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Introducing the StarTrack Online Retailers Industry Awards



Hold the phone, there’s a new awards night in town. They’re called the StarTrack Online Retailer Industry Awards (ORIAS) and they celebrate the best in the business.

The StarTrack ORIAS are the largest and most prestigious awards in Australasia. They exist to recognize excellence in ecommerce retailing; an irrefutably growing market which, according to NAB’s Online Retail Sales Index, now accounts for 9% or $16.6billion of traditional retail spending. Over $16 billion! That’s some serious…

Now you can fight with customer service over Facebook Messenger



Now Facebook users can chat with the businesses they buy from the same way they chat with their friends

Facebook is rolling out a new option to let people chat with businesses directly through its Messenger application. The move strengthens Facebook’s bid to ask consumers for their debit cards and bank account information to transfer cash

With Messenger Business, Facebook Messenger’s 600 million-plus users will be able to instant message businesses to make reservations, check shipping…

SEC allows regular Americans to become venture capitalists, no Silicon Valley cred required



Get the PayPal account ready.

Startups can now raise up to $50 million by selling stock online to anyone, opening the door for Internet-based equity crowdfunding platforms to begin operation

The Securities and Exchange Commission voted unanimously on Wednesday to adopt rules that permit startups to raise money from the vast majority of Americans, including provisions that allow for deals to be made over the Internet

MashFlix presents tech thriller ‘Ex Machina’ with director Alex Garland



If there’s anything we like to talk about here at Mashable, it’s certainly what’s next

That’s why we’re proud to announce the relaunch of MashFlix, our digital and IRL film club, with Alex Garland’s latest feature film, Ex Machina, a tale of technology and the complications of artificial intelligence

We’ll be spending the next few weeks showcasing content and contests about the film, fostering online discussion, and getting you set for our free screening with Garland himself on April 8 at 7…

Why you should think twice about buying breast milk off the Internet



Breast milk often goes by another name: liquid gold. Human milk uniquely provides a baby with the right nutrients and antibodies

Yet the growing pressure to breastfeed, the backlash against formula, and the idea that breast milk is a pure substance have created a market for unregulated Internet sales experts say is dangerous — even deadly

In a editorial published Tuesday in The BMJ, researchers point to studies showing that human milk…

How to increase your LinkedIn profile views by 425%



In one week, I increased the number of people looking at my LinkedIn profile by 425%. And that’s pretty exciting — more views means more potential job opportunities, more connections, and more visibility in my industry

Also exciting? The only thing I did differently in those seven days was start and participate in a few group discussions

Now that I’ve discovered how beneficial it is to be an active contributor, I’m making it my goal to join group discussions at least once a week. Here’s how…

DC Comics pulls controversial ‘Batgirl’ cover victimizing the beloved heroine



The revamped storyline for Barbara Gordon — a.k.a. Batgirl — was optimistic, lively and still packed with plenty of action. However, the cover art for an upcoming issue of the Batgirl comic book series stirred up one of the darkest memories of the superhero’s past as well as controversy among her fans.

DC Comics’ variant cover for issue 41, meant for a June release, received criticism and outrage from fans after it was released online by the artist (a variant issue is a comic that has…

¿Qué Es? Sentisis’ NLP SaaS Platform For Spanish Pulls In $1.3M


¿Qué Es? Sentisis’ NLP SaaS Platform For Spanish Pulls In $1.3M


Safety in numbers: Digital publishers unite to offer ad buyers a better way



There’s safety in numbers, as the adage goes.

Four of the biggest and most prestigious publishers in the world have teamed up to form a private market to sell online ads. Called the Pangaea Alliance, the platform will offer advertisers the opportunity to purchase ad space from The Guardian, which led the effort, as well as the Financial Times, Reuters, CNN International and The Economist. The system is programmatic, which allows for computerized buying of ads based on selected criteria.