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There’s a way to scam Apple Pay and identity thieves are starting to use it



Apple Pay has been touted as perhaps the most-secure method of payment available. But scammers have still found a way around the platform’s strong encryption and biometrics, according to a report from The Guardian

Instead of breaking Apple Pay‘s built-in security, identity thieves are taking advantage of lax rules for card activation from banks. In other words, crooks are loading stolen banking information on new iPhones and then using Apple Pay to purchase high-price items, according to the…

4 online services to fake like you’ve sent a handwritten note



We all know the importance and impact a handwritten note has, just like we know that homemade bread tastes better and hand-knitted socks are 10 times more comfortable

The trouble is, no one (except Emma Watson) has time to find the perfect card-stock notepaper, wait for bread to rise or knit a heal flap and gusset. The answer is outsourcing, daaahling.

Good luck with your socks and bread, but these four online services will help you send…

3 little changes that will make a big difference in your online advertising



Online advertising has come a long way from the tacky, blinking banner ads of the 1990s. Today, sophisticated, highly targeted online ads are delivered through a plethora of digital channels, from search engines to mobile apps – and a growing number of marketers are reaping the benefits.

With the right strategy, savvy tools, and smart resource allocation, even the smallest of businesses can take on the giants of the online advertising world.

Here are a few small changes you can make to…

‘Playboy’ releases special February issue, shot entirely by Terry Richardson



Playboy‘s highly anticipated special edition, shot entirely by Terry Richardson, has finally hit the newsstands.

The 100-page issue, titled “California Dreamin’,” was announced last July, despite longtime claims of sexual harassment and abuse against Richardson by young models.


Image: Playboy

Several brands, including Aldo Shoes, are distancing themselves from the photographer. But Playboy, along with Rolling Stone and Harper’s…

Google makes it more difficult to accidentally download harmful software



Google has added a new warning to Chrome that pops up before users visit a site that will encourage downloads of unwanted software, the search engine announced on Monday

The red warning, pictured above, lets readers know that the site they’re about to visit “might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience” by, for example, switching your homepage or injecting extra ads on your screen. Chrome already has a warning that pops up once a software download is…

How to follow London Fashion Week online



LONDON — The travelling global fashion circus is at Somerset House for five days, with designers like Burberry, JW Anderson, Gareth Pugh and even Topshop Unique showing their Autumn Winter 2015 collections.

With 130 designers showing and lots of emerging talent to watch, here’s how to follow London Fashion Week online.

The Event

London Fashion Week is hosted by the British Fashion Council and there’s a live stream of the…

How to get rid of Superfish adware on Lenovo computers



Lenovo has released instructions — amid backlash — for getting rid of the Superfish adware that was preinstalled on some of the company’s devices

Step-by-step instructions for removing both the software and the root certificate (widely decried by privacy advocates as a serious security risk on Thursday) can be found here.

To uninstall Superfish on Windows 8.1, search for “remove programs,” then select “add or remove…

NSA and UK spies hacked world’s largest SIM card manufacturer, report says



American and British spies hacked into the world’s largest SIM card manufacturer, compromising the privacy of mobile devices across the world, according to a report that cites newly revealed documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The documents are dated from 2010.

The hack gave the NSA and British Government Communications Headquarters the “potential to secretly monitor a large portion of the world’s cellular communications, including both voice and data,” according to The…

Facebook Says Advertisers Should Only Pay For Ads That Actually Get Seen

facebook viewed impressions

8 spring cleaning tips for ecommerce marketers



Rain, snow, sleet, hail, and numbing wind chills… this winter has been a doozy for many parts of the U.S. I, for one, am over the winter weather. Luckily, spring is right around the corner. To help you find a warmer state of mind until it arrives, let’s tackle the best ways to spring clean our ecommerce programs.

These tasks may seem tedious and mundane, but I guarantee you will uncover a few surprises along the way. Just as you sometimes come across a forgotten $20 bill while unpacking a…