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10 Rising Social Networks You Should Explore



Had enough of Facebook and Twitter? It may be time to switch up your go-to social network

With the daily explosion of startups, there are plenty of new social media tools popping up. These newer platforms could be working on the next big thing, so you’ll want to keep an eye out.

Here’s a look at 10 up-and-coming social networks you should know.

Editor’s note: Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore’s personal investment in Shots and Secrets in…

‘Teen Wolf’ Renewed for Season 5



More Teen Wolf is headed your way

MTV has renewed the supernatural drama for a 20-episode Season 5, set to air next year. The announcement was made at the show’s panel during San Diego Comic-Con Thursday

Season 4 was the first year the teen drama starring Tyler Posey was given a swelled episode order of 24, but for the current Season 5, that number had been reduced back to 12

The show’s panel marked the fifth year that Teen Wolf held a panel at the…

Snoopy’s Latest Playground Is ‘We Heart It’



Snoopy is branching out on social media and taking his sister, Belle, with him. The iconic Peanuts character is joining an expanding list of brands on the small but growing social network We Heart It.

We Heart It, which reports 30 million members and recently added ads, is something of the social media lovechild between Instagram and Pinterest. It has the artsy images of the former and the grid-style pinup board of the latter. It differs from most networks, where hateful comments seem to…

Start a Prank War in Cartoon Network’s Latest iOS Game



Cartoon Network

Facebook Q2 Earnings: What to Expect



Two years after its turbulent IPO, Facebook is riding high.

It has more than one billion monthly active users on mobile and mobile ads now account for the vast majority (59% as of last quarter) of total ad revenue, proving its successful transition to mobile. Its 1.2 billion-plus user base looks more impressive every time someone publishes an article about Twitter’s user growth slowing at the 250 million mark. And the stock is hovering around $70 a share, approaching its all-time high


Why Facebook and Twitter Are Embracing Ecommerce



Likes and retweets are fine, but the new buzz word at Facebook and Twitter seems to be “buy.”

Facebook announced on Thursday that it has begun testing a Buy button that appears on ads and Page posts from a select group of businesses in the U.S. In effect, that means users can now purchase products advertised by these businesses without leaving the social network.

Just a few hours later, Twitter announced that it had acquired CardSpring, a…

Facebook Begins Testing a Buy Button



Facebook just introduced a new feature that businesses will like.

Facebook announced on Thursday that it is testing a Buy button to help businesses drive sales through the News Feed and on their Facebook Pages.

“With this feature, people on desktop or mobile can click the ‘Buy’ call-to-action button on ads and Page posts to purchase a product directly from a business, without leaving Facebook,” the company said in a statement on its…

For Rupert Murdoch, It’s Not Time Warner; It’s HBO



HBO is at the center of Rupert Murdoch‘s $80 billion pursuit of Time Warner.

Murdoch, 83, values Time Warner’s premium cable channel, home to Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Detective, at $20 billion, according to Bloomberg, which cited anonymous sources for the information.

With HBO, Murdoch would gain one of the most successful premium cable networks and a companion online service, HBO GO, that rivals Netflix

LinkedIn Steps Up Its AI Play, Turns Its Contacts App Into A New Connected App