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HBO, ESPN and CBS: Why the Sudden Influx of Online Subscription Services?



Cord cutters just had their best week ever.

Television, an industry that usually moves at a glacial pace, suddenly appears to be hurtling toward unbundling. In less than two weeks, some of the most influential content companies in the media industry announced plans to sell an Internet-based service directly to subscribers

First, ESPN announced plans to start an online subscription service centered on the NBA. Then HBO made the…

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Popular Kickstarter Project Anonabox Suspended After Scam Accusations



Kickstarter has frozen donations for Anonabox, an Internet router designed to make your online activity anonymous, amid growing backlash

The suspension comes on the heels of the privacy tool’s massively successful crowd-funding campaign earlier this week.

The gadget was originally priced at $45 and runs on Tor, software that accesses Internet connections anonymously. Anonabox’s pledges, at one point, surpassed $600,000. Then Redditors targeted the device with accusations that the developers…

Tumblr Debuts Its First Desktop App On The Mac App Store


Vusay Keeps Eyeballs Glued By Adding SoundCloudy Timed Comments To Any Video

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98,000 Hacked Snapchat Photos and Videos Posted Online



Rumors that a massive collection of private Snapchat pictures and videos had been hacked surfaced on Friday, with claims on 4chan that the data would be posted online. However, many believed the threat to be a hoax, as there was no proof of an actual hack.

It seems the threat was real, however. On Sunday, a collection of almost 98,000 files (totaling more than 13GB of photos and videos), apparently from Snapchat users, were posted to The Pirate Bay less than 24 hours after someone claiming…

How George Lucas Gave Robot Chicken His Blessing



Seth Green, Matt Senreich and John Harvatine IV are essentially three friends who made the kind of sketch comedy they wanted to –- stop motion animation parodies with action figures and toys –- and turned it into an Emmy Award winning series, while remarkably still staying friends and, perhaps more impressively, not pissing off George Lucas.

The creative team was in New York this week for a New York Comic Con panel where they, along with Vimeo, launched their first-ever online character…

Swipe Your Wand Right on These ‘Harry Potter’ Tinder Profiles



If Muggles can Tinder, then wizards can Tinder too

This may ruin your childhood a bit, but hookup culture does exist in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Wizards like to get down as much as you do. Also, it’s 2014, wizards may shun technology but I’m sure they’ve at least figured out how mobile devices work.

So pour yourself some Firewhisky, throw on a Weird Sisters album and swipe your wand right on these Harry…

Lucasfilm Releases Trailer for Next ‘Star Wars’ Film — and it’s Fan-Made



Cool your jets, Star Wars fans: the Episode VII trailer isn’t out just yet. But Lucasfilm has shared with Mashable the trailer for something just as insanely brilliant: a fan-made, shot-for-shot remake of the canon’s ultimate classic, the Empire Strikes Back, coming to StarWars.com this Friday.

If this sounds familiar, you may be thinking of its predecessor, the Emmy award-winning project known as Star Wars Uncut. The brainchild of engineer and designer Casey Pugh, Star Wars Uncut took the…

The Nightmarish Offline Effects of Online Trolling



As users of the Internet we’ve met victims of online trolling — they’re everywhere now. Maybe you’ve been targeted yourself. Some have even been the trolls themselves

Often, these acts of online bullying amount to back and forth dialogue in a comment thread or a few pointed tweets. But some citizens of the Internet have been exposed to a darker slice of our online society — one that has impacted their lives offline

In a recent Mashable Spotlight investigation, Mashable‘s Rebecca Ruiz…

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The Spots Everyone Talked About at Advertising Week



If there was one message that came through loud and clear from this week’s Advertising Week, it’s that story matters. Ideas come first. And creativity is still king in the business of selling cars, soda, burgers, smartphones and grocery store products

Whether a 30-second spot launched during the highest profile TV event of the year or a short video lived primarily online, its concept, images, stars (established or breakout) and, ultimately, message loomed large. And the effect still…