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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone 5C From Walmart for 97 Cents



Okay, I get it. There’s a shiny gadget in the display window, and its price tag suddenly falls from $100 to nearly nothing. Your heart skips a beat, your eyes widen and you reach into your pocket for some loose change to snap up the iPhone 5C, which just got slashed to 97 cents at Walmart.

Not so fast, chump

This is just a trick to get you to sign on the dotted line and commit to two years of living in the past. The last thing you want to do in late August is lock yourself into a two-year…

Sprint and T-Mobile Ignite a New Mobile Price War



Just weeks after talk of a merger between the two carriers fell through, the price battle between Sprint and T-Mobile is heating up again.

On Thursday, Sprint rolled out its $60-per-month unlimited data plan. The same day, T-Mobile released its Simple Choice plan, which gives a year’s worth of unlimited data to both current customers who reel in new subscribers from other carriers and the new subscribers themselves. T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan is priced at $80 per month.

See also: Hands…

Hands On With the New Vine: 6-Second Videos Will Never Be the Same



The new camera features on Vine aren’t just shiny and new. They’ve totally changed the platform

It’s been nearly two years since Twitter acquired Vine and added it to the canon of notable social media platforms. Six-second looping videos simply weren’t “a thing” before Vine proved that our short attention spans were, in fact, good for something.

Scores of users descended on the simple new tool, discovering the world of complex…

Oh, This Bracelet? It’s Just My Wearable Device Charger



Wearable devices are increasingly seen as tools primarily designed to track your life, but a new entrant into the category has a far more practical mission: charging your devices

The QBracelet looks like a stylish piece of wrist candy, but is in fact a portable charger capable of delivering juice to your iPhone or Android device

Part of the genius of the device – which sports a minimalist design suitable for a man or a woman — is that…

Storytelling App Steller Becomes More Of A Social Network


Vine Finally Lets You Import Video From Your Camera Roll


Brazil Court Issues Injunction Against Secret And Calls For App To Be Remotely Wiped


Looksee Debuts A Tinder-Meets-Instagram For Connecting Around Shared Photos


Truth Lets You Send Anonymous Texts

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Truth Lets You Send Anonymous Texts

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