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6 games for when you’re ready to level up beyond ‘Candy Crush’



Casual mobile games are the perfect introduction for new gamers. They’re cheap, easy and deliver quick hits of satisfaction to the player. In fact, some of the biggest fans of Candy Crush Saga, Plants vs Zombies or Flappy Bird may not even consider themselves gamers

But some of those casual fans are curious. They know there must be other options to explore, other games that offer more complexity, more nuance, and yes, more fun. But with thousands of game apps – not to mention the huge…

‘Candy Crush Saga’ maker sued for allegedly inflating user numbers



LOS ANGELES — The makers of addictive mobile gaming sensation Candy Crush Saga are the target of a class-action lawsuit that claims the company deliberately hid a significant decline in users ahead of its IPO last year, according to court documents obtained Friday by Mashable.

Filed Tuesday in California Superior Court and only revealed now, the suit from investors Sean Debotte and Michael Nunes accuses San Francisco-based King Digital of misleading investors in its federal documents ahead…

How Nintendo could rock the mobile world, even if it is late to the game



As the dust clears from Nintendo’s bombshell of an announcement Tuesday morning — bringing its fan-favorite franchises to mobile after years of resistance — it’s easy to focus on how long it took them to do this

Nintendo is notoriously resistant to change. Its previous console, the Wii, didn’t even support HD. While competitors at Sony and Microsoft have focused on bringing the biggest, best-looking game experiences to their respective consoles, Nintendo offered motion controls that…

Be the best thief in ‘Cut the Rope’ creators’ new game



The creators of the adorable Cut the Rope mobile gaming franchise are taking on brand new game styles in King of Thieves, out Thursday for iOS.

King of Thieves challenges players to become just what the title suggests, stealing gold from their friends while setting up their base with as many traps as possible to keep rivals out. The game is a 2D platformer, with the same simplistic, colorful art style you’d expect from the creators of Om Nom.


Microtransactions and digital sales are dominating game developers’ profits



Game developers made a majority of their profits from digital sales and microtransactions in 2014, according to a survey of more than 2,000 North American developers released Thursday, and off-the-shelf game sales aren’t pulling the weight they once were

The data were released as part the annual Game Developers Conference “State of the Industry” survey, which was sent out to registered attendees of GDC over the last two months

The best mobile games of 2014



December is drawing to a close, so it’s the right time to reflect back on all the great games we played in 2014. Mobile devices continued to offer gamers a vast array of top-notch titles

More and more genres are successfully making the leap to mobile, so there’s something for just about everyone to enjoy on a smartphone or tablet

Here are our choices of the 11 best mobile games from the past year Read more…

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10 Android games worth paying for



Mobile devices might just be the next big frontier for video games. Sure, the free app charts on Google Play might still be dominated by casual games that simply idle away the time. But a dedicated gamer can find plenty to enjoy. After all, as the hardware inside smartphones and tablets gets more advanced, it can actually start to match the performance you need for more complex gaming experiences

For just a few bucks, Android owners can have access…

Line And Tencent Pour $110M Into Korea’s 4:33 Creative Lab Games Studio

Line, the Japanese messaging app with 500 million registered users, and China’s Tencent, maker of the 600-million user WeChat messaging app, are teaming up to invest in getting more content on their platforms — and less for their competitors. The pair have invested $110 million in 4:33 Creative Lab, a games studio based out of Korea. The news was originally reported in the… Read More

5 Tips For Dipping Your Toe Into ‘Hearthstone’



Hearthstone, a digital card game featuring the characters of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft universe, has quickly become a sensation. While the free game has been out on Mac and PC for sometime, it’s taken off on iPad. In less than a year, the title has maintained a steady number of downloads in the U.S., hovering around rank 100 for all games and within the top 20 for card games, according to data from App Annie

Although Hearthstone

These 8 Popular Games Totally Kill Your Phone Battery



It’s all fun and games until your smartphone battery dies

Whether you’re passing time or procrastinating, mobile games offer endless hours of entertainment. But with advanced graphics, special effects and more, games can sharply cut your device’s battery life and quietly eat up your data plan.

From Angry Birds to Candy Crush Saga, many of the culprits include games we all love and play regularly — especially when we keep them running…