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Day two of F8 in 2 minutes



The second day of Facebook’s annual F8 Developer Conference had a much heavier focus on virtual reality and artificial intelligence than the first. Event participants took us on a virtual journey through space, demonstrated some sensory manipulation and even taught a computer to differentiate between a variety of sports. Watch all of the highlights in under two minutes.

6 things to know ahead of the UK election’s first big TV event



LONDON — The first thing to get out of the way is that this isn’t a debate. It’s a grilling of both party leaders, separately, by a host and audience

UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour Party leader Ed Miliband will appear Thursday evening in the joint Channel 4 and Sky News Battle For Number 10 broadcast. Cameron ruled out a head-to-head debate earlier this month

1. The…

Dragon boat tug of war is Poland’s newest sports craze



There’s a new sports craze sweeping Poland, and it looks super fun

Like an aquatic version of tug of war for adults, all you need to play is 12 burly people and one dragon boat (which is like a competitive rowboat, but twice as wide).

There’s no official English name for the sport yet, but may we suggest “paddle wars” or “tug of oar”?

There is a GoFundMe to buy One Direction, so that should work out



The One Direction world is in a state of chaos, and now some fans are using extreme measures to take matters into their own hands

As of Thursday morning, there is a GoFundMe page set up by the ominous-sounding Sixth Alliance that hopes to raise $500 million to buy One Direction from their current management

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 12.24.28 PM

People are actually donating, but they are still a long way from $500 million, which was raised from…

Facebook to talk drones, lasers and Oculus Rift at F8: How to watch online



Facebook is kicking off day two of its annual F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco on Thursday with a keynote that will shed new light on what the social network has in store.

Facebook’s chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer and Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash will take the stage to discuss the future of gaming, media, commerce and virtual reality

We may hear an update on Facebook’s plan to build drones,…

The Chinese government tried, but failed, to keep these grannies from dancing



These grannies, as Taylor Swift once said, “can’t stop, won’t stop groovin’.”

For the past several years, millions of senior women in China have taken a liking to line dancing in public squares at dusk or at dawn. The grannies use this time not just to exercise, but also to meet other seniors and gossip about their lives

The wildly popular practice even broke a world record in 2014, when more than 25,000 line dancers…

Facebook’s Messenger Platform Preserves WhatsApp’s Clarity Of Purpose


Scots agreeable and Welsh neurotic, according to new personality maps



LONDON — It’s not your imagination, people who live in different parts of Britain do have distinct regional personalities.

An online survey of almost 400,000 people carried out by researchers from Cambridge University and published in PLOS ONE this week shows that personality traits are unevenly distributed, with some being more prevalent in certain parts of Britain than others.

People living in London, somewhat predictably,…

Should We Give Solar Power Another Try?


Cities in many countries suffer degradation of air quality. Oxygen levels are decreasing every year making it harder to breathe. Our water is actually much more polluted and trees are dying. The human race has made decisions that are harmful currently causing our planet to fade. Perhaps returning to the things we use at the beginning of the life of the human race is the best solution.

Solar energy can be the answer to many current problems as the sun has always been a source of heat…

India’s supreme court scraps law that led to Facebook users’ arrests



A controversial law that meant people in India could be arrested for posts or comments they made on sites like Facebook and Twitter has been struck down by the country’s supreme court.

The court ruled in a 200-page judgement Tuesday that Section 66A of India’s Information Technology Act was unconstitutional

Under the law, which received presidential assent in 2009, people could be jailed for up to three years for…