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Google may jump into the online TV game with a YouTube-based service



Another day, another streaming media service.

Google is reportedly readying its entry into the online TV industry with a YouTube service by the name of “Unplugged,” which would feature a skinny bundle of TV channels.

Don’t get too excited, as the new service is not terribly close to being ready. YouTube has no deals with any of the major TV production companies, according to Bloomberg, which first reported the service.

Google would be a major addition to what is becoming a very crowded…

Kendrick Lamar performs with Prince in rare footage



Enjoy this one while it lasts.

WebMD wants to give advertisers a dose of its video content



NEW YORK — Who knew a video about the “proper poop pose” could go viral?

The content creators at WebMD didn’t — but they came up with the idea during a daily editorial meeting and decided to go for it anyway.

YouTube on music industry backlash: We give more money back to creators than any platform



LOS ANGELES — YouTube wants the music industry to know it plays fair.

A growing backlash from record labels and artists over music streams payouts prompted

Original Shapes biscuits on sale for $50 because everyone hates the new recipe



You can imagine the sweat trickling down the necks of certain Arnott’s Biscuits executives.

A rollout of new-and-updated recipes of the company’s Shapes biscuits should have been a cause for celebration, but anger from consumers over the new flavours has led to bizarre behaviour.

Hulu’s ‘The Path’ gives viewers VR, 360 ‘meditation experience’



LOS ANGELES — Now there’s another way to get in touch with The Path.

Hulu’s new drama, which launched in March, follows

Go backstage at the Sydney Opera House with Google’s virtual museum



The sails of the Sydney Opera House are recognisable around the world, but the space beneath them remains far less exposed to the world.

On Wednesday, the building and the

Maker Studios scales back NewFronts presentation, plans intimate breakfast



LOS ANGELES — This time last year, Maker Studios was in an enviable position.

The Disney-owned online video platform had announced a robust slate of short-form programming — including projects with Marvel, ESPN and ABC Family — in front of 800 plus people at NewFronts in New York.

But now, the world’s second-largest multiplatform network told Mashable it is taking a more “intimate approach” to the 5th annual NewFronts, the dog-and-pony show for potential advertisers. Presentations are…

Meet Talkshow, the latest viral app the Internet is freaking out about



Look out, Internet. The new Peach has arrived — and we have Taylor Swift to thank.

More than mean: Powerful video highlights harassment of women in sports media



Women in sports media face a uniquely vile mix of aggression and harassment online. The problem is widely known — yet how to stop it is more tricky.