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Ron Swanson is deeply offended that Donald Trump went into politics



First step: If you have bacon on the frying pan, please finish cooking it to the desired level of crispiness to enjoy while you read this earth-shattering news.

‘Parks and Rec’ hid a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Easter egg in the season finale



If your vision was partially obstructed by a constant flow of tears during Tuesday night’s Parks and Recreation series finale, it’s possible you missed a clever Easter egg that appeared about midway through the episode.

Since 2009, Chris Pratt has been known for his role as Andy Dwyer, the lovable doofus on Parks and Rec. But over the past six years, Pratt’s career has expanded to include the coveted role of Star Lord in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Tuesday’s episode paid homage to…

Harris Wittels of ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘humblebrag’ dies



Harris Wittels, a co-executive producer of Parks and Recreation and pioneer of the term “humblebrag,” has died from a possible overdose, according to police

Wittels was found dead at his Los Angeles home around 12 p.m. Thursday by his assistant, Officer Jane Kim of the Los Angeles Police Department told Mashable.

“He died from a possible overdose,” Kim said, cautioning that the case has been sent to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, which will conduct a formal investigation.


Bill Murray appeared on ‘Parks and Recreation’ in the most unexpected way



So much about Pawnee suddenly makes sense

On Tuesday’s penultimate batch of Parks and Recreation episodes, two Pawnee dwellers passed away and headed for the big J.J.’s Diner in the sky: Ron’s beloved barber, and, most importantly, Mayor Gunderson, who, surprise, was played by Bill Murray.

RIP Mayor Gunderson#ParksandRec pic.twitter.com/i9nz75zyNp

— Parks and Recreation (@parksandrecnbc) February 18, 2015


Why ‘Parks and Recreation’ tackled digital privacy in its final season



Pawnee, the town at the center of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, has in 7 seasons never been the type of town to turn down something sweet. And there was little reason to believe the offer of free WiFi from Gryzzl — a fresh and flashy tech company — was anything but a sweet deal.

In fact, Ben (Adam Scott) fought hard to get his town connected

Flash forward a few years, to 2017, when the current season of the show is…

Amy Poehler is terrified of drones in trailer for final ‘Parks and Rec’ season



The final season of Parks and Recreation begins January 13, so stock up on tissues now before you have to say goodbye to your favorite residents of Pawnee.

The series jumps ahead to 2017, which naturally means drones and a new name for Jerry — he’s Terry now.

When we left off last season, Leslie Knope got a new job with the National Parks Department and found out she was pregnant with triplets. Retta AKA Donna told

Michelle Obama Lights Up Leslie Knope on ‘Parks and Recreation’



How does “FLOTUS and Knope” sound for a ticket?

First Lady Michelle Obama is making a guest appearance on Thursday night’s Parks and Recreation, the season six finale titled

Ron Swanson Is Totally Prepared For The Bacon Shortage

Apparently the bacon shortage was hogwash, but that doesn’t make a difference to Ron Swanson — he’s prepared. Very prepared.

According to the much-beloved Parks and Recreation character, the best way to prepare for the shortage is to “Procure as much bacon as humanly possible and hide it in as many locations as you can.”

SEE MORE: Ron Swanson Does a Reddit AMA

How many places is Swanson hiding his bacon? 38.

Just in his office.

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Ron Swanson Does a Reddit AMA

President Obama isn’t the only person making waves on Reddit this week, actor Nick Offerman — aka Ron Swanson — hopped on the site Friday for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) chat.

Offerman is hugely popular on the Internet, thanks to his lovable and imminently quotable character on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. The actor has also made appearances on television shows such as Conan and Children’s Hospital.

The AMA started at 2:30 p.m. on Friday and has already amassed more than 2,000 comments and…