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Obama: Kremlin critic’s murder reflects poorly on Russian freedom



President Barack Obama says the brutal, public murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov is a sign that civil rights in the country are headed backwards — and has again called for a thorough investigation into the shooting.

Speaking to Reuters on Monday, Obama said the death of one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most vocal critics is an indication of the dire climate inside Russia under the control of Putin.

15 binge watch-induced Twitter reactions to ‘House of Cards’ Season 3



Frank and Claire Underwood have ascended to the White House, and the drama is just getting started.

Since House of Cards‘ Season 3 premiered in its entirety on Friday, the Internet has been abuzz with chatter about the new first family in all its secretly twisted glory.

And as is the case with a new season of nearly any Netflix show, people are just now emerging from 13-hour marathon sessions. Naturally, they’re bursting with hot…

8 Spaniards arrested for fighting with pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine



KIEV, Ukraine — Let this be a lesson to anyone looking to join an insurgency abroad: Don’t post photos of yourselves posing with military equipment on social media when you return home.

That’s how police identified eight suspects who they say fought alongside Russia-backed separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Police said the suspects belonged to communist organizations and had received support from an unofficial pro-Russian…

Why that dress looks white and gold: It’s overexposed



Yes, the Internet went crazy Thursday night over a dress that looked white and gold to some people, and blue and black to others.

We’re not here to debate why some people see it one way and some people see it otherwise. No, we’re just here to point this out: The Internet is going nuts over a photo that’s just terribly, horribly overexposed.

Sure, we’ve all seen overexposed photos — they look washed out and too…

Solar Energy Systems for Pools

If you have a pool, you know how much warming can mount your electricity bill. Solar systems for swimming pools offer an alternative method that does not devastate your bank account.

Solar energy systems for swimming pools

When most people think of solar energy systems, they think of large crystalline structures that are intended to collect a large amount of solar energy to convert solar energy. However, there are other uses for solar energy systems. One of the most ingenious uses…

17 times people handled life like a boss



Sometimes, things just work out.

Despite all the odds ready to strike you down with every step you take, life finds a way and hands you a freebie on occasion

Whether it’s a trip that was gracefully pulled off or a smooth move that should have never actually worked, it’s time to celebrate all of those times where people handled life like a boss

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2014 was a ‘catastrophic year’ in human rights by the numbers



From the rampage of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq to the butchery in Nigeria by Boko Haram, 2014 has been a terrible year for innocent civilians, Amnesty International said in its annual report released on Tuesday.

“2014 was a catastrophic year for millions caught up in violence,” Secretary General of Amnesty International Salil Shetty said, in announcing the report. “The global response to conflict and abuses by states and armed groups…

‘Something I said did cross the line’: Giuliana Rancic apologizes for dreadlocks comments



The panel on Fashion Police might have fun cracking each other up, but on E! News Tuesday, host Giuliana Rancic was anything but laughing

After making racially-charged comments about Zendaya Coleman’s Academy Awards hair style on Monday’s Fashion Police, Rancic took a moment to make an on-air apology to the singer and others who were offended.

“As you know, Fashion Police is a show that pokes fun at celebrities in good spirit,…

UK is the first country to allow babies using DNA from 3 people



LONDON — The House of Lords has passed the use of controversial techniques to create babies from the DNA of three people.

Peers, or members of the House of Lords, passed the motion Tuesday evening without a vote after defeating an amendment that would have derailed it. Earlier this month, the House of Commons voted for the proposals with a majority of 254 votes.

With peers backing the regulations, the UK becomes the…

At least 8 dead in shooting at Czech restaurant



A local man opened fire in a Czech restaurant on Tuesday, killing at least eight, a mayor in the Czech Republic said. The shooting took place in Uhersky Brod, a town in the Zl