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Messages Supporting Hong Kong Protesters Stream from Web to the Streets



The protests in Hong Kong calling for more local control of its political future have largely played out on television news broadcasts and live blogs, constantly updated with the latest developments

But for one group of self-described media artists in Hong Kong, even this high level of focus on the protests was simply not enough. They decided to crowd source support for Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP) protests from around the globe using technology

Shoutout Aims To Be The Simplest Way To Share Photos With Friends


Kids Pose as History’s Most Influential Latino Leaders



Eunique Jones Gibson — photographer and creator of the non-profit organization Because of Them, We Can — has launched a new art campaign called Por Ellos, Si Podemos to send a positive message to kids by highlighting influential Latinos in history

“Most of the time when I hear about Latinos on television or even online, they’re negative stories…but very few about the positive impact and contributions that Latinos have had,” Gibson tells Mashable. By turning her camera on these well-known…

10 Important Historical Moments Told Through Text Message



As philosopher George Santayana once famously said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Luckily, we have text message conversations to help us remember

If you’re struggling to recall some of history’s most important and influential moments, look no further than these imagined conversations, covering world history from the Cretaceous period right up through the 20th century

Santayana would be super proud. Read…

Why Facebook Is Deleting Drag Queen Profile Pages


Facebook Experiments With Disappearing Posts



The ephemeral messaging apps space dominated by Snapchat keeps growing. Now it seems Facebook is adding to the trend again — in a whole new way

In a question and answer section on Facebook, the company now describes how to set a post you’ve published to expire, a process that allows the message to disappear

Not everyone can do it, however. Under the question “How do I post something and set it to expire?”…

Reddit Bans Subgroup That Was Posting Nude Celeb Photos



The Reddit subgroup that became a depository for hacked nude celebrity photos has been banned by the social networking service

Dubbed “The Fappening,” a reference to masturbation, the subreddit had pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and others whose pictures had been hacked and leaked onto the Internet starting last Sunday.

On Saturday, all that was left on the page was a cartoon image of a gray door blocked off by yellow caution tape and a banned message from…

11 Signs the Person Texting You Is Drunk



Go home, texters. You’re drunk.

Your phone buzzing in the middle of the night might send you into panic mode, but don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to tell whether your buddy is in need of help — or if they’re just a boozehound.

As much as you love hearing from your friends, a late night, incoherent message is the last thing you need when you’re trying to get some decent shut eye Read more…

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Why Are We So Obsessed With Women’s Nude Photos?



On Sunday evening, dozens of women were physically and emotionally violated. Their naked bodies were paraded in a public square before hordes of nameless, faceless onlookers. Some bystanders screamed epithets at the women, calling them sluts or whores.

This might sound like a scene from a Puritan-era novel, yet the event occurred this week, when a group of hackers posted stolen nude images of female celebrities. By doing so, the thieves sent a clear message to the Internet: We own these…

Islamic State Releases Video Showing Beheading of U.S. Journalist Steven Sotloff



The radical group the Islamic State released a video on Tuesday showing the beheading of a second American journalist.

In the two-camera video, titled “A Second Message to America,” Steven Sotloff, wearing an orange jumpsuit, can be seen kneeling in the desert in front of a man dressed in black, holding a serrated knife


Image: Screen grab

Sotloff, who appears remarkably composed, then says, “I am Steven Joel…