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Leaked employee passwords open up Fortune 500 companies to hackers



It’s one thing when your iCloud account with personal photos gets hacked. It’s another when your Fortune 500 company has a data breach because your office credentials were leaked online.

At 221 of the Fortune 500 companies, Fortune magazine’s list of the the top 500 U.S. public corporations ranked by gross revenue, employees’ credentials are posted publicly online for hackers to steal and reuse in cyberattacks, according to new research from the web intelligence firm Recorded Future. …

Saudi Women Still Protesting Driving Ban on 1-Year Anniversary of Campaign



Saudi Arabian women are getting behind the wheel to protest the country’s ban on female drivers.

The demonstration falls on the one-year anniversary of last year’s campaign, which encouraged women to drive, then share video and photo evidence online. About 60 women took to the streets in 2013.

Kicking off this year’s campaign is a woman driving through Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital city. A video uploaded to YouTube by the Oct. 26 Saudi…

Jack-o’-Lanterns: They’re Just Like Us



Pumpkin Comic by Lance Ulanoff

Not even your average Halloween pumpkin can deny the allure of social media or online dating. It’s hard out there for a gourd. Read more…

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Collaborating With Influencers: It’s Not as Terrifying as You Think



This article is part of SWOT Team, a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.

To appreciate the power of video influencers, one needs to experience the pandemonium at Vidcon. Inside the web’s premiere video event, the fan hysteria swirls around creators like Jenna Marbles, Jacks Gap or Glozell , making the meet-up feel more like a One Direction concert. The online star may not make TMZ headlines, but — to their adoring…

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Watch Today’s Solar Eclipse Live



A partial solar eclipse will darken North American skies Thursday afternoon, and you can watch the dramatic celestial event online if clouds hinder your view.

The online Slooh Community Observatory will air a special three-hour webcast for the partial solar eclipse today starting at 5 p.m. EDT. You can watch the show — which will feature live views from Arizona’s Prescott Solar Observatory and other telescopes around the world — at www.slooh.com.

You can also watch the solar eclipse webcast…

The Guardian Leapfrogs New York Times in Desktop Traffic



En garde, New York Times.

The Guardian is now the second most popular English language newspaper website in terms of desktop traffic, according to comScore.

The British daily logged 42.6 million worldwide desktop uniques in September, up 12.3% from the month before; meanwhile, the Times drew 41.6 million. The data does not count mobile users.

Despite trailing the Mail Online‘s 55.8 million unique users, Guardian editor in…

HBO, ESPN and CBS: Why the Sudden Influx of Online Subscription Services?



Cord cutters just had their best week ever.

Television, an industry that usually moves at a glacial pace, suddenly appears to be hurtling toward unbundling. In less than two weeks, some of the most influential content companies in the media industry announced plans to sell an Internet-based service directly to subscribers

First, ESPN announced plans to start an online subscription service centered on the NBA. Then HBO made the…

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Popular Kickstarter Project Anonabox Suspended After Scam Accusations



Kickstarter has frozen donations for Anonabox, an Internet router designed to make your online activity anonymous, amid growing backlash

The suspension comes on the heels of the privacy tool’s massively successful crowd-funding campaign earlier this week.

The gadget was originally priced at $45 and runs on Tor, software that accesses Internet connections anonymously. Anonabox’s pledges, at one point, surpassed $600,000. Then Redditors targeted the device with accusations that the developers…

Tumblr Debuts Its First Desktop App On The Mac App Store


Vusay Keeps Eyeballs Glued By Adding SoundCloudy Timed Comments To Any Video

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