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The 10 awesome malapropisms from ‘The Bachelorette’ season premiere



LOS ANGELES — It’s one of my favorite things about ABC’s The Bachelor/The Bachelorette franchise: those awkward butcherings of English language words, phrases and idioms that grammar trolls like me call “malapropisms.”

Across any given season, there are dozens.

Rex app makes finding and sharing your favorite stuff a breeze



Filmmaker Chris Smith (American Movie, The Yes Men) wanted a way to easily find out what his friends were watching, what restaurants they visited and what music they were listening to. To streamline that process, he created the app Rex, which soft-launched for iOS last month and is fully launching today.

The app is a recommendation platform that lets you share not just what you’re watching/listening to/reading, but also the places you visit with your friends and social network. The app also…

Google’s Parsey McParseface helps machines understand English almost as well as humans



Understanding human language is easy for humans. Not so for machines; making them understand human sentences is one of the biggest challenges in today’s field of artificial intelligence (AI).

DanceOn says it’s ‘not just about dance anymore,’ announces music entertainment brand



NEW YORK — DanceOn is expanding its repertoire.

Facebook now directly denies report of biased trends, says there’s no evidence

Facebook News

Facebook continues Southeast Asia march with new Malaysia office



Just two weeks from its Philippines office opening, Facebook has launched another office in Malaysia.

Facebook’s Asia-Pacific vice president, Dan Neary, announced the opening Wednesday.

He said the company counts 18 million Malaysians as active users, which makes up 81% of the country’s Internet base.

Facebook said 94% of its 12 million daily users access the social network via mobile phones.

Malaysians are also a social bunch….

Syfy is the first network to launch a skill for Amazon Echo



Your Amazon Echo now has the ability to answer your burning question about 12 Monkeys.

On Friday, Syfy became the first entertainment network to

Next Apple Watch may include cellular connectivity, report says



What if the Apple Watch had its own cellular connectivity? Would that finally make you want to dive into the world of wearables?

According to a new report, that choice may be coming soon

Buried in a report from the Wall Street Journal on Sunday is a tidbit that could change everything for the Apple Watch. The report, citing a person “familiar with the matter,” claims that Apple is working on adding cell-network…

These descriptions for the next episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ are not that helpful



Did the

How DanceOn is making big moves, with help from go90 mobile platform



LOS ANGELES — Chances are if you’ve browsed YouTube, you’ve stumbled upon some kind of video featuring dancing.

The video giant is home to more than 24 million dance-related videos, which have been uploaded to the platform over the last 10 years.

Amanda Taylor was among those who