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Obama dials in to ‘Ask the Governor’ talk show



Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has fielded calls on hundreds of subjects during his monthly “Ask the Governor” radio show. But this call was one of a kind.

“Uh, Governor, this is Barack Obama, formerly of Somerville,” the caller began Thursday. “I’ve got a few complaints about service in and around the neighborhood, but I’ve moved down south since that time.”

The president was calling in to WGBH-FM to congratulate Patrick, a…

U.S. diplomatic relationship with Cuba won’t change tourism — yet



President Obama announced Wednesday a new era in the relationship between the United States and Cuba.

“With the changes I’m announcing today, it will be easier for Americans to travel to Cuba,” Obama said, focusing on business relationships and the “free flow of information.”

But if a trip to Cuba has always been on your bucket list, it’s not time to celebrate — yet. The tourism ban is staying in place.

The U.S….

‘One of the most important’ U.S. spies in Cuba freed after two decades in jail



President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that the U.S. spy Cuba released is “one of the most important intelligence agents that the United States has ever had in Cuba.”

Obama discussed his administration’s move Wednesday to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba. The island nation released the spy as part of that effort.

Obama said the man’s sacrifice is known only to a few people, and that he provided the information that…

Pope Francis played key role in U.S.-Cuba reconciliation



Pope Francis played a key role in the back-room negotiations between the U.S. and Cuba that preempted Wednesday’s historic announcement of renewed diplomatic relations between the two countries.

President Obama thanked the Pope for his involvement in the talks during his televised speech on the historic development.

SAO: Vatican played a role too. Pope Francis personally issued appeal letter to Obama and Castro calling on them to…

Obama says he’s been mistaken for valet because he’s black



He may be president now, but Barack Obama says he’s a black man who has been mistaken for the valet.

Obama tells People magazine that every black professional male his age has had someone hand over their keys while waiting outside a restaurant. That happened to him, he said.

First lady Michelle Obama says her husband also used to have trouble catching cabs and once was mistaken for a waiter at a black-tie partyShe says even…

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Sony exec’s ugly Obama comments force apologies, open Pandora’s Box



LOS ANGELES — It took about a week of rummaging around, but someone finally found an exchange within the trove of executives’ emails stolen from Sony that forced a personal, highly public apology due to their racially insensitive nature

And the way things are going, it can’t possibly be the last.

Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman Amy Pascal, already under fire for a slew of leaked emails containing disparaging comments, and Scott Rudin, one of Hollywood’s most powerful and prolific…

UN, human rights groups seek prosecutions following CIA torture report



The UN and human rights groups have called for the prosecution of U.S. officials responsible for the CIA torture programme revealed in a report this week.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International were among the groups asking for action after the report found that the CIA misled the White House and the public over a programme of torture that was found to be ineffective and more brutal than expected.

Kenneth Roth, Executive Director…

5 times the CIA lied to the White House, the Senate and other authorities



CIA agents lied to White House officials and others about the use of torture and its effectiveness in obtaining information from detainees, according to an explosive report released by the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday

The lies began during the first term of the George W. Bush administration and continued into the presidency of Barack Obama

We’ve listed some of the examples—cited in the report—that show when and how the CIA…

President Obama writes his first line of Javascript



The U.S. now has a “coder-in-chief:” President Barack Obama has written his first line of code

The president achieved the feat at an event for Hour of Code, a global effort to get kids involved in coding. The organization’s website, Code.org, claims it has reached tens of millions of students in more than 180 countries with the challenge, which is basically an hour-long tutorial about basic coding


Behind the scenes: Obama on ‘The Colbert Report’



“When I go home, Michelle, Malia and Sasha give me a hard time,” President Obama told Stephen Colbert on Monday night. “There are no trumpets, and they tease me mercilessly.”

When Obama wasn’t defending his economic record, his latest immigration action and his Keystone XL oil pipeline decision on Monday’s The Colbert Report, the president was actually quite humorous — and a little deprecating.

He said his daughters mock his big ears, he leaves his socks on the floor. Sitting behind…