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15 Captivating Autobiographical Books That Mix Fact and Fiction



There’s fiction and non-fiction, and then there are the endless book genres between.

One of these hybrid genres is autobiographical fiction, when an author chooses to tell a real experience, or the full story of their life, as a fictional account. It is usually written like a memoir, featuring first-person narration from the protagonist that is meant to be the author.

An author might choose autobiographical fiction to distance…

Implanted Sensor Could Monitor Glaucoma and Prevent Blindness



Scientists have proposed a way to monitor glaucoma using a tiny device implanted in the eye. Readings from the device could be monitored by a smartphone. The technology could help prevent some people from going blind.

Glaucoma describes a group of eye diseases in which there is progressive damage to the optic nerve. This nerve connects the retina to the brain, and damage to it causes a person to lose peripheral vision.

What makes glaucoma a dangerous disease, however, is that this sort of…

Ukraine: Pro-Russian Rebels Fire on Border Guard Vessel



KIEV, Ukraine — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday called on Ukraine to immediately start talks on a political solution to the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

Hours later, Ukraine said a border guard vessel operating in the Azov Sea was attacked by land-based forces. Pro-Russian rebels have recently opened a new offensive along the seacoast.

Putin’s comment, made to national TV network Channel 1, said Ukraine should “hold…

United Nations: Nearly Half the Syrian Population Now Refugees



The number of people who have fled Syria has passed a record 3 million since the conflict began three years ago, the United Nations reported Friday.

The U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said in a statement that almost half of all Syrians have been forced to abandon their homes and flee. One in every eight Syrians have fled to other countries, with an additional 6.5 million people displaced within Syria. More than half of…

Poacht App Is Ideal for Lazy Job Hunters



If you’re sort of interested in looking for a new job, but don’t want to put much effort into the hunt, then Poacht might fit the bill.

The app, which launched Thursday on iOS and Android, bills itself as a “covert job search for the already employed.” It lets you pick the salary level, benefits and other perks that might entice you to leave your current job

Whenever a good match pops up, you can accept an interview with a single tap.

In Pictures, the World’s Largest Tomato Food Fight



On the last Wednesday in August, tomatoes fly through the streets of Bu

In Pictures, the World’s Largest Tomato Food Fight



On the last Wednesday in August, tomatoes fly through the streets of Bu

Artist’s Clever Life Advice Needs No Filter on Instagram



Take a break from your friends’ selfies and pictures of last night’s dinner

Artist Amber Ibarreche uses her Instagram account to write out puns, witty sayings and sometimes a doodle or two. Her inspirational photos will not only put a smile on anyone’s face, but also lend solid life advice for when you’re feeling down.

Ibarreche draws from her own personal experiences and relationships for her wise and humorous quips. “Life…

Probiotics May Help Prevent Peanut Allergies, Animal Study Shows



Bacteria in the gut can help protect mice against peanut food allergies, according to a new study. The findings suggest that probiotics might help treat or prevent these potentially lethal food allergies in people, researchers say.

Food allergies, which are sometimes deadly immune system reactions to certain foods, currently affect about 15 million people in the United States. Food allergy rates among children rose by about 50% between 1997 and 2011.

“We’ve seen a generational change in the…

This Escape Pack Helps You Rappel Down a Burning Building



With the help of a new product from Israeli-based SkySaver, emergency evacuees can rappel down tall buildings just like daredevils and stuntmen

The device, also called SkySaver, is worn like a backpack during emergencies, such as a fire. It is strapped on with buckles that wrap around the waist and between the legs. During an emergency, the user attaches the pack to a secure pre-installed anchor and rappels down the side of the building.