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Panthers coach Ron Rivera defends Cam Newton’s Super Bowl moment of shame



Super Bowl 50′s aftermath was dominated by one question: Why in the name of all that is holy did Panthers star Cam Newton appear to give a halfhearted effort toward recovering the football after fumbling late in the fourth quarter, with Carolina down a touchdown?

Newton apparently pursuing his fumble half-heartedly — with everything on the line — is the game’s defining moment. It’s earned Newton several metric tons of criticism online, and several more on the airwaves. But Panthers coach…

You can get 2GB of storage on Google Drive for free today



In honor of Safer Internet Day, an annual online, worldwide promotion of safe Internet practices (particularly with regard to children), Google is giving away more storage on Google Drive

The additional storage adds up to 2GB, which may not sound like much, but is enough to back up pretty much all your essentials.

However, to get that 2GB, you first must go through Google Security Checkup. We did it and it only took a few…

‘Awkward Black Girl’ creator partners with Project Greenlight to help aspiring writers



LOS ANGELES — Issa Rae knows what it’s like to struggle to get heard in Hollywood. Though the writer-producer-actress eventually rose to mainstream fame, it was a long time before her 2011 YouTube series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” became a widely-viewed hi.

Now, to help young filmmakers navigate the industry, Rae and her company ColorCreative.tv are partnering with Project Greenlight Digital Studios to hold a contest for under-represented, minority writers, Mashable has…

Tinder gets TVF onboard to woo users and bust online dating taboos in India



From opening its first international office in Delhi to appointing its first India head, Tinder has been betting big on India in 2016. With a large population of young smartphone users, India represents a huge potential market for the US company. In a new sketch produced in partnership with digital entertainment company The Viral Fever (TVF), it tries to break down cultural taboos against dating apps.


Reports of rape linked to online dating in the UK have skyrocketed in 5 years



LONDON — The number of rape allegations in the UK linked to online dating websites has risen sixfold over the past five years, according to new figures released by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA).

In a new report about the emerging threat of serious Internet dating-related sexual assaults, the NCA revealed that the number of people who report being raped on a first date with someone they met online has increased by more than 450% in five…

Winners and losers from Super Bowl 50′s Ad Bowl



The sports analysts say the key to winning the Super Bowl is the big D:

6 free online classes you should consider before going to business school



So you’ve been considering getting an MBA.

It seems like a foolproof plan, right? After all, the MBA is the degree that opens the doors to the world of business. Never mind the two years out of the workforce or that pesky student loan you’ll be paying off for the next 15 years. The guaranteed career boost makes it all worth it in the end — doesn’t it?

Well, maybe. While an investment in business school may be the right choice for certain people, it doesn’t make sense for everyone. Let’s say…

AMC-backed horror streaming service launches program for filmmakers



LOS ANGELES — Shudder, the AMC-backed horror streaming service, is hoping to make the industry a little less spooky for aspiring genre filmmakers.

The service announced Wednesday that it’s launching a weeklong “intimate and immersive workshop” called Shudder Labs

The goal is to help support the next generation of horror storytellers with guidance from established creators. Ten participants will be selected by the end of April. Each “Shudder Fellow” will be given a $5,000 grant and year-long…

‘Hamilton’ cast will rise up to perform at the Grammys



They will not throw away their shot

The cast of the celebrated musical Hamilton will perform at this year’s Grammys on Feb. 15, adding a splash of Broadway to the music ceremony

“We’re going to do the opening number, scream with joy, and then celebrate the fact that we were just on the Grammys,” creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda told USA Today. “Best night ever.”

Though the Grammys take place in Los Angeles, the Hamilton performance will be broadcast live from the Richard Rodgers Theatre…

The Fine Brothers ‘react’ to backlash by discontinuing newly announced program



LOS ANGELES — Everything is not fine with The Fine Brothers.

In response to growing backlash over the last week, the YouTube duo said Monday night that they have discontinued their “React World program.”

The the duo came under fire last week after announcing they were going to license their highly popular “react” videos to creators worldwide. Many YouTube creators argued the brand is not The Fine Brothers’ to license, calling it an attempt to claim profits over every “reaction” video out…