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Live Updates: Crisis in Eastern Ukraine



At least five people are dead after Ukrainian troops moved into Eastern Ukraine on Thursday in an effort to quell the recent pro-Russian uprisings that have turned violent. Russian President Vladimir Putin says Ukraine’s deployment of military forces is a crime against its people that will “have consequences.”

Mashable will be covering Thursday’s developments here. See below for the latest updates…

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Instagram’s Explore Tab: Now Tailored to You



Instagram has made a small but significant change to its app that makes photo and video discovery a more personal experience.

The company has tweaked the algorithm that determines what posts appear under the app’s Explore tab — so that the tab displays photos and videos specifically suggested for each user. Previously, the Explore section only displayed posts that were popular among all Instagram users

The algorithm now also looks…

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Shaq’s LinkedIn Profile Needed Some Serious Copyediting



There are two schools of thought on LinkedIn. One is the group of people who truly believe LinkedIn is a magical place, ideal for connecting with individuals in your field and finding jobs and touting your experience. The other is a group that mocks phrases like “thinkfluencer” and “guru” and rolls its eyes whenever someone actually talks about LinkedIn. (But secretly, that latter group is still honing their LinkedIn profiles regularly and lurking on people from high school.)

As of late, a…

75% of Brands’ Facebook Posts Are Photos, Study Says



Ever since Facebook officially launched Timeline for businesses in 2012, brand marketers have found increasing success at engaging their audiences on the social network.

But what do brands actually post? According to a new study from Socialbakers, single photos make up 75% of Facebook brand content worldwide. Since Facebook’s design lends itself to visuals, that isn’t too surprising — however, only 10% of brand posts are links, while text-only statuses comprise 6% of content

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Report: Vice Journalist Captured in Eastern Ukraine



Vice journalist Simon Ostrovsky has been taken by militia in Eastern Ukraine, Mashable has learned.

The reporter for Vice News, who has been filing a series of compelling video dispatches from Ukraine since early March, was “taken” in Sloviansk, Russian media outlet gazeta.ru reports.

The “People’s mayor” of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomarev, said that the militia has taken the American journalist, Simon Ostrovsky, hostage, reports a correspondent for Gazeta.ru, Ponomarev announced this during…

Boston Marathon Runners Carry Collapsed Racer Across Finish Line



This is what it means to be Boston Strong.

A runner participating in the Boston Marathon on Monday collapsed at the 26-mile marker, but that didn’t stop him from finishing the race. Four other runners came to his aid, picking him up and carrying him across the finish line

More than 35,600 runners competed in this year’s Boston Marathon, making it the second-largest in the race’s 117-year history, just one year after two bombs tore apart…


Avaz Raises $550K In Seed To Help Autistic Children Communicate Using Visual Tools


11 Innovative Umbrellas to Help You Weather the Rain



American businessman Bert Lance once said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Well, Lance wasn’t in the umbrella business, and unfortunately the umbrella is in dire need of some technological advancements.

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of using one of these outdated weather accessories to stay dry, you can probably relate. You may have even found yourself kicking and screaming in the middle of the street during the pouring rain,…

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Airbnb Has Closed Its $500M Round Of Funding At A $10B Valuation, Led By TPG

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Why Science Fiction Is the Wrong Model for the Imagining the Future



Self-driving cars, extreme life extension, and global wifi provided by weather balloons: Google makes projects that sound like science fiction into reality at its secretive research lab, Google X.

And that may be exactly the problem.

Google finally allowed a journalist, Fast Company’s Jon Gertner,to profile Google X. His report is on newsstands (at least digital ones) today. The most interesting strategic detail he gleaned was Google’s process for selecting Google X projects:

[T]here are…