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Alt-social network Gab booted from Google Play Store for hate speech

Not even Fox News could find a Republican willing to defend Trump


Following the disastrous (to say the last) press conference President Donald Trump gave Tuesday on Charlottesville and white supremacy, his political allies were few and far between. So few, in fact, even Fox News apparently could not track any down.

Shep Smith, Fox News’ chief breaking news anchor and something of the network’s conscience, said on Wednesday afternoon that his booking team…

Facebook boosts snubbed Stories Camera with Live, GIF & text sharing

Facebook boosts snubbed Stories Camera with Live, GIF, & text sharing

Facebook is rolling out a Trending News section on mobile, now with its own link

Facebook is rolling out a Trending News section on mobile, now with its own link

Fan strikes ‘Rick and Morty’ gold — sells Szechuan sauce for $15,000 Schmeckles


No one worships useless, pointless nonsense like the Rick and Morty fanbase. And I say that with all the love in my plumbus.

Season 3′s surprise April Fools premiere ended with Rick’s crazed, psychopathic rant about how his “9 Season character arc” would revolve around getting McDonald’s discontinued Szechuan sauce back.

It was the lunatic ravings of a madman, and Rick and Morty fans took up the creed as a religion.

Facebook says it’s removing accidental clicks from its ad network

‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 looks dark AF in this creepy new trailer


Anarchy reigns in the first teaser trailer for Mr. Robot Season 3, which uses the words of Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy” to chilling effect.

Artificial intelligence proves that craft beer names are total nonsense


If you’re a craft beer connoisseur — or even just an occasional drinker — you’ve likely noticed that names for new brews are getting out of hand. Likely in order to distance themselves from traditional, European beer names such as Franziskaner Royal, the new breed of craft beer makers are going with increasingly odd names such as Stone Ruination IPA.