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iBeacons Are Ready for Showtime at the Tribeca Film Festival



The Tribeca Film Festival is getting iBeaconified. The annual film festival is taking advantage of one of 2014′s hottest tech trends by integrating iBeacon support in its official iOS app and at venues across New York City.

The Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) is using iBeacons as a way to alert app users of nearby venues, screening times and offers. If you have the official TFF iOS app [iTunes link] installed on your phone and you’ve enabled Bluetooth notifications, you’ll get alerts when you’re…

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Facebook Adds Features to Paper, Says Slow Growth Is No Concern



Facebook Paper, the standalone news reader app the company launched in January, released its first significant app update Friday — adding a couple new features to the News Feed section of the app as well as making a few subtle design tweaks

You can now see birthdays and events within Paper by clicking on the notifications tab in the upper righthand corner of the app and scrolling to the bottom. Users can also add a photo to a comment by using the phone’s camera or camera roll.

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What Can IFTTT Do for You?



In the latest video of our Mobile Minute series, we discuss the powerful web service IFTTT (“If This Then That”). While IFTTT has been around since 2010, the company has only recently started to work with sensor devices.

IFTTT allows apps to communicate with each other through “recipes”. These recipes are simple conditional statements that can sync with your Facebook, Twitter, and more to create some fun automated actions like texting the…

You Can Now Try Google Glass at Home Before You Buy It



For those curious about trying Google Glass before shelling out $1,500, Google is launching a free try-it-at-home pilot for the high-tech specs.

First spotted by 9to5Mac, the Reddit user clide posted an email and various photos of the kit he received in the mail from Glass as part of a new trial the company is offering.

Hello Potential Explorer!

You told us you’re interested in purchasing Glass, but wanted to wait until we had…

LinkedIn Hits 300 Million Users Amid Mobile Push



LinkedIn proudly broadcasted its increasing mobile traffic last week, but that’s not the only growth the company is experiencing

LinkedIn announced Friday it has reached 300 million registered users, a jump from 277 million members at the beginning of the year. LinkedIn announced the 200 million user milestone in January 2013, which means the company has added an average of 6.6 million new users per month over the past 15 months.


New Facebook for iPhone Lets You Reply to Comments on Pages



Facebook has rolled out version 9.0 of its iPhone app, adding the ability to reply to comments on stories on certain Pages

For this to work, the Page in question must have this feature turned on

Also, group admins can now easily review and approve pending posts by group members, and posts about trending topics are highlighted in the iPad version of News Feed.

The new version comes just one day after Facebook announced an…

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Facebook Launches ‘Nearby Friends’ Location Feature for Meet-Ups IRL



Facebook has always encouraged you to share with your friends — your favorite movies, pictures, and life updates. Now Facebook wants you sharing your location, too.

The social network on Thursday announced Nearby Friends, a new feature built into Facebook’s mobile app that allows you to see which of your friends are close by, and even share your exact location with others.

The new feature uses the geolocation technology in your smart phone…

Google Remote Desktop for Android: Control Your PC via Smartphone



Good news for Android users: You can now access your PC desktop computer directly via your smartphone or tablet

Google announced the launch of Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android this week, which lets you access files sitting on your home PC or Mac even when you’re nowhere near it.

The move builds off its Chrome Remote Desktop app launched in 2011, which let users remotely access a desktop from another laptop or computer. The service is…

Mobile Ads on Twitter Will Now Promote App Downloads



You will soon start seeing ads on Twitter‘s mobile app for other apps.

The company announced a mobile app install suite on Thursday, which leverages Twitter’s 2013 MoPub acquisition to let marketers advertise both on Twitter and off Twitter

Twitter officially announced the ad units on Thursday, but the news was reported in The Wall Street Journal weeks ago, and some Twitter users also reported seeing the ads earlier in the month. Twitter has been testing the ads with Spotify, Kabam, Deezer…

Eyefi Launches Wi-Fi Memory Cards Into the Cloud



You’d think most new digital cameras would come with built-in Wi-Fi these days, but only 46% of those that ship in 2014 will have the ability to connect to the Internet.

And sure, there’s no denying you can take better quality photos on digital cameras — compared to what’s typically found on a smartphone — but there’s something to say for the convenience of sharing photos directly from a mobile device.

Eyefi, the maker of Wi-Fi SD memory cards (and…