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The Two Categories of Social Media Marketing Strategies

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When it comes to marketing (and just about everything else), there are right-brained thinkers and left-brained thinkers. The right-brain thinkers are more subjective and often more creative and would not like the concept of social media having two options. It makes it too black and white. Left-brain thinkers are guided by logic and wouldn’t necessarily believe that there are only two categories in social media marketing. In other words, neither type of person will likely agree with the…

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Should Russia Still Get to Host the 2018 World Cup?



Vladimir Putin’s 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, were conducted on a massively inflated budget during the open repression of gay people and political activists. Now — amid widespread suspicion about the Kremlin’s role in the escalating political crisis in Ukraine that led to the recent downing of a Malaysian passenger jet — some say Putin and Russia should not be allowed to host the 2018 World Cup as planned if the geopolitical shenanigans continue

But FIFA, world soccer’s governing…

WSJ’s Facebook Page Hacked With Fake Air Force One News



A false report about the loss of Air Force One was posted to The Wall Street Journal‘s Facebook page early Sunday morning. The newspaper later said its page had been “compromised.”

The WSJ deleted the fake posts, but not before several users captured screenshots of the apparent hacking:

Image: Imgur, Krishna Sapkota

Image: Imgur, Krishna Sapkota

The newspaper then posted a message saying it was…

‘Awkward’ App Lets You Record Anonymous Video Confessions



The activity around anonymous message apps like Secret and Whisper has generated some controversy in recent months, but those apps might have just been the start of something bigger. What if the power of such anonymous message apps was harnessed through video?

That appears to the be mission of a new app called Awkward, which allows you to record blurred video of yourself confessing a deep, dark secret

Created by Germany-based Redcyan, the iOS app…

TSA to U.S.-Bound Flyers: Turn On Your Cellphones Before Boarding



The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has enacted a new rule that will require passengers to turn on their cellphones before boarding aircrafts at certain overseas airports slated for direct flights to the U.S

Posted in a message on the agency’s website on Sunday, the new measure states that powerless devices will not be allowed on board aircrafts, and that passengers may be subject to additional screening procedures


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Facebook Launches Snapchat Competitor Slingshot, for Real This Time



Facebook is ready to take on Snapchat with a new ephemeral messaging app, for the second time.

The social network relaunched Slingshot on Tuesday, an app for sending disappearing photo and video messages similar to those sent via Snapchat.

Users can send photos or videos up to 15 seconds long using Slingshot, and once those messages are viewed and cleared by the recipient, they disappear from the recipient’s phone for…

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Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Blocked in Iraq Amid Crisis



As Iraq faces a growing insurgency in the north that is threatening to pull the country apart, the country’s Ministry of Communications has reportedly blocked access to a number of social media sites.

Some Twitter users in Iraq, who have found ways to circumvent the restrictions, are saying that Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are all inaccessible. When users attempt to visit these sites they apparently see a message from the Iraqi communications ministry

Twitter DMs Still Not Working for Some Users



If you’ve been experiencing issues with Twitter direct messages for the past week or so, you’re not alone. Users have been tweeting complaints that DMs are mysteriously disappearing or not showing up at all during private conversations with other members.

When Mashable reached out to Twitter for comment, a spokesperson directed us to a tweet sent from the company earlier this week, noting that it was looking into the issue. No update has yet been provided, but new complaints keep rolling…

Weather-Targeted Ads in Twitter’s Forecast



When temperatures rise this summer, expect to see more promoted posts on Twitter for iced tea recipes and other ways to beat the heat.

The owner of the Weather Channel announced an advertising effort on Twitter on Wednesday that will allow marketers to target products to real-time local weather conditions. A Twitter user in an area with especially cold weather might see a promoted message for chili, while a user in Seattle could see messages promoting movies or other indoor activities.


Russian Hackers Reportedly Confess to ‘Find My iPhone’ Ransom Plot



Two alleged Russian hackers have reportedly confessed to remotely hacking users’ Apple devices and holding them for ransom.

Authorities are holding a 17-year-old and 23-year-old from Moscow on accusations related to locking Apple devices and demanding payment for users to access them again, according to a Sydney Morning Herald report.

The confession comes just weeks after news surfaced that various Apple device…