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Mr. Robot Season 2 premieres on Twitter



The much-anticipated Season 2 premiere of Mr. Robot made a surprise appearance on Sunday in the most unlikely place: Twitter.

“Clean Diesel” agency spams Venmo customers for charity donations

screen shot of phone in hand no blur

“Clean Diesel” agency spams Venmo customers for charity donations

screen shot of phone in hand no blur

“Clean Diesel” agency spams Venmo customers for charity donations

screen shot of phone in hand no blur

Londoners fight back against racism with moving message to immigrants



LONDON — People in London have hit back at the spike in post-Brexit racism with a moving message to UK immigrants.

An image of the message — a large sign spotted at London’s Euston Station on Saturday — was shared on Facebook by anti-racism campaign group HOPE not hate. At the time of writing it’s been shared over 6,000 times.

Here’s the sign in full.

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Facebook throws out the news Paper

Facebook Paper Trash

The new political battleground: Grindr, Instagram and Vine



In Australia, you can’t even get a date these days without being accosted by a politician.

Instead of simply legislating to give the youth what they want in the July 2 election — think marriage equality, jobs and action on climate change — the politicians have instead chosen to bombard them with sound bites in the digital spaces where they spend time.

Samantha Bee and David Tennant kindly tell Trump that Scotland voted to remain



As the Doctor once said, “Run!”

After the Brexit vote, Donald Trump praised the Scottish people for voting to leave the European Union.

The Queen cordially tweeted her thanks to everyone who wished her a happy birthday



Everyone, check your feeds, for the Queen has tweeted.

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 90th birthday last week, and people around the world were celebrating her incredible life and reign so far — including sending The Royal Family a barrage of sweet, birthday messages on Twitter.

In return, the Queen (yes, the Queen herself) sent a lovely thank you to everyone who wished her a happy birthday in the style most…

Bright lights: Why you’ll surely make Las Vegas your next vacation



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Vegas from every angle: A 360 video experience


The room is pitch black, minus the faint, bluish glow from your smartphone illuminating the edges of your face. You’re staring intently at a group text message with your closest friends, hoping that the five letters you just typed – the five most glorious letters on the planet – fall on receptive eyes

“VEGAS,” the message reads

It’s possibly the best idea you’ve ever had. You can already see the weekend playing out in…