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Nintendo Switch, Apple Macbook Pros, Casper Mattresses, and more deals for May 23


Any Disney fanatics out there? For a limited time, you can get the LEGO Incredibles game with the Nintendo Switch at Walmart, so you are essentially getting a free game, come on, we all know you can’t resist a freebie. 

If you have been lusting over an Apple MacBook Pro laptop but scared to look at the prices, we have found the perfect option for you. You can get renewed models on Amazon today, and save yourself up to $300. They all come with a 90-day warranty for that peace of…

Buy a Nintendo Switch and get 2 free bonus controllers


If you’re a habitual video game player and haven’t yet picked up a Nintendo Switch, now is probably one of your best chances to get a good deal. Out of all the bundles currently available, this one most likely holds the most value. 

For $299 at Walmart, which is the usual price of a Nintendo Switch just on its own, you can score two bonus controllers in addition to the console — wired and wireless options are currently available. 

Get a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online membership for under £15


In the highly competitive world of gaming, the Nintendo Switch can stake a claim to being the most family friendly. The problem is that not everyone in the family will always be committed to playing Super Mario Bros. around the clock. Not everyone is quite that hardcore.

In this situation, with nobody for company, you can always turn to the online gaming community, because there is always someone out there who wants to play just as much as you.

You can now make the most of your gaming…

‘BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!’ is the cutest puzzle game you’ll ever agonize over


BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL!, a new puzzle platformer from Nintendo out today, is so cute and so hard that I want to punch little Qbby and Qucy right in their dumb, adorable, right-angled faces. 

The latest installment in Nintendo’s long-running BoxBoy! franchise, BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! follows the adventures of our two square heroes as they meander through 270+ levels and once again fight off that mysterious black mist. It’s the series’ debut on Switch and first foray into the world of co-op…

People are having a blast with ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s stage builder


People are going wild with the new stage builder in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which was added to the game in the free version 3.0.0 update Wednesday.

Smash players immediately jumped into the stage builder and have been sharing their custom creations online, some of them being clever and impressively detailed battle arenas, others being more comical than practical. And, of course, it was only a matter of time before people started making lewd stages.

Perhaps the most clever/goofy/weird…

‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ update adds stage builder, first DLC character


In a surprise update, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch is getting its first DLC fighter and stage, a Stage Builder mode, a new video editing feature, and more.

Check out the full video on the update here:

Persona invades Smash

We knew about Joker from Persona 5 coming to Smash Ultimate, the first character in the game’s planned paid DLC releases, but Tuesday night was the first time we got to see what his actual moveset looks like.

Joker has his guns for ranged attacks,…

Pre-order ‘Super Mario Maker 2′ on the Nintendo Switch for under £45


If you have ever thought — half way through a Super Mario session — that you would love to design the course yourself, then we have just the game for you.

You can create all manner of courses using a whole host of tools in Super Mario Maker 2. Launching exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in June 2019, this sequel takes it up a notch and allows players to create the courses of their dreams. 

You can be one of the first to play Super Mario Maker 2 by pre-ordering for as little as

The complete Nintendo Labo VR Kit is now available for under £60


We think it’s fair to say that we haven’t completely mastered virtual reality gaming just yet. There’s still a few things that need tweaking, especially when it comes to VR gaming for all the family.

This is where Nintendo has come to the rescue, with a brand new VR experience that the whole family can enjoy. The Nintendo Labo VR Kit introduces shareable VR gaming experiences that kids and families can build themselves. 

The complete kit includes the Nintendo Switch software and materials…

National Pet Day deals, plus Ring Pro, Nintendo Switch, Roomba, and more deals for April 11


It’s National Pet Day. Today is the day to give some extra love to your pets. Why not treat your fur babies to a Barkbox plush toy bundle which is available for small, medium, and large dogs for only $24.99 todayAmazon is also offering 30% off on Wellness Core dry dog food, so that you can give your dog an extra tasty, nutritious dinner this week.

Looking for other deals? Here are the best deals   from Amazon, Walmart, BuyDig, Adorama, Best Buy, Home Depot, and more for Thursday, April 11:…