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Despite a rough debut, Amazon will keep developing Fire Phones



The entry of Amazon’s Fire Phone was hardly smooth; the company revealed recently it has a stock of unsold devices worth $83 million

Despite that black eye, Amazon plans to continue on with its smartphone project, according to Fortune

Amazon’s senior VP of devices, David Limp, told the publication it will launch new updates to the Fire phone’s software to make it “better and better.” He noted that the first version of the Kindle…

Starbucks will offer delivery through its app, and a ‘Starbucks for Life’ contest



Starbucks said Thursday that it will offer a delivery option on its mobile app in select areas of the U.S. starting next year.

The company declined to provide more details, but has been pushing to get people to use its app as a way to build customer loyalty. It also previously said it plans to let customers across the country place orders ahead of time on their smartphone by next year, an option intended to get people in and out of stores quicker.

Google reveals first functional Project Ara prototype (for real this time)



Google’s Project Ara has reached an important milestone

A new video shows off the most advanced prototype of the modular smartphone yet— one that actually boots and is able to launch an app.

Project Ara is Google’s ambitious plan for modular smartphones that have interchangeable pieces. The idea is to create phones whose individual components, like the processor, display, or camera, can be swapped out…

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Andy Rubin, Google’s robot chief and Android founder, steps down



Andy Rubin, the man at the helm of Google’s robotics initiative and the co-founder of the Android mobile operating system, is stepping down from his post.

The robotics team, which Rubin took over less than a year ago, is to be led by James Kuffner, a Google research scientist, when Rubin leaves, a Google spokesman told The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the executive shuffle Thursday. Rubin left his leadership role with Android in March 2013. Google acquired Android in 2005.


LG develops smartphone display with super-thin bezel



Does your phone lack screen real estate?

That might seem like a strange question, given that smartphones seem to grow in size with each generation. But if you don’t have the palms to hold a phablet, LG has developed an LCD panel for smartphones that obliterates the frame — called the bezel — that surrounds phone displays. That way you get maximum screenage. In fact, judging by LG’s promo photos, the device looks a bit jarring, as if the screen doesn’t have much of a frame at all

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Why it matters where — and when — Tim Cook spoke up about being gay



Tim Cook, one of the world’s most powerful and high-profile CEOs, is finally talking publicly about being gay.

In an essay in Bloomberg Businessweek on Thursday, the Apple CEO wrote that he never hid his sexual orientation, but also never talked openly about it. This fact came as no surprise to many who knew Cook well; he told Businessweek editor Josh Tyrangiel that he had been thinking about speaking publicly on the subject for some time, and it was “not a reaction to anything” in…

College students trust Snapchat despite hack, study says



Snapchat may have security vulnerabilities but that’s not deterring one of the app’s biggest demographics: college students.

A new study found that most students still trust the service and haven’t changed their use of the app since the hack, that resulted in nearly 100,000 private user photos and videos being published online.

The study was conducted by Sumpto, a marketing firm that helps connect brands with college students. The…

Microsoft accidentally releases wearable apps, and images, early



Even more evidence that Microsoft is readying a release of a fitness band surfaced Wednesday.

The company, which hasn’t officially announced that it is making a wearable, accidentally unveiled companion apps for their product, which may be called the “Microsoft Band,” in the Mac App and Google Play stores


A picture of the Microsoft Band displayed on a Microsoft support page.

Image: Microsoft

This isn’t the first time news of the Microsoft wearable has leaked as whispers about the device were…

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11 free tools to protect your online activity from surveillance



The documentary Citizenfour, which debuted to a limited release on Friday, offers the closest look yet at Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who exposed the National Security Agency spying scandal. In the film, Snowden and the journalists he works with go to great lengths to shield their correspondence from unwanted eyes.

Though Laura Poitras‘ film explores a very extreme circumstance — a massive leak of top-secret information to the press — it’s as good a reminder as any that we live in a…

Fitbit CEO: Smartwatches ‘lack a purpose’ right now



Fitbit recently introduced three new fitness wristband trackers — one of which the company is calling a “superwatch” for the ability to get smart notifications like incoming calls and text messages on its screen.

But let’s not be mistaken: The Fitbit Surge is not a smartwatch, even though some are calling it that. True to Fitbit’s core of being a fitness tracker before anything else, the Surge will monitor steps taken, calories burned, continuous heart rate and more. And yes, it can display…