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Pebble unveils high-end Pebble Time Steel and smart straps program



BARCELONA — It’s been less than a week since the Pebble Time smartwatch raised $10 million in 48 hours, becoming the fastest growing crowd-funding project on the site. But the company is headed back to Kickstarter again to launch yet another timepiece: Pebble Time Steel.

The Pebble Steel — which was unveiled at Mobile World Congress — is a more professional-looking version of the sporty Pebble Time. It will come in a silver, black and a gold finish

BlackBerry launches 5-inch touchscreen smartphone, announces slider phone



BARCELONA – BlackBerry, the company best known for its physical keyboard devices, hasn’t given up on the concept of a keyboard-less touchscreen phone.

The BlackBerry Leap, announced at Mobile World Congress on Tuesday, is a 5-inch smartphone aimed at a younger, “career-builder” audience

That’s a pretty big deal for the company, as the Leap is the first BlackBerry smartphone without a physical keyboard in a year — the last one, BlackBerry Z3, was announced in Feb. 2014

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SanDisk crammed 200GB into a fingernail-sized microSD card



There’s no such thing as too much storage in too small a space. That’s what SanDisk, one of the world’s largest and most popular storage manufacturers would like you to believe.

SanDisk announced on Sunday at Mobile World Conference the world’s first 200GB microSD card

No, there isn’t an extra zero at the end on that number. The 200GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, Premium Card comes one year after the company released its then-earth-shattering 128GB microSD card.

How Apple is drowning out Mobile World Congress



Apple has a history of overshadowing entire tech industry events with the slightest gesture.

Year after year, Apple shuns the big technology trade shows — such as CES in Las Vegas in January, and the one going on right now in Barcelona, Mobile World Congress

In keeping with its “think different” philosophy, Apple has long refused to be seen as one of the tech pack — opting instead to announce its products and news on its own terms, micro-manage its launches, and suck the oxygen out of rival…

Qualcomm’s fingerprint scanner will work even if your hands are sweaty



Qualcomm unveiled its new fingerprint scanner on Monday, and if everything it has promised comes to pass, it should be even better than Apple’s Touch ID

Sense ID could pick up fingerprints even if your hands are a bit sweaty, dirty or wet. A common complaint with Touch ID is that the fingerprint sensor fails to work with less-than-pristine fingertips

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Microsoft Wants To Buy Social News Reader Prismatic


Blackphone 2 wants to be your super secure work phone



BARCELONA – Security-oriented smartphone maker Silent Circle came out all guns blazing at Mobile World Congress 2015, announcing a new smartphone, a tablet, a new version of its secure smartphone OS and several key apps for the platform Monday

First things first: The company followed up the Blackphone, unveiled at MWC 2014, with a much improved version, the Blackphone 2 sports a 5.5-inch, Gorilla Glass display, 3GB of RAM, which will be available in the “second half of 2015.”

The company…

Xperia Z4 Tablet is incredibly slim and light



BARCELONA — Sony did not bring a new flagship smartphone to Mobile World Congress this year, but it did show us its lightest and slimmest 10.1-inch tablet yet — the Xperia Z4 Tablet

With this device, Sony actually skipped a number. The last 10.1-inch tablet it launched was the Xperia Z2 Tablet, which was followed by the smaller, 8-inch Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

That gave Sony a full year to improve its big tablet, and it did not disappoint — at 389 grams and 6.1 millimeters, it’s pushing the…

IKEA furniture will soon be able to wirelessly charge your mobile device



BARCELONA — You’ll soon be able to charge your mobile device directly on various pieces of IKEA furniture, from nightstands and desks to even the base of a lamp.

The Swedish furniture giant announced at Mobile World Congress on Sunday that it is incorporating Qi technology into some of its product offerings. That means you’ll soon be able to place mobile devices on the surface of some of its furniture to replenish your mobile device’s batteries, eliminating charging stations and cable…

HTC targets fitness fanatics with its first wearable, the HTC Re Grip



You can’t throw a smartphone in a Best Buy without establishing a Bluetooth connection with some kind of fitness tracker, so when HTC decided to enter the wearables market, it wanted to be sure it stood out. The result: The HTC Re Grip, a smart band aimed at runners and gym-goers.

The band is one part fitness tracker, one part GPS band and one part smartwatch. It resembles a Nike+ FuelBand, with a similar low-res display built into the band. But the Grip is larger, more ruggedized and…