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Belieb it or not: Twitter reportedly in talks to acquire selfie app Shots



Justin Bieber may be set to cash in on his popular Twitter account.

Shots, a selfie app that has been partly backed by the pop star, is in talks to be acquired by Twitter, according to CNBC. Twitter’s CFO on Monday night accidentally tweeted about plans to go acquire an unnamed company, leading many to speculate that Shots could be the target.

Twitter and Shots did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The app has accrued a…

Massive hack takes down Sony Pictures’ computer system



Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer network has been breached in a hack that reportedly forced the company to completely shut its systems

A Reddit poster and alleged ex-Sony Pictures employee has uploaded an image, which he claims appeared on all of Sony Pictures’ computers screens Monday. The image says the system has been hacked by #GOP, which stands for hacker group Guardians of Peace

The image contains a ransom-style…

Bill Cosby Netflix special nixed after Janet Dickinson accusations



Netflix said it is “postponing” the release of its Bill Cosby stand-up special on Tuesday night, just hours after Entertainment Tonight aired its interview with model and TV host Janice Dickinson, who became the latest woman to publicly accuse Cosby of sexual assault.

Dickinson said Cosby attacked her 32 years ago in California after meeting him for dinner. The streaming network promptly reversed course, days after affirming it would air “Bill Cosby 77″ Nov. 27 as planned


5 reasons your boss should send you to Media Summit



At its core, Mashable‘s

Al Roker sets record for longest live weather telecast



Al Roker, the NBC and Weather Channel avuncular meteorologist, just crossed a threshold no weatherman has ever done before. At 8 a.m. ET on Friday, Roker finished a 34-hour live weather report, setting a world record

It wasn’t easy or always pretty. As Roker, 60, told the tale of a massive cold front enveloping the whole nation, his voice grew hoarse and he often had to sit down to rest his legs and back.

He did…

Global warming to cause 50% increase in lightning strikes across the U.S.: Study



The future just got a whole lot flashier — and more dangerous, too.

A new study published Thursday in Science Magazine shows that the frequency of lightning flashes across the U.S. could increase by 50% during the course of this century, due to manmade global warming. This means that for every two lightning strikes that occurred in the year 2000, there will be about three strikes in 2100, according to lead author David Romps, an earth sciences professor at the University of California,…

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Here are all the ways Twitter as you know it is about to change



Some analysts and investors have criticized Twitter for not doing enough to tweak its product and reignite user growth. The company sought to address that on Wednesday by promising to accelerate its pace of product innovation.

During Twitter’s first-ever Analyst Day event, the Twitter team promised to launch new messaging, video creation and content curation features, among other services, in the coming months to make the social network more engaging to new and existing users

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Twitter spells out its plan to build the largest daily audience in the world



Twitter‘s top execs sent a clear to message to Twitter analysts and investors on Wednesday: Yes, we really do have a plan

During the company’s first Analyst Day event in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed plans to reduce the friction of onboarding new users by introducing an “instant timeline” feature that would make it easier for users to discover content on the social network right away, without having to go through the trouble of finding accounts to follow

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How much does MTV really cost? We’re about to find out



The Federal Communications Commission plans to lift the veil on how much Comcast and AT&T pay for every channel from ABC to MTV.

The agency, weighing whether to approve more than $90 billion in pay-TV mergers between Comcast-Time Warner Cable and AT&T-DirecTV, said on Tuesday that those companies’ confidential programming documents should be made public as part of the vetting process

That’s a win for Dish…

Time Warner may spend $588 million on Australia’s Network Ten, report says



It is a deal that could see the face of Australian television change forever. Time Warner has reportedly got its eye on the struggling Australian television channel Network Ten — in a potential A$680 million (or $588 million to the U.S. company) takeover bid.

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) reported on Monday that the American media company had indicated in a letter sent to Citi, Network Ten’s banking adviser, it would be prepared to pay 25 cents a share for the local TV network —…