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20 years of Match.com: How its message evolved as we did too



As Match.com celebrates its 20th anniversary on Tuesday, with more than 125 million people joining the site over the years, one thing is clear: Online dating no longer has a stigma.

But for old times’ sake, let’s recall a quote from a Match.com executive in a 2007 press release about its then-new advertising campaign, which suggests “It Starts With a Look”:

“Online dating has evolved to become a very natural way to meet potential mates — everyone knows someone who met on Match.com,” the…

Lilly Pulitzer for Target items are sold out everywhere and people are pissed



Hundreds of thousands of fashion fans woke up early Sunday morning in hopes of snagging items from the highly anticipated Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration line, only to discover that most everything was already sold out.

The majority of people failed to secure anything online, as they — along with hoards of others — logged on as early as 3 a.m. to shop for products. Target.com, according to a company spokesperson, was inaccessible for 15 minutes to ensure that all products were being…

Customer service from hell: 96 minutes and 3,800 words with a rep, but still no cancellation



Comcast may have some competition for the title of most infuriating customer service.

Sky, a British telecom company, reportedly forced one unsatisfied customer to endure a 96-minute long conversation with a representative online last month just to cancel his account. And after all that, the customer still wasn’t able to actually cancel it

The full transcript of the online conversation, which was provided to The…

Mark Zuckerberg responds to Internet.org criticism: ‘We fully support net neutrality’



Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to defend Internet.org against claims the program conflicts with net neutrality, saying the two principles “can and must coexist.”

In the lengthy post, Facebook’s founder and CEO said he supports net neutrality and reiterated the value of providing Internet access — even if it’s limited — to people in developing countries.

Zuckerberg’s remarks come just days after Internet.org made headlines when a number of prominent Indian companies withdrew their support

The force is with these new Star Wars emoji for Twitter



In anticipation for the next Star Wars film, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Twitter has teamed up with Disney and Lucasfilm to create some special Star Wars emoji.

That’s right. Star Wars emoji. This is not a drill.

Three new emoji-like icons, which are custom to Twitter.com and Twitter’s official apps (thus, they don’t appear in Tweetdeck or third-party clients), will appear onlinE when users use various…

Nokia buys Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 billion



HELSINKI — Nokia confirmed Wednesday it is acquiring the ailing French telecom company Alcatel-Lucent through a public exchange offer in France and the United States, in a bid to become a leading global networks operator.

The Finnish company said the all-share transaction will be on the basis of 0.55 of a new Nokia share for every share of Alcatel-Lucent. The share offer values the French concern at 15.6 billion euros ($16.6 billion).

LinkedIn acquires online education company lynda.com for $1.5 billion



LinkedIn has announced its biggest acquisition yet, spending $1.5 billion for online education company lynda.com.

The deal adds a new revenue stream to LinkedIn — lynda.com is reportedly already profitable — as well as a deep slate of web-based learning programs, as the social network looks to provide more utility for users beyond its professional connections

“At LinkedIn, we’ve followed lynda.com for a long time,…

15 items you didn’t know could be kosher



We’re not just talking about matzah here. These items take kosher to a new level.

Several online kosher markets offer housewares, cosmetics and personal products that are totally kosher (though the sponge holders are likely old news to families that keep entirely kosher homes year-round.)

While many kosher non-food items aren’t necessarily required for use during Passover (depending how strictly you keep it), why not go big or go…

March Madness: Did bad refs hand Duke the national championship?



Amid the Duke celebration, amid the wider talk of surprised satisfaction that followed one of the better NCAA championship games in recent memory, there lurked an ugly undercurrent of discussion on Monday night

It boiled down to this: Did poor officiating hand Duke the national title?

Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan complained about the refs in interviews after his team’s loss in the March Madness finale. So did more…

Man who ran revenge porn site sentenced to 18 years in prison



The first person to be convicted for operating a revenge porn site has been sentenced to 18 years in state prison, according to the California attorney general’s office

The San Diego man, Kevin Bollaert, was convicted on 27 felony counts of extortion and identity theft in February.

“Today’s sentence makes clear there will be severe consequences for those that profit from the exploitation of victims online,”…