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LinkedIn-esque app for doctors helped save lives after Nepal earthquake



When you’re sick, you can choose the doctor who treats you. If that doctor can’t handle your case, he or she refers you to another doctor. On what basis does the former recommend the latter? Is it word-of-mouth, friendship, or former acquaintance? Generally, doctors rely on their ad hoc professional network based on friendship and goodwill, rather than experience and professional acumen, for patient referrals.

Imagine a doctor having access to an extensive and refined network of medical…

Hillary Clinton embraces the Internet with a full listicle on LinkedIn



What happens when the Internet and Hillary Clinton collide?

If you answered: “that would surely result in a campaign-flavored listicle about small business on LinkedIn,” you have probably spent too much time online and need to go outside. You would also be correct

The candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination took to the business-focused social network on Thursday to tout…

People will always have a problem with TV rape scenes — and that’s a good thing



[Warning: If you haven't seen Game of Thrones Season 5 episode 6 or read the George R.R. Martin book A Dance With Dragons, prepare for spoilers in the next few paragraphs.]

Sen. Claire McCaskill is done with Game of Thrones, and the Missouri politician is not alone

Sunday night’s episode of the HBO hit depicted the rape of Sansa Stark, one of the show’s beloved female characters, after her wedding to the sadistic Ramsay Bolton. The backlash has been loud and passionateGame of Thrones is the…

The Australian Federal Police may have been hit with major data breach



Updated: Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 4:49 p.m.

The ink has barely dried on Telstra’s multi-million dollar deal to acquire Asia-Pacific data centre supplier Pacnet, but already the Australian telco has had to reveal a significant security breach on Pacnet’s networks.

In a media call on Wednesday, Telstra revealed it had been informed, shortly after the acquisition deal went through on April 16, a third party had gained access to Pacnet’s corporate IT network.

Meetup Targets Businesses And Corporations With Launch Of Meetup Pro


Adult Swim (yes, that Adult Swim) makes a psychedelic leap into virtual reality



TV viewers may know Adult Swim best for its adult-oriented cartoons, but the network is diving into a much more futuristic space.

The network will release its first experiment in virtual reality — The Virtual Brainload — for free on Monday. The three-minute piece is a psychedelic trip into a twisting, curving, flashing world totally removed from any of Adult Swim’s well-known properties.

The Virtual Brainload is apparently…

First ‘Scream Queens’ trailer will make you shriek with delight



All hail Scream Queens

We might still be months away from the premiere of Ryan Murphy’s latest twisted tale, but Fox is wasting no time making us very excited about the show’s debut

In the first public trailer, which aired during the finale of American Idol, viewers get a chance to see a few of the show’s most anticipated characters in action — from Lea Michele’s neckbrace-wearing nerd to the deliciously awful Emma Roberts

Ariana Grande and Abigail Breslin also make quick appearances in the…

Maker Faire Goes Online With A New Social Network For Makers Called MakerSpace


‘American Idol’ to end after Season 15



The show responsible for giving the world Kelly Clarkson is coming to an end

Fox on Monday announced that American Idol will officially wrap up its run in 2016, following the conclusion of Season 15, which kicks off in January

Host Ryan Seacrest and judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. are all set to return for this final season which is being billed as a “season-long celebratory event,” according…

“Who’s Viewed Your Posts?” LinkedIn Adds Analytics To Its Publishing Platform

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