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Codementor Gets You Programming Help When You Need It



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Name: Codementor

One-Liner Pitch: Get instant one-on-one help from expert developers.

The hardest part about programming is running into a problem that seems unsolvable, until 20 hours later, you’ve cracked the code, whether through scouring Stack Overflow questions or applying brute force in a non-stop, snack-powered…

The Evolution of Internet Speak



“I can’t even right now, I’m literally dying.”

Anyone who uses the Internet will recognize that ubiquitous expression. “I can’t even” gives the sense that one is overwhelmed with emotion, unable to handle the situation he’s facing. According to Know Your Meme, the first instance of the saying appeared online in 2005, when Urban Dictionary user JJFADS submitted the phrase

It’s a common form of Internet slang that has, in essence, become its own language. Frequently found on Tumblr, Twitter

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants to Know What Feminism Means to You



Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t just an actor or an entrepreneur, he’s a feminist. And he wants to know what that word means to you.

After giving several interviews on why he considers himself a male feminist, including going on Ellen and an article in The Daily Beast, Gordon-Levitt is responding to fan questions about his comments. While many of his fans have reached out with their positive feedback, the actor says he has also discovered a great amount of anti-feminist sentiment.

See also: Jon…

6 Expert Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on Social Media



Today’s kids are more social media savvy than ever. A whopping 80% of teens online use some form of social media, and they’re sharing more information about themselves on social networks than they have in the past.

While growing up online has its benefits, it poses new risks. Between cyberbullying, oversharing and giving into peer pressure, a child’s misuse of a social network can turn into a serious problem.

For many parents, navigating…

Angry bird

Howard the Duck’s Comeback Is Complete With This Mondo Portrait



Not since Robert Downey Jr. got the Iron Man gig has anyone had an improbable career rebound via a Marvel movie quite like Howard the Duck.

After suffering nearly 30 years of being a punchline, the irascible anthropomorphic waterfowl returned in Guardians of the Galaxy as a … well, a punchline. But it was a funny punchline, and served to remind us that before he was George Lucas’ second greatest career embarrassment, Howard the Duck was a viable part of the Marvel comic book universe.


Introducing Cryptocurrency to the Country’s Poorest Indian Reservation



RAPID CITY, South Dakota — Payu Harris’ apartment is in shambles.

Pots clutter the kitchen sink; the dish rack holds a cellphone charger. The room smells of stale cat litter and the bathroom tap runs dry. But Harris has more important things on his mind than chores – things that, if he were to have his way, could change the future of the Oglala Lakota tribe.

Harris is the founder of MazaCoin, a digital currency described as “the first Native American cryptocurrency.” On a Wednesday night in…

6 Interactive Sites to Create a Completely Customized Wardrobe



Customizing what you wear has never been easier.

Thanks to a handful of online custom-tailor stores, you can forget about off-the-rack purchases and become your own fashion designer. With 3D customization studios and realistic graphics, many of these sites have made it easy to digitally craft shirts and shoes from start to finish.

Once you’ve decided on details like style, fabric and fit, you can order your masterpiece straight to…

NFL Star Adrian Peterson Deactivated After Indictment in Child Injury Case



Troubling allegations regarding one of its marquee stars were not what the NFL needed after a week of scandal and outrage — but they’re just what the league got. Adrian Peterson, the star running back for the Minnesota Vikings, was indicted on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child and won’t

Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of iPhone Event



If you needed any more proof that Apple plans to release new products today, this is it.

Apple’s online store went down on Tuesday morning around 8:20 a.m. ET ahead of the company’s big launch event. Apple employees typically take the online store down a few hours ahead of big events in order to upload new product information, and it often remains down until after the event is over.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 8.33.40 AM

Image: Screengrab, Apple

The company is expected to unveil

Are These the Top 5 Country Albums and Music Videos of the Year?



The Country Music Association narrowed down the past year’s best albums to a field of five Wednesday while announcing the nominees for the 48th CMA Awards

The finalists for Album of the Year are no surprise, with nods going the usual suspects: Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley and Eric Church.

Lambert, last year’s Female Vocalist of the Year, leads the pack with nine nominations (see full…