Apple Planning to Launch More Than One Smartwatch



Apple is planning to launch a smartwatch in several sizes, according to a new report

The report from The Wall Street Journal, which cites people familiar with Apple’s production plans, doesn’t contradict earlier rumors, which indicated the watch would have a 2.5-inch touchscreen. It just means there could be larger or smaller versions in the works, too.

The report also indicates that Apple’s watch will pack more than 10 sensors into its…