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8 free emoji apps beyond what’s pre-loaded in your phone



Move over, standard emoji keyboard — smartphone users have many more options.

If you’re tired of expressing yourself with the same old emoji, it’s time to check out what else is out there. From 3D-animated emoticons to emoji text, there are several new and creative ways for you to get your message across

We’ve rounded up eight free specialty emoji apps that will take your conversations to the next level

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Hoax radio message to air traffic control sparks search for fake missing plane



A bizarre call to air traffic control, claiming to be from a pilot having trouble while flying over the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, sparked a massive land and ocean search — and was later revealed to be a hoax.

On Monday, a man speaking in a slurred voice radioed in to say he lost his landing lights and was struggling to get his vehicle under control

A user on the professional pilot’s forum PPRUNE said he was…

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The Brilliant Transport Safety Ad ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ is Back



Metro Trains in Melbourne is back at it again, with a sequel to its hugely popular “Dumb Ways To Die” campaign.

On Oct. 23, the company released a teaser for their second game “Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games”, in which players will have to save the characters from dying from training injuries. The new version comes out in November.

The first video has been watched more than 90 million times since it was uploaded in 2012. It is…

Apple Pay Blocked at Rite Aid and CVS in Favor of QR Code Payments



The list of retailers supporting Apple Pay during its launch in September was long and impressive, but in the weeks following the launch, some major retailers have blocked the service in favor of a competing option set to debut in 2015

According to user reports cropping up on Twitter, earlier this week, Apple Pay was operational at NFC terminals at Rite Aid and CVS, both non-Apple Pay partners, but was reportedly disabled over the course of the last 48 hours

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Cat Stevens Returns as Yusuf for Bluesy Album About Breaking Free



Just beyond some palm trees in Dubai, the man many know as Cat Stevens watches the sun set and reflects on Tell ‘Em I’m Gone, his upcoming album that’s attached to his not-as-known onstage and offstage moniker, Yusuf. His calming voice spills over the phone, disparate from the forceful message he’s trying to relay about his bluesy project

“The message is one of reviving the spirit of freedom in a very kind of broad sense because people today are walking around free relatively but at the same…

Woman Fools Titillated Redditors With Picture of Her Husband’s Butt



Be warned: There’s going to be a picture of a butt in this story.

On Monday, Redditor poshpink330 submitted an image to the r/GoneWild subreddit, a community in which users “exchange their nude bodies for karma; showing it off in a comfortable environment without pressure.”

The image, which at first glance appears to be of breasts, received 60 upvotes and caused 51 users to initiate private message conversations with poshpink330. As you…

Unicef Ad About Violence Against Children Will Rip Out Your Heart



Grim doesn’t begin to describe the horrific scenario outlined in this advocacy ad from Unicef UK

In the ad, a boy of about 4 or 5 sporting a bruise on his face walks into a pharmacy to get a prescription for gang violence. The pharmacist gives him an elixir and advises him to take a drop on a cube of sugar. “It’ll keep you safe, OK?”

Sadly, the conversation is all a dream in the boy’s head, and the…

Apple Users Complain iOS 8 Messes Up AirPrint on iPhones and iPads



If the other user issues reported with iOS 8 weren’t enough, Apple‘s latest mobile operating system has reportedly caused problems with AirPrint, the tool that allows iOS devices to print over Wi-Fi, by stalling the job or altogether preventing printing.

Numerous discussion threads on Apple forums have detailed customer issues with AirPrint after updating an iPhone or iPad to iOS 8. A commonly reported problem is an error message (“URF error”) that halts printing. Many users pointed out that…

LeBron Denies Forgetting He’s on the Cavs, But This Vine Doesn’t Lie



LeBron James has a message for all you “non-basketball people.” That message? He remembers that he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers now — he’s “coming home,” in case you missed it — and is no longer a member of the Miami Heat

James has to clarify all this because it looked like he had a senior moment when his current and former teams met for the first time. James, it sure as heck looks like, tried to set a screen on his own Cavaliers teammate Matthew Dellavedova, in the process freeing up…

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