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This app preserves your grandparents’ memories in the Library of Congress



While many will encourage their family members to put down their phones during the Thanksgiving holidays, one group is hoping you’ll use your smartphone to spend some quality time with the older generation.

StoryCorps, the nonprofit that records interviews about lives of everyday people, is using its app to start a new initiative to inspire teens to record interviews with their grandparents. Dubbed, the “Great Thanksgiving Listen,” the project will allow people to record interviews within…

China cuts phones of Xinjiang users who download foreign messaging apps



China’s Xinjiang region — home to its largest community of Muslims — is reportedly shutting down the phone services of people who use foreign messaging apps like WhatsApp.

A New York Times report says several people in Xinjiang said they received text messages from their phone companies saying that their service would be cut off, and that they had to go to a police station to restore it.

Upon calling the police,…

The Pepsi phone is now a thing, but it’s only available in China



After the so-called “Pepsi phone” leaked last month, PepsiCo said it was working with a licensing partner to develop a line of mobile phones and accessories for the Chinese market. Now the first of those products has arrived.

The Pepsi P1 smartphone is currently available on Chinese crowdfunding site JD Finance. To be clear, the soda company isn’t necessarily making its own smartphone; it’s licensing the Pepsi brand to Chinese company Shenzhen Scooby Communication Equipment Co, which will…

French bulldog sings his little jowls off in a duet to ‘Diamonds’



Shine on, you crazy singing doggy, you

A French bulldog named Junior and his YouTube-ing partner in crime, owner Walter Lederm

Here are all the Black Friday deals you need to know



It’s said the darkest hour is just before dawn. But on Black Friday, the darkest hour is between your last round of turkey and the first open doors (or e-commerce shopping carts) for Black Friday deals.

So you’re not kept in the dark, we are compiling all the Black Friday deals that matter, right here. This page will be updated throughout the week until the big day is over. Pull out that plastic and get ready to swipe.

Facebook At Work Gets Its Own Version Of Messenger With Debut of “Work Chat”


Snapchat makes it easier to chat and use Lenses with friends



Snapchat’s latest update has made it a lot easier for people to engage with friends while watching their stories, and brings the “Lenses” feature to the rear camera.

The update, released Thursday for iOS and Android, puts a little “chat” prompt at the bottom of the screen if you’re watching a friend’s story


Image: Mashable

Swipe up on the screen, and the keyboard appears so you can type a short text message to your friend. This…

LG cancels rollout of new smartwatch due to ‘hardware issue’



LG’s latest smartwatch, the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition, is not off to a great start — and it might never really start at all

According to multiple reports, the company has canceled the rollout of the watch worldwide due to an unspecified “hardware issue.”

According to 9to5Google, AT&T started notifying customers of a “quality issue” with the watch, offering them a refund

And Android Police, which reviewed…

Seriously. Instagram Needs Two-Factor Authentication.


Nuzzel Revamps Its Social News App And Raises $1.7M

Jonathan Abrams