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13 People Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed Near Remote-Controlled Vehicles



Put down the batteries and step away from the tiny car.

Remote-controlled vehicles are more dangerous than you might think. For starters, you don’t need a license to pick up a remote and start driving stuff. With enough money, anyone can drive whatever RC vehicle they want where ever they want.

On top of that, the hobbyist community is huge, motivated and full of people with crazy amounts of downtime spent trying to supe-up whatever…

College Messaging App DormChat Takes On Yik Yak With Backing From ff Venture Capital

dormchat promo

The Impressive Display of Sculptures By The Sea on Sydney’s Coastline



Sydney is starting to heat up. The air is warm, the nights are light, people are baring limbs and mingling in the sunshine

As this time hits every year, the iconic event Sculptures by the Sea kicks off on the Bondi to Bronte 2km coastal walk. If the view doesn’t blow your mind enough, this should sort you out.

There are more than 100 sculptures on display this year, with many merging with the landscape, showing off the…

Queen Elizabeth II Tweets for the First Time



Though she still doesn’t have a personal Twitter account, Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of the United Kingdom, has tweeted for the first time

The Queen tweeted from the official account of the British Monarchy after opening the Information Age exhibition at London’s Science Museum on Friday. The tweet, below, is signed “Elizabeth R.”

It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @ScienceMuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R.

— BritishMonarchy…

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Bromantic Soldiers From America’s Civil War



During the American Civil War, many soldiers on both sides of the conflict had their photograph taken. For many of these combatants, this might be the first, the only or the very last time their face would ever be recorded.

What is very striking today is how many of these men chose to be photographed with a friend or brother. Especially touching is the way in which they emphatically displayed the affection they felt for one another, with arms on shoulders, linked arms, and even held…

Don’t Expect Friends to Crowdfund Your Vacation



Online crowdfunding tools have made possible many amazing opportunities that were previously long shots. For scrappy entrepreneurs, generous donors can provide financing that no bank or venture capitalist would likely offer

For those not launching a product, crowdfunding also offer hope in the bleakest of circumstances: Campaigns have raised money for the unemployed, the gravely ill and even funerals.

But the practice…

Cat Stevens Returns as Yusuf for Bluesy Album About Breaking Free



Just beyond some palm trees in Dubai, the man many know as Cat Stevens watches the sun set and reflects on Tell ‘Em I’m Gone, his upcoming album that’s attached to his not-as-known onstage and offstage moniker, Yusuf. His calming voice spills over the phone, disparate from the forceful message he’s trying to relay about his bluesy project

“The message is one of reviving the spirit of freedom in a very kind of broad sense because people today are walking around free relatively but at the same…

Collaborating With Influencers: It’s Not as Terrifying as You Think



This article is part of SWOT Team, a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.

To appreciate the power of video influencers, one needs to experience the pandemonium at Vidcon. Inside the web’s premiere video event, the fan hysteria swirls around creators like Jenna Marbles, Jacks Gap or Glozell , making the meet-up feel more like a One Direction concert. The online star may not make TMZ headlines, but — to their adoring…

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16 Sinister Halloween Makeup Tutorials to Scare You Out of Your Skin



For the lazy trick-or-treater, dressing up for Halloween means tossing a sheet on your head and calling it a day. For Alexys Fleming, it means makeup — layers upon layers of creepy and colorful makeup.

The 21-year-old artist has made a name for herself on YouTube as host of MadeYewLook, a series of tutorials for shockingly realistic stage makeup. Though her designs are complex, her videos provide thorough guidance from preferred brands, painting techniques and finishing details.

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U.S. Government Says 7.8 Million Vehicles Have Faulty Airbags



DETROIT — The U.S. government is telling 3 million more car owners to get their air bags repaired immediately, but its message has generated some confusion about which cars are actually affected.

The government’s auto safety agency is now warning 7.8 million car owners that inflator mechanisms in the air bags can rupture, causing metal fragments to fly out when the bags are deployed. The original warning Monday covered 4.7 million vehicles.