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Orbitz Stock Falls After American Airlines Pulls Listings



FORT WORTH, Texas—American Airlines and US Airways are pulling flight listings from Orbitz after they were unable to reach agreement on a long-term contract.

Shares of Orbitz Worldwide Inc. fell more than 6% in afternoon trading on Tuesday.

American said it had already dropped its fares from the travel website and that US Airways listings would be pulled on Sept. 1.

Corporate customers of the airlines will still be able to book travel…

Niche Founders (Plus Vine Star Robby Ayala) Talk Marketing, The Risks Of Social Media, And More


Report: Amazon Preparing to Tackle Google AdWords



Not content with simply leading the realm of ecommerce, Amazon is reportedly set to significantly expand its own online advertising business, challenging Google‘s long-held position as the top ad network in the United States

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal that cited sources familiar with the matter, Amazon is developing an in-house ad placement platform that utilizes information it has already collected from its customers

Apple Pulls Secret App in Brazil After Judge’s Request



Days after a Brazilian judge requested in a preliminary injunction that the Secret app be removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play store, Apple has removed the virtual confession forum from the App Store in Brazil.

Secret is an app that allows users to anonymously share their most intimate confessions with other people browsing the app. Paulo Cesar de Carvalho, the presiding judge, argued that the app is an agent of online bullying and therefore detrimental to the public. He ordered…

UK to ‘Protect Kids’ by Rating Music Videos Like Movies



British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a new program that will rate music videos like movies — though it’s not clear how effectively it will block inappropriate content

“We’re going to help parents protect their children from some of the graphic content in online music videos,” Cameron said in a speech to the Royal College of GPs in London on Monday. The three-month pilot program will begin in October

Music videos will be rated by the British…

ChangeTip Wants To Kill Clickbait With Social Bitcoin Micropayments


Would You Pay $100 a Year to Hear What Sarah Palin Has to Say?



Sarah Palin is testing the fervency of her following by offering fans access to her “unfiltered” views and her personal life. The cost: $99.95 per year

The former Republican vice presidential nominee and former Alaskan governor has launched a new online subscription TV channel, aptly titled the Sarah Palin Channel, that she bills as “a news channel that really is a lot more than news.”

“This is a community where we’re going to be able…

Tour de France Cyclist’s Insanely Veiny Legs Shock and Awe



Polish cyclist Bartosz Huzarski shared an insane photo of his legs after stage 18 of the Tour de France

The photo shocked, awed — and even found Huzarski on the defensive after some fans could hardly handle the veiny spectacle.

Here’s the photo he shared to Facebook after completing Thursday’s mountainous, 90-mile 18th stage.

Pretty gnarly, right? All that’s missing is a #nofilter…

The Friends That Play Together, Stay Together



Swiss photographers Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini have released a series of pictures — and a corresponding book — titled Hobby Buddies, which examine people who are pursuing a common cause or shared ideas

They staged scenes that are both humorous and heartfelt, including groups like a diving club, astronomers, a scout troop and a children’s chess club.

“I look at those waiting in line — people of all kinds,” Sprecher and…

Creating a Fake Person Shows How Digital Anonymity Is Nearly Impossible



On April 8, 2013, I received an envelope in the mail from a nonexistent return address in Toledo, Ohio. Inside was a blank thank-you note and an Ohio state driver’s license. The ID belonged to a 28-year-old man called Aaron Brown — 6 feet tall and 160 pounds with a round face, scruffy brown hair, a thin beard and green eyes. His most defining feature, however, was that he didn’t exist.

I know that because I created him.

As an artist, I’ve long been interested in identity and the ways it is…